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Awl Recap

At an emergency first aid clinic in Somalis, MacGyver and Jack run through a burning building that MacGyver set on fire to take the warlord on their trail off their trail. Riley is monitoring them and hacks the Somalian government computer. Patricia launches a drone strike at a chemical weapons plant and it blows up as they talk.

The two agents come to a staircase and it collapse on them. Riley checks the blueprints and finds a window for them to jump out. However, there's a three-story fall. MacGyver grabs two fire extinguishers and body bags, and fills the bag with the foam to make an airbag. They then jump out and the bags break their falls.

Later back in LA, Mac MacGyver arrives home and discovers that Wilt has turned their apartment into a greenscreen set for his movie. Mc is playing the monster and the general, but gets a call from Phoenix. He then joins Jack, who is at a graveyard describing what happened to his father's grave. Mac indulges Jack and "talks" to his father, and points out that almost every time they get killed Jack comes to talk to his father. He then tells Jack that they have another mission and they take off. As they go, Jack asks Mac if he's talked to his father, and Mac admits that it's been a long while. The older man says that Mac will want to reach out to him before it's too late after what he did, and says that he'd do anything to talk to his father one more time. Jack advises Mac to forgive a little bit.

At the Foundation, Patricia explains that over the last two years, five Federal buildings have been attacked with explosions. All of the attacks are listed to Division 77, terrorists for hire. The FBI has followed their money and it leads back tone man: Ralph Kastrati, a hedge fund golden boy. He fled the U.S. in 2015 to avoid trial for securities fraud, and he's been located in Malaysia making millions managing D-77's money. Patricia figures that they can use his information to track down D-77, and the terrorists have informants in the police so they have to pick up Ralph off the books.

Later at Ralph's estate in Malaysia, he's on the phone talking to his friend and boasting about how well he's living. The team is outside in a van monitoring Ralph, and Jack is eager to punch him in the place. There's a state-of-the-art security system on wireless, and Mac suggests that Ralph gives them the code. He builds a handful of wifi chips and a soda can to disrupt the wireless signal, which triggers the alarm. Ralph types in the code and the team picks it up via binoculars. They then wait for him to go asleep so they can go in using the code.

Once Ralph goes to sleep, Mac and Jack go in and Mac uses Jack's sunglasses to pick the lock. They shut off the alarm and Jack checks on Ralph. He wakes up and screams when he sees Jack, and then runs. Mac punches him and they have him get dressed. Ralph offers them triple what the government is paying them, but Mac says that they need intel on D-77s next attack. He claims that he doesn't know that, and they take him out. A shot rings out, hitting Ralph, and they get him to cover while the sniper continues firing. Riley spots the shooter on the roof and Mac realizes that they need to get Ralph to the FBI so he can decipher the finances. Mac tells Riley to find a doctor and get to the exit point, and then the agents get him to his SUV. Jack breaks in and they drive off.

As Mac tends to Ralph's wound, Patricia calls and asks if everything is okay. Mac eventually admits that Ralph got shot and Patricia warns that D-77 will move up their timetable. They hang up and Mac cuts open Ralph's chest with a credit card and runs a tube from his lungs to the car's vent system. Riley calls from a country club, and says that she's tracked down the best doctor on the island... on his day off. Mac sends her a video of Ralph's wound and she tracks down Dr. Laqman Megat on the course. Riley realizes that he doesn't speak English.

The sniper pulls up after the guys and open fires. Jack takes evasive action and Mac makes a makes a smoke bomb out of the head rest's fire-resistant foam. He then holds it out the window and tosses it into the back of a nearby ruck. The sniper, unable to see, follows the truck as the agents take the next turn. Meanwhile, Riley calls back and uses a computer to translate Megat. He sees the photo of the injury that Mac has sent and warms that Ralph will die without immediate surgery. Mac needs to do the surgery right away.

Jack pulls into a parking garage and Mac uses hand sanitizer to clean the back of the SUV they're driving. Megat talks them through the surgery and says that they have to do a chest-drain procedure. Mac uses a tire jack to spread Ralph's ribs apart and the pump from the windshield wiper to pull the fluid out of Ralph's chest.

Once Ralph is okay, Riley and Magar drive for the exit point. Jack and Mac carry Ralph to the same place and warn that they'll be late. Two teams of D-77 arrive at the parking garage and the team heads for the elevator. As they get in, Mac says that since the terrorists won't stop until Ralph is dead, they'll just have to kill him. They get to an upper floor eight floors up and find themselves at a law firm, and they wonder how to get past the receptionist. Riley arrives there and tells the receptionist that she's hacked their computers and is going to blackmail her boss with his illegal financials unless he comes out.

Once the receptionist leaves, the agents join Riley and tell Ralph that they're going to kill him. They then go to a conference room and Riley collects dental floss, eye drops, and a ballpoint pen. Mac finds high blood-pressure pills in an executive's desk and makes a syringe out of the pen. The terrorists arrive outside and they take off with Ralph.

That night, the team gets out and goes to a street market. Mac tells Ralph that he's going to give him a shot that will lower his blood pressure so that he looks dead. Then in an hour, Mac will give him the antidote. Mac jabs the makeshift needle into Ralph's chest and admits that he doesn't have the antidote... yet. As Mac prepares to shove him out into the street so he can " die" in front of witnesses, Ralph begs him to save his life so that he can live a better life. He says that he hasn't talked to his mother in years and needs to talk to her, and Mac says that he'll be fine. As Ralph staggers out, he says that D-77 had him set up a holding in Miami Beach and they figure that's where the terrorists are going to strike next.

Ralph collapses, seemingly dead, and the pedestrians call for a doctor. When he arrives, he and the police declare him dead. The team hijacks the coroner's fan and Riley gets some glucose from a nearby pharmacy following Magat's directions. Patricia calls to ask how Ralph is doing, and Mac explains their plan. However, the terrorists pay off the EMTs and the team watches as they take Ralph.

The team gets to their van and follow the terrorists. Riley warns that they have ten minutes left to give the shot, and the terrorists drive to a factory. They prepare to cut off Ralph's head, and Mac says that he can take them all out. He spots some Freon tanks and then goes through a nearby dumpster to get what he needs. Mac makes two gas masks out of plastic soda bottles and then puts a Freon tank in a shopping card. He shoves the shopping cart into the warehouse and the gas staggers the terrorists. Jack and Mac attack them and Riley hits the last one with a pipe as he staggers out.

Mac gives Ralph the shot and puts a gas mask on him. One of the terrorists attacks him and Jack manages to knock him out. Gasping for breath, Mac carries Ralph out as Jack arrives, and Ralph wakes up.

Later back in LA, Patricia congratulates the team and says that the intel let them arrest the terrorists in Miami Beach. Now Ralph is cooperating and Patricia will have him put in witness protection. Ralph comes in with two Federal agents, and Patricia warns that he can't tell anyone who he is. The accountant says that now he's going to make the world a better place for little children, and Jack tells him that his money is all in evidence. Mac says that he starts with nothing and making it up as he goes along is something he does all the time, and Ralph puts the best face on it. Once Patricia leaves, Ralph insists on hugging Jack, who tells him to give him back his wallet. However, he refuses to let Jack hit him in the face for $20.

Back at home, Mac and Wilt film the scene with Mac as the monster. Wilt gets the take as Jack and Riley come in. He shows Riley his CGI shot and she goes to work. Meanwhile, Jack passes on something from his father: a phone so that Mac can call his father. Mac refuses but tells Jack that he's writing him a letter.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 8, 2016

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