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Soliloquy of Chaos Recap

Mario and his men triple-cuff Luke and get him into the ESU van. Misty watches and goes over despite her injured arm, and asks for a moment alone with Luke. Mario reluctantly agrees and Misty tells Luke that he's going down. She lets Luke know that Claire escaped and warns him that the ESU have the Judas bullets, and tells him not to try anything until she gets to the precinct. Luke lets her know that he got her message and the ESU put him in the van.

The convoy takes Luke to the station house and Luke breaks free. A homeless lady blocks the convoy, and Luke breaks out the back and runs. The police fire at him but miss, and Luke runs into a dead-end. He breaks through a metal door and heads through the building, but an officer gets the drop on him. The officer, John, tells Luke not to run, and Luke insists that he didn't kill a cop. He says that he's no hero but has to take out the person responsible, and John says that he used to visit Pop and Pop didn't think of himself as a hero, either. John officer lowers his gun and tells Luke that more people are rooting for him then Luke thinks. As Luke turns to go, John tells him to make sure and catch the man responsible.

The next morning, Stryker is at a warehouse watching the news when Turk. Turk wonders why Stryker needs him, and Stryker says that he knows Turk can get his weapons sold while he stays in the shadows. Zip comes in and tells Stryker that the files he had are gone. Stryker grabs him by the throat but then laughs and lets him go, and says that he'll go far. He talks about how Shades made the mistake of arguing with him, and Zip should remember that. Zip assures them that Shades is in custody, but Stryker says that he'll be bailed out. He tells Zip that he'll have an opening and asks if Zip will step up, and Zip says that he's down for it. Stryker then asks Turk the same thing, and Turk says that he's good as long as the business is good. As Zip takes Turk out, Turk says that unlike Zip, he's not Stryker's bitch.

Zip goes back to Stryker and asks what's in the box he has, and Stryker says that he plans to unleash one of the seven deadly sins on Luke: Wrath.

Domingo meets with two mob lords who insists that they have to deal with Stryker. They figure it's the perfect time to do it and they can control it all. Domingo says that he was there when Stryker took out the others, and figures that with the guns they'll be unstoppable. He agrees that they take out Stryker and get what is theirs.

Shades is being processed at the station as Misty looks on. Ridley points out that she's supposed to be in the hospital, and Misty insists that she needs to prove Luke is innocent. The inspector wonders why Luke is running, and Misty points out that he's been accused of killing a cop and is a black man. Ridley figures that Shades is resting up and figures that he isn't going anywhere. She points out Sugar and figures that he's guilty because of how he acts, and says that Luke is acting guilty. To get at the truth, Ridley figures that they need to bring Luke and Stryker in. Misty wants to bring him in, but Ridley warns that after Luke escaped, the cops will shoot on sight. The detective wants to question Shades, but Ridley tells her to go home and get some rest while she interviews Shades.

At Harlem's Paradise, Mariah looks at the wreckage from the shootout and tells Alex that her grandmother took care of the place. She flies into a rage, angry that Stryker has destroyed her family legacy, and Alex tells her that things can be rebuilt and Mariah should do it as her legacy. He wants to be a part of it, and tells her that she needs to deal with anyone who heard her talking to Stryker or Shades. Alex offers his services and Mariah accepts.

Luke walks down the streets, hoodie up, and avoids the police. He sees two masked men, Bryce and Michael, going into a bodega and reluctantly goes in after them. Bryce is apologizing to the men he's robbing when Luke knocks Bryce unconscious with a slap. Michael fires at him and the bullets bounce off, and Luke tells him to hand over his phone. Once he does, Luke knocks him out and one of the victims, Method Man, recognizes Luke. Luke then calls Bobby and says that he'll see him shortly and tells him where he'll be. Method Man then switches his jacket for Luke's shot-up jacket and tells the owner Willie Gomez to call the cops.

Candace calls Misty from a prepaid phone and asks to see her away from the station. She says that Luke saved her life and offers Misty the truth.

Ridley questions Shades and figures that he has something to say. He just asks for a lawyer, and Ridley points out that someone bailed him out with $2 billion. Unimpressed, Shades feigns giving in and then asks for his lawyer again. Angry, Ridley walks out as Shades laughs.

Misty meets Candace at a park on the East River. The VIP hostess says that she was at the club the night Cornell died, and Misty records her as Candace says that Mariah killed Cornell and Shades helped her cover it up and framed Luke. Shades then paid her $50,000 to confirm his story. Candace explains that she's coming clean because Luke saved her life, and promises to testify in return for a promise of protection from Mariah. Misty assures her that she'll nail Mariah and tells Candace not to call anyone. She takes Candace's phone and gives her a prepaid phone with her number programmed in, and then takes her to the diner. As they go, they're unaware that Alex is watching her.

Heather B and Sway interview Method Man and he tells them what happened at the bodega. He wonders why Luke got involved when he was on the run, and figures that Luke saved his life. They all agree that it doesn't sound like a cop-killer, and Luke is one of theirs. Method Man then performs his new song "Bulletproof Love" and dedicates it to Luke.

