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The Last Children of Krypton Recap

A building is on fire and Supergirl and Superman arrive to deal with it. They split up to deal with the emergency and soon put out the fire. They take off as two robbers escape from a store, and superman and Supergirl bring their car to a stop. They open fire without effect and knock out and Hank tells them that a rogue alien is at large. At the DEO, Hank is less than thrilled that Superman is with his cousin, and Alex assures him that Superman will be leaving soon.

At the Cadmus lab, the scientist activates Corben with his new cybernetic body. She explains that she's with Cadmus and asks if Corben is the man who's ready to save the world from an alien menace. Fellow scientist Dr. Glorist objects, but the scientist says that Corben turned out exactly as planned. When she touches his chest, it glows green and the scientist says that she's given him a second chance and a cause.

Later at the DEO, Superman and Supergirl arrive and tell Alex that they locked up the alien Kigori. Alex has her men stand down, and Hank complains that Supergirl didn't follow report in. The power flickers and Winn reports that there's an energy drain coming from the holding area. They go to the lab and Superman is shocked to see that they're exposing the survivor to kryptonite. As the power comes up, Hank insists that it's a precaution. They figure that the survivor is repairing himself at a cellular energy, absorbing the energy to repair himself. When Superman starts to suggest what they should do next, Hank cuts him off and Superman quickly leaves.

Once Superman leaves, Supergirl complains that Hank isn't being nice to Superman. He says that they'll get along if it means so much to her. Once she leaves, Alex confirms that they're having sister night. Supergirl says that Clark is coming and Alex reluctantly agrees.

Later, Kara and Clark arrive at CatCo for Kara's first day as a reporter. Clark assures her that she'll do great as Cat comes out and calls Kara into her office. She then introduces Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. Cat irritably says that Snapper will be running the investigative division of CatCo and is a talented reporter. She tells Snapper that Cat will be his new stringer, and Snapper walks off.

That night, Clark arrives at Kara's apartment and asks Alex to give him and Kara a moment alone. Once Alex leaves, Clark admits that he's going back to Metropolis. Kara wishes that he'd stay a couple of days longer, just as the news runs a story that there's someone threatening to jump off the bridge.

Superman and Supergirl fly to the bridge and Corben--Metallo--turns to face them. He blasts Superman with a ray of kryptonite energy from his chest as they realize who he is. Supergirl tries to punch him but he avoids her blow with super-speed, knocks her back, and chokes Superman. When Supergirl tries to use her heat vision, Metallo blocks it with his hand and she takes cover behind a car before slamming it at him. He blasts her with kryptonite and prepares to finish her off, but Superman shoves him off the bridge and flies off with Supergirl.

The cousins arrive at the DEO and Superman asks Hank how someone other than the DEO has kryptonite. He demands answers, and Hank says that a shipment went missing four months ago. Superman points out that if Hank would have gotten rid of it when he told him to, Metallo wouldn't have the kryptonite. Hank reminds him that they used the kryptonite to defeat the rogue Kryptonians. As the two men argue, the TV screens come on and Cadmus announces that aliens have stolen Earth from the residents. It says that the invaders and those who side with them will be destroyed, and warns that they're everywhere.

Alex says that Cadmus has Jeremiah, and Superman promises that they'll stop them. He has traces of Metallo's endo-skeleton on his hands and he can trace them from the Fortress of Solitude. Hank tells Alex to get their anti-kryptonite weaponry out of storage. As Superman leaves, Hank says that they should work together and they take off for the Fortress.

Kara returns to CatCo and discovers that Snapper is already coordinating the news reporting. He tells her that she doesn't work there no matter what Cat says, and says that Kara hasn't earned her position. Snapper says that reporters have to get their hands dirty, and tells her to get out of her office. Kara is stricken speechless and leaves. She goes to Cat and complains about Snapper, and Cat tells her to stand up for herself and accept who she is. Cat warns that she won't be around for much longer, and Kara wonders if she's dying. Amused, her former boss says that she isn't but she is leaving. Cat explains that she's taking a leave of absence now that she has achieved everything that she wants. She echoes her earlier advice to Kara about needing to dive, and Kara admits that she doesn't do well with change. When Kara says that she can't imagine being there without her, Cat assures her that she will rise to the occasion and Kara hugs her. Touched, Cat tells Kara to show Snapper what she's made of.

At the Cadmus lab, the scientist's assistant tells her team that Metallo managed to wound Superman. Metallo asks for another chance to take them both out, and the scientist says that they're moving to Phase 2. When Glorist who it is, the others take him away.

Superman and Hank arrive at the Fortress, and Hank reminds Superman that they're both men without a home. He insists that he has to hold onto the kryptonite because Mars' people were destroyed and he won't be caught unprepared again. Superman says that he doesn't hate him but he doesn't trust him because of the kryptonite. Kalex comes in and confirms that Metallo's endoskeleton is made of promethium.

