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Mad City: Look Into My Eyes Recap

At Sirens, Jervis Tetch hypnotizes several audience members into thinking that they're animals. Once he brings them out of their trance, he sends them back to the audience. Tabitha complains to Barbara, who says that she like hypnotists and the place is packed. Meanwhile, Jervis notices a woman wearing a necklace and calls up her husband. He hypnotizes the husband and then has him stand on the back of a chair. He man does so and stands perfectly balanced on one foot. Barbara asks Jervis if he could have the man do anything he wanted, but he doesn't answer. Jervis has the man jump down and whispers a subconscious command to let him into his home later.

After the show, Barbara congratulates Jervis and repeats her question. Jervis says that he can only make people do what they subconsciously wish to do. Barbara asks if he has a place to say, and Jervis the husband and wife leave.

Bruce and Alfred watch as the clone eats. The clone says that his name is "Five" because that was his number at Indian Hill. He doesn't remember his life before he woke up in the lab a year ago, and they ran tests on him. When Five saw Bruce on the rooftop with Selina, he had to come there and meet him. Bruce offers Five a room, ignoring Alfred's objections, and goes to check on the guest room. Outside, Alfred insists that they have to get rid of Five and wonders if it has to do with the Court. Bruce figures that it's better to keep the clone close and find out what Hugo had planned. Alfred reluctantly agrees but in the meantime plans to call Lucius and see if he can figure out something.

In the kitchen Five, notices a red mark on his arm.

In the morning, Valerie is getting dressed at Jim's apartment. He suggests that they go out for breakfast, but she says that she has to go home and shower. Jim tells her that they could meet later and he could clean up the apartment, and Valerie wishes him luck. She kisses him and says that it was fun, and leaves.

At the station, Barnes tells Lee that he's pleased she's coming back to the GCPD. He tells her that Jim no longer has any affiliation with the GCPD. Harvey is watching them from his desk, and quickly leads Jim away as he comes in. However, Lee sees Jim and calls his name, and wonders why he's there. She explains that she's moving back to Gotham permanently with her fiancé, who is working at Gotham General. Jim says that he's there occasionally being paid, and she tells him to be well before leaving. Once she goes, Jim demands his money from Harvey.

At home, the husband answers his phone and Jervis activates his subconscious command. The man goes to let him in. The wife wakes up and realizes that her husband is gone, and goes to investigate. She sees Jervis, who says that he knows what scares her and yells at her to run. The woman bumps into her husband, who bashes in her skull. Jervis then tells him to bury his wife and then kill himself, and the man goes to obey while Jervis makes himself comfortable by the fire. He looks at a photo of his sister Alice and wonders where she is.

Alice is in her apartment when he landlord barges in and demands his money. She says that she's lost his job and the landlord tells her to get another. However, he then suggests that they can work something out and advances on her. Alice slaps him and the landlord slaps her and kisses her. After a moment, he goes into convulsions and collapses, and Alice says that she's brought it on himself.

Aubrey gives a speech saying that Gotham needs seasoned leadership so he's reclaiming the office of mayor until the elections in the new year. Oswald and his people arrive and he says that Aubrey put the corrupt system into place that got him committed. When Aubrey challenges him, Oswald says that the people want a new mayor and have chosen him. He talks about how he drove out the monsters from Indian Hill, and tells Valerie that he's challenging Aubrey's appointment to office. Oswald takes the microphone and says that he is announcing his candidacy for the office of mayor and demands an emergency election.

At the manor, Alfred and Bruce are sparring when Five comes in. Bruce invites him to try and Alfred gives the clone some boxing gloves. Five stares at him for a moment, and then ducks aside and punches Alfred. Alfred says that it's okay and swings again, and Five keeps tagging him. Five says that he doesn't remember who taught him, and they continue fighting. Alfred punches Five in the nose, drawing blood, but the clone doesn't feel any pain. Bruce notices a scar on the back of Five's neck and wonders what they did to him at Indian Hill.

Jervis visits Jim at his apartment and explains that he wants to hire him as a bounty hunter to find his sister Alice. He claims that he's Alice's guardian but he ended up sending her to Hugo for treatment. Alice has a rare poison in her blood, and Hugo refused to let him see Alice. When Jervis received word of the breakout, he figured that Alice was among the escapees. He offers Jim $10,000 to find Alice and Jim agrees. As he goes, Jervis says that he hopes Jim's pain and tragedy haven't left him alone.

At the Cobblepot manor, Butch tells Oswald that his running for mayor is a big step. Oswald has already moved in his campaign staff, and tells Butch that the people need someone to turn to. Now he'll create a legacy that his father would be proud of. A woman shows them Oswald's new poster, and Butch says that he has his vote. Aubrey arrives and asks to meet with Oswald privately.