Gomez sells copies of Luke's bullet-holed hoodies. Back out on the streets, the black men wearing them flash the jackets at the police as they drive by.

Mario and his men burst into the barbershop where Bobby is listening to the radio. Bobby says that Luke isn't there and talks about anticipating one's adversary. Luke watches them go and then enters the barbershop through the back. He tells Bobby that he had to come back and take care of Stryker before he made it bad for everyone in Harlem. Luke says that he's going to box in all the players, and Bobby suggests that L:uke follow Turk. He then calls Turk and offers him a deal on some Jordans.

Ridley enters the interrogation room with Shades' lawyer, Kerry Duggan. Misty sees them go and Shades admits that he doesn't have it all figured out.

Later, Zip and his men takes Shades to a warehouse. Zip suggests that Shades turned on Stryker to the police, and Shades warns him never to question his loyalty. The thugs take him up in the elevator and Zip garrotes Shades. Shades manages to grab one of their guns and shoots Zip's two thugs, then orders him up to the roof. Zip insists that he was following orders, and finally admits that Stryker told him to kill Shades because he asked too many questions. Shades shoots him in the head, takes Zip's sunglasses from his body, and puts them on as he walks away.

Alex tells Mariah what he saw, and Mariah assures him that he did a good job even though he lost them. Once he leaves, Stryker calls and says that Shades would tell her about staying loyal if Shades were still alive. He asks where Mariah stands, and Mariah tells Stryker that she's out of the political guy and focusing on Harlem's Paradise. Stryker comes in behind her and warns that she's made some dumb moves like talking about murder on an open line. He sets down a duffle bag and tells her to open it. Inside is money for refurbishing the club. Mariah wonders what the cost is, and Stryker says that if she sticks with him then they'll be working together for years. Once he's done with Luke, he'll disappear but he'll check in from time to time.

That night, Turk goes to the meeting with Bobby and Luke grabs him. Luke threatens to kill him for giving Chico's location to Cornell, but Turk figures that Luke needs him. He claims that he doesn't know where Stryker is, and Luke picks him up, tosses him in a dumpster, and starts to crush it. Turk finally gives up Stryker's location and Luke leaves him there.

Domingo and the others go to the factory and Stryker is waiting for them. They draw their guns, and Stryker's men step out with their guns drawn. Domingo figures that Shades killed Zip and his men, and Stryker draws his own guns and opens fire. Both sides take cover and shoot at each other, and Stryker gets out the back to his box. He opens it and smiles at the object glowing inside.

Mariah is looking at Stryker's money and drinking, and then gets Pete's pistol out of its case. Shades comes in, sees the money, and figures that Stryker got to her. He gives her the bottle she used to kill Cornell and says that it has her prints and Cornell's blood on it. Mariah points out that he'll have nothing to blackmail her with, and Shades says that he doesn't need it because they're in it together. Mariah lowers the gun and Shades tells her that the enemy of their enemy is their friend: Luke. When she wonders if Luke will help them, Shades says that they have what Luke wants: a chance to clear his name. He has a folder with the evidence that will clear Luke's name, and Mariah figures that if Luke and Stryker kill each other than all of their problems are gone.

Luke breaks into the warehouse and finds the crushed bodies of Domingo's men. Domingo is still alive, barely, and say that Stryker attacked them. Luke hears a beeping noise and goes into the next room, and finds a timer counting down on C4. He grabs Domingo and carries him out just in time as the bomb goes off. Dying, Domingo warns that even Luke can't stop Stryker now.

later, Misty reviews the photos of the crime scene and shows them to Bailey. Luke calls and asks Misty to meet him, and she goes to the address he gives her. He tells her that Stryker killed Domingo, and she tells him that they found Zip's body. Luke gives her Turk's address and asks her to find out what he knows, and then slips away.

Mariah and Shades drive to the barbershop, and Shades assures Mariah that she did what she had to do. He admits that he was going to kill Cornell but Mariah beat him to it. Mariah figures that Cornell just wanted her in all the way, and saw her as the person she all denied. They then get out and go into the shop, and ask Bobby where Luke is. Luke comes in and Shades says that they have to parley. Mariah says that they have a mutual enemy and they came to offer Luke a truce. In return for dealing with Stryker, they'll give him the file that will prove that Stryker framed Luke. Mariah offers to tell the police that Stryker killed Cornell and Damon, and Luke will be cleared.

Misty comes in and says that she followed Luke instead of going after Turk. Shades draws his gun and Luke tells Misty that he knows where Stryker is. As they talk, someone tosses in a grenade and Luke shields everyone as it goes off. Stryker comes in wearing a battle suit and says that he's the Angel of Death. Shades shoots at him but the bullets bounce off the suit. Misty tells Luke to kick Stryker's ass and goes after Mariah and Shades, who have run out the back, and Luke and Stryker charge at each other.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2016

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