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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Recap

At a bar in Washington DC on April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth listens as Lincoln's bodyguard says that the President is at the theater next door. The bartender asks Booth when they'll see him on stage next. Booth offers him a toast and says that it will be soon. Booth then walks next door to the Ford Theatre and goes to Lincoln's booth. He draws a derringer and steps in, shooting Lincoln in the head. Booth then struggles with the security guard and falls to the stage. Limping, he calls out that the South shall be free and gets off-stage.

At home, Lucy gets a phone call and tells her mother Carol that she has to go. She says that Amy is a friend from work and needs her help, hugs her mother, and leaves. As Lucy goes, Carol tells her to remember about the next night.

At Mason Industries, Lucy finds Wyatt and Rufus and asks them what has changed in their lives. They haven't noticed anything, and Lucy says that her sister Amy was erased from history. Connor and Denise come up, and Denise points out that Lucy's dossier shows that she doesn't have a sister. Lucy shows them a locket with a photo of Amy, and Connor points out that she wore it on her first trip. She tells him to change things back, but Denise says that they have to get moving before Flynn changes history. The agent says that Flynn went back to April 14, 1865, and they have to eliminate Flynn. As Lucy gets into the machine, she tells the others that Lincoln was assassinated on that date.

As Jiya helps Lucy put on a period dress, she offers to try and find out what happened to Amy.

Rufus meets with Connor, who is reviewing the video of the terrorist attacks. The CEO points out that Flynn went straight for Anthony, one of their two best pilots, and gives Rufus a recorder. Rufus wonders why Rittenhouse needs them, and Connor orders him to never say that name out loud again.

The trio board the pod and Wyatt offers his condolences on Amy's disappearance. He says that they're going to fix anything, and they depart for 1865. The pod lands and the trio disembarks. There are fireworks going off nearby, and Lucy explains that the Civil War just ended and the people are celebrating.

In town, Booth walks down the streets through the cheering crowds. Flynn approaches him and says that he knows what he's going to do... and offers to help.

The next day, the team arrives in DC and Lucy figures that Flynn is there to change the assassination. she doesn't know how, but she does know where Booth will be and figure that he will lead them to Flynn. They go to Ford Theater and Lucy explains that Booth used it as his mailing address. He picks his mail up there at 10 am each day. Wyatt and Lucy go inside while Rufus stands guard watching for Booth. Inside, Lucy and Wyatt split up to find the mailboxes.

As Rufus stands watch, a black Union soldier, Nicholas Biddle, approaches him. Rufus says that his family was all born free and Nicholas wants him to write their notices for them. He's trying to find his family, who were slaves, and Rufus writes down his notice.

Lucy finds Booth's mailbox, just as Robert Todd Lincoln comes in and introduces himself as General Grant's aide. She claims that she's an actress and Robert says that he's there to return Grant's tickets because he can't make the performance that night. He sits down and says that Lincoln is coming to the play that night, and Lucy asks what it's like having Lincoln as a father. Robert admits that he's proud of his father and he's just getting started.

Nicholas says that he's going to work a piece of his old master's land, and figures that Lincoln will make him give it up. Rufus says that it won't be smooth sailing, and Nicholas realizes that he's wearing a fake uniform. Disgusted, he shoves Rufus away and figures that he's trying to get a girl by pretending to be a soldier.

The clock strikes 10 and Booth comes in. Robert recognizes him and introduces Lucy, saying that she's a new actress. The President's son talks about how Booth's brother Edwin saved him a year ago, and the Lincolns owe the Booths a great debt. Lucy then meets up with Rufus and Wyatt, and Lucy warns that they can't kill Booth without changing things too much. Rufus describes how Lincoln's death will be a disaster for blacks, and Wyatt agrees with him. Lucy insists that it's too risky, but Rufus wants to change things for the better. Before Lucy can respond, they spot Booth and follow him to the Herndon House where Booth met with his conspirators. One of them looks out the window, sees them, and opens fire with a semi-automatic weapon. Wyatt tells the others to run and provides cover fire, and is wounded. Despite that, he gets away with Lucy and Rufus.

The trio get a hotel room at the National and Rufus gets some medical supplies. Wyatt tells him how to cut out the bullet, and Lucy explains that there was a conspiracy to kill Lincoln and three other top government officials. The conspirators only attempted one of the assassination and Lucy suggests that Flynn is trying to make sure that they all go as originally planned. First she needs to make sure that Grant leaves DC by train as planned, while Rufus cuts out the bullet.

At the train station, Lucy runs into Robert again. She realizes that the train is being repaired, and Robert explains that he and Grant will be going to the play after all. He invites Lucy to come as his guest, and Lucy agrees. As she goes into the station, Flynn approaches her. He says that it's war and he lost his entire family, and Rittenhouse killed them. Flynn explains that Rittenhouse is a they, not a him, and he's there to right some wrongs. The terrorist insists that he's trying to save America, and one day Lucy will help him. Lucy demands answers, but Flynn tells her not to get in her way again and walks off.

