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Magenta Recap

Barry is sitting in his lab counting the time until his date starts. Julian comes in and points out that he can't leave until the end of his shift, and points out that he's the senior tech. The clock reaches the hour and Barry speeds off to meet Iris. She discovers that he's brought her a heart made of flowers and Iris quickly rearranges it at superspeed. Iris tells him that she wants to be with Barry, not Flash, and Barry agrees. He says that where they're going is a surprise and escorts her off.

At a fancy restaurant, Barry tells Iris to get whatever she wants despite the cost. They make awkward small talk and Barry describes what he did at work. Iris stifles a yawn and says that it's been a long day, and an alarm goes off down the street. The waiter says that there's a robbery in progress across the street, and Iris tells Barry to deal with as the Flash. He speeds off and comes back a second later, and Cisco calls both of them.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the others tell Barry and iris that someone opened a breach. Harry comes through and says that he needs their help, and Jesse comes through at superspeed. Jesse explains that it happened a few days ago and says that dark matter affects different people certain ways so Wally may not have had anything happen to him. They go to the Speed Lab and Barry realizes that it wasn't there in the original timeline. Harry says that he and Jesse don't recognize it either because they were on their Earth. Jesse gets on the track and speeds around it dozens of times per second. Wally, disappointed, says that he has to go and Iris goes after him. Barry tells Joe that it's better if Wally doesn't have speed, and tells Joe to keep an eye on his son.

A blue-collar worker, John James, comes home and tells his wife Karen to get the food on the table. When his adopted daughter Frankie Kane objects, he tells her to keep her mouth shut. Frankie's eyes glow red and she says that Frankie is gone... and a lamp post slams through the window and crushes John.

The next day, Barry arrives at the station and finds Iris there, checking on the story. They talk and Barry wonders if he's boring without his powers. Iris assures her that he isn't, and Barry says that he wants to try another date and they both agree once things settle down.

Joe interviews Frankie and she says that she doesn't remember anything that happened. He says that John is at the hospital and in bad shape, just a Barry comes in. Joe goes out and explains that the lamp post was bent by someone with seeming super-strength. Julian comes over and says that there were no fingerprints on the post, and equal amounts of pressure were applied to the entire post at one time. He sees Frankie and Joe explains about her blackout, and Julian figures that it's something other than repressed memories. He goes in and offers to get her some water, and then leaves with the glass that she's holding. Joe tells Barry to follow Julian while he convinces Wally that he isn't a superhero.

Cisco and Caitlin continue testing Jesse, but Harry wants to run more tests. Jesse asks about Wally and they confirm that he isn't there. Once she goes to get something to eat, Harry admits that he's stalling because Jesse wants to be a hero just like Barry. He brought Jesse there so they could talk her out of not using her powers, and Caitlin hastily says that she doesn't have powers and is the last person to talk to Jesse.

Joe calls Wally in to his office and his son points out that he was hit by the dark matter just like Jesse. His father figures that he wants it more than anything but warns that it might not happen, and suggests that Wally use his mind just like Barry did.

In the lab, Barry discovers that Julian is taking a DNA sample from Frankie's glass. Julian explains that he's found a common element in the five husks that they found, but it's not one he's found in any other metahuman samples. Julian compares Frankie's DNA to the sample he's taken and goes downstairs. Jackie is leaving and Julian accuses her of being a metahuman. As he yells at her, Jackie's other personality takes over and says that she's going to do the same thing to Julian that she did to John. The metal in the station lobby comes to life. When the metal plate falls down, Barry changes to Flash and gets Julian out of the way, and then speeds off after Frankie. She says that she's Magenta, and Flash realizes that Alchemy changed her like he did Rival. He asks Magenta to come with him, but Magenta magnetically picks up a squad car and tells Flash to choose her or the driver. Flash speeds up and gets the driver out as the car crashes down, and Magenta escapes.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team identifies Frankie and she's been disassociative all of her life. Iris confirms that John has had several disorderly conducts and says that she'll follow up with him. Barry says that Alchemy gave Magenta her powers, and Cisco explains to Harry who he is. Joe figures that they need to track down Magenta, and Jesse goes off to look for her before her father can object. Harry asks Caitlin to talk to her, and Caitlin reluctantly agrees. Barry approaches Joe in the hallway and Joe says that Wally gets it. He heads out to look for Frankie.

