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Welcome to Earth Recap

The survivor throws Supergirl across the medlab and runs out as the alarms go off. He superspeeds into the DEO agents and destroys their weapons, throwing them aside. Alex orders him to free but he runs to the window and flies off. Hank and Alex confirm that Supergirl is okay and Hank notes that President Olivia Marsdin is coming for a visit to tour the DEO and promote her alien amnesty act. He figures that she's making a big mistake, and warns that based on his experience, humans and aliens don't mix. Alex tells Supergirl that the President expects to meet her, and Hank tells her to be professional.

The next day, James calls his first editorial meeting and talks about Olivia's visit. Snapper says that they have to find a story first and then come up with a headline. When James points out that Cat went with headlines first, Snapper asks if he's going to copy Cat or make his own mark. James focuses and says that first they have to get an interview with Olivia, and Snapper takes over and starts giving the reporters assignments. He wants someone hard-hitting on the POTUS interview, but Snapper wants a hard-hitting reporter on it and tells Linda to talk to Lena.

Air Force One arrives at the airport and Supergirl lands to greet it. Olivia comes out and everyone applauds. Someone fires a burst of het vision at one of the Secret Service men, killing him. The others get Olivia to safety, and the attacker blasts Supergirl. She flies down and blocks a blast meant for Olivia, and by the time she turns the attacker is gone.

Later, Alex arrives and Supergirl confirms that they're taking her to the DEO. Supergirl is awestruck with Olivia, and Alex says that the burn pattern is consistent with heat vision. She figures that they're escaped Kryptonian attacked Olivia, and sees a female detective checking the crime scene. The detective introduces herself as Maggie Sawyer with the NCPD Science Division, and they handle all cases involving aliens. Alex claims that she's a Secret Service agent and tells Maggie to leave, and Maggie reluctantly leaves but says that they'll meet again.

Hank welcomes Oliver and explains that he still wears a human form because people are more comfortable around him when he does. He warns that some alien creatures would take advantage of her good will, and Olivia points out that someone gave him the benefit of the doubt and she plans to do the same. Once she moves on, Supergirl says that she's has to go conduct her first interview as a reporter.

Later, Kara meets with Lena in her office and asks for her take on the Alien Amnesty Act. Lena shows her an alien detection device her company has developed, and explains that they plan to have it in every store in America. She invites Kara to try it, and Kara asks if it goes against what American stands for. Lena says that if aliens want to be citizens, that's their right but humans have the right to know who else are humans. Kara secretly sabotages the devices with her heat vision and she shows human.

Winn finds the missing alien in an abandoned warehouse and Alex takes a DEO team there. They find Maggie there, and she says that the alien has already left. She figures that Alex is part of the DEO, and Alex calls Winn to say that the alien has escaped.

That night, a technician at an observatory is heading home for the night when the lights go out. The alien grabs him by the throat and says that he wants to go home.

Alex returns to the DEO and insists that she went ahead without Supergirl to do her job. Once Supergirl leaves, Maggie calls Alex and asks if she wants to see how the local cops deal with aliens.

Snapper calls Kara in and reads her article about how Lena is appealing to the fear of immigrants. He points out the bias in her reporting and tells her to rewrite it without her personal feelings. Angry, Kara goes out to the bullpen and complains to James. James isn't happy with Snapper derailing his mission, and Kara assures him that Cat believed in him. She says that he should do things his way, and James thanks her for the advice.

Alex meets Maggie, who takes her into a nearby bar to buy her a drink. Maggie tells her to look closer, and Alex realizes that the customers are aliens. When she goes for her gun, Maggie stops her and explains that the bar is a place for offworlders. When the waitress brings them drinks, she says that Maggie moved on quick. Maggie tells Alex that the waitress is her ex, and admits that she likes them more than humans. She explains that she was an outcast and most of the aliens are hard-working immigrants who have to hide what they are to survive.

An alien, Boris, comes over and Maggie asks him if he's seen anyone who matches the Kryptonian's description. He says that the Kryptonian was asking about deep space transmissions, and Alex realizes that he's trying to signal his homeworld.

At the DEO, Winn asks Kara about her article. She admits that she doesn't know how to stay emotionally neutral when writing. Alex comes in and has Winn scan for deep space signals, and he picks one up at the observatory. He confirms that the alien beamed his signal at a planet named Daxam, and Kara recognizes the name.

Supergirl flies into the observatory and the Daxamite knocks her back and insists that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. They fight and Supergirl finally knocks him out.

