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Episode 1 Recap

Eshu says that Mari looks just like her mother, and unleashes a blast of fire, knocking her back through the window. Mari takes on the flight abilities of a hawk and lands safely, and Eshu lands in a burst of flame and says that he has scoured Africa for the lost Totems of Zambezi. Mari demands to know who he is and how he knows her mother.

Two Weeks Earlier

Professor Macalester is lecturing about Zambezi, a fertile land and a source of rare artifacts. According to legend, they prayed for and received five tokens, allowing each bearer to wield the powers of nature: air, earth, water, fire, and spirit. For a thousand years, Zambezi existed in a state of harmony until they were colonized by the Europeans and the totems were lost and forgotten. Macalester reveals one of the lost Totems. It will be on display at the Detroit Museum of Gemstones. Mari is watching from the back of the lecture hall.

After the presentation, Mari approaches Macalester. She says that after she returned from being kidnapped, she discovered that Macalester had gone to Africa. Macalester insists that he didn't know that Kuasa was going to hurt Mari, and she offered him enough money to fund his expedition. The professor says that Mari's Tantu Totem is one of the Lost Totems of Zambezi, but Mari isn't interested in helping him.

Cisco calls Mari and asks her to call him. When she calls him back, he says that Weather Wizard is tearing up Monument Point and they need her help.

Firestorm flies up to where Weather Wizard is summoning multiple tornados. Flash moves in and tells Firestorm to tell with the tsunami while he deals with the tornados. He generates a vortex to unwind the first tornado, while Firestorm vaporizes the incoming wall of water. Weather Wizard summons a waster fist, knocking Firestorm into the water and splitting him into Jax and Martin.

Mari arrives and Flash goes to help his teammates while Vixen deals with Weather Wizard. She takes on the powers if a dolphin and then slams out of the water and hits the villain. He blasts her with lightning, knocking her into the harbor below.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2016

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