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Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire Recap

A man collapses on the street and then wakes up. He gets up and starts yelling for Lucifer, walks off into the street... and gets hit by a bus.

Two rival gangs are shooting it out, and one dead ganger wakes up despite his head wound. He says that he needs to find Lucifer, and a rival ganger shoos him again.

Lucifer's mother wakes up gasping in a hotel room and hears the phone ringing. She hesitantly answers it and a girl calls to her mother. Lucifer's mother puts the phone in an ice bucket and looks at herself in a mirror, and then pulls a screwdriver out of the wound in the back of her neck. Once it's clear, the wound heals.

Later, she finds Lucifer and explains that was when she started looking for him. Lucifer just stares at her, and then figures that she's lying. His mother insists that she's trapped in the flesh sack and has been wandering the city for three days trying to find Lucifer. Lucifer prays to Amenadiel and says that he'll take her back to Hell because she's furious and terrifying. His mother insists that she's just there to find Lucifer, and wants to rectify their estrangement. She says that Lucifer wasn't the one who put her in Hell, and they were both wronged. Lucifer's mother does complain that Lucifer never visited her, and he invites her to explain what happened. She figures that he won't believe her, and says that she wants to be his mother now. After a moment, he says that he needs her to prove her story to her, and they'll retrace her steps.

The next day, Lucifer and his mother go to the hotel room where she found herself after escaping Hell. There's blood on the floor, and Lucifer wonders why she and God were fighting. She says that they weren't fighting over humans then. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds a dead man on the bed in the next room. His mother says that whoever killed her human form must have killed the man as well. The manager knocks at the door, and Lucifer points out that he can't fly out the window since he lost his wings. They duck out the back as the manager comes in, and a man mistakes Lucifer's mother for a hooker. Lucifer quickly gets his mother to his car and says that the clothes are a problem. She immediately strips and Lucifer covers her with his jacket and drives off.

Back at Lux, Lucifer finds Maze leaving. He shows her his mother, who is less than thrilled to see the demon that tortured her. Maze wants to start up the torture again, but Lucifer tells her not to and to keep an eye on her until he works out if she's lying.

At the station, Chloe meets with Dan and Trixie. She shows Trixie a twisted doll, and Trixie says that she was just trying to give it a makeover. Dan points out that Trixie popped out the doll's eye, and Lucifer arrives and says that the doll looks fetching. He asks if any fresh homicides have popped up, and Chloe says that she's busy parenting. She doesn't know about any murders like what Lucifer saw, and says that Trixie's best friend got a doll and Trixie wants the same one, so she destroyed her old doll. Lucifer appreciates Trixie's manipulative skill and points out that if Chloe abandons Trixie then the girl won't trust her in future. A call comes in about the murder and they head off.

At the hotel, Ella confirms that the victim was only 18. He died of a single puncture wound to the neck, and Ella is surprised that he's right when Lucifer suggests that it might be a screwdriver. Meanwhile, Lucifer shows Chloe the pool of the blood in the main room. He suggests that the murdering woman might be his mother, but Chloe figure that the woman was married and cheating on her husband. The husband found them, killed the teenager, and took the woman with her. Lucifer "finds" the phone in the ice bucket and Ella takes it to the lab to restore it. Dan comes in and says that they found another body.

At the station, Ella confirms that the new dead body is a maid at the hotel. She had no open wounds, which means she isn't the woman who left the blood in the hotel room. the maid was strangled by someone with long fingernails, and Lucifer figures that the same woman who killed the teenager killed the maid. Dan figures that it wasn't a woman who killed the maid since female killers don't typically strangle their victims. Chloe and Dan figure that the maid interrupted the woman as she killed the teenager, but Lucifer doesn't buy it and goes to make a call. Meanwhile, Ella says that they didn't get anything from the phone's sim card. However, she discovered from the serial number that someone at Richards and wheeler, a high-end law firm. Dan asks where Chloe wants him and points out that she's now his boss, and Chloe tells him to start with missing persons while she and Lucifer go to the law firm.

Lucifer is busy praying for Amenadiel but hasn't got a response. Ella says that she keeps waiting for God to talk to her but he doesn't respond.

Amenadiel is pouring over old texts in his therapist office when Linda comes by. She's surprised to see him there when he's not a real psychologist, and Amenadiel insists that he did what he had to and didn't have a choice. Linda says that he had a choice and he used her when he didn't have to. She points out that Amendiel betrayed her trust, and Amenadiel says that things have been trying for him. Linda says that if he thought more about others and not himself then it wouldn't be so trying for him, and storms out. Once she leaves, a feather drifts down from the ceiling and lands in Amenadiel's hand.

At the law firm, Lucifer immediately yells out, asking if anyone recognizes the phone. They says that it's corporate-issue phone that they all have, and Lucifer asks if they recognize one of the female victim's shoes. A lawyer, Brad Wheeler, says that it's Charlotte Richard's shoe. They talk to him privately and Brad says that Charlotte owns the firm and recently disappeared. He doesn't recognize the teenage victim, and tells them breaks into tears and says that he did it. Lucifer uses his power on him and asks if he wanted Charlotte gone, and Brad says that it was the last thing he wanted. He and Charlotte were in love and completely monogamous, and she hated her husband.