Later back at the DEO, Supergirl tells the others that Daxam is a sister world to Krypton. The two planets fought a bloody war to a stalemate, and Daxam was a world of hoodlums. Hank wonders why the Daxamite is trying to kill the prisoner, and Supergirl goes to talk to him in his cell. He finally asks if they have Zekkarian ale on the planet, and sarcastically says that Supergirl should have all the answers. The Daxamite accuses Krypton of attacking them without provocation, and explains that he sent a distress call to Daxam because he's not on Earth by choice. He has no idea what a President is, and says that he didn't come there to kill anyone. When Supergirl says that he never will, the Daxamite figures that she's already made up his mind and doesn't see any point in talking. Out in the hallway, Supergirl tells Hank that she didn't tell the Daxamite what happened to his homeworld.

The next day, Kara gets a message that Lena wants to meet with him. She goes to Lena's office and admits that she wrote a scathing article about the device but Snapper made her redo it. Kara says that some things happened that made her rethink her position, and admits that there are some bad aliens out there. Lena says that she adored Lex until he revealed his true colors, and she lost him to evil. She figures that they can learn to protect themselves, and Kara agrees.

At the central park, Olivia is preparing to announce her Alien Amnesty Act. Supergirl and Alex are standing watch, and Maggie comes over to join Alex. Alex thanks her for her help and assures her that the Daxamite is locked up. Olivia begins her speech and says that their alien visitors will no longer be strangers. As she signs the Act, bursts of heat vision hit the podium. Supergirl flies down and puts the flames out, and an alien from the bar fires a burst of heat, knocking Supergirl back. She takes out Alex and Maggie draws a gun on her, and the alien blasts the gun out of her hand.

Supergirl spins at superspeed to put out the flames on her suit, and confirms that Alex is okay. The alien has disappeared... and Maggie with her. When Hank arrives, Supergirl blames herself for what happened because she was so blinded about what happened to Daxam. Hank gets a photo of the alien from the press and Alex recognizes her from the bar.

Back at the bar, Alex approaches Boris and demands information about the alien. Boris suggests that money might jog his memory, and Alex slams him to the floor and says that the female alien abducted Maggie. A waitress says that she recognizes the alien from the photo and knows that she hangs out near the foundry.

At the foundry, the alien ties Maggie up and dismisses her as an alien groupie. The alien says that the Act is intended to draw aliens out of hiding so the government can register them. Supergirl flies in and the alien goes to her while Alex sneaks in and unties Maggie. The alien warns that the locals will lock away anyone that's different, and Supergirl heat-blasts her. Her opponent shrugs off the blast and attacks Supergirl. Supergirl is unable to hold onto her but uses her ice breath to freeze her. The alien quickly burns her way out and blasts Supergirl back.

Alex tells Maggie to get out and then takes cover as the alien blasts her. Supergirl recovers and speeds around her, creating a vortex that puts out her flames. When he alien goes for Alex's discarded gun, Maggie clubs her unconscious.

The next day at CatCo, James has another editorial meeting. When Snapper complains about someone rewriting his piece, James says that he did it himself and asks how it feels to have someone encroaching on his job. Snapper insists that he has complete editorial control and threatens to walk, and James tells him to do it. After a moment, Snapper smiles and asks what he wants, and James tells him to deal with his department and he'll deal with his.

Alex takes Maggie to the DEO and has her injuries checked out. She says that Maggie gave her the chance to consider that not all aliens are hostiles to be caged. They both agree that they made a good team, and Maggie says that she has a hot date with a lady as she leaves.

Supergirl visits the Daxamite and enters his cell. She admits that she doesn't know him at all and she misjudged him. Supergirl introduces herself and explains that she's also a refugee, and offers his hand. After a moment, the Daxamites takes it and says that his name is Mon-el. He asks her if she help him get in touch with his homeworld, and Supergirl says that the debris from Krypton struck Daxam's moon and disrupted the planet's gravity. Daxam was ravaged by solar storms and it's destroyed

Olivia returns to the DEO and thanks Supergirl and Hank for what they did. When Hank warns that he's still leery of her policy, Olivia says that he has to live in the world. As Olivia walks off, her features basically transform into an alien visage.

That night, Hank goes to the aliens bar and transforms into his Martian form. Nobody reacts, and J'onn goes to the bar and the waitress stares at him. She abruptly says that her shift ended and walks away. J'onn transforms and goes after her, and the woman changes into a female Martian, M'gann M'orzz. She introduces herself as the last daughter of Mars.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2016

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