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The Battle of Central Park Recap

At the command center, Justine works with her team to set up a plan to clean out the Central Park nest. The convict teams with clean out the tunnels while the police sweep the Park and kill everyone. Vasiliy warns that it's a big gamble, and Justine says that until they take the Park back, they don't win. Everyone heads out and Justine asks Vasiliy if he has a plan. He says that they'll use bombs, and Justine says that they're giving him a small insertion team whether he wants it or not. She wishes Vasiliy luck and the exterminator leaves.

Zack lies sleeping in his room and dreams of going to batting practicing with Eph. Kelly and Eichhorst bring in food, waking the boy, and one of the feelers skitters in. Eichhorst explains that it's there to protect Zach, and Kelly explains that it's blind but can see with her other senses. She says that it's there to serve Zach, and Eichhorst invites Zach to give it an order. The feeler follows his commands, and Eichhorst assures the boy that it will keep her safe. Kelly says that once Zach is more comfortable with her, they can go out together to get some fresh air.

The strikes teams approach Central Park and Vasiliy looks for Captain Kate rogers. He realizes that she's the woman he had sex with at the hotel, and Kate explains that she was reassigned to Central Park. She admits that she has to read some civilian underneath the part to blow up the nest, and Vasiliy explains that he found the nest. He assures her that she didn't have a night with a SEAL Kate assures him that he's the right man for the job and they go to pick up some equipment.

Vasiliy drives Kate to his former apartment and knocks on the barred door. Dutch finally opens the door and Vasiliy introduces Kate. They come in as Eph comes down, and Vasiliy is surprised to see Eph's lab equipment and captive strigoi. Kate explains that they're launching a major raid on Central Park, and Dutch says that they need to test their jammer during a major battle. They grab their equipment and Eph explains that they're trying to disrupt the strigoi communication patterns. Vasiliy says that he'll see them at the rally point and leaves with Kate. Meanwhile, Dutch and Eph prepare one of the strigoi, which Dutch nicknames "Marley."

Zach tries to communicate with the feeler, and then lies down and tries to read. He finally invites the feeler to come over to the bed with him, and he gently strokes its head. It nestles next to him, settling down.

The next morning, the convict teams are taken to Central Park, including Gus. When they arrive, Tardi says that the fate of Manhattan depends on what they do. If they fight bravely then they'll get a full pardon. The convicts take their hand-to-hand weapons, and Gus offers a weapon to a female convict, Maria. She explains that she was arrested looting for food. Angel figures that they don't expect them to come back, and Tardi leads them into the tunnels. After a moment, Gus and the others follow him down.

At the command center, Justine monitors the situation and complains that she's not at the scene. Kowalski receives words that their teams have engaged the strigoi.

Vasiliy leads the insertion team into the old water tunnel that leads to the nest.

Near the Park, Eph and Dutch set up close to the tunnels. They prepare to look for anomalies in the established communication patterns, and Dutch asks Eph what he thinks about Kate. He wonders if Dutch is jealous, and she insists that she isn't. They bait each other back and forth until the signals start coming in.

Vasiliy and his team continue downward and a strigoi attacks them. They gun it down and continue, and kill another strigoi. A strigoi drops down, stinging one soldier, and more break open the steam pipes and drag off two more soldiers. Vasiliy and the others go after him, and find the soldier's dead corpse.

As the convict team heads into the tunnels, Gus tells Maria how to fight the strigoi. Tardi sends Gus and Angel in first with orders to herd them back. Gus points out that Tardi was shaking and doesn't want him to hit him, and Tardi aims his rifle at him. Angel tells Gus that they should go and Gus insists that Maria stays. Tardi agrees and Gus and Angel go through as Tardi closes the gate behind them.

In the tunnel, Gus and Angel head down and a strigoi attacks them. Tardi and the others hear the noise, and after a moment Gus yells back that the tunnel is clear. The squad leader sends in the other convicts, including Maria, to find out what's going on. They find Gus and Angel standing over the dead strigoi, and Tardi laughs in relief and admits that Gus did right work. He tells Gus to stay by him and they continue on.

