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Lady Parts Recap

Two men are going through the woods, following a trail. They come to a dead girl in the woods.

Lucifer meets with Linda and spends his time playing with his smartphone. Linda tells him that there no phones allowed per session, and Lucifer doesn't understand. He finally puts it away and starts juggling fruit, and his therapist points out that he seems distracted. Linda suggests that he's putting up a barrier to avoid facing his fears, and Lucifer admits that he broke his deal with his Father by letting his Mother stay on earth. He says that Charlotte's visit hasn't been a problem, and Linda points out that he used the word "frightened" the last time he was there. Lucifer insists that he's not frightened of his Father, and seizes on her saying that distraction is a way to avoid worry. Linda insists that she didn't, but Lucifer goes off to find a distraction.

Chloe and Lucifer check out the corpse and Chloe says that she has a lot on her mind. He suggests that she needs a distraction and asks when she last had fun, just as Dan comes over. He says that the victim has no ID, and Lucifer points out a triangular club mark on her wrist. There's an abandoned vehicle registered to Uber, and Chloe tracks the owner's location.

They head for the address and bring in the driver, and trace the victim's credit card. Her name was Daria Mitchell, and they know that the driver was the last one to see her alive. He says that he picked Daria up and gave her a ride, and she jumped out of her car. By the time he got there, Daria was dead. The driver tells them to talk to the other guy, and explains that Daria used his phone to call a boyfriend and he threatened to kill her. Ella texts Chloe and says that she has something.

Charlotte is taking out the trash when Maze comes by to see how she's acclimating. As she cleans up, Charlotte says that she spends most of her day home with her host body's children. Maze asks about her human husband, and Charlotte says that she sex with him to keep him from asking questions. However, the rest of the human's life is hell, and Maze suggests that she go back to Hell. Charlotte says that it lets her be close to her family and Maze wouldn't understand because she's all alone.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the forensic lab and Ella tells them that she found mandrake poison in Daria's stomach. It would have taken 90 minutes to kick in, and the driver picked up Daria 30 minutes before she died. Ella tracked down the number Daria called to David Fitzgerald, a restaurant owner. Chloe and Lucifer go to the restaurant and a blood-covered Davis comes out with a knife and orders them off his property. Once they explain that they're with the police, Davis explains that he has Vegan neighbors and invites them to the back where he's making sausage. There's a woman there, Gisele, and she assumes that Davis was sleeping with Daria when they explain that she's dead. Once she storms off, Davis says that she and Daria found out that that he was sleeping with another mistress.

When Lucifer starts talking about Davis' herb garden, Chloe asks why he's having trouble focusing. Lucifer excuses himself and calls Maze, and asks her to distract Chloe by taking her out and having fun. She isn't interested and Lucifer suggests that they make it a wager. The demon agrees in return for Lucifer's Cadillac. Lucifer goes back to Chloe, and Davis says that Daria was rooming with another waitress, Naomi, and was with her.

Linda is leaving for the day when Amenadiel arrives at her door. He returns a book to her and she realizes that there's something wrong, and reminds him that friendship means honesty. Amenadiel says that he's having a physical problem and things aren't working the way they used to, and Linda assume that he's talking about sexual impotence. She tells him to relax and have fun, and assures him that it doesn't make him less than a man.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Daria's place and talk to her neighbor, Lily. Lily hasn't seen Daria or Naomi all week. She lets them in and they find Naomi dead on the floor. Chloe confirms that she has the same stamp on her wrist and the same signs of poison.

That night at Lux, Lucifer is taking two women up to his penthouse when Chloe comes in with Ella's forensic report. Maze comes over and tells Chloe that they're drinking. Ella drops by at Lucifer's invitation and says that she's in, and she hugs Maze. Chloe tells Lucifer that Daria's stomach lining was damaged by frozen nitrogen, and figures that she ingested the poison in a fancy cocktail. They've also tracked Daria to an abandoned building and figure that she was at a rave there. Maze overhears them and says that she knows the bartender across the street. She suggests that she and Chloe go there, have a drink, and talk to the bartender. Ella hears them and volunteers to go with them.

At the bar, Ella is drinking and tries to make conversation with Maze. Maze isn't interested, and Chloe shows a photo of the women around the bar. The men aren't interested in talking to her. Maze says that she's not going to get laid that way, and Chloe insists that she isn't trying to get laid. She's waiting for a warrant to check out the abandoned building, and figures that it's time to call it a night. Linda comes in and says that Maze called her and said it was a girl's night. Chloe says that it isn't a girl's night and points out that Maze is at Lucifer's beck and calls, and Maze says that at least she has sex. Linda and Ella agree that it's about female bonding, not work or sex, and starts by saying that she was a phone sex operator. Maze and Ella are impressed, and Ella says that she used to steal cars. Maze says that she tortured souls in Hell, and Linda asks Chloe what's on her mind. Chloe finally says that she's dealing with divorce, single parenthood, possible homelessness, and a future with cats. Ella thinks that it's fun, and Linda orders tequila for Chloe.

