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Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire Recap

Jemma is watching down the street and talking to Fitz at the lab. She's going to check a new apartment and insists that it's the one for them. Fitz says that he's heading to Holden's, and Jemma points out that he seems to be going there a lot. He off-handedly says that he isn't. Inside, Jemma knocks at the door and discovers that it's open and the lock is broken. No one answers her call and the lights don’t work. Suspecting it's a trap, Jemma draws her gun and moves in, and Daisy comes in behind her. She says that she had nowhere else to turn and slumps down, leaving a trail of blood on the wall.

A guard tells prisoner Eli Morrow that he has a visitor. They go to the meeting room and Coulson introduces himself. He asks Eli what happened at Momentum when he worked there, and asks if the "accident" was really an accident. Eli refuses to talk, and Coulson points out that he's an educated man and figures that he's a decent guy at heart. He says that if Eli helps him then he might be able to help him get out of prison.

At Holden's lab, Aida tends to Melinda as Holden comes in. He explains that Aida is his assistant and they shut down her heart for seven minutes to cure her. Holden explains that he and Fitz are working on a cure for the ghost virus and they need to run a few more tests. He assure Melinda that Aida will be on hand to take care of her needs.

Jemma examines Daisy's shoulder and discovers that someone took a bullet out of it. Daisy admits that she took it out herself and she's been tracking Jemma's web searches for an apartment. They discuss her relationship with Fitz and Daisy says that she's happy for her. Jemma asks if she's using her arm gauntlets, and Daisy tells her to stop mothering her. Once Jemma is done, Daisy gives Jemma a blood-covered list of Inhuman asset numbers and coordinates. She explains that she got them from the Watchdogs and they're hacking into SHIELD servers despite all of the security precautions. Daisy asks Daisy to hack the servers for her, but Jemma warns that she's under constant scrutiny. Her former teammate draws a gun on her and asks what will happen if she provides involuntary aid.

Coulson tells Eli that something went wrong and Eli's colleagues died. He tells him that his colleagues didn't die, and they gained abilities that they're using to hurt people. Eli hesitates but then says that he has to move onto his life, and tells Coulson to leave.

Outside, Coulson meets with Mack and tells him what happened. Robbie drives by and Mack recognizes him from their previous encounter. They get into Lola and Coulson chases after Robbie. They race through the streets and then into the empty canal. Robbie starts to pull up ahead but then his car slams into a halt as it hits the cloaked Quinjet, and the impact knocks him out.

Daisy drives her van to a high-security building containing one of the Inhuman registration server. Agent Albee brings a drive with the updated information, and Jemma will steal her badge so that Daisy can clone it and put a fake ID on it. Once Jemma is inside, she'll puta flash drive into the server giving her remote access. Jemma gets out and goes over to Albee, talks with her, and gives her the flash drive. When she comes back to the van, Jemma tells Daisy that she told Albee to deliver the information on the flash drive along with the rest, and Albee will do it because she's her boss.

When Fitz arrives at Holden's apartment, they discuss how to duplicate the cure. He realizes that Aida is out, and Holden says that he let her out. He points out that Fitz has improved Aida's social programming, and figures that Melinda will provide the best test. Melinda calls Fitz in and after a brief conversation, he gives Aida a thumbs up and leaves.

Back at the apartment, Jemma explains that every Inhuman has a wristband that tracks their location. Albee plugs the flash drive in, and Daisy confirms that an encrypted third party is hijacking the stream of information. They go through the list and Jemma recognizes one number: James. She says that James only shows up at mandatory check-ins, and Daisy packs up and says that she has to get to James before the Watchdogs do. Jemma says that they're in it together and insists on going with her.

As the Quinjet flies back to base, Mack examines Robbie's car and discovers that it's "healed." Robbie is in a containment module, and Coulson says that he's heard rumors of Ghost Rider. He knows about Robbie's life and how he kills people, and Robbie insists that they had it coming. Coulson has confirmed he's telling the truth, and asks where Robbie's power comes from. Robbie says that he made a deal with the Devil, but Coulson doesn't believe him. Mack isn't so skeptical, but admits that Daisy trusted Robbie. Coulson then goes over and opens the module.

Daisy and Jemma drive to James' work place: a fireworks outlet. James is demonstrating fireworks as the women comes in. Jemma warns that the Watchdogs are after him, and Daisy blasts the bracelet off his wrist. She says that the Watchdogs are coming to take his lie, but James tells her that he has no life. Daisy says that he can take a stand with her and fight back, taking control of his life. After a moment, James tells them to meet him after closing in the public storage unit next door because he has something there that might help.

