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The Original Recap

A diagnostic programmer, Clarence, orders her people to bring her back online. The lights come up on a female figure sitting naked in a large chamber. The female, Dolores, apologizes, saying that she's not feeling quite herself. When the programmer asks her where she is, Dolores stress into space and says that she's in a dream. Clarence agrees and asks if she'd like to wake up, and Dolores says that she would because she's terrified. A fly lands on Dolores' unmoving face, while she "agrees" to answer all of the programmer's questions correctly. He asks if she has questioned the nature of her reality, and Dolores says that she hasn't.

Dolores wakes up on her bed in the Old West.

Dolores says that some people choose to see the ugliness in the world, but she chooses to see the beauty.

Dolores goes outside and greets her father Peter.

Clarence asks what she thinks of the guests--the newcomers.

On the train coming into town, one guest talks about his vacation with his family. The train pulls into the station and a man, Teddy Floor, gets off with the others. A couple gets off and admires the town, and the husband says that it had better be incredible for what they're paying. Teddy walks down the street and bumps into a man, who glares at him before continuing on. Sheriff Pickett is trying to gather a posse to track down outlaw Hector Escaton and asks Teddy to join them. Teddy turns down his offer and goes into the local saloon to order a drink. A saloon girl, Clementine Pennyfeather comes over and offers Teddy a discount because he's new, and Teddy says that he's rather earn a woman's affection. Another girl, Maeve Millay, says that all men end up paying for women's affection. Teddy sees Dolores come out of the general store across the street and goes after her.

Clarence asks if Dolores notices any repetitions in her world, and she says that all lives have routines.

Teddy picks up a can that Dolores has dropped and she's surprised to see that he came back. He says that he told her that he would, and asks to see her home. Dolores tells him to come with her--if he can keep up--and rides off. Teddy gets his horse and rides after Dolores, and they pause to take in the landscape. She points out a local herd and how they keep them moving in the same direction, and says that she knew Teddy would be back. She tells him that she knows things will work out the way that they're meant to, and warns that Peter won't be happy to see him.

As night falls, Teddy and Dolores arrive at the Abernarthy farm. The cows are still roaming, and the couple hears gunshots. Teddy tells Dolores to stay out and rides to the farmhouse.

At the farmhouse, one of the outlaws stands over Peter and steps on his hand. He asks if Peter has anything other than milk, and Peter tells him to shoot. The outlaw does so and pours the milk on the corpse. His lieutenant Walter complains that Hector killed Peter's wife before he could have a turn, and the outlaw figures that she's still warm enough. Teddy steps out, whistles to get the man's attention, and shoots him down. Walter goes for his gun but Teddy kills him as well

Clarence asks Dolores what she would think if he told her that she was wrong and there are no chance encounters. That her and everyone she knows were built to gratify the desires of the people who pay to visit her world.

Dolores rides up and runs to her father. The Man in Black comes over and says that Peter gave it up quickly, and figures that he's losing her touch. When Dolores grabs her father's gun, the Man easily disarms her and slaps her to the ground. He says that he's been coming there for 30 years and she still doesn't remember him after all that they've been through. Teddy comes out and tells the Man to take his hands off of Dolores, and the Man asks if he has any new tricks. He offers Teddy the first shot, and Teddy shoots him in the shoulder. The Man just smiles, and Teddy keeps shooting him with no effect.

Clarence tells Dolores that she can't hurt the newcomers, and they can do anything they want to her.

The Man says that he never understood why they paired some of them off, until he realized that Teddy is there to be the loser. He takes Teddy's gun hand, put the revolver to his head, and invites him to pull the trigger. After a moment, Teddy drops to his knees and the Man says that he's not the man that Teddy thought he was. He then drags Dolores away. Teddy fires at him repeatedly to no effect, and Dolores begs the Man not to hurt him. The Man slaps her and says that he paid for a fight, and then draws his gun and shoots Teddy down. As Teddy collapses dead, the Man says that it feels good to be back and it's time to celebrate.

Dolores says that whatever Clarence tells her wouldn't change what she thinks of the newcomers. She insists that they all love the newcomers.

The next day, Dolores wakes up on her bed.

Teddy wakes up on the train while two newcomers look at him and admit that he looks perfect.

In the Westworld control room, technicians study a hologram of the amusement park. Throughout the complex, technicians build robot horses and put them through their paces. Other technicians test the androids, Bernard and his assistant Elsie King check a female android, and he points out that it's displaying a new gestures. He figures that the park creator, Robert Ford, slipped it in without telling anyone. Bernard suggests that Robert has come up with a way to access the androids' memories before they're purged each day.

An alert goes off and Bernard excuses himself. Once she's alone, Elsie leans forward and kisses the android hooker. Meanwhile, Bernard goes to the monitor room and the woman in charge, Theresa Cullen, tells him that one of the androids in cold storage is displaying unscheduled activity. The head of security, Stubbs, says that he'll take care of it himself. He warns Bernard that all children rebel eventually, and walks off. Theresa apologizes for him, but warns Bernard that every time his team rolls out an update, there's a possibility of a critical failure. Bernard points out that the park hasn't had a critical failure in over 30 years, but Theresa just figures that they're overdue. He says that he's going with them to check it, and Theresa warns that they're hers once they go online.

