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Mad City: New Day Rising Recap

At the station, Alice tells Harvey that her brother Jervis will come for her. She explains that Jervis kept her prisoner and when she finally escaped, she fled to Gotham. Then Hugo found her and locked her up at Arkham. Harvey points out that she infected a landlord and then set him on fire, and Alice insists that she's not a monster. Jim watches through the one-way mirror as Alice warns Harvey that it isn't over.

Jervis hypnotizes the caretaker at an amusement park and moves in, and talks about how when he lost Alice, the only thing keeping him going was the hope that they'd be reunited. He believes that they will be reunited, and then beats in the caretaker's head with a hammer.

On election day, Edward stares at Butch as he speaks with some people. Oswald comes over and Edward thanks him for getting him out of Arkham. He says that Arkham has made them both stronger, and Oswald has had their release certificates framed. When Butch asks if Oswald is ready, Edward asks who he was speaking with. Butch snaps at him, telling him not to worry about it, and Oswald warns that they're all on his team. Once he leaves, butch tells Edward to keep his nose out of his business and Edward unconvincingly agrees.

Harvey and Jim meet with Barnes, who complains that Jim is always at the center of trouble. The captain tells Harvey to pick up Jervis for questioning and tells Jim that since it's an active investigation, he should stay away Jervis. Jim points out that there's no law against private citizens having a chat, and leaves to get his check.

Lee takes a blood sample from Alice and asks about her condition. Alice explains that her blood affects anyone that it touches, and Jervis believes that it brings out a person's true nature. She says that Jervis thinks that they're connected: she influences the blood and he influences the mind. Alice warns that if Jervis gets in someone's mind then they're doomed.

As Jim presses a button at a walk sign, he hears the ticking noise and reverts to a hypnotic trance. He remembers Jervis telling him to kill himself, and walks in front of an oncoming truck. A man pulls Jim back just in time and Jim snaps out of his trance.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred calls the impound yard and confirms that the Rolls was towed that morning. Bruce wonders why Five would leave, and Alfred figures that he's pretending to be Bruce. Neither one of them know why, and Bruce realizes that the address where the rolls was found is near Selina's apartment.

Five apologizes to Selina for how he acted the day before, and takes him to a betting parlor. She tells five to meet him around the back in five minutes and goes inside. She poses as a waitress and says that a man insulted a customer. He goes to confront the man and a fight breaks out. Selina takes advantage of the distraction to slip in the back and take the money. The bookie and his lieutenant come back and Selina claims that it's her first day as a waitress. They don't buy it.

Oswald tells his voters that Gertrude believed in him. Meanwhile, Edward sees Butch gives an envelope to a man. After Oswald finishes his speech, Edward approaches the man and confirms that he's on the election board. He takes the envelope and discovers that there's money inside, and says that it's all there. He leaves and Butch tells one of his men to follow him.

Jim goes to Sirens and tells Barbara that he needs to find Jervis. She says that she doesn't know, and Jim grabs her arm and asks for a favor. Barbara figures that Jervis hypnotized Jim, and he says that Jervis is dangerous. As he starts to leave, Barbara tells him that Jervis came in and asked to hire some muscle for a performance, and needed them to have flair. Laughing, she blows him a kiss as he walks out.

At a wrestling ring, the five Tweed brothers are fighting together. Jervis comes in and introduces himself, and says that he needs them to get Alice out of the GCPD. He takes out his pocket watch and hypnotizes them.

The bookie ties Selina up and his lieutenant prepares to break her finger. Five knocks at the door and when the bookie opens it, Five knocks him down. The bookie draws a knife and comes at him, and Five easily avoids the blow. Selina kicks the lieutenant down and Five knocks him out, and then frees Selina.

Barnes is in his office watching the news when Jim comes in. He asks to speak to Alice for five minutes, but Barnes refuses. He realizes that something is wrong, and Jim tells him that Jervis did something to his mind. Barnes tells Jim to make peace with the decisions he's made, and he doesn't want to wake up and realize 20 years have gone by. He gives Jim five minutes to talk to Alice, and Jim leaves.

Once they get to safety, Selina tells Five that she didn't think he had it in him. they realize that Five was cut in the stomach, and he insists that he can't go to the hospital. There are scars on his chest, and Selina realizes that Five isn't Bruce.

Edward tells Oswald that Butch is paying campaign officials. Oswald knows all about it and doesn't see the point of risking a loss. Edward tells him to call off Butch, just as a little girl comes over and thanks Oswald for getting rid of the monsters. Oswald tells Edward that people look at him differently, and the girl asks Edward for money. He pays her off and Oswald is angry that Edward is playing him. He tells him to stay out of it and walks away.

Jim tells Alice that he needs to find Jervis, and she realizes that Jervis is still in Jim's head. Barnes is watching on the surveillance camera, and Alice figures that Jervis tapped into something Jim doesn't want to face. She says that there's a trigger that brings on the trance and realizes that anything resembling the ticking of Jervis' watch will bring on the trance. Jim realizes that Jervis did the same thing to Alice, and she explains that Jervis put sexual thoughts in her head, thoughts about him. Alice insists that she won't ever go back to Jervis.

