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Flashpoint Recap

Barry is sitting in Jitters and braces himself to talk to Iris as she comes in. As he goes over, the news comes on with a report about the metahuman known as Rival terrorizing the city with his superspeed. Barry speeds off and goes to intercept Rival, but a red-and-yellow clad speedster --Flash--interrupts Rival. He tells the police that he can handle Rival, and Rival says that he's there to educate the people. Rival generates lightning at the police cars and at Barry, and the new Flash moves Barry out of the way Barry tells him that he'll get Rival next time as he speeds off.

Later, Barry goes to the paper and goes over to talk to Iris. He picks up her purse at superspeed and then claims that he found it on the floor to tart a conversation. Iris thanks him and then realizes that she's seen him before. Barry reminds her that they went to elementary school together and explains that he works CSI at the CCPD. Iris points out that her father Joe works there and Barry says that he sees him occasionally. She goes back to work and Barry starts to leave, but then invites her to have coffee later. Iris agrees and tells Barry that he's cute, and advises him to talk a little slower.

At the station, Captain Mendez greets Barry and asks for a report on Rival. Barry figures that Flash will stop him, and Mendez notices that Joe is gone. He asks if anyone knows where he is, and Barry admits that he doesn't and says that he has to leave early to meet a friend for dinner.

Later, Barry speeds to a house with takeout and remembers traveling into the past.

After Flash saves Nora, he takes the unconscious Reverse Flash to an alleyway.

Barry goes inside to where Eobard is imprisoned in a cell and says that he has dinner. Eobard suggests that they call the new timeline "Flashpoint," and Barry says that he'll never get out of the speed-dampening cage and hurt someone. He insists that he has everything Eobard took from him and he's home, but Eobard warns that if Barry doesn't free him then the fiction Barry has created will end them both. Barry insists that he's whole there, and there's even another Flash, and Eobard points out that their common enemy is coming for them both: time. Eventually it will take Eobard along with Barry and his loved ones. He says that one day soon, Barry will beg him to kill Nora again.

Later, Barry goes to his family home. Henry and Nora are leaving, and Barry assures them that everything is great.

The next morning, Barry comes down from his room for breakfast. Nora says that she wants to rent Barry' room out. Barry gets the hint that they want him to move out, and he says that he finally invited Iris out and she said yes.

At the station, Mendez tells Barry that he warned Joe that if he was late again, he'd be put on 10-day suspension. Barry tries to cover for Joe, but Mendez doesn't believe it. Once Mendez leaves, Barry speeds to Joe's house. A drunken Joe is passed out on the couch with a bottle of booze nearby. Barry dresses and showers him at superspeed and takes him to the station, and gives him some breath mints. He says that Joe is late again, but Joe doesn't want his help. Joe wonder why Barry is interested in him, just as Iris comes in. The detective sees Barry looking at her and immediately says that he doesn't approve. When Joe objects, Iris says that she wasn't even sure that Joe still worked there and leaves with Barry.

As they walk down the street, Iris apologizes for Joe. Barry says that he feels bad for them, and she points out that he doesn't know them. Iris admits that she said yes to Barry asking her out when she doesn't act that way, and Barry says that sometimes people are just meant to be together. They talk about Barry's parents, and Iris figures that Barry hasn't met the right girl yet. She asks Barry where he came from, and he says that he's always been there. His memories of being with Iris in the alternate timeline suddenly disappear.

Police cars go by and an officer says that Flash and Rival are fighting. Iris excuses herself and Barry speeds off. The two speedsters are fighting in a building, and Barry generates a vortex when Flash is knocked out of a window. He manages to break Flash's fall, but it isn't strong enough and Flash lands in a dumpster. Barry runs over to him and removes his mask, and discovers that Flash is Wally.

Wally takes Flash to his apartment and Iris comes in. She wonders why Barry is there, and Barry insists that it's a complete coincidence that she's Wally brothers. He wonders how Wally got his speed, and Wally explains that he was hit by lightning while driving a car with a new nitro formula. He was in a coma for nine months and woke up with superspeed. Iris finds out about crimes and feeds information to her brother, and Joe doesn't know what they do. Barry says that he can help them bring down Rival, and Iris says that there's only one man who can help them: Cisco.

At the STAR Lab building, now owned by Cisco and named Ramon Industries, Wally explains that Cisco made billions with his tech apps and bought the building. Cisco arrives and sees the trio, and complains that they've left him out of their crimefighting efforts after he made Flash's suit. Cisco isn't interested in helping them, and wonders who Barry is. Barry says that he knows Cisco cares deep down about helping other people, and relates a story his Cisco told him about helping Dante. He insists that they're a team and friends, but then clutches at his head as his memories of being with his Cisco disappear. Iris realizes that something is going on, and Barry admits that he isn't sure.

