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Atomic City Recap

Lucy looks through her family albums, and Noah comes out and points out that she didn't come to bed the previous night. He points out the photos the two of them, and Lucy bluffs through remembering it as best she can. Noah asks if she's okay, and Lucy insists that she's fine. He's found her engagement ring in the bathroom and puts it on her finger, and he starts to kiss her. Lucy's phone rings and says that it's work, and steps into the kitchen to take it. Denise asks her what happened on September 21, 1962, and says that Flynn is heading to that date and orders Lucy to come in.

Wyatt is reading reports about his dead wife Jessica when he gets a call from Denise.

At Matson Industries, Rufus and Jiya try to work out where Flynn is. Mason insists that Rufus come with him, saying that it's about Anthony. They go to Mason's office and Mason explains that they checked Anthony records. Thirty minutes Flynn raided the building, Anthony made a call to a phone that has been disconnected. Rufus insists that Anthony is the victim, not the inside man, and Mason agrees.

Jiya locates the mothership in Nevada within a 50 mile radius. Lucy checks the records of Vegas in 1963, and discovers that Kennedy was at the Sands hotel for a fundraiser.

At the Sands in 1962, a woman named Judith Campbell is lying next to a man in bed. She goes to the window as the people gather at the pool. A nuclear bomb test goes off on the horizon and everyone cheers. The man, Kennedy, says that he's seen it before. At the pool, Flynn watches and takes photos of the two of them together.

The team dons period garb and Wyatt notices Lucy's engagement ring. She explains to Noah but has no idea who he is, and Rufus launches the pod. They arrive in the Nevada desert and as they get out, a nuclear bomb goes off on the horizon. Lucy confirms that there's a test site there and the Department of Energy set off the bomb.

The trio goes to the Sands and Wyatt says that the show is sold out. Rufus sees some waiters going into the back, goes in, and gets them uniforms. They get into the show and check the crowd for Flynn, One man hits on Lucy, and a nearby woman apologizes for him. Rufus spots Anthony outside walking by and goes after him. Meanwhile, Lucy spots Sam Giancana and tells Wyatt that he's the biggest mobster in the country.

Rufus approaches Anthony at the bar and says that they have to. Anthony tells Rufus to go, and warns that Flynn won't listen to him. Rufus realizes that Anthony isn't a prisoner, and Anthony offers a toast to "Christy Pitt." He then tells Rufus to get out before Flynn kills him.

Flynn enters the show room disguised as a waiter, and Wyatt draws his gun and tries to get to him. Meanwhile, Flynn approaches Judith and says that she has a phone call from her sister. He escorts her out into a service corridor but then tells her to do what he says and explains why. Wyatt follows them into the kitchen and Flynn jumps him. They struggle for Wyatt's gun and it goes off. When the gun falls to the floor, the two men fight and Judith runs out. Rufus and Lucy arrive and grab her, while Flynn knocks Wyatt out the door and runs.

Judith says what her name is, and Lucy recognizes her name. They take her to an office and claim that their undercover cops. She doesn't believe them and Wyatt admits that they're with the government but not police. Lucy escorts her to the bathroom to freshen up, and then tells her teammates that she's Kennedy's mistress and Giancana's as well. They hear a noise and discover that she's climbing out the bathroom window. Wyatt drags her back and Judith says that Flynn threatened her with public things. Wyatt says that they know she's Kennedy's mistress, and if she doesn't do what Flynn wants then he'll reveal what he knows and ruin Kennedy's next election.

In the desert outside of Vegas, Anthony is with Flynn's men. Flynn arrives and wonders how they figured out where he was, and Anthony says that Jiya and Rufus must have figured out a way. When Flynn threatens to kill Rufus, Anthony refuses to let him kill his friend. He says that he's given up everything for their mission, and it isn't easy for him. Flynn insists that they have to kill good people to wipe Rittenhouse from history, and says that they need to get Judith back. He heads back to Vegs with his men while nearby, another terrorist digs a hole.

Judith asks Lucy if she's sleeping with Wyatt. Lucy hastily says that she isn't , and Rufus excuses himself. The historian says that once they find Flynn, Judith can go back to Kennedy. Lucy tells Judith that she's fascinating because she lives the life she's living. Judith says that she felt like a nobody until she met Kennedy. She asks Lucy if she's ever woken up and not recognized her own life, and Lucy says that she does. Lucy wonders if she'd want to go back to her old life, and Judith says that if she did then she'd wonder if she was missing out on something better.

Rufus and tells Wyatt that Anthony is working with Flynn. Wyatt is sick of the fact that Flynn is already ahead of them, and wants to get ahead of him for once. He asks Judith if she knows who Christy Pitt is. When she says that he doesn't, Wyatt says that they're going to use Judith as bait. He tells Judith that he'll get the pictures back, and Lucy talks to him privately. She warns that Judith is too important to history, and refuses to let Wyatt take Judith. He tells Lucy to try and stop him and walks out.

