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Do or Die Recap

At the command center, Justine tells her people that their forces were forced back. One captain points out that they're short on everything and the city will fall, but Justine says that they have been spreading their forces too thin. They plan to move back to smaller enclaves and hold out until the labs come up with a cure. The captain says that if they don't pull out to Saratoga Springs then they're all going to die. Some of the other officers agree, and Justine tells them to cut and run if they want. However, she's not going anywhere, and insists that it's our city that we're sworn to protect. Justine refuses to abandon NYC, and Kowalski asks who else is with them. Two officers step forward, and the captain offers his hand to Justine and says that it's been an honor before leaving with the others.

Bob Bergen checks himself in the mirror and then goes out to his office. Eldritch is waiting and says that he's there about a matter that requires discretion. Bob says that Sanjay told them that he had to take on Eldritch's responsibilities because Eldritch is incapacitated, and Eldritch explains that Sanjay is working with parties that are trying to gain control of Stoneheart. He asks about the cargo that arrived aboard the Aurora Cutlass and where it went. Bob says that he'll have the information by end of day, and Eldritch gives him his personal number to call him as soon as he knows something. When Bob wonders how Sanjay thought that he could get away with it, Eldritch says that he won't.


Eldritch comes to see Mr. O'Neill at the Stoneheart Group, and tells the secretary to tell O'Neill that his son is there. O'Neill has him brought in and asks why he's using a cane, and eldritch says that he had to have one kidney removed. They share a drink and Eldritch says that O'Neill failed to respond to his letters. O'Neill claims that the kids in the mail room lost them, and Eldritch says that his mother died the last spring and O'Neill didn't send flowers to the funeral. His father says that he thought it would have looked hypocritical, and Eldritch says that he work for him in his investment department. He says that the investors are playing it too conservative, and O'Neill warns that he doesn't have the stamina. Eldritch assures him that his mind is razor-sharp and always working to make money. A man comes in and says that there's a conference scheduled, and O'Neill tells Eldritch that he's not giving him a job. He does give him $10,000 to travel the world, and Eldritch refuses to take it. Unimpressed, O'Neill says that it's the las check he's going to give him and he considers their obligations complete. Eldritch takes it and leaves.


Angel and Gus drive through the city and talk about traveling to the Wes Coast. A police convoy passes, telling them to pass over, and the two men realize that they're leaving town.

Eph is taking a shower when Dutch startles him, wearing a gas mask. He drags her in and they kiss.

Later, Vasiliy knocks at the door and Eph lets him in. As Dutch comes in, Vasily tells them that the NYPD is pulling out of the city. Abraham has finished the box but Quinlan has gone missing, and they need him to force the Master into the box. Dutch says that the device they're working on could disorient the Master, but Eph warns that it's not fully operational. He refuses to run, and Vasiliy tells Dutch that she should come back to the club with him and he can get them out of the city. Dutch thanks him for his concern but insists that they're close. Vasiliy says that at least he tried, wishes her luck, and leaves.

Eph and Dutch go below Central Park and discover that the tunnels are empty. He thanks her for sticking with him, and Dutch figures that the scrambling device can make them a fortune once they defeat the Master. They hear something behind them and move on as a feeler strigoi follows them. It charges forward and leaps on Dutch, and Eph clubs it off. They then net it just as they planned.

Back at the lab, Eph is removing the feeler's brain when they hear gunfire outside. The feeler nodes are twice the size of those in a normal strigoi.

At the club, Abraham is going through the Lumen when Vasiliy returns. The old man worries that the Ancients have killed him and allied with the Master, and says that there are a disturbing number of references to an occultation that has not yet happened. Vasiliy tells him that they need to get out and live to fight another day, and Abraham says that he either succeeds now or dies trying. Frustrated, Vasiliy walks out.

That night, Angel and Gus arrive at the bridge leading out of Manhattan and find a traffic jam. They make a U turn to try and get out.

At the command center, Kowalski tells Justine that five officers elected to stay. She figures that they should never have left Staten Island, but Lyle convinced her that she could be the hero of New York. Kowalski says that the ESU have a safe zone across the river and will take them in. Justine figures that they'll die if they stay. They then go out and Justine says that they're going.

After Bob comes up with an address, Eldritch goes there with his teams. Duncan assures him that they can take out the security guards on duty, and Eldritch tells them to go. The teams drive through the gate, run over the guards, and open fire on the others. Duncan and his men secure the facility and capture the cargo and Sanjay. Eldritch goes in and thanks Sanjay for handling things for him while he was incapacitated. Sanjay says that it was Eichhorst's idea, and Eldritch punches him and has his men open the crate


A wheelchair-bound Eldritch goes to O'Neill's retirement home room, and the nurse informs him that he's in the day room. Eldritch walks in and O'Neill's friends quickly excuse themselves. O'Neill asks what Eldritch wants, and Eldritch says that he made him what he is. He explains that he doubled the $10,000 in the market repeatedly, and he owes everything to him. He gives him a check for $10,000 repeating O'Neill's words that it fulfills his obligation to him. O'Neill takes it and tears it up, and tells him to go to hell. Eldritch says that he took possession of O'Neill Industry and is selling off all of the assets, and renaming what's left Stoneheart in honor of his father. The company that O'Neill loved more than anything else will cease to exist. O'Neill bursts out laughing and says that Eldritch wasted his life trying to get even with him. Now Eldritch is withered and sickly, and O'Neill will outlive him.