Lucifer finds Amenadiel cosmos drinking at the bar. The angel says that Lucifer letting Charlotte staying on Earth affects them all, and warns that there will be consequences. Lucifer wonders why he doesn't fly Charlotte back to Hell, and Amenadiel angrily says that he can't. His brother decides to show him the wonders of distraction and orders bourbon.

At the other bar, the girls are cheering the band and Chloe is getting drunk. They all agree that they'd come and have a drink with Chloe if she called them. Maze wishes that she had a knife so they could make a blood pact, and takes photos of Chloe having fun. Meanwhile, Chloe goes over to a man and examines his wrist, and then brings him over to the bar and points out that it's the same stamp that Naomi and Daria had. When she questions the man, his girlfriend comes over and orders Chloe away. Maze threatens to kill the girlfriend, but Linda reminds her that aggression is not the answer... and the girlfriend is a raging bitch. A fight breaks out and Chloe flashes he badge. She gets talked while Linda hides under the bar and Maze takes out several of the fighters with a pool cue. She grabs the man and Chloe has him confirm that he saw them at a sex club.

Later at the station, Chloe drinks coffee for her hangover and Dan comes over. She says that she found the sex club that Naomi and Daria were at, and explains that it caters to rich men. Chloe wants to get Dan in and says that she got him a date: Lucifer.

Dan meets Lucifer and Lucifer bribes the guards to let them in. A drunken Amenadiel joins them and Lucifer says that he thought a night out would do his brother good. Dan reminds them that they're undercover and tells them to keep everything low-key. Soon, Amenadiel is partying with the sex workers while Dan spots the liquid nitrogen drinks at the bar. He shows the bartender a photo of Naomi and Daria, and the bartender tries to run. Lucifer grabs him and they explain that the girls are dead. The bartender insists that they're drinks were clean when he made them. The guy paying for the drinks, Yuri, was some big Hollywood type. He confirms that there was a third girl, a regular who didn't use her real name, and Lucifer figures that they have to get to her before Yuri does. As they go, Lucifer grabs the drunken Amenadiel and he spills his drink on Dan.

At the station, Dan tells Chloe what they found out. They have a description of the third girl, and Chloe points out that it matches Gisele. They figure that Yuri is after him to eliminate a witness, and Dan has Yuri's cell and plate number from his credit card. Meanwhile, Lucifer is looking at the photo Maze took of Chloe an admitting that she won. Chloe sees it and demands answers, and he explains that he decided to distract Chloe with girl's night. Shocked that it was a set-up, Chloe texts Maze back giving her the finger, shoves the phone at Lucifer, and heads out to Yuri's car that they've traced by his plates.

When Chloe and Lucifer track the phone, Yuri leans out and vomits. He says that he went to the club because "Crystal" promised him newbies. Crystal was the woman with Daria and Naomi, and they had no idea it was a sex club. They drank and left, and Yuri drank the rest of the rinks. Chloe realized that he took the poison as well, and has Yuri show them a photo he has of Crystal. It's not Gisele but a girl wearing a blonde wig.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Lily's place and find her packing. According to Facebook, things haven't worked out for Lily in LA. Daria and Naomi were her sorority sisters, and Lucifer points out that they have a photo of her at the club with her victims. Lily grabs a knife and puts it to Chloe's throat, and says that the girls called her for help. She insists that she was doing them a favor, and thought the mandrake was a natural roofie rather than a poison. Lucifer's cell phone rings and Chloe disarms Lily. She then beats her with her yoga mat, saying that there's a special hell for people who lie about being friends. Lucifer suggests that Chloe move into Lily's apartment.

Later at the station, Maze visits Chloe and points out that she had fun. Chloe doesn't want to hear it, and Maze insists that she wasn't totally faking it. She says that kicking ass was sweeter and admits that she doesn't want to kill Chloe anymore. Maze then reminds Chloe that she promised that they'd be roomies, and asks if Chloe has a better plan.

At the penthouse, Maze tells Lucifer that she's moving in with Chloe. He forbids it but Maze doesn't care and demands that he pay up. Now she wants Lucifer to pour her a drink. Lucifer does so and offers a toast to newly defined relationships. Amenadiel staggers in and Maze excuses herself. The angel tells Lucifer that God won't forgive and forget, and again warns Lucifer that there really be consequences for everyone, including him. He wonders why Lucifer made the deal, and Lucifer admits that it was for Chloe's life. Amenadiel warns him that Lucifer still hasn't delivered on his end of the bargain, and God may take back his side of the deal.

Chloe is on the road negotiating with her new landlord, and a SUV slams into her car.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2016

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