Jervis sneaks into the station and plays carnival music over the loudspeaker. The Tweeds stand up on the tables, and Jervis gets on the intercom to welcome everyone to his "show." Alice and Jim hear him, and Jim frees Alice from her handcuffs.

The Tweeds begin their show, attacking the officers. Jim leads Alice out, but Jervis steps out. when Jim draws his gun, Jervis says that Jim can't kill him until he removes the impulse he planted. The hypnotist takes out his pocket watch, and Jim tells Alice to go. Jervis leaves with his men, and Jim starts to put his gun to his head... and Barnes knocks him out with his crutch.

On the rooftop, Selina stitches up Five's wound. He says that he doesn't feel pain, including the pain of the wound, and admits that he doesn't know why they made a clone of Bruce. Five explains that he was watching when Selina visited the other night and he wanted to know how she felt toward Bruce. He says that she has no idea what it's like to be alone. Selina says that her parents left her and her only two friends are dead, and Bruce is even more screwed up than Five. Five leans forward and kisses her, and them smiles.

Jim wakes up in the police lab and discovers that he's handcuffed to the chair. Lee explains that she listened to the interrogation tape, and refuses to free Jim. She admits that she doesn't know what she'd do if something happened to Jim, and Jim points out that she's moved on. Lee says that she didn't have a choice because Jim left her. Jim finally says that there's nothing he can do to change the past, and Lee says that Barnes has put Jim on a 24-hour suicide watch. She says that there's a difference between moving on and letting go, and walks out.

Butch tells his people that when Oswald is mayor, they'll run the town. As they toast Butch, his man comes in and says that he lost Edward. A call comes in and Butch insists that it's not possible, and says that he has to go.

Harvey questions the one Tweed brother that was captured, and asks where they took Alice. The detective points out that two of the Tweeds were killed, and tries to get through to the wrestler. Harvey has the Tweeds' masks and threatens to set them on fire rather than let be buried with their owners. After a moment, the wrestler finally agrees to tell him.

At the amusement park, Jervis asks Alice if she likes his new base. He says that he forgives her for everything, but she needs him to understand the consequences of leaving him. Jervis then takes out some syringes and starts extracting her blood.

As Jim is transferred, the police van stops and the officer lets him out. Harvey is waiting and says that he paid off the officers, and tells him where Jervis is. He also says that Lee told him where to found Jim, gives him his gun, and they leave.

On the rooftop, Bruce and Alfred find five. Five says that Selina is fine and left a little while ago, and wonders if Bruce is angry because he spent the day with Selina. The clone suggests that Bruce is too scared to take what he wants, and says that none of them will see him again. He figures that he doesn't belong in Gotham, asks Bruce to say goodbye to Selina for him and thank her for the kiss, and then jumps off the roof onto a truck below. Bruce and Alfred watch as Five disappears onto the street.

That night, Jervis says that he's going to mix Alice's blood into the drinking fountain and create monsters if she doesn't cooperate. He says that the connection between them keeps them sane. Harvey and Jim arrive, guns drawn, and Jervis says that if they let him and Alice leave then he'll free Jim from the implanted impulse. Jim refuses and Jervis has his henchman turn on a metronome. The Tweeds open fire and Jim stands staring into space while Harvey takes cover.

Jervis tells Jim that he wants to be free from the pain. Jim remembers seeing Lee and Mario together, and Jervis tells him to stop fighting. As he remembers what Lee said, Jim screams and shoots the metronome. He ducks for cover and Alice insists that she'll never go with Jervis. She falls off the catwalk and lands on a metal pole, impaling herself.

As the police take Jervis away, Barnes looks at Alice's body. He demands an explanation from Harvey, who says that he was following a lead. Barnes warns that Jim will get Harvey killed, and Harvey says that he'll never turn his back on his friend.

Oswald and Edward wait for the election results. Butch storms in and grabs Edward, saying that he ruined everything. He tells Oswald that Edward went to every election official and took the money back, saying that Oswald wanted to run a clean election. Oswald is shocked at Edward's betrayal, and asks why he shouldn't have Butch kill Edward where he stands. On the TV, the newscaster announces that Oswald has won the election by a landslide. Oswald is surprised and touched that they voted for him, and that the people love him. Edward tells him that if he had bought the election then he would never have known, and he knew Oswald would win because he believes in him. Oswald tells Butch that he never believed in him and that know he'll be limited to cracking skulls. Edward goes off with Oswald, smiling.

At the manor, Alfred pours tea and figures that Five will go as far away from Gotham as possible. Bruce wonders if Five really kissed Selina thinking it was him, but Alfred refuses to discuss it.

Jim goes to the station and thanks Lee for telling Harvey where to find him. She asks if he's okay, and Jim says that the impulse is gone. He then tells Lee that she was right earlier, and says that he's happy for her. Lee agrees that they can start with that and leaves.

Kathryn pulls up to Five on the street and says that he could be Bruce... and so much more. She has her man get drug him unconscious and get him into the limo.

Oswald gives his acceptance speech and says that his new chief of staff is Edward. As Edward joins his friend, a disgruntled Butch watches from the crowd.

At the amusement park, Barnes notices some blood dripping from a pipe. A drop lands on his head, and he staggers for a moment and then looks around, his eyes burning red.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2016

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