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Everything's Coming Up Lucifer Recap

In downtown LA in broad daylight, three robbers put on masks and enter a jewelry store, guns drawn. They knock out the guard and order everyone down, and start collecting jewels. Lucifer and Amenadiel arrive and knock out one of the guards, and Lucifer asks if they really want to spend their time on earth. The head robber threatens to kill Lucifer, who unleashes his power on him. He asks what the robber really wants, and the leader says freedom. Lucifer sympathizes with him, figuring that his mother has taken over the robber's body after he died of a heart attack. The robber has no idea what he's talking about, and the leader explains that when the paramedics brought him back he figured that he'd pay off his debts. Amenadiel freezes him and points out that it isn't their mother, but is sure that their mother entered the body of a human that recently died. The angel points out that the robber is the last one on their list, but Lucifer insists that their mother is coming for him. Before he goes, Lucifer puts a tiara on the head robber, takes his gun, ties his shoes together, and strips him down to his underwear.

Later in Linda's office, Lucifer tells his therapist that his mother is going to kill him. Linda wonders why he's never mentioned his mother before, and Lucifer says that his parents had sex and created the universe. They had a lot of children--including Lucifer--and built Heaven. Things changed when God started working on humanity. His wife grew cold and distance, and they both neglected their family. When Lucifer acted up, God tossed him out. His mother just let it happen, and a few thousand years later God cast her into Hell and put her in a cell. Because she did nothing for him, Lucifer did nothing for her.

Afterward, Lucifer meets Chloe and they check out a movie set. He notices that she's distracted, and Chloe points out that two days ago he was shot point-blank. She wonders why Lucifer isn't dead, and says that she has a sample of his blood and is going to have it tested. Lucifer tells her to get it done, just as they come to a carousel set and find the dead woman they've been called to investigate, two metal rods driven into her head like horns.

Chloe confirms that the victim's name is Gillian Taylor, and she was a stand-in. Lucifer figures that she's dead because of him. The new medical examiner, Ella Lopez, says that Gillian was strangled and the horns were added post-mortem. Also, the body was moved to its current location after Gillian was murdered. Lucifer figures that his mother is leaving him a message, but Chloe is more interested that Dan is nearby working the case, even though he was suspended. She goes over and Dan explains that he's been reinstated to cover up what happened with Malcolm. Chloe is unimpressed and admits that it's a lot to take in. Her ex explains that he's been demoted and assigned to assist on cases, and Chloe tells him to interview the crew members.

Lucifer approaches Ella and is surprised when she hugs him. Ella explains that she just transferred in and knows about Lucifer by reputation. She isn't impressed that his name is Lucifer and says that she figures the Devil gets a bad rep for rebelling against God. Lucifer insists that he's retired and didn't create Hell, and Ella figures that he's a method actor. The child lead actress, Amy Dods, arrives and Chloe points out that she doesn't seem too upset that her stand-in is dead. She tells Lucifer that she has a call in to interview Amy but for now they'll check out Gillian.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Gillian's rental place and talk to the landlady, Roberta Beliard. Roberta says that Gillian was like a daughter to her and she thought Gillian was going to get her big break. She explains that she's a set nurse and pulled some strings to get Gillian the job, and figures Amy killed Gillian. Roberta says that Amy took cocaine and the show covered it up when Amy OD'd a few days ago and the hospital barely brought her back. Lucifer is interested to learn that Amy died and came back to life, Chloe finds a bundle of cash and figures that it belongs to Gillian. As they leave, Lucifer insists that his mother is the killer. Chloe doesn't believe that his mother is inside of Amy, and Lucifer tells her to test her blood and then they can have a real conversation.

Amenadiel is at Lux drinking when Lucifer finds him. Lucifer assures him that Maze will come back unless Amenadiel scared her away. Amenadiel wonders if Maze helped their mother escape. Lucifer doesn't and says that he found their mother on a case and soon Chloe will believe him. When he explains that Chloe is going to test his blood, Amenadiel warns that humans can't have evidence of divinity. He tells Lucifer to deal with their mother while he deals with the blood test.

Dan tells Chloe that he interviewed the crew and Amy and Gillian had a big fight a couple of days ago. He has the video but no audio, and Chloe tells Dan about the money she found. She figures that Gillian found out about Amy's drug problem and was blackmailing her.

Amy is in her dressing room taking cocaine when Lucifer comes in and addresses her as "Mom." Amy has no idea what he's talking about, and she immediately leaps on him and starts ripping off their clothing. Lucifer realizes that Amy isn't his mother and tires to shove her off, just as Chloe comes in and sees them together. The detective asks about the argument Amy had with Gillian, and Amy says that Gillian was her sober companion. The production company hired Gillian to also keep an eye on her. The fight happened when Gillian tried to take away Amy's new supply. She gives the packet of cocaine with a devil emoji on it to Chloe, and explains that she never met her dealer. She has a number and texted the dealer, and he sent the drugs via messenger.

Outside, Chloe confirms that the production company paid Gillian under the table, explaining the cash that they found. Lucifer suggests that they follow up on the drug dealer, and figures that his mother is torturing him from a distance using the devil emoji. Chloe doesn't believe him and Lucifer tells him to test her blood before driving off.

That night at the station, Amenadiel freezes time and searches for the blood. Time suddenly starts, much to the angel's surprise, and an officer asks what Amenadiel is doing there. Surprised, Amenadiel says that he must have gotten lost and leaves.

The next day, Lucifer tells Linda that it was Amenadiel's fault that their mother escaped. He says that Maze is missing and worries that she's involved, and then blames Chloe because he asked God to save her. Linda asks if he's missing anyone to blame, and he starts blaming her. The therapist points out that Lucifer is using their sessions as an excuse to misinterpret what she says for his own gain, and asks if she's actually helping him or making things worse.