Barry returns to Eobard and asks why he's forgetting. Eobard explains that the memory loss is a side effect. The new reality is starting to override their original reality. Eobard bursts into laughter and explains that the more Barry uses his speed, the faster he loses his memories. Barry refuses to let him out, but Eobard warns that once Barry forgets everything then time will be become permanent. He tells Barry that he has to kill Nora, but Barry refuses and walks off.

That night, Barry dons his Flash costume and brings Wally and Iris to Cisco. He then removes his mask and says that he's going to help them stop Rival. Barry explains about Flashpoint and how he altered the past by saving Nora. He figures that he's been hiding too long and they need to work together to take down Rival. Cisco and Wally aren't interested, and Barry realizes that they're missing someone. He gets Caitlin and explains that in his timeline she's part of the team. Caitlin says that she's a pediatric eye doctor and Iris talks to Barry privately.

Out in the hallway, Iris tells Barry that she believes him. She admits that something has felt wrong with her life, and it went away when she met Barry. Iris figures that they're lovers in his timeline, and Barry says that he's always loved her. Cisco calls them back into the lab and explains that Caitlin reprogrammed the CCTVs to sense speed waves. They've located Rival at an abandoned sawmill.

The two Flashes speed there and Barry tells Wally to flank Rival. Rival speeds out and reveals his mask. He tells them his real name, Edward Clariss, and figures that they might as well tell him because he's going to kill them. Barry says that he's Flash, and Rival dismisses him as a pretender. Wally steps forward, insisting that he's got it, and the two speedsters fight

At the station, Mendez receives word that Flash is fighting Rival at the sawmill. He tells his men to get there and contain the fight. Joe says that they can't leave Flash to fight alone.

Wally takes down Rival, but Rival recovers and spears him with a metal pipe. In the lab, the others confirm from the suit telemetry that Wally is still alive. Meanwhile, Rival invites Barry to defeat him. Barry charges forward and finally knocks Rival down but then wavers as more of his memories disappear. Rival beats him down and generates a pair of tornados.

Cisco and the others pick up the tornados on the satellite scans.

Rival sends the tornados at Barry, who radios into the others and says that he can't stop him. Iris says that she isn't his Iris, but all she can say is that she believes he's Flash. Barry braces himself and then speeds forward, dissipating both tornados with his own speed as Rival stares in shock. Flash then drops down and punches Rival, who realizes that Flash is the fastest man alive. He lunges at Flash... and Joe arrives and shoots him. Barry removes his mask and says that Wally needs help, and they go to Joe's son.

Later at Ramon Industries, Caitlin warns that Wally isn't healing despite his accelerated metabolism. Everyone leaves except Barry and Iris, and Barry figures that everyone has been paying for his happiness. He asks Iris to help him make things right.

The next day, Barry takes Iris to his home where Nora and Henry are there. He introduces Iris and says that he wanted to see them one more time. Barry says that the last three months spending time with them have been the best, and he wanted them to know how grateful he is to be their son. He hugs his parents and says that he loves them both, and then leaves with Iris. Barry's memories of his parents disappear, and he warns Iris that they have to hurry before it's too late.

Barry and Iris go to the warehouse and Eobard says that all Barry has to do is ask him. He makes Barry spell out what he has to do. Barry then releases him from the cage and he walks out. Barry apologizes to Iris, and says that Flashpoint will have never happened. Iris kisses him and says that she'll see him soon, and Barry starts to walk off... and collapses. Eobard wishes that he could kill him, but says that for once he gets to be the hero.

In the past, Flash knocks out Eobard and goes over to help Nora up. The other Eobard arrives and Flash and the past-Eobard disappear. Eobard picks up a knife and kills Nora.

Eobard takes Barry back to the West home and says that things are back to normal... for him. He warns Barry that he'll just have to wait and find out what happened to him, and speeds off. Barry goes in and hugs Wally, and says that he feels closer to his parents than he ever has. They share a toast to Henry, and Barry notices that Iris isn't there. Angry, Joe dismisses it as grief and walks off, and Barry realizes that she's dead.

A man wakes up in his bed and a voice tells him that it's time to wake up. He hears a scratching noise and goes to the winder. Someone or something is spelling out the word "Alchemy" on the bedroom mirror.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 5, 2016

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