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Sin-Eater Recap

A man, Nicholas Sands, says that he's sorry for all of sins, and that he was stupid for hurting people. He sobs as he hangs from a pole, and begs for forgiveness. Someone lights a torch and the man screams in pain.

Lucifer is in his bedroom dripping hot wax on a woman, and she tells him not to dare stop. As they kiss, Charlotte comes in, interrupting the moment. Lucifer says that it's his mother and the woman figure that it's too weird. Once she leaves, Lucifer tells Charlotte that she can't just waltz into his penthouse and bother his guests. Charlotte complains about how human customs are foreign to her, and says that she just wants to be part of their lives. He wonders who else she's referring to, and Charlotte says that she wants to see Amenadiel. Lucifer warns her that Amenadiel will take her back to Hell, and suggests that she catch a movie and catch up on humanity.

At the station, Dan tells Trixie that he'll make it up to her for being on a stakeout that went long. He offers her double fudge, and Trixie accepts. Dan then goes over to Chloe and thanks her for letting him pick up Chloe at the station. Trixie asks if they're still going on a family camping trip, and Chloe says that they're still working it out. Dan warns that what's between them is affecting Trixie and they need to talk about it later.

Chloe gets called to Nicholas' crime scene and meets Lucifer. She explains that Nicholas was an exec for an Internet startup, and Ella says that it's a next-generation Facebook, Wobble. Nicholas' videotaped confession was posted to Wobble, and Chloe figures that the killer wanted us to find them. Ella says that paraffin oil was used to set Nicholas on fire, and explains that the highest concentration of accelerant was placed on Nicholas' groin. Lucifer figures that the killer was punishing his victim, and someone is stealing his jam.

Lucifer explains that he saves burning treatment for the truly terrible in Hell. Chloe figures someone had a personal grudge against Nicholas, and points out that Lucifer failed to button a button on his shirt. Lucifer explains that he had to rush out because he has a houseguest he can't get rid of, and Chloe admits that she knows how complicated exes can be. An officer shows Chloe emails from Nicholas' supervisor, Leila Simms. Leila tells Nicholas that he won't get away with something, and they agree that it's a lead.

At Leila's office, Leila says that they dated briefly a while ago. Lucifer asks her why she tortured Nicholas to death, and Leila says that Nicholas shared pictures of them together at dinner. She realizes that someone set Nicholas' crotch on fire, and calls in Ray Codtree to show a video from their company retreat. Ray brings up the video, which shows Nicholas setting an intern's crotch on fire as a practical joke. He posted the video and everyone saw what happened to the intern, tommy.

At the station, Chloe and Lucifer question Tommy. Tommy says that Nicholas made his life hell, sabotaging his life and making him the butt of his jokes. Chloe asks if he killed Nicholas, and when Tommy says nothing, Lucifer steps forward and says that he understands punishment. He uses his power to make tommy admit his desire. Tommy blurts out that he killed Nicholas.

Outside, Chloe admits that she didn't expect it to be that easy. Lucifer sees Charlotte sitting among some admiring officers, and Chloe points out that Charlotte is a defense attorney and used to be a cop. He goes over and asks to talk to Charlotte privately. Charlotte says that she asked a male human to bring her there, and Lucifer reminds her that the human Charlotte has a husband. She wanted to see where Lucifer works, and wonders why he's involved with law enforcement. Lucifer sends her on her way, and Chloe comes over and wonders how Lucifer and Charlotte know each other. He avoids the question, and Chloe says that there's something wrong about Tommy's confession.

Lucifer points out that Chloe has been hard on Dan, and suggests that their fighting might affect him. He's bored with it, just as Dan comes over and shows them another apology video that has been posted. The man says that he's sorry he posted a video. Lucifer and Chloe track down the crime scene and find the new victim, tied to a pole and killed. Tommy was in custody when the man died, and they figure that they're tracking a serial killer.

As the CSI techs take down the body, Chloe confirms that the victim was Adam wiser, an assistant at a local bank. He disappeared two days ago, and Ella says that the man was beaten but choked to death when the killer jammed apples down his throat. Lucifer figures the killer is sending a video. Chloe calls Adam's phone and it rings from where it's on his body. The video of the confession is clued up, and it shows Adam whipping a young woman. The woman has a ball gag, positioned just like the apple in Adam's mouth. Chloe figures the killer is recreating the crimes he's punishing for.

Ella points out that the victim is dressed in a school uniform, and they figure the woman in the video teaches. They discover that her name is Sarah Aikens, a third grade teacher. She broke things off with Adam and he loaded the video, getting her fired. Sarah had no connection to Nicholas, and she killed herself after losing her job. Chloe figures that someone saw the videos on wobble, but Lucifer doesn't see the point of investigating since the victims got what they deserved. He goes off to get a drink.

At Lux, Maze and Linda talk and Linda admires Maze going out on her own. She tells Maze to avoid setbacks, just as Charlotte comes in. Maze says that she has to get rid of Charlotte, and Linda figures that she's jealous of Charlotte. The demon says that Charlotte isn't Lucifer's girlfriend and she wants her to get what she deserves. Linda suggests that she talk to Lucifer about her concerns, and Maze figures that someone else will listen to her even if Lucifer won't.

At the station, Dan tells Chloe that Wobble has lawyered up and won't let them see their viewership data. Chloe tells him to pull a warrant, and says that it isn't fair to put Trixie in the middle of their problems. Dan irritably agrees and leaves.