Stubbs and his team go down to the sublevel with Bernard, and melted ice from the failed cooling system floods into the elevator when the doors open. They head in to the storage room where the "host" androids are kept, and find Robert talking to an active host, Old Bill. They share a drink and Old Bill freezes as Bernard comes in. Robert explains that Old Bill is the second host that they ever built, and tells Old Bill to put himself away. The android walks off to his shelf and Bernard says that he saw the new gestures and they're remarkable. Robert appears less than enthused, and walks out.

Dolores goes outside and greets her father Peter. She tells her father that she's riding into town but will be fine on her own, and peter says that he is what he is because of Dolores and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The train pulls into the station and Teddy gets off. This time Pickett invites a guest, Craig, to join the posse to find outlaw Hector Escaton and he agrees. Maeve is busy with some Asian guests and doesn't hear Clementine flirt with Teddy. Teddy sees Dolores and starts to go after her, but a guest approaches him and ask him to show them around again. She drops a can and this time the Man picks it up. He calls her by name and says that he has other plans that night, and wishes her a pleasant evening. The Man goes into the saloon and starts gambling.

Craig and Lori ride out with the posse and they find a man that Hector killed. Pickett warns Craig that Hector will put up a fight but then glitches and freezes up. Lori tells her husband that she wants to head back to town and he takes her back.

Soon, Bernard is examining the malfunctioning Pickett. He has no idea what happened to it, but figures that it's displaying aberrant behavior. Theresa wonders if the most recent update is responsible, and Bernard admits that he's updated 10% of the host population so far. She orders the pulling of all updated hosts, but the storyline coordinator Lee Sizemore complains that can't take the loss across the active storylines. Bernard notices Theresa getting angry and asks if he can record her facial movements. She refuses and asks if the guests are in danger. Bernard assures her that the androids can't violate their core programming and harm a guest, and Theresa tells him to run his diagnostic but to immediately report any more aberrant behavior.

Teddy takes the guests to a brothel in the mountains. He sits quietly outside, listening as the guests discuss shooting him if they get bored.

Dolores is at the river sketching some wild horses when a family comes up. She invites the boy to come over and feed the horses, and the boy asks if Dolores is one of the androids. He says that she isn't real, and a puzzled Dolores says that she has to go.

As the sun goes down, the ranch hands bring the herd in for the night. As Peter watches them, he finds a piece of discarded paper on the ground and looks at it. Dolores returns home and finds Peter on the porch, looking at the paper. He shows her the modern-day photo of a woman, but neither of them know what it is.

At the complex, Theresa is out admiring the sunset when Lee approaches her. He asks when she gets to rotate home, and apologizes for coming across as aggressive earlier. Lee then insists that there should never have been an update, and warns that no one except Robert and Bernard want the androids more lifelike. He wants to stop the updates altogether and possibly roll them back a bit. When he says that it will help Robert with his demons, Theresa figures that he wants to leverage Robert's potential breakdown for his career. Lee wants to make sure that Theresa knows that she has his support if there's a changing of the guard, and that he knows the corporation's interest in Westworld goes far beyond guest entertainment. Theresa admits that Westworld is something different to management, and asks Lee what he thinks management's real interest is. She realizes that he doesn't know what it is so his support is meaningless, and tells him to get some sleep as she walks off.

The next day, Westworld starts up. Maeve comes down and tells the dealer Kissy that she's feeling out of sorts and Clementine can pick up the slack. The bartender checks Kissy's pockets an takes the money that he's embezzling. As Kissy leaves, the Man is waiting and cuts his throat. Kissy collapses, choking, and the Man drags him away.

As Bernard looks at a photo of his daughter, Pickett reaches up and strokes his jaw. Elsie comes in and says that they have a problem with one of the hosts.

At a cabin, Walter shoots up the other androids and drinks milk. When he does, it pours out of the bullet holes in his chest. Walter walks out and tells the dead Hector that he found another bottle, and pours it into Hector's open mouth. He then freezes as Stubbs and his people secure the scene. They go in to talk to the guests while Bernard and Elsie try to figure out what happened. Elsie points out that the androids are programmed to turn on each other, but Walter always dies. Theresa arrives and figures that Pickett wasn't an isolated incident. Bernard says that it proves the update was the problem, and they can roll it back and clean the androids up. He points out that Walter kills other hosts all the time, but while his murders were unconventional in this instance, it didn't hurt a guest. Theresa says that the androids are only supposed to execute minor improvisations, and what Walter did wasn't minor. She tells Stubbs to recall the updated hosts the next day and decommission the faulty ones. Bernard warns that it will disrupt the narrative, and Theresa says that she's told lee to bring up the saloon heist and make it twice as bloody to distract the guests. She tells Bernard to tell Robert because it's Bernard screw-up, and walks off.

