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Vengeance in the Grass Recap

Prisoner George "Mad Dog" Munson is being transferred via prison bus, serving three consecutive life sentences for a series of cold-blooded murders. He's being transferred to another prison after killing two inmates, and secretly picks the lock on his manacles. When Munson keeps singing, the guard stops the bus and goes back to silence him with his nightstick. Munson breaks free and chokes the guard to death, and vows to kill the man who put him away: Captain Mike Morgan.

Mike is painting Hakomi in native garb when Tom arrives and tells them that Munson has escaped. The Tropical Punch squad goes to Waucoma Park They identify him as a prison guard and confirm he was strangled to death. Gunshots ring out and the three officers take cover. Munson shoots their car and their radio, and then yells to Mike. Tom realizes that it's the same person who called him and reported the dead body. Munson vows to kill Mike, who remembers that he put Munson away ten years ago.

Once he gets out a bullhorn, Mike vows to bust Munson again. Munson doesn't see the point in surrendering since he's already serving three life sentences, Tom suggests that they do a 980, and Mike has him explain that a 980 is belly-crawling away. Mike points out that Hakomi is going to have problems with that, and Tom suggests that they surround Munson and take him from behind. He demonstrates the bird calls they'll use to stay in touch, and Hakomi eagerly tries them out.

The three officers move off into the brush, bird-calling to each other. Tom comes to a native pig and runs. Mike comes to a hammock and decides to take a therapeutic stretch. However, it's ripped and he throws his back out. Meanwhile, Hakomi smells barbeque.

Munson finds the hammock and spots Mike's badge nearby.

Tom runs out of the brush and finds Hakomi. Neither one of them know where Mike is.

Munson follows Mike's trail and finds Mike hiding in a shallow pond, using a bamboo shaft to breathe. The killer plugs it and Mike finally comes up for air. He insists that he's a birdwatcher, not Mike Morgan, but Munson doesn't buy it. Munson prepares to shoot Mike, who birdcalls. The others hear him, and Hakomi swings down on a vine and knocks Munson down. He grabs Munson and Mike claims that he set the entire thing up as a trap and takes his badge back from Munson.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2016

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