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Episode 2 Recap

At the hospital, Mari's foster father Chuck wakes her up and says that everyone in Monument Point is safe thanks to her and her friends. On the news, a report runs about thieves breaking into the Gem exhibit at the Detroit Museum, including the Lost Totem of Zambezi. Chuck tells Mari that she needs rest, and she says that she's sticking to fighting street crime in Detroit.

Later, a criminal, Drake, runs down an alleyway and Vixen chases him. She finally catches up to him and demands to know who was behind the jewelry theft. When Drake lies to her, Vixen can smell it on him and threatens him. Drake says that a foreigner from Africa bankrolled the job.

Mr. Jones delivers the stolen totem to Eshu and demands $100,000. Eshu insists on inspecting them, and finds the fire totem among them. He knocks the rest on the floor and puts the fire totem around his neck. When Mr. Jones grabs him, Eshu bursts into fire and sets Jones on fire, and he falls out the window to his death.

Vixen bursts in and Eshu's bodyguards charge her. She easily knocks them out, and Eshu says that she looks just like her mother.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2016

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