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Les Miserawesomes Recap

Impresario and Perfect Man accompany Mademoiselle Hunchback to Paris to clean the city up after the recent invasion.

Deep in space, Malocchio has a nightmare of Mr. Awesome torturing Hotwire and boasting of Malocchio's evil in his blood. Malocchio wakes up and complains to his new bandmates that he can't remember anything.

At Awesomes HQ, Tim comes in and asks if the team knows anything about musicals. Muscleman is a big fan of musicals, and explains that he was in "Less Miserables". He's more than glad to demonstrate his role as Onlooker. Prock comes in and tells them that they've been invited to a banquet honoring Perfect Man for rebuilding France. Gadget Gal doesn't want to go and Prock agrees, but Mr. Awesome comes in and tells them to take a break and not create an international incident. When Hotwire points out that Paris is the most romantic city on Earth, Prock agrees to go.

In Paris, Impresario greets the team at the celebration hall and complains that Hunchback has been driving him crazy. Perfect Man flies in and assures them that he got them their own table... in the very back. The team has free bread and Frantic says that he booked them a room at an abandoned B&B. The waiter offers them wine, but Tim is too young to drink and Concierge only drinks California wine.

The host acknowledges all of Perfect Man's work, forgetting Impresario. As he goes to get bread for Hunchback, his eyes briefly glow gold. Everyone but Concierge and Tim drink a toast and their eyes glow gold, and everyone breaks into song. They discover that Impresario took the ceremonial bread, and Perfect Man orders his arrest. As Impresario pleads his case, Concierge realizes that the wine was drugged. Impresario finally runs for it, clearing a path with his powers.

After dinner, Frantic leads the team to the AB&B. Prock tells Tim and Concierge that he's immune to mind control so he isn't singing, and he figures once they get the team into the AB&B, they can go to work. Frantic escorts them in and sings along with Gadget Gal and Muscleman. Prock has Concierge and Tim track down the person responsible, while he checks in with Hotwire and then finds Impresario. Hotwire is on an upper floor and when Prock arrives, sings longingly of how bad the trip is. Prock can't get a word in and finally leaves.

The next day at the Eiffel Tower, Perfect Man sings of his stolen bread.

At a combination circus and cheap dress factory, Lebron is making a dress when Impresario arrives and demands to know what's going on. Prock comes in and wonders how Impresario brought a textile factory. Perfect Man arrives to get his hat repaired, and Prock and Impresario hide underneath a table. He mistakes Lebron for Impresario and drags him away. When Prock tells Impresario that he has to turn him in so that an innocent man doesn't suffer a public shaming, Impresario sings of how his fashion show is only a day away but decides to take Lebron's place afterwards.

Tim and Concierge go to the Euro-Awesomes' HQ, and the European team's robot Luxem-Borg comes out to greet them. It explains that the Euro-Awesomes are taking a month-long vacation, and Concierge asks for a database of European villains who hate the French. Luxem-Borg finds a file on the Belgian Waffler, who has vowed revenge for the French making Belgians the butt of jokes. Concierge wonders why he hasn't done anything until now.

At Awesomes HQ, Mr. Awesome calls Belgian Waffler and argues about duvet covers. He finally thanks the villains for keeping the Awesomes busy.

A crowd of squatters gathers outside the AB&B and demands that the Awesomes leave. Frantic, Gadget gal, and Muscleman sing that they can't leave until they finish what they have to do. When it's 3, the squatters quit for the day.

Hotwire is singing when Prock comes back to announce that Impresario is going to turn himself in. He realizes that he can only talk with her by singing, and assures Hotwire that he loves her. They sing a duet and Prock promises that when they get home, it will be just the two of them.

At Impresario's fashion show, Prock and Hotwire break the news to Impresario that he has to turn himself in until Tim and Concierge find a cure. When Impresario goes out on the runway, a waiting Perfect Man confronts him. Impresario begs for a moment with his fans, but Perfect Man insists that he go out in the town square and remove his pants for a public shaming. Surprised the punishment is so light, Impresario agrees and Perfect Man tells him to be in the square at 3 pm.

The database places the Waffler in the Notre Dame Cathedral, and Luxem-Borg takes Tim and Concierge there. Hunchback is there and they discover that she's sleeping with the Waffler. She's already bored and leaves. The Waffler admits that he drugged everyone into singing. Prock calls Concierge and tells her about Impresario's shaming, and she convinces Waffler to drop his spell if he gets French men to wear women's underwear.

At 3 pm, Perfect Man pronounces sentence and pulls down Impresario's pants. He's wearing women's underwear, and Impresario offers to sell underwear to the crowd. All of the Frenchmen race to buy the underwear, and then crown Impresario their new hero with Perfect Man's ceremonial hat. Waffler agrees to stop the singing and pours the antidote into the wine supply.

That night at the Eiffel Tower, Perfect Man laments the loss of his hat and starts to jump. Impresario stops him and gives him a glass of wine, Perfect Man stops singing, and they agree that they're both cool and it's time to go home. Concierge and Tim tell Impresario that Hunchback is sleeping with Waffler, and he gets jealous. Prock promises Hotwire that they'll take in a movie... just as they arrive in the city and find it in ruins. They're unaware that Mr. Awesome is looking out across the city in triumph.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 17, 2015

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