Caitlin approaches Jesse and suggests that she take it slow. Jesse figures that it's because she's a girl, and Barry didn't take things slow. Caitlin warns that it's not so great to have powers, and says that if she had them then she'd take it slow. Jesse figures that Harry put Caitlin up to it and walks off. Jesse goes to the lab and complains to Harry that he brought her there to get everyone to talk her out of using her powers. Harry says that she's not Barry, and Jesse speeds off. Wally offers to go talk to her.

Magenta goes to Alchemy in his sewer lair and says that she can still feel Frankie inside of her. He tells her that once Magenta shows John that she's in control, then Frankie will know it as well.

Wally approaches Jesse on the street and she says that Wally was the first person she wanted to tell. She talks about how her powers first manifested, and he realizes that she jump-started her powers. He steps out in front of a car and Jessie gets him out of the way just in time. She says that she doesn't think that it would work.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry asks what Wally would have done if Jesse wasn't there. Joe listens and says that Barry has covered at it. Meanwhile, Harry tells Jesse that she has to stop using her powers. She walks off rather than listen to her father, and Harry wonders what Caitlin said to her. Caitlin angrily says that Harry isn't trying to understand what Jesse is going through, and she's turning away from him because he's trying to get her to stop her powers.

In the Speed Lab, Harry finds Barry there. Harry admits that he keeps making mistakes and now he has a daughter that won't talk to him, and reminds Barry that he said that in the long run, they have to trust that the decisions that they make the right ones. Harry tells Barry that he was never good enough at forgiving himself.

Iris visits John at the hospital and asks him about Frankie. He complains that the metahuman freak almost killed him, and says that he'll put her in the hospital the next time he sees her. Iris realizes that John hurt her and Frankie will come after him again. She looks outside and sees Magenta levitating a nearby tanker into the air. Iris takes John out in a wheelchair.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team gets Iris' alert and traces it to the hospital. Flash speeds there and Joe warns that Iris is still inside. The hero suggests that he run and create a "propeller" to keep the tanker from falling.

Iris and John get out the front and find Magenta waiting. She prepares to kill her foster father, but sees Flash lifting the tanker away from the hospital.

Cisco warns that Flash can't stop Magenta if he's holding up the tanker. Harry realizes that there's only one person who can stop Magenta and tells Jesse that he knows she can do it. She speeds to the hospital and joins Flash, and says that she has it while Flash takes care of Magenta. He speeds down and says that he's there to help her, and Magenta says that she wants John and Frankie both gone. The tanker starts to drop and Flash tells Frankie not to let John destroy the good in her. He says that John is just blaming her for all the bad things in his life, and that he couldn't move forward but Frankie can.

After a moment, Frankie magnetically raises the tanker up and puts it back. Crying, she falls into Flash's arms and he tells her that it'll be okay as he looks over at Iris.

Flash takes Frankie to S.T.A.R. Labs, and Joe assures her that the DA is prosecuting John for what he did to her. Frankie still doesn't remember what happened to her as Magenta. All she remembers that she was having dreams of Magenta, like she was living another life. Wally realizes that he's been having the same dreams about being a speedster. Frankie says that she heard Alchemy saying he could give her what she wanted, and Flash assures her that if she faces the darkness inside of her then it will make it easier for her good side to win. He tells her that Caitlin has found her a good home in Keystone, and they'll be there to help her if Magenta comes back.

Frankie thanks them all and Joe talks to Wally privately. His son says that he's fine and they walk off together.

Jesse finds Harry in the Speed Lab, and he says that she was tremendous. She tells her father that she could only do it because of him, and Harry says that he'll always be cautious and always love her. They hug and then he says that they'll stay a few days... and she can try on the speedster costume Cisco designed for her. Harry says that his fear and guilt has kept both of them back, and says that now it's time to let Jesse be a hero for everyone else.

Barry invites Iris back to the restaurant for their next date. He gives her a rose and says that his powers are a part of them both and it's their life, and their last date they were ignoring it. He then speeds her to a pavilion overlooking the city and says that they have to stop denying who they are. Iris agrees and kisses him, and Barry gets a text from Joe calling him to the station. She tells him to go and calls him "Flash," and they kiss one more time before Barry speeds off.

When Barry gets to the lab, Joe shows Barry and Julian that there was a security issue at Iron Heights. They have video of an invisible force slamming Clariss into the walls of his cell until he's dead, and Barry mutters the name "Alchemy." Julian suggests that maybe it was a ghost and asks Barry if it was a ghost. Once he leaves, Joe wonders if whatever killed Clariss was part of Flashpoint, and Barry figures that a lot of things are.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 19, 2016

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