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Mad City: Burn the Witch Recap

Mario removes the hood from Bruce's head, and he finds himself facing the masked Kathryn. She removes the mask and points out that Bruce said he wanted to talk. Bruce recognizes her from Wayne Enterprises events, and Kathryn says that she represents the group Bruce asked to see with. The boy says that her group tried to kill him and were behind Indian Hill, and Kathryn refuses to identify the name of her organization. She points out the threat he made to expose them, and wants to know what Bruce found. Bruce says that he found nothing certain until now, and Kathryn congratulates him on his bluff. Kathryn wonders what Bruce is going to do now, and Bruce says that he concluded her organization was responsible for his parents' deaths. However, he is there to make a deal. Bruce offers her Wayne Enterprises, explaining that if he dies his shares will be turned over to the Federal government. Kathryn admits that the resulting scrutiny would be unfortunate but they'd survive, and Bruce says that he and his family name can provide a distraction. She says that they also require that Bruce stop all investigation into their existence and his parents' murders. After a moment, Bruce agrees. Kathryn says that he won't see him again, and Mario drugs Bruce unconscious again.

The next morning, Valerie visits Jim at his apartment and offers him a deal. He reluctantly lets her in and Valerie offers to help Jim get Fish Mooney and earn Oswald's million-dollar bounty. Jim wonders what the reporter gets out of it, and she says that she'll get a story. He asks why Valerie is turning to him, and Valerie admits that she couldn't find Fish. Valerie has no way of contacting her source close to Fish, and Jim demands to know who her source is. The reporter admits that she's Selina, and Jim says that he met her once or twice. He doesn't know where she lives... but knows someone who might.

Jim and Valerie go to Sirens and Barbara greets her former fiancé. She asks how Leslie is, and Jim says that they're not together. Valerie introduces herself and Barbara says that she called off her engagement with Jim. The reporter remembers what Barbara did, and Barbara says that she's totally sane. Jim asks if Barbara has seen Selina, and Barbara demands a kiss as her price for the information. Jim refuses and starts to go, and Barbara gives him an address at an old bank. As he and Valerie go, Barbara says that she had a dream about him and he was in a horrible accident and lost both of his legs, and she had to push him. Jim stares at her for a moment and then leaves.

As they head down the street, Jim tells Valerie that he figures fish is using the old bank as a base. Valerie suggests that she call the GCPD with the information, and drives off as revenge for his handcuffing her to her car earlier.

On the shore, Ivy wakes up and looks at herself in a car mirror. She discovers that she has aged several years because of Marv's touch. A man, Nick, comes over and asks if ivy is all right. He offers her some water at his place, and Ivy says who she is.

Harvey and his men soon arrive at the bank, and Valerie reminds the detective of their deal that once Fish is booked she gets first crack at her. The officers go in and find Fish and her gang. The escapee charge forward and one of them shrugs off the bullets. Fish and two of her people, Sid and Nancy, escape while five of the escapees attack the officers with their superpowers. The officers manage to take down the remaining escapees.

A short time later, Oswald has a press conference and announces that Fish and her gang fought the police and escaped. He says that Gotham is being invaded by monsters and they must kill every monster that they see.

In the study at Wayne Manor, Alfred wakes Bruce up and says that he found him when he came in to call the police. Bruce tells Alfred that he spoke to the organization and his plan worked, and they agreed. He explains that he had to promise not to investigate them or his parents' murders, and insists that it was the only way. Alfred realizes that the organization threatened Bruce's loved ones as well, and Bruce says that he's going to keep his word. His friend wonders how he knows that they will keep theirs.

Jim arrives at the station and Alvarez says that they captured five of the escapees. Valerie is there and figures that they can call it even. As she offers to buy him a drink, Lucius goes by and Jim goes after him. They talk privately and Lucius explains that Fish is sick. He shows Jim Peabody's aged corpse, and figures that Peabody couldn't fix Fish. There's only one person in Gotham who can help Fish: Hugo.

As Harvey gets into his car, Sid and Nancy abduct him and say that Fish wants to see him. They toss him into the back of a van where Fish is waiting. She says that she needs to find Hugo, and Harvey refuses to help her. Fish promises that he will and kisses him. Once he's under the influence of her mind-control power, Harvey agrees to find Hugo.

Nick takes Ivy to his home and she asks for water. As Nick gets it, Ivy looks at the dying plants filling the home. Nick comes back and says that his ex-wife left some clothing when she left, and Ivy is welcome to them. She uses the water to water the plants, and says that no one is looking for her. Nick says that she's beautiful, much to Ivy's surprise, and he wonders who she is. She says that she was abandoned but then something happened to her and she changed. Nick tosses one of the plants in the garbage, and Ivy glares at him as he goes to get the clothes.

Jim and Lucius meet with Barnes, and Jim points out that Harvey has disappeared. They've found Harvey's badge next to his car, and Barnes says that he doesn't know what Federal department have strange. Jim figures that Harvey and Barnes both know where Hugo is, and the captain admits that the government is debriefing him at a manor safe house outside of Gotham. Jim asks where it is, and Barnes says that he'll take him there.