Chloe and Lucifer visit Charlotte's husband Elliot and he says that Charlotte is often traveling. He knew that Charlotte was having an affair, and identifies the teenager as a deliveryman who came by a week ago. Elliot says that he's been home with his children, and Chloe goes to see them. Meanwhile, Lucifer asks Elliot that he's given up and takes him up to his closet to find him some decent clothing. He finds a suit and opens the bag, and discovers that cocaine is inside.

At Lucifer's apartment, Lucifer's mother in Charlotte's manacled body is watching TV about 50s mothers. She finds a credit card in the human Charlotte's belongings and Maze explains how it works. She then takes out some torture tools.

At the station, Chloe is checking the cocaine for fingerprints and tells Dan that it probably belonged to Charlotte. Dan has a delivery for her: a new doll. Lucifer comes in and admits that he bought the doll. The fingerprints come back as a match for Luis Mendoza, a known associate of drug lord Victor Perez. Dan goes to call the FBI, while Chloe leaves with the doll after telling Lucifer that she'll deal with him later. Once he's alone, Lucifer grabs a packet of cocaine and goes.

Charlotte tells Maze that she can't break her because she wasn't guilty, and Maze knew it. Maze doesn't believe it, and Charlotte reminds her that Lucifer told Maze not to hurt her. The demon figures that Lucifer will eventually see Charlotte for what she is, and Charlotte figures that she threatens Maze's relationship with Lucifer. She points out that she's still doing Lucifer's bidding, and Maze says that Lucifer has already made a deal with God to take Charlotte back to Hell. The demon realizes that Charlotte is crying, and Charlotte head butts her.

As Chloe packs up the doll to send it back, she points out that Lucifer has some mother issues of his own. Dan says that Charlotte and the teenager, Marco Sanchez, were working to bring down Perez's cartel. They met at the hotel in secret, and the MO of Perez's hitman Jimmy the Carpenter kills his victims with a screwdriver. Lucifer is surprised to learn that Charlotte is innocent, and they can't go after Perez and his tanning salon franchise without ruining the FBI case. Lucifer realizes that Jimmy is still after Charlotte and leaves.

Lucifer arrives at Lux and tells Maze that Charlotte is the target of a cartel hitman. Maze admits that Charlotte escaped, and she told Charlotte about Lucifer's deal with God so she's running away and won' come back if she's killed and finds a new body.

Later, Lucifer goes to one of Perez's tanning salons and calls for Perez, loudly saying that he's looking for the head of a drug cartel. He finds Perez tanning, and knocks out this bodyguards. Lucifer then asks if Perez is holding Charlotte, and slams down the lid on his tanning bed. Another bodyguard comes at him and Lucifer throws him through a wall, and discovers that the room has cocaine packets. Chloe arrives and arrests Perez.

At the station, Perez tells Chloe and Dan that he was feeding Marco bogus information and he had no reason to kill him. When Chloe points out that Marco was killed with a screwdriver, Perez says that Jimmy is dead. Chloe tells Lucifer that Perez isn't their guy and they need to find someone connected to Marco and Charlotte that didn't know that Jimmy was dead. The only other way they were connected is through the law firm. When Lucifer insists that he has to protect Charlotte, Chloe wonders why he's so concerned about her all of a sudden and Lucifer says that they need to find her.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the firm and question an associate lawyer, Liam Pickering. The detective points out that Liam was the only one who knew about the Perez case other than Charlotte. Liam denies any involvement and says that he didn't kill two people out of jealousy. Lucifer points out that they didn't mention two murders, and says that if they find Charlotte alive then it will be interesting to hear what she says about Liam. Outside, Chloe complains that Lucifer divulged privileged information to a suspect.

Charlotte goes shopping and Liam tracks her down... with a screwdriver. He approaches her and she has no idea who he is. He points out that they opened the corporate credit card together and he found her by tracing her purchases. Charlotte finally realizes that Liam is the one who killed her, but Lucifer arrives just in time to disarm Liam. Chloe shows up and Liam runs for it. When Chloe goes after the killer, Lucifer stabs Charlotte in the arm to explain the blood pool at the hotel. Chloe caches Liam and brings her back, and Lucifer warns that they can't tell her the truth.

That night, the EMTs arrive and bind Charlotte's arm. Chloe tells Lucifer that he has to follow the rules. She tells him not to buy Trixie dolls, and Lucifer says that she's abandoning her daughter at a time of need. Surprised, Chloe says that a parent doing what's best for a child doesn't always make them happy.

Amenadiel visits Linda and apologizes. He admits that he does have a lot to atone for, and he did consider her a friend. Linda smiles and accepts his apology. Amenadiel then goes back to his apartment and unfurls his wings... and realizes that they're dying.

At Lucifer's penthouse, Charlotte makes him cheesy noodles like she saw on TV. she says that she wishes that things could go back to the way they were with all of her children. Charlotte wants her home back but realizes that it isn't possible. All she can do is be a good mother to Lucifer on Earth. Charlotte takes Lucifer's hand, but he removes it and says that it's too late. She just stood by and watched as he was cast out and vilified. After a moment, Charlotte says that she sent Lucifer to Hell to save his life. After the rebellion, God was angry. She convinced Him to send Lucifer to Hell rather than destroy him. Charlotte says that she loves Lucifer and always will. Lucifer says that she can stay for now until he figures out what he needs to do. Once he walks off, Charlotte looks up at the sky and smiles in triumph.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 4, 2016

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