As Rufus removes the bullet, Lucy arrives and explains that Robert invited her to the play and Grant will be there. She says that she saw Flynn leave the train station, and she'll get Grant out of the balcony before Booth arrives. Lucy has bought guns, and Rufus realizes that she's going to let Booth kill Lincoln. She says that she idolized Lincoln, but if they save him then they may return to a totally different future. Wyatt asks about his wife and wonders if Lucy would use the time machine to save her. He points out that she just lost her sister and wonders if she's going to let Robert lose his father.

Flynn gives the conspirators more semi-automatic weapons, claiming that they're Prussians, and tries to give one to Booth. Booth refuses, insisting that the derringer is more dramatic and he will see it through as he imagined.

Robert arrives to get Lucy, and she hides a pistol in her purse. Wyatt and Rufus promise that they'll save Seward and Johnson, respectively, and Rufus tells her to think about who she'll save.

At Ford's Theater, Lucy sits with Robert and watches Grant nearby. Robert tells her that Lincoln is always late. Hail to the Chief plays and everyone stands as Lincoln makes his entrance. Robert introduces Lucy to Lincoln and his wife Mary, and the couple take their seats.

At the hotel, Wyatt tells Rufus to point out the assassin, George Atzerodt, to Johnson's bodyguards. Rufus talks about a bully that beat him because he froze up, and Wyatt assures him that he'll be fine.

The play continues and Lucy notices a nearby pitcher of water. She goes to get it and then "accidentally" spills it on Grant. He excuses himself to dry off, leaving the booth.

Wyatt goes to Seward's house and intercepts the assassin, only to discover that he's large than expected. They fight and Wyatt finally manages to shoot the man. Seward comes out and asks what's going on, and Wyatt runs out.

The bartender asks Booth when they'll see him on stage next. Booth offers him a toast and says that it will be soon. Booth then walks next door to the Ford Theatre but Flynn grabs him and says that Grant will be there as well. He orders Booth to take the gun, but Booth refuses. Disgusted, Flynn knocks him out and goes inside.

As Lucy starts to warn Robert, Grant comes back and takes his seat.

Rufus goes to the hotel where Johnson is staying and sees Atzerodt come in. As Rufus starts to go after him, Nicholas grabs him and takes the revolver out of his jacket. Rufus insists that he needs to talk to Johnson's bodyguards, just as Johnson comes down. Atzerodt draws his gun and advances on Johnson, and Rufus pulls free and jumps him. Nicholas draws his gun on Rufus, and the bodyguards take Atzerodt away. Impressed, Nicholas offers to buy Rufus a drink.

Lucy glances at the door, wondering where Booth is. Flynn comes in and sees her, and Lucy shouts a warning. Robert struggles with Flynn, who knocks him out and shoots Lincoln in the head. The other men attack Flynn and Lucy grabs her gun, and Flynn leaps down to the stage. He picks up his semi-automatic and runs off-stage.

Later, Lucy tells the police that they should look for Flynn. Rufus and Wyatt arrive and report that they're targets are safe, and Lucy tells them that Grant is safe. Robert comes out and tells Lucy that his father is dead. He thanks her for saving Grant, and assures her there was nothing she could do to save Lincoln. Lucy takes his hand for a moment and then he goes back inside.

Rufus finds Nicholas and tells him not to go South. Nicholas figures that it will never get better, and Rufus promises him that it does get better. The trio head back to the pod and confirm that Flynn has taken the mothership back to the present. As they go, Lucy says that she tried to warn Lincoln but it was too late, and Wyatt takes her hand.

The pod arrives in the present and Wyatt staggers out. As they get him to a medic, Lucy checks the historical records and discovers that Lincoln's assassin was never identified. Connor notes that the assassination was engineered by Booth and he was hunted down and killed, and Lucy under her alias saved Grant and disappeared. There's nothing about Rufus saving Johnson. Denise figures that they did their job, but Lucy worries that something may have changed because of what they altered. The agent says that they kept Flynn from destroying America and walks off.

Jiya shows Lucy the new timeline's records on Carol and her husband, Henry Wallace. Henry never married Carol in the new continuity, and Henry married the granddaughter of a girl who should have died in the Hindenburg but didn't. Since Amy's parents never met, Amy was never born. Lucy was because her mother lied to her and Lucy's father is someone than Harry.

Rufus tells Connor that he's not recording his teammates anymore and he's not spying on them. Connor reminds him that he took Rufus out of the ghetto and got him into MIT, and the recordings are what pays off his debt. Rufus gives him the recorder and walks off.

The military doctor examines Wyatt's wound and he says that he'll call a cab to get home.

Lucy returns home and finds her engagement party going on. Carol comes over and Lucy admits that things have been hectic. She says that she needs to talk about her father, but Carol is shocked that she's bringing it up and goes to get a drink. Lucy's fiancé comes up and kisses her, much to her surprise.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2016

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