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Mad City: Anything for You Recap

The people cheer as their new mayor Oswald drives through the streets, waving to them from his car. He then serves food at homeless shelters, making sure that Edward is at his side.

Later at the Oswald manor, Oswald asks the statue of his mother if he's made her proud. Edward comes in and Oswald explains that Gertrude was his whole world. His friend assures him that Gertrude would be proud, and the next night the crème of Gotham will be gathering to celebrate him. When Edward wonders what else someone would want, Oswald blows a kiss to the statue and says that he'd want someone to share it with.

At City Hall, Oswald later hold a press conference with the statue of his mother. He tells the priest that he has rid Gotham of monsters and everyone will be safe. The Red Hood Gang pulls up and says that no one is safe from them, and they smash off the statue's head. Oswald promises that they will pay for it, and they toss a smoke grenade out and drive off.

At Jim's apartment, Valerie says that she can't come over to his place. She doesn't want to make it a thing, and she has a dinner. Jim insists that it's none of his business, and the reporter asks him what happened to Jervis. She's heard a rumor that there's something strange about Alice's blood, and Jim wonders if she's asking as a reporter or as herself. Valerie insists that there's no difference, and explains that the person she's having dinner with is the hematologist in charge of analyzing Alice's blood.

In his office, Barnes looks at a photo of Alice's corpse and the report about her contaminated blood. Harvey comes in and says that they found the Red Hoods' truck after they dumped it. They got a hood from it, and Harvey figures that they're copycats. Edward comes in and says that the investigation will go through him, and tells them that it's good to be back. He explains that he'll be their liaison in the investigation and wants access to their forensic lab. Barnes points out that he's a cop-killer, and Edward says that if he refuses to obey then Oswald will appoint a police commissioner who will fire Barnes. Once Barnes leaves, Edward tells Harvey that Oswald is meeting with constituents.

At his manor, Oswald looks at the head of his statue and tells his men--including Zsasz, Tommy Bones, Tabitha, and Barbara--that he summoned them to make an example of the Red Hoods. Barbara points out that the gala will be at Sirens, and Oswald says that he wants the Red Hoods' leader brought to him before nightfall.

The Red Hoods are at their hideout playing poker and wait for their boss to get there. Butch comes in and says that they've got work to do.

Bruce visits Jim and asks to hire him to find Ivy. He explains that Ivy is a friend of Selina's, and he hasn't told Selina because he doesn't want to get her hopes up. Jim agrees and asks how long Bruce and Selina have been a thing. Bruce insists that they're just friends but Jim isn't convinced.

Edward goes to the forensics lab and asks Lucius what he's found out about the Red Hoods. The Red Hood's truck has traces of potassium chloride.

Harvey tells Jim and Bruce that a construction worker claimed that a redhead knocked him out and left a sweater behind. Bruce recognizes the sweater as Ivy's, and Harvey says that the worker said that the girl was in her 20s. Lee comes in and asks for a word with Jim. She tells him that her engagement announcement will be published the next day, and it will feature Mario's family name. Jim already knows that he's a Falcone, and says that it's none of his business. He tells Lee that he's happy for her and that's it, much to her surprise.

Lee goes to her office and finds Edward waiting for her. She punches him and says that it's for Kristen, and warns that if she says anything to Carmine then Edward will disappear. Lee tells him that she'll be glad to do anything as ME for Oswald and walks off.

At Sirens, Tabitha is unhappy that they're doing what Oswald orders them. Barbara figures that if they find the Red Hoods then they can ask for favors. They open a refrigerator to reveal the man they’ve imprisoned: the source of the Red Hoods' smoke grenades.

The Red Hoods capture a school bus of kids, get them off, tell them to tell the reporters that it's Oswald's fault, and set the bus on fire. Back at their base, the Red Hoods tell Butch that they followed his orders. When they wonder why they're bothering with the charade, Butch tells them to mind their own business and gives them suits to blend in at the building. He says that no one is to kill Oswald, just as Tabitha and Barbara arrive and Barbara tells Butch that they need to talk... alone.

Jim and Bruce go to a diner and Bruce asks if Jim misses being a cop. Jim admits that it gave him a mission, but there's more to life than having a mission. He advises Bruce to talk to Selina and tell her how he feels before the moment passes. Bruce wonders if he's taking his own advice concerning the woman he's seeing know, having deduced that Jim has a new girlfriend. They drink coffee and admit that their lives are complicated. A reporter announces on the news about Oswald's gala, and Bruce says that he's supposed to be there.

At the Cobblepot manor, Oswald tells Edward that someone is testing him. Edward wonders if it's about the statue, and realizes that Oswald has spilled a drink on his cuff. As he cleans it up, Edward realizes that potassium chloride is found in detergents and he knows where the Red Hoods are.

At sirens, Barbara and Tabitha discuss what to do with Butch. Butch explains that he was going to take down the Red Hoods at the party and play the hero, and take his place back at Oswald's side. Barbara leaves it up to Tabitha, and Butch begs her to let him and then he'll protect her. Tabitha says that she agrees, but Butch will owe her. Oswald calls butch and says that they're on their way to the detergent factory where the Red Hoods are hiding.