Chloe goes to Lux and Amenadiel steps out of the shadows. He says that he has no choice but to tell her the truth about Lucifer. The angel takes out a gun and shoots himself in the stomach. Chloe goes to him and realizes that he's unharmed, and Amenadiel says that it's all a lie. He reveals that he's wearing a bulletproof vest and blood packs, and says that Lucifer wore the same thing when he confronted Malcolm. Amenadiel passes off everything Lucifer does as human abilities, and says that Lucifer has convinced himself that he's the Devil because of an abusive childhood. Chloe gets a call that the police have tracked the dealer's phone number, and Amenadiel tells her that he finally told her because she needed to know.

Lucifer and Chloe go to an AA meeting where they've tracked the call, and Lucifer admits that his mother isn't involved with Gillian's murder. He then takes the podium and says that he loves drugs. Lucifer takes out his money and says that he wants to spend it on drugs, and the host interrupts him to ask what Lucifer's lowest point was. The Devil starts talking about how his mother abandoned him so he abandoned her without giving her a chance to defend herself. He wonders what she would have said and grows pensive.

Afterward, Chloe tells Lucifer that what he did was impressive. A man, Irwin, comes up and shows them a bag of drugs with the devil emoji. Lucifer leaves Chloe to it and she accuses him of killing Gillian. Irwin throws up at the sight of Gillian's photo, and Chloe accepts that it wasn't him. The dealer says that Gillian had a dealer before him, and he wasn't happy that he stole his best buyer.

That night at Lux, a man in a hoodie approaches Lucifer and draws a knife. However, Maze easily disarms him and shoves him down the stairs. They go up to Lucifer's apartment and have drinks, and Maze merely says that she was away. She asks what Otis was doing, and Lucifer figures that he saw Lucifer going into Amy's trailer earlier and was jealous. Otis is tied and gagged, and stares at his captors as they discuss what happened to Lucifer's mother. Maze insists that she didn't free Lucifer's mother, and rips off Otis' gags. He wonders what's wrong with them, and Lucifer gags him again. Maze ungags him and Otis says that he knows about Gillian's murder. Lucifer isn't interested and asks Maze where she was, and she finally says that she was with a woman who has been helping her do some soul-searching. Otis says that Gillian had another dealer before him, Bobby B. Maze wonders why Lucifer is going to tell Chloe what he's learned, and he says that there are things Maze wouldn't understand about him, either. Otis wonders if they're going to let him go, and Maze says that she will... after she has her fun.

Lucifer meets Chloe, who says that she learned about Gillian's first drug dealer and he sells prescription pills. She figures the dealer is in health care, and Lucifer finds a photo of Roberta... and realizes that she's Bobby B. He tells Chloe that he has some issues to work out and leaves.

Amenadiel arrives at the club as Maze finally lets Otis go. The angel says that he was looking for Maze and he appreciates her bringing him back. Maze says that she needed to get away from Amenadiel and Lucifer because she needed some space. Amenadiel agrees that some distance between them would be a good thing and Maze walks off.

At the station, Chloe notices Ella wearing a cross necklace and asks her if she believes in God. She asks if the Devil really exists, and Ella explains that her aunt was a nun and taught her to question things. Chloe asks her if she would try to prove if it was real or fate, and Ella points out that it defeats the point. She then thinks of roses and explains that she found nitrogen on the rods in Gillian's head. She also found potassium, and realized that the nitrogen and potassium came from a rose garden. Chloe figures that it would have flamingos like the ones Roberta had at her house, and leaves.

Lucifer goes to Roberta's house and knocks at the door. Roberta answers the door and he says that she's a murderer. He walks in and calls her Bobby B., and explains that she stole drugs from the hospital and sold them to Amy. She introduced Gillian to Amy, but when Gillian got Amy sober, Roberta felt betrayed and killed her. Roberta denies it,but Lucifer says that Roberta was like a mother to Gillian and yet she sacrificed her like she was nothing. When Roberta grabs a poker, Lucifer invites her to hit him and she knocks him down. As she prepares to beat in his skull, Roberta hits him and then starts strangling him, just as Chloe arrives at the door. Lucifer realizes that she's why he's vulnerable and tries to yell a warning without success.

Roberta talks about how she killed Gillian when she robbed her customer. Chloe hears her, and Lucifer asks Roberta not to tell anyone he died the way he is. As she prepares to kill him, Chloe arrives and tasers Roberta unconscious. As they take Roberta away, Chloe wonders how Lucifer got there. He refuses to tell her, and Chloe says that Amenadiel explained everything. However, she doesn't accept that Lucifer is crazy. Chloe figures that as long as Lucifer makes her a better detective, it doesn't matter what he thinks.

Later, Lucifer goes back to Linda's office without an appointment and thanks her. He admits that she was right about him blaming everyone but himself, and he chose to do nothing. Lucifer figures that his mother doesn't want revenge for what he did, but then he doesn't know what she's doing... and that's what terrifies him.

That night, Lucifer drives through the streets.

Chloe looks at Lucifer's blood sample and finally throws it away.

Amenadiel sits alone on a rooftop.

Maze looks over the crowds in Lux. Linda comes over and the two women hug.

Chloe sees Dan in the squad room and they look at each other. After a moment, they leave separately.

After hours, Lucifer plays the piano at Lux. A woman comes in and looks at Lucifer, and calls him by name. Lucifer realizes that it's his mother... and catches her as she collapses.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 20, 2016

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