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White Light Recap

At one of the Master's factories, Sanjay and his assistant show Eicchorst their improved process for draining blood. When he realizes that they're using a dummy, Eichhorst grabs the assistant, slams him on a hook, and points out to Sanjay dummies don't struggle and put stress on the system. Sanjay activates the system and watches with Eichhorst as his assistant is "processed" and the blood drained from his body. Once the process is completed, Sanjay admits that the incinerator isn't ready yet and assures Eichhorst that it will be up very soon. Eichhorst points out that the process took longer than previously tested, and says that they have other important business to attend to.

Gus takes Angel through the crowd outside a Freedom Center and shows the clerk that Angel is apparently wounded on the arm. The clerk has Gus register as well and assumes that Angel is his father. Gus says that Angel isn't his father, and the clerk requires Angel's fingerprints to process him. they go to a seat and Gus warns that if Angel's fingerprints end up in the system then he'll go back to the chain gang. Angel figures that there is no system, but Angel isn't convinced and tells Gus to leave. Gus agrees, but Angel warns him not to go home because there are only bad memories are there. Gus insist that it's his mother.

New York City – 1989

A young Gus sits with his mother and uncles, and his uncle Jorge tells him to say there despite his sister Guadalupe's objections. They figure that they have to handle it and Mmm kisses Monitoa on the head before going into the next room.


Eldritch finally arrives to meet Abraham and Vasiliy. The billionaire is clearly better, and he admits that his best biochemists failed to crack the secrets of the white. Eldritch tells them that Cyrus is the man who ordered him off of his ship, and is living in one of his houses under security. There are keycards and Stoneheart IDs inside so that they can gain access. Eldritch wants to go with them, but Abraham and Vasiliy override him and Abraham tells him to get them some more information. He warns that if eldritch wants more white then he has to earn their respect.

Back at the club, Vasiliy and Abraham tell Quinlan what they've learned. Abraham figures that Eldritch is telling the truth and is determined to find out if the Master brought over one of the Old World Ancients. Vasiliy wonders if the New World Ancients know what their brethren know, and Quinlan reluctantly agrees to go back and talk with them.

At the lab, Eph and Dutch listens to the black box recording. The pilots' voices abruptly cut out, and a signal comes over the loudspeaker, causing the lab to vibrate. Dutch clutches at her head and screams in agony, and Eph manages to shut down the playback. He manages to wake Dutch up and she insists that she's fine. She says that they should continue working and figures that if they had heard the full signal then they would have been paralyzed. Dutch points out that it might have recorded the planet's electronic systems, including any microwaves that the Master used to paralyze the passengers. She vomits and then says that she's going to lie down for a while before they proceed.

Abraham and Vasiliy go to the safehouse five blocks outside of the security zone, and show their IDs to the man on charge. He lets them through and they go the room where Cyrus is staying. When he opens the door, Vasiliy grabs him and they demand to know what was on the Aurora Cutlass. Cyrus finally says that it was a large wooden crate and his job was to get it to Sanjay. He offers to take them where he delivered it, and Abraham agrees.

Gus goes to his old apartment and calls to Guadalupe. He looks around and finds nothing, and remembers the past.

The Past

A beaten Gus comes out, and his uncles tell him that he has to grow up a little faster. They say that Gus is the man in the house now because his father has gone away. They say that they'll come around more often and that a good man takes care of his family, and Guadalupe says that she won't let anyone happen to Gus again.


Quinlan goes to the Ancients' chamber and their speaker, Lar, reminds him that he said he would never return. Undeterred, Quinlan says that the Master had a crate delivered from Egypt, and the Lumen talk about the Egyptian army sealing an Ancient away. Lar concedes that there is a possibility the crate contained an Ancient, and Quinlan suggests that the Master has formed an alliance with an Ancient and intends to dispose of them. The half-breed says that Abraham has come up with a plan to seal the master away, and Lar warns that they don't trust the old man. When Quinlan starts to go, Lar asks what his proposal is. Quinlan says that they have to get off of their pedestals and will return that evening with instructions.