The men open the crate, revealing a case with a suitcase and an empty space for another. Eldritch orders Sanjay to open it, and he does. Inside it is a nuclear bomb from Russia, and Sanjay explains that Eichhorst brokered a deal for it in Russia. The German took the other one but Sanjay doesn't know where it is. Duncan admits that the explosion in Manhattan could have been nuclear, and Eldritch says that he can find a use for the bomb. When Sanjay wonders what he means, Eldritch tells Duncan to bring him along.

Justine's convoy arrives at a checkpoint and get no answer. Justine figures that the guards on duty pulled out as well. Kowalski orders all of the drivers to move their vehicles off the road, and then sends two officers forward to check things out at the checkpoint. The strigoi attack another officer as he stands guard, and there's no response from the two officers ahead. Someone knocks on the door of the van, and they open it. Three strigoi are waiting and kill one of the remaining officers.

Angel and Gus pull up and see the gunfire, and Angel insists that they need to help them. Gus insists that their cops and don't care about them, but Angel insists.

Once they close the doors, Justine and the others wait. There's gunfire, and then Gus pounds on the door. He explains that the strigoi can't follow them over running water, and they just need to get across the bridge. After a moment, Justine agrees as more strigoi move in. The survivors head for the bridge past the empty cars, and a strigoi drags one officers under the bridge. Hundreds of strigoi emerge and the survivors open fire. A strigoi stings Angel on the leg and Gus kills it, but realizes that his friend is doomed.

As Justine and Kowalski continue firing, Angel tells Gus to go on. Angel finally throws Gus down to the street on the other side of the bus.

A strigoi stings Kowalski. When Justine turns and shoots it, one of the worms crawls into her eyes.

Angel contines fighting a the strigoi overwhelm his position.

As Justine realizes that she's infected, she continues shooting the advancing strigoi. One bullet hits a gas tank, and gasoline spreads across the pavement.

Gus climbs over the bridge fence, and looks back to see Angel hold up his silver cross.

The strigoi move in on Justine and Kowalski.

The gasoline hits the fire and the cars blow up. Gus stares at the devastation in shock.

Eph and Dutch drive to a factory with their scrambler in the trunk. They set it up and turn it on as strigoi charge forward. The strigoi come to a dead halt, and Eph and Dutch easily kill the immobile creatures. Dutch turns off the device and Eph kisses her.

Later at the club, Eph and Dutch tell Vasiliy and Abraham what they've accomplished. Vasiliy points out that the Master saw what they did and already has a workaround, but Dutch insists that the signal was paralyzed and he didn't seal anything. Eph says that the device will let them seal the master into the box, and Vasiliy agrees that it's worth a try. However, he refuses to take Eph with them because he's a liar and a thief. Vasiliy says that Eph knew what he did and people have paid for his failure. Eph reminds him that half the cops in New York are dead because of Vasiliy, and the two men fight.

Abraham finally tells them to stop, warning that the Master wants them to turn against each other. Quinlan comes in and says that the Ancients are dead.

Eldritch returns to his office and Duncan warns him that he's taking an unnecessary risk. His employer tells him that he'll handle it and waits.


Eldritch meets with Eichhorst at a museum. Eichhorst points out that he wasn't expecting to hear from him, and Eldritch admits that he was young and impulsive. Now he hopes that they can revisit Eichhorst's proposal. Eldritch assures him that he will put all of his resources at the Master's disposal, and Eichhorst assures him that he will render Eldritch immune to disease and decay. He demands an equal partnership with the Master, and Eichhorst gives the Master's word that he will hold to their deal. The German says that the Master will never let him down or betray him, and they shake hands.


Eichhorst enters Eldritch's office and warns him that he's crossed the line for the last time. He demands the bomb, and Eldritch says that he will as soon as the Master reveals himself and fulfills his promise. Eichhorst slashes his hand and says that he has yet to fulfill his part of the bargain. Eldritch insists that he has kept his part of the deal, but Eichhorst says that he will drink him and the Master will have his memories and the location of the bomb.

Eldritch reveals the shotgun under his lap blanket and shoots at Eichhorst. Eichhorst runs for the door and Eldritch and his security men open fire on him. The German manages to get the elevator door open and plummets down, and Eldritch tells Duncan to get his car ready because he needs to see Abraham.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 24, 2016

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