Lucifer arrives at Lux and sees Chloe dancing on the stage and flirting with men. He goes over and Charlotte says that she's learning about humanity and enjoying the tingling sensations. Lucifer carries her to the bar and complains that she's disrupting his life. Charlotte says that she's trying to learn about every part of his life, and wonders why he still punishes people. When Lucifer says that's what he's always done, Charlotte says that's what God wanted him to do and wonders if Lucifer is still trying to win Him over. Lucifer warns her to be careful and she asks if he's going to punish her, and walks away.

Chloe visits Leila again, and she says that there was no overlap in viewership. She explains that their users can upload anything they want, and their content moderators take down anything inappropriate. Chloe hears Lucifer watching some of the videos with a content moderator, and motions him out. She wonders why he's back on the investigation, and Lucifer says that he wondered if the killer could tell him why he punishes. Chloe looks around the room and realizes where the overlap is.

In his apartment, Amenadiel is drinking and tries to use his time-stop powers on the wine. Maze knocks at the door and demands that he let her in. When he starts cleaning up the place, Maze kicks in the door and wonders what he's hiding. She figures that he's hiding the fact that he's having rebound sex after they're breakup, and the angel plays along. Maze then says that she needs Amenadiel's help because there's a woman in Lucifer's life that she wants gone. Amenadiel notices one of his rotting feathers on the floor and hastily says that he'll talk to Lucifer, stepping over to cover up the feather. Surprised, Maze thanks him.

Chloe makes a call to Dan, and then tells Lucifer that her ex is going to see what moderator saw both videos. She figures the killer saw something that released something inside of him. Lucifer figures that they were just doing a job that no one else wanted, and tells Chloe that no one else wants to be custodian of the world's filth. He says that people start with passion for their job until something comes along, and figures that none of the moderators did it. He points out that the moderators still have hope. Chloe asks a moderator who has been at the job the longest, and he says that Leila was the first moderator. She points out to Lucifer that Leila had access to the videos, and calls Dan to have him trace the videos to Leila.

Once Dan gets back to them, Chloe and Lucifer go to Leila's office and discover that she's gone.

Amenadiel goes to Lucifer's penthouse and finds Charlotte there. She says that she isn't Lucifer's latest girlfriend, and says that she's having an existential crisis. Amenadiel offers to listen, and Charlotte says that she's trying to get closer to her kids but not having much luck. She asks Amenadiel if he's a good son, and the angel says that he tries to be. Charlotte then asks him if a good son would take his father's side in a divorce and send his mother to Hell. Amenadiel realizes who she is, and Charlotte complains that Lucifer is obsessed with his new job and Amenadiel is still a loyal soldier to God. She tells Amenadiel to take her back to Hell because she's tired, and says that she'll love him no matter what happens.

Chloe confirms that Leila took down both videos. A new video goes up titled "Judgment Day," and Leila announce that she's going to kill herself online. They realize that it doesn't fit the pattern, and Chloe has a tech pull up a video of Leila driving away. They go in tighter and realize that someone is pointing a gun at her. Chloe asks Lucifer if he can figure where the killer will go, and Dan confirms that the signal keeps bouncing back to Wobble.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Wobble's server room and hear Leila making a video. They move forward and find Leila making a video apologizing for the hatred and sin that the site spread. She then begs the killer not to make her do it... and Ray trains his gun on her. He forces Leila to pour gasoline on herself and then lights a lighter. Chloe can't shoot him without him dropping the lit lighter and setting Leila on fire. Lucifer asks Chloe to leave, but she refuses and Lucifer says that he's going to talk to Ray. Much to his surprise, Chloe agrees.

Leila tells Ray that she's sorry, and Lucifer steps out. He asks Ray why he punishes people when no one forces him to do it. Ray says that he can't take the evil anymore and had to do something. Lucifer tells him that he wanted to punish them, and Ray got a taste of blood after he killed Nicholas. He advances on Ray and says that he can't stop it because he loves it. Ray realizes that Lucifer is right and admits that he likes seeing people beg for forgiveness. Lucifer says that Ray became part of the problem, and Ray drops the lighter... and Chloe turns on the fire suppressant system. As Ray stares at the smothered lighter, Lucifer punches him unconscious.

Later at the station, Chloe finds Dan doing grunt work. She says that she's been harsh lately and he's been working hard to make it right, and says that for Trixie's sake they should go on the trip. Dan refuses, saying that Chloe was right before and they shouldn't lie to their daughter. He tells Chloe that he'll always be part of their lives but they're no good for Trixie if they're no good for each other. Dan takes Chloe's hand and says that it's time that they get a divorce.

Lucifer returns home and finds Amenadiel waiting for him. Charlotte steps out and says that Amenadiel didn't send her to Hell. The angel says that God has a tendency to overreact, and he's going against Him. Charlotte says that she's grateful that they're all together, but Lucifer says that he's figured out how to reconcile his deal with God. He tells them that he likes punishing people and tells Charlotte that she will remain on Earth among the creatures that she despises, as one of them. Charlotte wonders how she's going to get into Charlotte's life, but Lucifer doesn't care. After a moment, Charlotte agrees.

Later, Charlotte walks down the street and a mugger grabs her. They struggle and she throws him across the street into a wall. Surprised, Charlotte looks at her hands and then walks off, smiling.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2016

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