Eph brings Dutch some soup and a thermometer. Dutch says that she doesn't have a fever and Eph admits that he has a headache but figures that the signal hit her harder because she's younger. He says that she has to get a good night's sleep before they go to work, puts a hand on her leg, and says that he couldn't do it without her. Dutch stares at him and after a moment, Eph leaves.

Angel returns to Gus' apartment sand calls to Gus, but gets no answer. He sits down and takes some of his prescribed pills, and pulls a blanket over him to get some sleep.

Cyrus takes Abraham and Vasiliy to the factory they attacked before, on the side of the building where there's no security. Vasiliy flashes his gun and tells him to lead the way. They go to a door and Cyrus takes them in. Inside is the human processing machine, and Abraham takes a detour to look at it. He tells Vasiliy that it's a blood factory, and Cyrus insists that he never saw it before. Abraham his him and Cyrus admits that the strigoi have won and he was just doing his job. The old man tells him not to speak again if he wants to live and they continue on.

At the loading dock, Abraham and the others spot Sanjay and Eichhorst loading the crate onto a Stoneheart truck. The guards open fire and Vasiliy has Abraham cover him while he charges forward. Sanjay drives past them and Eichhorst tells him that the cargo is too precious to risk any delay.

Angel wakes up and calls to Gus, and hear something moving in the shadows. Guadalupe comes in as Gus arrives with groceries, and Guadalupe turns to look at him. After a moment she turns to sting Angel, and Gus shoots her dead..

The Past

Gus goes to a bar and his friend Cheevo gets him a drink. He says that he's looking for some work on the side, and Cheevo says that Eichhorst came in and said he needed someone to do a job near the airport. Gus takes his card and nods.


Gus covers his dead mother's face with his coat and tells Angel that he promised that he'd take care of her. He admits that he failed, and Angel points out that he saved his life. He apologizes for forcing Gus to have to kill his mother, and Gus figures that every decision he made got Guadalupe killed. He says that they have to get out of the city for good, and they leave.

Eph is reading when Dutch joins him. She says that she feels better and accepts a drink from Eph, and thanks him for taking care of her. Dutch talks about her lesbian fantasies and Eph claims that it wouldn't do anything for him. She continues, getting more graphic, and unbuttons his shirt. Eph pushes her off and says that he's not into it, and says that he's just into one man and woman. After a moment they kiss and then have sex.

Back at the strigoi base, Kelly tells Eichhorst that the strigoi are deployed as he orders. He's sure that the Ancients are nearby, and figures that they have to track the Sun-Hunters back to their lair without being seen.

As the Sun-Hunters raid a bus to find sustenance for the Ancients, a feeler watches.

Abraham and Vasiliy meet with Eldritch and tell him what happened. They tell him the address of the facility and figure that he knew there was a slaughterhouse there. Eldritch admits that there are a hundred blood factories the U.S., and Abraham starts to draw his sword cane. Vasiliy stops him, and Eldritch says that the facilities mean nothing if they stop the Master. He says that he can find out where they took the crate, and Abraham says that it can't be worse than the monster standing before him.

Quinlan returns to the Ancients and dozens of strigoi come in behind him. The Ancients assume that Quinlan has betrayed them, and he says that it's not his doing. Eichhorst comes in with his strigoi and the Master speaks through him, saying that he never anticipated how impotent the Ancients were. He then triggers a bomb that he is holding and steps back, and the strigoi charge forward. Quinlan and the Sun-Hunters fight them while Eichhorst sets down the bomb and leaves. The sheer number of strigoi soon overwhelm the Sun-Hunters, and the creatures attack the Ancients. The Ancients kill dozens of them, but more charge forward.

Once Eichhorst is outside, he takes out a detonator. Quinlan fights his way free of the strigoi and speeds out of the lair, just as Eichhorst triggers the silver bomb and smiles in satisfaction.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2016

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