At Wayne Manor, Five looks at a photo of Bruce and his parents. Bruce is going through the books trying to find a reference to the scar when he hears someone at the window. He has Five hide in the next room just as Selina comes in. She explains that Ivy fell into water and has a bed feeling that her friend didn't survive. Bruce wonders why she cares, and Selina says that she's all that Ivy had. He takes her hand and Five watches as Selina figures that she should keep searching. She asks Bruce to come with her but Bruce says that he can't. Angry, Selina calls him selfish and storms out. Bruce whispers that he's sorry, and Five repeats the same words mimicking Bruce's voice.

As Selina takes to the rooftops, Jim approaches her and offers to pay her for her help finding Alice. She asks him to keep an eye out for Ivy, and Jim agrees. Jim then shows her a photo of Alice, and Selina realizes that she's an escapee. She saw her with Fish for a day or two, and then got a job or two at the Narrows Bar.

That night, Jim goes to the burned-out bar and hears someone moving in the darkness. The owner and two of his men come in, and says that Alice started the fire. Alice cut herself and then the place burst into flame. Jim says that his client will pay but the man refuses to let Jim go. When he and his men attack Jim, he manages to take out all three of them although the owner tags him in the head with a baseball bat.

Jim goes to Gotham General to get his wounded tended to. The doctor recognizes Jim by name and stitches up the wound, and says that Lee speaks highly of him. The man, Mario, says that he loves Lee very much and promises to take care of her. Jim says that they're okay, but half-jokingly says that if Mario hurts her then he'll hunt him down and hurt her. He then asks if Mario saw Mario and has an address.

Oswald meets Aubrey at a public restaurant, and says that Aubrey is a sad joke. Aubrey says that Oswald is an unstable lunatic and he has the entire force of city government behind him. Oswald says that he has himself, and Aubrey says that he's psychotic. When Oswald gets up, angry, several guards come out with guns. Oswald snaps his fingers and all of the customers in the restaurant stand up and aim their guns at Aubrey and his men. Smiling, Oswald pins one of his badges on Aubrey and says that he needs some help, and has just the right person in mind.

Jim enters Alice's apartment and hears the landlord in the closet. He opens the door and the man attacks him. Alice steps in and shoots the landlord, and asks if any of his blood got on Jim. Jim confirms that it didn't, and Alice explains that the landlord is infected with her. She starts pouring gasoline around and Jim says that Jervis is looking for her. Alice tells him that Jervis can't find her, lights the gasoline, and runs. Jim grabs a blanket to put out the flames.

Five puts on Bruce's clothes and looks at him as he sleeps. He then trims his hair to match Bruce's.

The next morning, Alfred discovers that Five is gone and has taken a car with him. Bruce says that they have to go after him.

At Arkham, Oswald meets with the new doctor at Arkham, Charles Quimby, and says that once he is mayor, he will grant him whatever position he wants. In return, he wants his friend Edward released. Quimby warns that it will take considerable time, just as the lockdown alarm goes off. Oswald says that his alternative is that he makes sure that Quimby says there forever scrubbing floors and emptying latrines.

At Sirens, Jervis hypnotizes Barbara for an audience. Tabitha suggests whimsy, and Jervis tells Barbara that she is madly in love with him. When he brings her out of her trance, Barbara says that she loves Jervis and kisses him. Jervis asks what happens if he loves another, and Barbara breaks a bottle and holds the remains to Jervis' throat. He quickly brings her out of her trance, and Tabitha explains that Barbara doesn't take rejection well.

After the show, Jim comes in and tells Jervis what happened. He demands to know why Alice doesn't want to see Jervis, and Jervis suggests that they talk somewhere privately so that he can explain. They go to the roof and Jervis hypnotizes him. He has Jim put down his gun and then walk to the edge of the roof. Jervis tells Jim that he's tired of life and now he can rest, and that now he can sleep forever. He says that when he counts to 10, Jim will step off the ledge.

Alice steps out, gun drawn, and tells Jim to get down. Jervis warns that Jim can't hear her, and Alice says that her brother is evil. He insists that he loves her, and Alice fires a shot. Jim snaps out of his trance and falls, grabbing the ledge. Alice runs to pull him up, and Jervis escapes. Jim thanks Alice for her help and then handcuffs her.

At Arkham, Quimby gives Edward his certificate of sanity and wasn't responsible for anything he did during his insanity. Oswald pulls up in his car and greets his friend, and Edward smiles.

Lee and Mario have supper at a restaurant, and Mario asks if anything was left unsaid between her and Jim. He says that he spoke with Jim at the ER, and points out that she never told Jim his name. Mario's father arrives: Carmine Falcone. He says that he and his wife agreed to keep Mario out of the family business, but says that one thing would have worried his dead wife: Lee is too beautiful. He warns that her beauty makes men does crazy things, and Lee says that Jim has moved on. Mario agrees, and Carmine offers a toast to the couple.

Five--looking like Bruce--finds Selina and apologizes for how "he" treated her earlier. He invites her for a ride and a meal, and Selina wonders why he's acting differently. Five asks if it's a bad thing, and Selina says that she could use something to eat.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 4, 2016

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