Vasiliy and Kate come to more strigoi and open fire. They hear a man yelling for help up ahead and continue, and find the other soldier, Lee. He's infected, and Kate has no choice but to shoot him dead.

The convict team comes to a central chamber and hears strigoi in the side tunnels. Tardi orders Maria in and refuses to let anyone go with her. She has no choice but to go in, but Gus grabs Tardi's lieutenant Bonnie and holds her at gunpoint. Tardi shoots Bonnie rather than let them go, and Angel shoots Tardi. They get Maria and head for the surface.

Zach plays fetch with the feeler until it senses something at the door. Kelly comes in and tells Zach that they have to leave because it's no longer safe there. Eichhorst comes in and tells Zach that he has three minutes to get what he wants because they're not coming back. Once they leave, Zach starts packing and rips a page out of his book to leave a message.

Eph records his findings, and Dutch insists that they'll break the strigoi code.

Gus and the others try to get back to the surface using Tardi's map. Strigoi howl at them from the shadows and the convicts open fire. A strigoi drags away one convict and Gus realizes that they're baiting them. A shot rings out, killing one strigoi, and Vasiliy and Kate come in. Gus recognizes the exterminator and they shake hands. Kate admits that they needed the bodies and Vasiliy says that he's not going to force them to do anything. He asks for their help and promises that they're not going back to the chain gangs. Gus agrees but says that Angel should get Maria to safety. The ex-wrestler agrees and Maria thanks Gus.

At the command center, Kowalski reports that Vasiliy is on his way. Justine worries that he won't reach the nest before dark, and she agrees to let him keep going.

Vasiliy, Gus, and Kate come to where Kelly and the others were hiding out, and Vasiliy finds Zach's book. He tries to contact Eph over the radio.

Eph and Dutch pick up a massive communications spike, and Vasiliy's transmission comes in. Vasiliy tells Eph that he should get down there and it's about Zach.

As night falls, Kowalski tells Justine that Vasiliy is almost at the nest.

Eph and Dutch enter the tunnels and find the dead strigoi. Another one jumps down and Eph cuts off its stinger. The strigoi stares at Eph before Dutch cuts its head in two, and Eph realizes that the master knows that they're there.

Vasiliy and the others find the nest and prepare their silver powder bombs. The strigoi climb after them and more wake up, and Vasiliy plants the charges while the others open fire. He drops the bomb packet and the silver explodes, wiping out the strigoi.

Kowalski receives word that the mission is successful and tells Justine that it's done. He congratulates her on retaking the park, and figures that it's just the start of taking back the city.

Eph and Dutch find the shelter and read the message that Zach left his father in the book. He looks at his son's things and figures that Zach is alive, and Dutch goes to look for him. Eph goes after her and hears someone. Eichhorst steps out and says that Zach is a special young man. He assures Eph that Zach is safe from Eph, and the boy told them how Eph abandoned him so many times. Eichhorst congratulates the humans on their victory and says that perhaps they will build a commemorative statue to Justine... or not.

At the command center, Justine and Kowalski receive word that thousands of strigoi are pouring in. The creatures break through the entire northern perimeter and Kowalski realizes that they lured them to keep them out after nightfall.

Eichhorst wonders why Eph doesn't surrender, and says that Eph knows that humans have no divine right to rulership of the planet. He says that Zach and Kelly call to Eph and advances forth, dodging Eph's bullet. Dutch cuts off his hand and Eichhorst runs off.

Justine watches as the strigoi overwhelm their defenses.

Vasiliy and the others reach the ladder up, and hear the policemen screaming over the radio.

Eph and Dutch up and realize that the strigoi are taking back Red Hook. They have no choice but to abandon their equipment and get to safety.

Kowalski tells Justine that the whole thing was a trap. He warns that they're not going to hold Central Park, and Justine orders all units to withdraw. Once she does, she realizes that it's over.

The strigoi swarm through the park in their thousands.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2016

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