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Keep Calm and Carry On Recap

Dean stares in shock at his mother Mary, and wonders if she's really real. When he tries to touch her, Mary slams him to the ground and demands to know where she is and who he is. Dean says that he's her son, but Mary points out that her son was 4 years old. He tells her that he was 4 when she died, and Mary remembers burning on the ceiling. Dean gets up and recites her life history, including how she and John met, based on what John told him. Mary realizes that he's telling the truth and Dean confirms that she's been gone for 33 years. She gently touches her son and then hugs him.

A man is driving through the night when something slams down out of the sky and hits the ground nearby. The man gets out to investigate and watches as Castiel crawls out of the crater he created when he landed. The angel asks how far he is from Lebanon, Kansas, and the man says that he's three hours away. Castiel puts him to sleep with a touch and drives off in his truck.

Dean tells Mary that John gave himself up to save Dean, and that he was a Hunter who raised Sam and Dean to do the same. She takes in the fact that God's sister brought her back to life, and Dean says that he's taking her home.

Toni goes to the home of Dr. Gregory Marion and says that she needs his help. Gregory says that it can wait, but she tells him that it can't and opens the trunk of her car. Sam is inside, tied up and shot in the leg. Toni says that she needs the bullet removed and the wound sutured, and some anesthesia to go. When Gregory refuses, Toni's bodyguard reveals that he's armed and Gregory points out that he's a veterinarian. She flashes him a purse full of money and asks him to hear her out.

Crowley examines a dead man in a house, his eyes burned out. Two demon minions s arrive on Lucifer's orders and Crowley hides and listens as they talk, ready to kill them.

At a farmhouse, Toni calls her daughter and says that she'll be home soon. In the next room, Sam is manacled to a chair. Toni's co-worker Ms. Watt comes in and hits Sam with a cattle prod, and tells him to be a good boy. Toni walks in and tells Sam that it's time to begin. She confirms that she's with the English Men of Letters, and says that they have a few questions ab out Sam and Dean and how they saved the sun. Toni says that she shot him because he didn't give her a choice, and the Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters ever since the first time they almost ended the world. Sam wonders where they were, and Toni says that the old man wouldn't let them get involved. After the Darkness, her superiors agreed that things need to change and they're there to help. Toni says that he's dangerous to himself and others, but if he answers her questions then he can leave. Sam refuses to answer and points out that the Devil has tortured him. He wonders what Toni can do to him, and she nods to Ms. Watt. Ms. Watt turns on a shower head above Sam and lets it run.

Dean takes Mary to the bunker and sees Sam's blood on the floor. They follow the trail and find the number 3 written on the wall in blood. Dean gives Mary a gun to protect herself and goes off to look for Sam. Castiel comes in and demands to know where Sam and Dean are. Dean returns and has Mary lower the gun, and hugs Castiel. Castiel doesn't know where Sam is, and they tell Mary that Castiel that is an angel. He introduces Castiel to Mary and Castiel explains that Toni blasted him away when he and Sam came back. Dean checks the traffic cams of the nearby streets and picks up a SUV just after Castiel was attacked. They go to the garage and Mary is surprised to see John's Impala. She smiles and strokes it, and looks at the back seat. Dean realizes why she's looking and says that they should go.

Ms. Watt shuts off the water and Toni asks Sam if she can end it. He still refuses to talk and Toni says that he's bad at his job and she's much better. She explains that her people plan ahead and study the lore and use it against their enemies. They know when any monster enters Britain and quickly kill it. Toni hopes that there are other Hunters they can work with, and wants their names from Sam so that if they work together they can make America safe. Sam figures she'll torture them as well and tell her to go to hell. Toni walks out as Ms. Watt lights up a blowtorch and applies it to Sam's foot.

The two demon minions go to another home to clean up three more charred-eye bodies. Lucifer calls and says that he isn't there because he thinks that they're being followed. Crowley arrives and the minion quickly hangs up. He figures that Lucifer is jumping from vessel to vessel, burning out each body. Crowley says that he'll kill Lucifer, but the minions don't believe him. When they burst into laughter, Crowley kills them and finds a family photo. He realizes that there's a fourth man in the photos that isn't among the bodies.