Robbie threatens to bring the plane down, but Coulson doesn't believe it and says that they both want answers from Eli. He wants Robbie to prove that they're on the same side, and Robbie is the only one who can hurt the ghosts. Coulson wants Robbie to talk to Eli while they listen in, and makes it clear that they'll toss Robbie off if he doesn't agree.

Aida explains to Melinda the process she underwent, and Fitz tells her that they'll have to keep her a little longer. When Aida reveals that she understands Melinda's Chinese, Melinda where she comes from and James hastily says that she comes from Canada and learned her Chinese there. He sends her to do one last test, and Melinda says that Holden has been hiding Aida and admits that she likes her.

Robbie visits Eli, who figures that he's there for SHIELD. Robbie shows him a photo of Lucy and Eli explains that she's the wife of another member of the team, Joseph Bauer. They needed an engineer to build their design and brought Eli on because he wouldn't ask too many questions. The scientists were making a Quantum Particle Generator that can create matter out of nothing. It blew up when Joe forced the project forward despite Eli's warnings, and Eli beat him and put him into a coma. Robbie realizes that his uncle wanted revenge, and Eli admits that he let Robbie down. Coulson tells Robbie over the earbud that Lucy isn't dead, and Eli says that she'll go after a book that gave them the knowledge to build the machine. He warns that the book is evil. Meanwhile, Mack gets a signal and says that they have a situation with an asset.

Lucy enters Joseph's hospital room and says that she needs him. She reaches her hands into his head and brings him out of his coma, and asks where the book is.

Robbie returns to the Quinjet and they link up with the Zephyr en route to its new destination. Coulson tells him that they need to make a detour and asks Robbie if they'll help him.

As Holden scans Aida's internals, she asks why Fitz lied to Melinda about where she is. Holden says that she must always act human, and explains that not all lies are inherently bad. He says that sometimes it's okay to lie to save a life, and Fitz lied to save her life.

As they wait at the storage unit, Daisy insists that she's helping James. Jemma tells her not to drag James down with her, just as he arrives. He opens a locker with some of the store's fireworks, and Daisy suggests that his doing good will make him feel better. Jemma warns Daisy that explosives aren't the solution, but Daisy says that violence is the only thing the Watchdogs understand.

Watchdogs emerge from the storage units and James says that the Watchdogs aren't his enemies. Jemma realizes that he gave them access to his wristband so they could access the signal, and James says that he didn't ask for Hive. He tells the women that the Inhumans are a scourge and he struck a deal to hunt them down and kill them. Daisy blasts the floor, knocking the Watchdogs down, and she and Jemma run out. James grabs some of the fireworks, says that it'll be fun, and goes after them.

Jemma and Daisy hide in a storage unit, and Jemma realizes that Daisy has badly injured her arms. She confirms that she doesn't have enough bullets left, just as James calls out to them from the hallway. He activates a firework with his power and rolls it down the hall. After it explodes, James says that killing Daisy will feel good and tosses another firework down the hall. It blasts open the storage unit the women are in, stunning them. He grabs a chain and sets it on fire, but Robbie arrives and grabs the chain.

Robbie yanks the chain out of James' hand, and tells Jemma and Daisy to get out and find Coulson. James throws another firework at Robbie, who shrugs off the blast and says that it's time to pay for his sins. He transforms into Ghost Rider and swings the burning chain at James.

In the fireworks shop, Coulson and Mack take out the Watchdogs. Jemma and Daisy come in, and Mack says that James' GPS signal went out so they went to his last location. When Jemma says that James is working with the Watchdogs, Coulson says that they brought Robbie with them.

Ghost Rider slams James into the wall, and James blasts his way backwards into the fireworks warehouse. Their flames set the fireworks off and the building explodes. Robbie drags the unconscious James out and confirms that he's still alive before walking off.

Back on the Quinjet, Daisy thanks Coulson for saving her and Jemma. Coulson simply says that he's glad she's safe, and then tells her and Robbie that they have something more important than their agenda. He shows them a picture of the book and says that it's called the Darkhold, a book of sins and spells. It's in all of their interests to keep it out of the wrong hands, and tells Robbie that they need him. after a moment, Daisy asks where they can start and Coulson says that Joseph just woke up.

Coulson and Jemma arrive to pick up Melinda. She thank Aida, who introduces herself to Holden as their assistant. When she says that Holden made her hands, Coulson assumes that she's an amputee like himself. He asks what happened, and Aida simply says that she's been that way since birth. Meanwhile, Jemma tells Fitz that she can understand why Fitz has been spending time there, and knows that she's an android. He says that he wanted to tell her, and Jemma warns that her next lie detector test it the next day.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 19, 2016

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