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The Justice Society of America Recap

In 1942, the Legends face off against the newly-arrived Justice Society of America. Nick realizes that their leader is Commander Steel, and he wonders who Nick is. Ray tries to calm things down, saying that Rex told them about the JSA, but Stargirl points out that Rex never mentioned them. Commander Steel asks why they were impersonating OSS agents, and Martin explains their trying to protect Einstein. Steel and Vixen says that they're going into custody, and punches Nick when he tries to object.

Obsidian tosses Jax away and blacks out the area, and Sara attacks Vixen. Firestorm flies into the sky and blats the JSA, and Stargirl parries his attacks. Vixen takes on the powers of a gorilla and tosses Sara away, and Dr. Mid-Nite spots his foes in the darkness. Stargirl brings firestorm down, and Ray surrenders.

Later at JSA Headquarters, the JSA lock up the Legends and the team argues among themselves. The JSA are monitoring them after Hourman has no idea who they are since they met in his future. Vixen suggests that they lock them up in Leavenworth, and Hourman figures that they should question them first.

In the cell, Nate explains that the JSA are the greatest group of heroes in U.S. history. Steel and Vixen come in, and Nate recites the numbers on Steel's dog tags which aren't in any records. He shows Steel the dog tags around his own neck and says that Steel gave them to his wife after the birth of his son in 1958. The son then passed them down to his son: Nate.

In Paris, Eobard Thawne meets with a Nazi commander and confirms that he located the item. The commander reports that he found the item in Berlin but Hitler refuses to part with it. Eobard says that he has something better to offer him, and holds up a vial that will give one person super-powers to match the JSA. He offers it in return for the item.

Steel takes the Legends in to the JSA meeting room and Hourman says that he doesn't know any of them. He assumes that Martin is the team leader rather than Sara, and Martin explains that they're heroes from the future and Hourman risked his life to save them in 2016.

In 2016, Rex tells the team that if they go to 1942 then they will die. When Martin asks for proof, Rex warns that the consequences will be catastrophic if they go to 1942... and disappears.

Hourman doesn't believe the team's claim. FDR calls and Hourman takes the call, and Nate apologizes to Nick and says that in 2016 he's dead. Steel says that risking his life is part of the job. Hourman says that Baron Krieger has been spotted in Paris, and Steel agrees to let Vixen go ahead on recon. Ray offers the Legends' help, but Hourman says that they'll handle it on their own. Martin agrees and says that it's best if they go on their way.

Once Waverider leaves, Ray admires the JSA's teamwork. Sara isn't so impressed, and Ray points out that they don't have a leader without Rip. Martin points out that he's most suited and agrees.

Nate is in the library doing research on Steel when Sara comes in. He admits that meeting his grandfather felt empty, and Sara tells him that they're dropping him of fin 2016.Nate insists that he's more than a historian, and notices that Steel's dog tags are gone. Sara realizes that history has changed, erasing them from existence, and Nate checks his notes on the JSA. He then says that they have to go back to 1942 because the JSA's mission in Paris ended with them all dying.

Waverider travels to Paris 1942 and Nate says that they're looking for Krieger. Krieger and his men frequent a Nazi nightclub, and Martin says that he can pose as Hitler's favorite singer, Max Lorenz. Once they're alone, Jax warns that Martin's plan is dangerous and Martin isn't an experienced field operative. Martin reminds him that he's now the captain and walks off.

Sara checks in on Nate as he changes his clothing to period garb. He points out that she speaks six different languages, and Sara wonders why he became a historian. Nate says that it's a long story and asks if he can have a gun, insisting that he can take care of himself. Sara points out that even the strongest and bravest of them die, and she's just trying to make sure that Nate gets home safely.

Martin goes to the nightclub with the team and claims that he's Max. The officer in charge immediately lets him and the others in, and Ray spots vixen out of costume and dancing with a soldier. Ray cuts in and she warns him that their team is 24 hours from being killed. She suggests that it's because of the Legends, and ray takes her over to them. General Gerd Von Rundstedt comes over and points out that Lorenz is over 6' tall. Martin bluffs his way through and the general insists that he honor them with a song. He tells Jax that they don't need any German music and walks off.

As Krieger arrives, Martin takes the stage and performs "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music. Meanwhile, a Nazi agent meets with Krieger, who tells him to make sure that the Askaran Amulet is at the exchange the next morning. Nate listens in and tells the others that he knows Krieger's plan. Sara tells Martin to wrap it up, and once he does the Nazis in the audience salute. Rundstedt notices that Ray didn't salute, and Ray punches him rather than saluting. A fight breaks out and the JSA arrive. Stargirl stuns everyone and Martin says that they came back to rescue them.

The two teams go to Waverider and Sara says that they're going to help the JSA whether they want it or not. Steel suggests that they put it to a vote, and everyone votes in favor of the Legends helping them. In the library, Gideon brings up a map of the area and Vixen pinpoints Krieger's rendezvous point. The AI confirms that the Askaran Amulet conveys occult power, and Hourman suggests that he and Martin come up with a plan while their teams gear up.

Later, Nate tells Sara that he thinks his grandfather is deliberately avoiding her. She notices that he has a blinding wound, and points out that he had a bruise earlier. Sara figures that he's a hemophiliac, and points out that he could have died earlier. Nate says that he never felt more alive than when he was fighting Nazis, but Sara refuses to let him go out and possibly killed. The historian insists that he's their expert on history, but Sara still refuses and walks off.