Dean, Castiel, and Mary approach Toni's driver Jamie Ross, who is working in a garage. Jamie claims that he doesn't know what they're talking about, and Castiel beats him and repeats the question.

Sam still refuses to talk, and Toni comes back down. Ms. Watt insists that no one can take that much pain and won't break, and tells Toni that she'll have to decide whether to bring Mr. Ketch in. Toni doesn't want him near her, and say that it's time to break Sam's mind as she prepares a hypodermic.

Mary sits at a café and watches a young family nearby. As she takes in all of the modern technology, Castiel brings her some coffee and says that he went through the same thing when he first arrived on Earth. Mary admits that a lot has changed, as Dean comes over and says that he ran the tail number on the plane that Toni arrived on. The plane has diplomatic registry and its flight plans are sealed. Castiel sees a SUV go to a veterinary clinic and recognizes it from Jamie's description.

Dean draws his gun and approaches Gregory as he goes into his clinic. Inside, the trio question Gregory and he says that he took $100,000 to do whatever Toni asked. Mary tells Castiel to hurt Gregory, and Gregory quickly admits that he has Ton's phone number when she called him a few hours later about the sedative he gave Sam.

Sam wakes up and realizes that he's alone. His burns have been bandaged, and Sam feels an injection spot on his neck. There's a camera mounted on the wall, and Toni and Ms. Watt are upstairs watching. Toni gets a call from Gregory and takes it. Dean takes the phone and tells her to hand over his brother. Toni realizes who she's talking to and says that she can't give Sam back. Dean promise that when he'll find her, he'll take her apart, and Toni hangs up and tells Ms. Watt that they have a problem.

Sam limps to the cellar door and tries to get out. It's locked, and Sam hears a high-pitched ringing noise in his head. He hallucinates Jessica dying as he watches.

As they drive back to the bunker, Dean says that they're heading back to the bunker to trace Toni's number. A SUV slams into them and both vehicles come to a halt. Mary is unconscious and Castiel checks on her. Ms. Watt gets out of the SUV and calls to Dean.

Sam continues to hallucinate Jessica's death due to the drugs.

Mrs. Watt puts on a pair of magical brass knuckles and tells Dean that she tracked him via the location service on his phone. Dean grabs her and demands to know where Sam is, and Ms. Watt attacks him. The two fight and she knocks Dean down, and then goes after Castiel and knocks him down as well. When Dean goes for his gun, Ms. Watt reveals that she took it and sets it on the hood of the Impala.

Sam hallucinates Dean blaming him for his death.

Dean renews his attack and she breaks his hand. She then parries Castiel's knife attack, disarms him, and beats him down. She then grabs Dean's gun and prepares to shoot the two men, but Mary stabs her in the back with Castiel's knife.

Sam breaks a mirror and uses a piece of the glass to start cutting his throat. He collapses and Toni, watching on the monitor, grabs a cattle prod and goes downstairs. Sam grabs her, revealing that he faked killing himself by cutting his hand instead of his throat. He chokes her unconscious and starts to climb up the stairs. Toni revives and hits him with the cattle prod, and manages to get past him and locks the cellar door.

Mary stares at her hands as Dean and Castiel move the SUV off the road and hide it. Dean tells his mother that the last call was made from Aldrich, MO, and he figures Sam is near there. Mary says that she's not okay and explains that she got out of hunting and didn't want the life for Dean and Sam. Dean tells her that he and Sam save people and hunt monsters, and they make the world a better place. They get in the Impala and drive to Aldrich.

Police officers find the body of another of Lucifer's short-lived hosts. Crowley is in the watching crowd, and leaves after a moment.

Dean looks at his mother in the back seat as she stares off into space.

Sam sits in the basement and Toni watches him on the monitor.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2016

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