Kara and Alex go to Kara's apartment and Kara explains about Snapper firing her. She complains about everything changing, and Alex gets some ice cream. Kara suggests that she move to Metropolis to be with Clark, figuring that Alex could do her job without worrying about her. Alex finally points out that Kara has ignored her the entire time that Clark was there, and says that she gave up a medical career to join the DEO for Kara. Kara says that with Clark she feels connected with someone who it feels to be like her, and Alex points out that Superman abandoned her with the Danvers.

Superman calls from the DEO and tells Kara that they identified the material Metallo is made of. Winn scans for promethium and picks up a hot signature in the industrial district. He tells Superman that the anti-kryptonite suits aren't finished yet, and Superman tells Kara to meet him there.

Metallo is loading supplies when Superman and Supergirl fly down and quickly take him down. He points out that if they're with him then they're not in Metropolis with his new ally.

In Metropolis, Glorist walks to a plaza and unleashes his own kryptonite beam.

Superman hears the people screaming and flies off to Metropolis. Once he flies off, Supergirl tells Metallo that they'll be back and flies after her cousin.

When the cousins get to Metropolis, they find the plaza torn apart. Superman thinks that he should have been there.

Winn is working on the suits and Alex points out that they're doing everything they can to keep Kara safe. He points out that he was also in a foster home like Kara, and he knows what it's like to have someone saying how grateful that he should be there. When Winn mentions the kryptonite residue, Alex suggests that if they could find out which DEO agent stole the kryptonite. They get a Geiger counter and go to the locker room, and pick up radiation from McGill's locker. They confirm that McGill is in the main room and Alex tells him that she has an assignment for him. She tells him to get a transport ready to move kryptonite to their facility in Nevada.

Supergirl returns to the DEO and tells Winn that she needs to talk to Alex. He finally tells her where her foster sister is.

McGill is taking out the case of kryptonite when Alex steps out of the shadows and holds him at gunpoint. He says that he isn't, and the Cadmus team comes in behind Alex and shoots McGill dead. The head scientist tells Alex that she'll tell Jeremiah that Alex says hello. Alex insists that Jeremiah would never collaborate with them, and the scientist figures that she's a brainwashed child that the DEO has warped into thinking demons are angels. She asks Alex to think what her life would be if there are no more aliens. Alex says that she's killed Kryptonians and she’ll find Jeremiah.

The Cadmus thugs grab Alex as their boss walks away, and Alex breaks free, grabs a gun, and runs off. The thugs chase after her and she doubles back and takes one down. The other one prepares to shoot her, but Supergirl arrives and catches the bullet. Alex finishes off her opponent and Supergirl apologizes for making her feel like Alex is less to her than Clark. She then realizes what she needs to do against both Metallos, but she needs Alex and Alex agrees.

Winn finishes the suit and asks Superman what he thinks. Superman says that he loves it, and Supergirl suggests that Cadmus won't expect them to have backup.

At the Cadmus lab, the scientist tells the two Metallos that the Kryptonians are divided at each of their cities, and now is the time to strike.

Superman is conducting repairs on the plaza in Metropolis when Glorist drops down out of the sky.

Corbin confronts Supergirl and blasts her.

Superman's suit protects him from the kryptonite beam.

Supergirl's suit protects her from the kryptonite beam, and she throws a car at him and then knocks him out.

Superman takes on Glorist, while Supergirl fights Corben. The two Metallos destroy the protective suits, and take down the Kryptonians. J'onn, shapeshifted as a young girl, grabs Glorist and throws him back.

In National City, Alex punches Corben using her own endoskeleton. The two sisters attack Corben.

In Metropolis, J'onn and Superman take down Glorist and J'onn removes his kryptonite heart.

Corben blasts Supergirl, but Alex hits him with a dumpster and then throws a pipe into Corben's heart. Supergirl addresses Cadmus through the cameras in Corben's eyes, promising that she'll find them.

That night, Cat is out on her balcony when Supergirl flies down. She asks if she'll miss National City, and Cat admits that she will. However, she's thrilled that she's taking a leap into the unknown. Supergirl wishes that she could start something new and be someone new, and Cat tells her that she will be extraordinary no matter what she does. She then tells Supergirl to be safe, and Supergirl tells her to do the same... and to come back because they all need friends. Cat promises that she'll be back and Supergirl flies off.

When Kara returns to the office, Jimmy explains that Cat gave her his job while she's gone. He offers to talk to Snapper, but Kara says that he'll handle it. She then tosses an article on Snapper's desk, completely vetted and verified. Kara insists that she works there and tells him to read the article to see if she belongs there. When he refuses, Kara threatens to take it to another outlet. Snapper says that he doesn't like her and won't, but tells her that she has a job and maybe he can teach her something.

At the DEO, Hank gives Superman all of the lead-encased kryptonite. Winn hugs Superman and suggests that they hang out the next time Superman is in National City. Superman promises Alex that he'll do everything he can to find Jeremiah, and he and Supergirl hug before he flies off with the kryptonite. In Metropolis, Clark texts Supergirl and says that he misses her already. Perry calls and Clark confirms that he's back and won't be gone that long again.

Later, Supergirl sits with the unconscious survivor and promises that she'll be there for him. He jerks awake and grabs Supergirl by the throat.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 18, 2016

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