As they wait in Judith's hotel room and Wyatt has Judith stand at the window, she figures that Wyatt is lying about her being safe. She asks if he would risk his girl's life, and then says that Flynn is coming. Flynn and his man Karl are on the lawn below.

Rufus and Lucy check with the concierge and confirm that there's no Christy Pitt there. They spot Flynn and Karl come in and head for the hotel room. Meanwhile, Judith knocks Wyatt out from behind and runs for the elevator, only to find Flynn coming up. She says that as long as he gives her the pictures when it's over, she's with him . Wyatt arrives just as Lucy and Rufus come up, and Wyatt tells them what happened. Irritated, Wyatt walks off and the other wonder what is going on.

Flynn drives to a military base and Judith say that the general is expecting her. She goes to his office and asks for a glass of wine. Once he goes to get it, Judith searches the office and finds a set of keys. He pockets them and sits down just as the general returns.

Wyatt goes to the main floor and sees the telegraph office, and gets an idea.

Judith goes to the car where Flynn is waiting but wants the photos before she gives him the keys. Flynn hands them over and Judith gives him the keys. He says that he has one more errand to run and drives off.

Wyatt sends a telegram and asks it to be delivered in 2012. He dictates a message telling Jessica to go home with Wyatt even if he's being an ass, and to know that he loves her. Wyatt turns and discovers that Lucy heard the entire thing. She says that she understands and Wyatt says that he doesn't believe in fate. Rufus runs up and tells them that he knows why Flynn is there. He explains that a "christy pit" is slang for an A-bomb's plutonium core.

Flynn picks up Anthony and they use the keys to get into a military base where an A-bomb is stored.

Rufus explains that Flynn only has to steal the plutonium core, and that Anthony can show him how to remove it. If it explodes during a time jump then they have no idea what it will do.

Flynn meets with his men, who have loaded a barrel onto a truck.

The trio goes out and Rufus pretends to be a valet. They then drive the car out to the desert and spot Flynn's car escorting the truck. Flynn guns his engine and drives toward them, but swerves at the last moment. Wyatt goes for the nuke while Lucy gets Judith. The two sides fire at each other while Lucy and Rufus go to Flynn's car. Anthony is inside and Rufus tells him that he can't give Flynn an atomic bomb.

Judith has taken cover behind some rocks, and Lucy finds her. The woman says that she wouldn't have helped Flynn if she knew about the bomb, and Lucy escorts her away.

Anthony Finally gives Rufus the suitcase with the core and runs. Rufus runs back to Lucy and Judith, while Flynn and the others get to the truck. They drive off with Anthony in the back, and Rufus leaps in the way as Wyatt prepares to shoot the truck. Rufus insists that Anthony is his friend and he needs their help, and Wyatt reluctantly lowers his gun.

As Wyatt checks the car, Judith says that she got the photos back for herself, not for Kennedy. As she walks off, Lucy asks if she'll be okay and Judith says that she always is. Wyatt asks what happens to her, and Lucy says that her secrets come out eventually. She's vilified by the public and dies of cancer. As Rufus picks up the suitcase, he realizes that it's empty and Anthony switched it.

The team returns to Mason Industries and tell Denise that Flynn has an atomic bomb and Anthony is working with him. Rufus insists that there must be a reason, and Denise says that if they eliminate Anthony then Flynn will have no one to pilot the mothership. Wyatt claims that he never had a clean shot at Anthony, and Denise tells him to kill Anthony the next time he does.

Mason asks Jiya to track down the mothership in the present. She warns that it will take some time and goes to work.

Lucy asks Wyatt if he managed to save Jessica. She realizes that it didn't from the look on his face, and he admits that it was a long shot before leaving.

When Lucy returns home, she tells Noah that they need to talk. She explains that she met a woman and it seemed like she had it all together, but she really didn't and Lucy doesn't either. Lucy says that she needs to get her head straight and can't do it while she's with Noah. She can't explain what the problem is, and says that she's staying with her mom but doesn't know how long. Noah agrees and says that he loves her, and tells her what she has to, and he'll be there when she's ready.

Rufus thanks Wyatt for not telling Denise what he did. He insists that he's going to find out the truth, and says that he'd do the same for Wyatt and Lucy. Wyatt thanks him and Rufus wonders why it's all happening. The soldier isn't interested, and Rufus wonders how they know if they're on the right side of things.

Jiya pinpoints the mothership to a 50-mile radius.

Flynn, Karl and Anthony drive out to the desert and dig up the barrel where they buried it. Inside is the core, and Anthony confirms that it's intact.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2016

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