Butch gets to the detergent factory and tells them to leave. They refuse to go without their pay, just as Oswald and his men pull up outside. Butch grabs a gun and guns the Red Hoods down. When Oswald comes in, Butch says that he got them for him.

Later, Oswald holds a press conference to announce that Butch dealt with the Red Hood Gang. Meanwhile, Harvey and the other officers check the crime scene. Once they're done, Harvey tells Edward that he never liked him even before he went crazy. He insists that Butch did them all a favor, but Edward points out that the Red Hoods were facing their killer unarmed. Harvey doesn't care and leaves, and Edward finds the suits that Butch left there earlier.

That night, Barnes visits Lee, who admits that she punched Edward. He asks about Alice's blood, and Lee says that the study ended after one of the rats killed all of the others, chewing through a dozen wire cages to get at them. She suggests that some victims can leave with symptoms for years with no adverse effects, and Barnes asks her to keep him informed.

At Sirens, Tabitha approaches Butch and reminds him that he owes her. Bruce and Alfred come in, and Alfred tells Bruce to smile. He doesn't, and says that he misses the old days. Oswald greets them and Bruce thanks him for saving them from Theo. Bruce sees Selina in the crowd and figures that it's a sign, and excuses himself.

Selina is busy picking pockets when Ivy grabs her. Her former friend doesn't recognize her aged friend, and Ivy tells her to run along and steal some more wallets.

Edward privately gives Butch a box. Inside it is a pocket square, and Edward says that Butch's suit and the Red Hood Gangs' suits were all made by the same tailor. The tailor confirmed that Butch bought all of the suits. Butch grabs Edward by the neck, and Edward suggests that they kill Oswald together. He explains that he's never been meant for Number Two and asks Butch if he wants to run Gotham with him. Edward tells him to put the hood on and kill Oswald, and he'll help him escape. Butch is skeptical but Edward assures him that he'd turn on Oswald in a heartbeat. When Butch refuses, Edward takes him to the kitchen and shows him Zsasz and the others waiting in the kitchen with a captive Tabitha. He asks if butch is in or out and holds up the hood.

Ivy is flirting with a man as Selina stares at her. Bruce comes over and Selina asks if he recognizes Ivy. He doesn't, and asks to talk to her somewhere private. Selina reluctantly agrees and they walk off.

Butch talks to Zsasz privately and is surprised that he's betraying Oswald. Zsasz tells him to do his job or he'll kill Lucifer. On stage, Barbara welcomes everyone and calls Oswald up. Edward coms over and wishes Oswald good luck as Oswald goes up.

Oswald takes the stage and says that it's a new day. Butch steps out, wearing a Red Hood hood, and Edward grabs Oswald when he tries to run. Butch fires but realizes that his revolver is loaded with blanks. Zsasz comes up and shoots him, and Edward says that they now have the Red Hoods leader. He steps down and pulls off butch's hood, and Oswald vows to kill him.

In the kitchen, Tabitha sabs one of her guards with a kitchen knife and fights with the other one before stabbing him.

Butch insists that he gave Oswald everything. Oswald slaps him and then goes back to the stage and tells the audience that he's shocked and grieved that one of his dearest friends has betrayed him. He promises to prosecute anyone who threatens Gotham and everyone applauds. Tabitha come out with one of the dead guards, and Butch breaks free and tosses Zsasz over the counter. He then charges Edward, strangling him, and Oswald hits him over the head with a bottle of champagne. Oswald goes to Edward and confirms that he's alive, while Barbara holds Tabitha back.

On the roof, Bruce tells Selina that he hired Jim to find Ivy, but he hasn't turned anything up. Selina is disappointed with how boring he is and starts to walk off, and Bruce tells her that he likes her as more of a friend. Selina stares at him for a moment and then asks how many girls has he dated. When Bruce admits that he hasn't, Selina suggests that Bruce likes her because he hasn't dated anyone else. She says that they're not the same and it matters, and Bruce insists that there's something between them and she has to see it. Selina tells him to never tell her what she has to do, kisses him, and is happy that he's confused. She walks off and Bruce looks after her, smiling.

Valerie meets with the hematologist and he says that he'll tell her what they're doing with Alice's blood if she sleeps with him. Jim sits down with them and tells the doctor that he was leaving. Once the doctor leaves, Valerie asks Jim why he's there. He claims that he was just walking by but she doesn't believe it, and insists that she could have gotten what she wanted without corrupting her honor. Jim says that he'll tell her what she wants to know but she'll have to buy him dinner.

At the Cobblepot manor, Oswald brings Edward ginger tea for his throat. Edward assures him that he's fine, and says that Oswald's shock when seeing Butch had to be genuine and the people had to believe it. Oswald is the city's hero once more, and Edward tells Oswald that he would do anything for him. He assures his friend that he can always count on him, and Oswald hugs him.

At Sirens, Tabitha takes off carrying a gun. She intercepts the ambulance transferring butch and drives after it.

Later, Alvarez tells Barnes that Butch's ambulance was hijacked. As Barnes goes, he realizes that he's walking without his crutch.

Jervis kidnaps a woman and dresses her up like Alice, and insists that he and his sister belong together even though they killed Alice. When the woman points out that she's not dead, Jervis cuts her throat and vows that those who hurt her will feel his pain... starting with Jim.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2016

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