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Secret Origins (1) Recap

On Mars, two astronauts explore and one of them, J. Allen Carter, stumbles across an ancient underground structure. He forces open the door and is overwhelmed by a burst of energy.

Metropolis, Two Years Later Batman breaks into a deep-space monitoring station to investigate three technicians. They use alien technology to send a signal directly from the satellite dish. When he confronts them, they display superior strength and shape-shifting abilities. As start to overwhelm him, Superman arrives but before he can attack he is overwhelmed by telepathic images. The fake technicians destroy the satellite dish and flee while Batman moves Superman to safety. Although the “technicians” are badly injured, they quickly reassemble themselves and saunter off. Upon regaining consciousness, Superman has no idea who or what assaulted his mind. He gives Batman a signal watch to contact him in case of emergency and flies off.

At the U.N., now-Senator Carter proposes that Superman undertake a plan to disarm the world.

Over the next six months, and the objections of General Wells, Superman removes all the nuclear warheads.

One night Superman is overwhelmed again by the same telepathic images. At an abandoned STAR laboratory, Batman investigates and finds the same alien technology and the technicians. He then finds alien pods containing comatose human beings – the same ones that he’s been investigating. Before he can move further, an alien dog-like creature attacks him and then shapeshifts into a gelatinous creature.

Batman activates the signal watch and Superman quickly arrives to find Batman unconscious and badly injured. Just then a fiery object flashes overhead, crashing in a nearby park. Superman turns Batman over to the medics and goes to investigate, but Batman revives and goes to help. The “meteor” bursts open and an alien three-legged war-machine emerges and begins attacking everything in its path – its energy beams are capable of hurting even Superman. Batman boards in the Batplane and engages the war-machine but his weaponry has no effect. He diverts its attention long enough for Superman to revive and lend his strength. They still are unable to take it out, and other war-machines emerge. Worse, Superman is overwhelmed by more of the alien images, and goes into a trance. He flies off and Batman pursues as the Air Force arrives.

The war-machines arrive all over the globe.

On a tropical island, Diana and her mother Hippolyta discuss matters – Hippolyta asserts that nothing beyond their shores is none of their concern but Diana disagrees.

Batman follows Superman to a seemingly-abandoned military base and finds more of the alien pods containing people. He finds Superman bursting open the door to a secret laboratory and inside they find a green-skinned humanoid alien. Superman frees it and reveals that it was trying to contacting him telepathically. The alien speaks telepathically to them, introduces himself as “J’onn J’onzz,” and warns he came to caution them about the invasion but was captured. He takes on human form but Batman is still suspicious. Before they can speak further, the U.S. army arrives and threatens to take J’onn into custody. When Superman tries to advise against it, the troops revert into the same gelatinous aliens as seen earlier, and open fire...

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Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

Written by JuanArango on Oct 15, 2016

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