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Villain-Tine's Day Recap

Prock stares at his father in shock, and then stops time to take things in. He figures that he should be cool, unfreezes time, and father and son hug. Prock then introduces his friends and teammates, and Mr. Awesome says that he's only there as a guest. He then says that he's tired and flies off to turn in.

In his quarters, the now-villainous Mr. Awesome burns his old souvenirs and then does a Google search on how to be evil. He finds a Metal Fella interface on the computer and then gets a Linkedin request from Frantic.

In space, Melocchio's capsule drifts and he realizes that there's no bathroom. When goes outside to urinate, the capsule floats away while he isn't looking.

On Earth, Prock talks to Hotwire about how his father was proud of him. He assures her that he's okay with her moving in with him, but complains that her Metal Fella suit takes up a lot of closet space. They make out on the bed, while Mr. Awesome activates the interface and takes control of the suit.

Later, Frantic eats candy at superspeed and is happy that it's Valentine's Day. Prock tells Concierge that he has reservations at an exclusive restaurant, and Perfect Man admits that he always forgot Valentine's Day when he was dating Hotwire. Tim is unhappy he has to write a card to everyone in his class, while Mademoiselle Hunchback tells Impresario that she's eager to be on their date together. She's still there because Paris was destroyed in the alien invasion. Impresario gives her one of Tim's cards to convince her that he didn't forget her. Muscleman is having a date with Catlady, who is a crazy lady with cats.

The Metal Fella suit is standing in the hallway and prepares to open fire on Prock. He comes out and assumes that hotwire is in the suit, and says that he's planned a day for just the two of them. Mr. Awesome retracts the weapons and plays along, delaying the termination order.

At a rose distribution plant, an archer takes out the guards with heart-shaped energy arrows and they fall in love. They taser each other unconscious hugging and the archer, Villain-Tine, has his men go inside.

At Awesome HQ, Muscleman breaks off his date with Catlady. A deliveryman arrives with flowers for Gadget Gal, and she puts it with the many others. Concierge gets nothing and complains about Valentine's Day. Frantic likes the holiday because he gets to eat lots of candy. Impresario complains that Hunchback is making him take her out but he already has a date with his mother. He orders flowers online and is overcharged by $870. Villain-Tine broads to the heroes and Concierge explains that he shows up every few years, steals roses, and sell them at a huge markup. She wants to call Prock, but Mr. Awesome figures that they can handle Villain-Tine without him. However, he asks Perfect Man to stay with him so he can exercise.

Prock and the Metal Fella suit go out and he takes it to the dining table he has in the park. Violinists come down in a hot-air balloon

Hotwire sits outside of Awesomes HQ and wonders where Prock is.

As they exercise, Perfect Man tells Mr. Awesome about the team's weaknesses. Hotwire comes in and asks if they've seen Prock, and she wonders what's going on.

Prock takes the suit for a carriage ride, a massage, games at the carnival, dinner, and selfies at a waterfall.

Impresario goes undercover to buy roses and spots Villain-Tine. The team attacks the bad guy's minions, and Villain-Tine shoots Frantic and Concierge with his love arrows. As they start to make out, Impresario blocks them with his powers. The villains drive off and when Muscleman tries to stop them, Villain-Tine shoots him repeatedly. He wakes up and falls in love with the first thing he sees: a forklift. A henchman gives Gadget Gal, and she thanks him before kicking him in the groin.

Everyone is soon talking about the Awesomes' incompetence. Mr. Awesome tries to reassure the team, and Prock and Metal Fella arrive. Hotwire comes in behind them and Prock realizes that something is wrong. The Metal Fella suit flies away and attacks the city, and the team goes after it. Hotwire decapitates the suit and it crashes, and then knocks Muscleman away and recovers its head. Hotwire flies after the suit, while Impresario is on the phone dealing with his two dates. Frantic is vomiting because he ate too much candy. Gadget Gal gets more flowers, and Concierge finally gets some as well. However, she quickly realizes the team sent them to her because they felt sorry for her... and Muscleman signed it.

In space, Malocchio is almost out of oxygen and his phone batteries are low. He can't remember his own name because of oxygen deprivation and passes out. However, a psychedelic spaceship swings by and picks him up.

The suit under Mr. Awesome's control devastates the city. Hotwire tells Prock that there's a failsafe inside the suit, but someone would have to get inside to trigger it. Prock stops time, gets into the suit, finds a photo of himself, hits the failsafe, and jumps back onto his jet. The suit shuts down and Hotwire wonders why Prock's nose is bleeding. The news crews arrive as Catlady attacks the city with a giant cat to get revenge on Muscleman for rejecting her.

In space, the hippy space aliens revive Malocchio but he doesn't remember anything. They explain that they're a band, and Malocchio offers to cook for them on the road.

Catlady and her giant cat chase Muscleman down the street and says that he reached out to her. He complains that she reached out to him, unaware that Mr. Awesome set the whole thing up. The news is happy to report that the Awesomes caused everything. Impresario protects the team with a giant dome, and Catlady breaks her giant cat apart into the thousands of cats that made it up. They start to break through the dome, and Prock vows to fight to the bitter end.

The dome collapses... and the team discovers that Mr. Awesome has collected all of the cats and captured Catlady. He tells the people that they don't need him because they have the Awesomes, and they're just having a bad day because they were attacked by an old lady, her cats, and a suit they built. Before he flies off, Mr. Awesome fires a blast of heat vision, frying Villain-Tine's van.

Hotwire picks up her suit's helmet and takes out the photo of Prock. Back at Awesome HQ, Concierge complains that she spent another Valentine's Day with cats. Impresario has to buy two hundred flowers to make things up with Hunchback and his mother. They turn on the news and watch pundits discuss whether Mr. Awesome should take over the Awesomes. In his room, Mr. Awesome watches and laughs in triumph.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 17, 2015

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