That night, Harvey directs Fish, Sid, Nancy, and Marv to the manor. Harvey approaches the guards and they ask where his badge is. He says that he's there to see Hugo and they demand to see his ID. Sid knocks one of them out at superspeed. Harvey knocks out the other one, and the escapee shoots both guards dead. Fish and her people go in with Harvey, and they find the high-security cell where Hugo is in, writing on the glass walls. He looks at them with interest, and Fish says that they have some unfinished business.

Hugo says that Fish was his greatest creation, and Fish tells him that she's dying. Once he fixes her, he's going to make her an army to take over Gotham. Hugo says that he can't fix her, just as one of the escapees--Nancy--says that the cops are coming. Fish tells Hugo to rethink her answer and goes outside with her people.

Jim and Barnes get out of the car and approach the mansion with their backup. They find the guards, and Fish calls Barnes using Harvey's phone. Harvey is free of Fish's mind control, and Harvey tells Barnes that he's sorry he got captured. Fish then tells Barnes that she's dying and if any cops approach the manor then she'll kill Harvey. She hangs up and is unimpressed when Harvey says that she has nowhere to go. Outside, Barnes has his people set up a full perimeter. He then tells Jim to stay out of his way. Valerie and the other reporters arrive and Barnes goes to deal with them.

Oswald and Butch watch the news as Valerie talks about the hostage situation. Smiling, Oswald says that Fish is finally cornered. Butch wonders what his boss is going to do, and Oswald says that Gotham will listen to him and it's time to round up their friends.

Hugo warns Fish that he can't cure her, and says that she is the first of a new generation. Fish talks about how she ran a protection racket and dealt with people who couldn't pay her on time. She squeezed them and they eventually came up with the time, and says that Hugo is going to fix her or she'll make him prey for his death. Nancy comes in and says that a mob is approaching.

Oswald and his mob approach the manor Barnes demands to know what is going on, and Oswald insists that he won't let Fish and her people escape again. Barnes says that one of his men are hostage, but Oswald rallies his mob while Jim slips away and Valerie sees him go.

Jim finds a side entrance and breaks in. Sid comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head, and says that he killed a lot of their friends. Nancy arrives and they prepare to kill him, but Fish comes out and tells them to bring Jim with her. They bring Jim in and Fish asks why he's there. Jim says that he's only there for Harvey, and Harvey would do the same. He warns that if Fish kills him then Barnes will probably thank her, and Fish wonders why she shouldn't have him killed. Jim says that he can get her out of there, but refuses to say how. He offers her an escape route and Hugo in return for her giving him Harvey, and Fish says that he has two minutes.

Once Jim is alone, he calls Oswald and asks if he wants Fish all to himself. He says that she'll be in the woods behind the mansion in five minutes, and Oswald only has to do one things. Once Jim tells him what it is, Oswald says it's time to kill the monsters and the mob charges forward. Meanwhile, Oswald and Butch slip away.

Marv warns Fish that the mob is breaking in but the back is clear. She tells Sid and Nancy to hold them as soon as she can, and leaves with Marva and Hugo.

The mob breaks into the mansion and Sid and Nancy open fire on them. They kill some of them, but the others overwhelm them and then beat them to death.

Fish and the others come to Oswald, holding a gun. He tells Marv to go and the escapee does. Oswald insists that his name is now Penguin and he's been looking forward to confronting Fish and killing her. He asks why she spared him the night of the escape, and Fish says that Oswald was hers and still is. She reminds him of everything she did under her orders, and turning him into the Penguin is possibly the best thing she's ever done. Fish tells Oswald that Hugo understands her because he did the same thing, and Oswald hesitates for a moment... and then tells her to go and not come back. Fish and Hugo run off and Oswald stands alone in the darkness.

Jim and Harvey go outside and see the cheering mob burning Sid and Nancy's bodies. When Oswald returns, they hoist him up onto their shoulders and cheer him. Jim tells Harvey to tell Barnes that he's going home and walks away.

Ivy puts on the ex-wife's tight green dress and looks at herself in the mirror. She then walks past Nick's corpse, tells him to remember to water, and leaves.

Alfred and Bruce have supper, and Alfred asks what Bruce is going to do now that he has nothing to investigate. He suggests that Bruce take dancing lessons and he knows someone qualified to teach him. A window breaks in the study and the alarms go off. Alfred and Bruce go to investigate, and the Bruce clone steps forward out of the shadows. Bruce stares at his twin in shock as the clone asks them not to hurt him.

Jim finds Valerie at his apartment door and figures that Harvey's claim that Fish escaped in the confusion is crap. The reporter figures that Jim made a deal with Fish to save Harvey's life, and knows that Jim called Oswald to tell him what Fish was doing. Valerie says that Fish isn't dead because Oswald didn't show off her corpse, and she doesn't know what happened between Fish and Oswald. The reporter points out that Jim won't collect the million dollars, and wonders who Jim really is. Jim tells her to shut up and kisses her, and Valerie kisses him back.

At the train station, Leslie gets off the train and walks into Gotham.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 27, 2016

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