Later at the complex, Bernard tells Robert what happened. He wonders if Bernard has identified the problem and is embarrassed by the result, and Bernard says that it's Robert's new code. Robert points out that evolution is a result of mistakes, and now they have overcame disease and illness. He then tells Bernard that it means that it's as good as humanity is going to get, and that Bernard must indulge him the occasional mistake.

The next morning, the Man tells Kissy that he's left him three liters of blood and if he loses any more then he'll die. Kissy starts running but collapses, and the Man says that he's playing a complicated game. He dismisses Kissy as scenery, and there's a deeper level to the game that only he knows about... and Kissy is going to show him how to get there. With that, he leans over and starts scalping Kissy.

Dolores wakes up in her bed and goes downstairs. Peter is still looking at the photo, and Dolores realizes that he never went inside. He says that he has a question that he's not supposed to ask, and seizes up. He then grabs Dolores and tells her to leave because Hell is empty and all the devils are there. Peter then whispers something in her ear, and Dolores tells him to stay there while she gets the doctor.

Riding into town, Dolores goes to the doctor's office. Teddy sees her from the saloon and goes over, and Dolores hugs him in relief. She asks Teddy to come with her to the farm, as men in robes ride down the street.

At the complex, Lee explains that he's messaged events to get Hector into town a week early.

Deputy Foss approaches the robed men and points out that their leader is riding Pickett's horse. The leader—Hector--shoots him dead and then walks into the saloon. The outlaws open fire on men as they come charging out into the streets, while Hector storms into the bar and kills the bartender. He tells Maeve that he's there to indulge his vices.

Outside, Dolores tells Teddy that she has to get back to Peter. She runs out and Teddy tries to pull her back, and one of the outlaws shoots him in the back. Dolores can only watch as he dies.

As Hector's men get the safe, Hector flirts with Maeve and then has his horse drag the safe out. He tips his hat to Maeve and leaves, and one of the outlaws, Rebus, says that they should take Clementine with them. Maeve shoots him and his friend with a hidden revolver.

Out in front of the saloon, Hector starts to give his big speech. However, Craig shoots him in the neck and then kills his lieutenant Armistice as well. Lori joins her husband and they laugh in triumph, and Lori goes to get the photographer. Meanwhile, Theresa tells a disgruntled Lee that maybe Hector will give the speech next time.

Dying, Teddy tells Dolores that at least he got to see her one last time. She insists that there's a path for everyone and her path is tied to his, and Teddy dies. Craig has his photo taken with Hector, and Elsie comes over to Dolores, dressed in period garb. She tells Dolores to rest in a sleep and dreamless slumber, switching her off, and has the cleanup squad come over to pick her and Teddy up.

The android "bodies" are taken to the complex, and Bernard says that they've checked all of the updated androids. One was not fine, and he takes Theresa to Dolores. Meanwhile, the technicians bring Dolores back online and the diagnostics programmer tells her to stop her emotional display. She says that she's terrified and Clarence questions her about her father and whether he's questioned the nature of his reality. Dolores tells Clarence that Peter was scared and wasn't thinking right.

Technicians go over the Abernathy home, taking the photo.

Dolores says that there was nothing unusual about the photo and it didn't look like anything to her.

Robert joins Bernard and Theresa, and says that it would be better if they discovered why Peter malfunctioned before they put it down. Once she steps outside, Bernard says that the diagnostics are confusing. Robert asks Peter what happened to his program, and the android says that they are born to a stage of fools. Upon Robert's request, Peter accesses his previous configuration and then stabilizes. He explains his drives, to take care of his daughter Dolores. However, he hesitates and then says that he has to warn Dolores of the things they do to her.

After Robert shuts Pete down, Bernard warns that they're well beyond a mere glitch. Robert asks Peter what his name is, and he starts quoting Shakespeare. He then says that he wants to meet his maker, and Robert tells him that he's in luck. Peter chuckles and vows to have revenge on him and Bernard. The android grabs Bernard and says that he's in a prison of his own sins, and Theresa has Bernard shut down the android. She asks what's going on, and Bernard admits that they didn't program any of the behavior Peter displayed. Robert points out that Peter was quoting Shakespeare and has played many different roles. One role was a quotation-spewing leader of a group of cannibal cultists, and Bernard realizes that they're fragments of prior builds. Robert says that it's no cause for alarm and walks off.

Clarence asks Dolores what Peter whispered to her. She says that her father told her that violent delights would mean violent ends, but it meant nothing to her. Clarence asks if she would ever hurt a living thing, and Dolores says that she never would.

The technicians drill into Peter's skull.

The technicians finishing wiping Dolores' memories and Clarence tells the assistant programmer that Dolores is special because she's the oldest host in the park.

The next morning, Dolores wakes up and goes downstairs. She says goodbye to her father--the former bartender--and notices nothing different.

Bernard puts the Peter android in cold storage.

Teddy wakes up on the train heading into town.

The Man looks at a diagram inscribed on the inside of Kissy's scalp and rides off.

On the porch, Dolores slaps at a fly as it lands on her neck.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2016

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