Ray is working on his Atom suit when Vixen comes in and points out that his superpower is wearing a suit. She complains that he blew her cover at the club, but refuses to focus on past mistakes. Vixen tells Ray that he's not really a hero and leaves.

Waverider flies to the Fontainebleau Forest and locates Krieger's caravan. The two teams intercept it and take out the soldiers. And Krieger runs off into the forest. Atom spots him and flies down, and takes out a soldier who was going to attack Vixen from behind. Martin orders him to focus on the convoy, but Hourman says that they have it under control and tells Atom and Vixen to deal with Krieger. As Martin and Hourman argue, Krieger injects himself with the vial that Eobard gave him and transforms into a super-strong giant. Atom's energy blasts have no effect on him, and Martin loses contact with the two heroes.

The two teams take down the convoy, and Steel opens the crate with the Amulet. Krieger arrives and attacks the heroes, and Martin hesitates trying to come up with a plan. White Canary takes command and has Heat Wave lay down cover fire while the others retreat. Martin refuses to have the team engage without more information, and figures that Atom and Ray are on their own.

In the forest, Nazi soldiers surround the two heroes as they recover consciousness. They remove Ray from his suit and take their prisoners to a nearby bunker. Krieger reverts to normal and admires the Atom suit, and says that once he replicates the super serum and gives it to his men, the Nazis will win the war. As Krieger prepares to kill them, Ray says that as a scientist he can help them replicate the super serum as long as he doesn't shoot Vixen. Krieger agrees and walks away, and Ray tells Vixen that he has a plan.

On Waverider, Sara and Hourman argue about what to do. Hourman finally asks Martin for his decision, and he says that he needs a minute to collect his thoughts. Once the others leave, Jax says that he can feel Martin's confusion through their link. Martin wonders how Rip was able to manage the team, and Jax says that they need someone who can call the shots. He admits that he's not a field commander.

In the medbay, Steel is checking on the injured Stargirl and Obsidian. Nate comes in and talks about how he used to fantasize about meeting with grandfather. Steel admits that he was afraid to get too close to Nate because he doesn't want to be anyone's hero and inspire someone else to be a hero and get killed. Nate says that all he wanted to be was a soldier like Steel, and his grandfather tells him to live his own life, and he doesn't have to be a soldier to be a hero.

Hourman suggests that they have a squad of B-17s bomb the bunker, and admits that they will have to sacrifice Atom and Vixen. Sara says that she knows Ray has a plan to escape and they need to give him time. Martin comes in and says that Sara speaks for all of them as the proper person to lead the team.

In the bunker, the handcuffed Ray examines the serum. He wonders who gave it to Krieger, but Krieger threatens to shoot Vixen if he doesn't get back to work. Vixen tells ray not to do it and Krieger slaps her, and Ray goes back to work. Once Krieger leaves, vixen says that no member of the JSA would help the Nazis. Ray says that Legends wouldn't either and takes out one Nazi guard, and Vixen takes out the other. Ray confirms that his suit is damaged and shrinks it down, and Vixen warns that they took her amulet that gives her his powers. Ray starts to inject himself with the serum, just as the bunker shakes. More soldiers arrive and say that they're under attack, and Krieger has ordered them taken to a more secure location.

Krieger receives report that Firestorm is attacking the bunker. He has his men shut down the base and injects himself with the serum.

Firestorm leads the B-17s to the bunker. Inside, White Canary and Heat Wave fight their way into the bunker. They find Vixen's amulet and then find Ray and Vixen. Outside, steel and Mid-Nite open fire and warn that the bombers are five minutes out. The enhanced Krieger charges out and attacks the two heroes, and Steel's bullets bounce right off him. The American hero runs and Krieger chases after him. Nate pulls up to his grandfather in a motorcycle and has Steel get in. Once he does, Nate speeds up and Krieger runs to catch up with him… just as the bombes release their payload. The first explosion takes out Krieger, and the second one hits the motorcycle, taking out Nate and Steel.

Later on Waverider, Steel, White Canary, and Martin monitor the unconscious Nate. Gideon warns that Nate's vitals are dropping, and Martin warns Steel that there's only so much Gideon can do. Meanwhile, the others wait and Ray realizes that he still has the serum. He gives it to the medbay and injects it with Nate, explaining that he tinkered with the formula. Nate stabilizes and then starts healing.

Waverider returns to 1942 and the JSA say that they'll keep the Amulet safe. Vixen apologizes to Ray about her earlier comment, and says that giving up his chance to have superpowers to save Nate was heroic.

Nate wakes up and finds Steel at his side. Steel apologizes to not living up to the version of himself that Nate dreamed of meeting, and Nate assures him that he likes the real version better. The dog tags reappear around his neck and Steel figures that they'll both live.

At the JSA headquarters, Hourman locks the Amulet away. Reverse Flash speeds in and chokes him, and says that they've met each other a number of times. After their last encounter, Hourman traveled to 2016 to stop the Legends from coming to 1942. Reverse Flash explains that Hourman was erased from the timeline and rams his hand through his chest, then takes the Amulet. Vixen comes in and Reverse Flash speeds off, and Hourman dies in her arms.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2016

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