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Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit Recap

A newlywed couple leaves the church and get into their limo... unaware that Jervis is posing as their chauffeur. He tells them that they won't be attending the reception because they're needed elsewhere. Jervis locks the doors and says that their fate depends on Jim Gordon. A boy is sitting next to him in the front, and Jervis tells him to buckle in.

At the Cobblepot mansion, Oswald enjoys the morning. He says that he has found someone and he has to confess his feelings to Edward.

Jim and Valerie have breakfast at a diner and the reporter tires to pump him for information. He refuses to help her when she wants to interview Lee about Alice's blood, and says that it's complicated. Valerie admits that they make a pretty good team, and asks Jim when he's going to give up his PI act given his lack of success. As she leaves, Valerie says that their being together is nice. An albino man comes over and tells Jim that Jervis has a message for him. The man recites a poem, warning that if Jim doesn't follow him then people will die.

The man, White Rabbit, leads Jim to a pay phone. It rings and when Jim answers it, Jervis says that he's made a thorough study of Jim. The hypnotized couple gets out of the limo and walk forward, and Jervis says that he's going to force Jim to confront his real self and drive him mad. He then tells Jim to look at the nearby overpass where the couple is standing on the edge. Jervis says that they're going to jump to their deaths in 30 seconds. Jim can save them, but there's also a boy, Shane, who White Rabbit will run over. Jervis tells Jim that he can't save both, and asks who he is going to choose. Jim runs to the boy, Shane, and tackles him as the truck goes by. The couple jump to their death and Jim can only watch.

Jim returns to the phone and Jervis tells him that it's his fault that the newlyweds are dead. He then gives Jim an address to go to and warns that if the police get involved then more people will die.

Mario and Lee are reading a newspaper article about their engagement, and Mario says that Carmine wants to throw them an engagement party. He tells her that he said no, but Lee says that it sounds wonderful.

Edward is sending out mail and tells the messenger to leave a bomb outside of Nicky the Nail's place. Oswald comes in and congratulates Edward on settling into his role as chief of staff. Edward admits that he came up empty tracking down Butch and apologizes for letting Oswald down. Oswald assures him that he hasn't and starts to tell him something, but then says that he forges. They head out to a tour a school with the press there.

Harvey and Barnes arrive at the scene, and Shane tells them that Jim saved his life. As he looks at the couple, Harvey notices that Barnes is no longer using his cane and the captain says that he doesn't need it any more. He tells Harvey to put out an APB on Jim, and Harvey notices White Rabbit standing nearby. They go over and realize that he's hypnotized... and Jervis is involved.

Jim arrives at the address and goes inside, gun drawn. There's a bulletin board with articles about his father pinned to it. A phone rings and Jim answers it. Jervis tells him to look through a nearby telescope, which is aimed at Jervis on the street. He taunts Jim about Barbara's attempted wedding, and Jim hangs up. Jervis calls him back and tells him to never hang up on him again, and Jim hangs up. When Jervis calls back again, Jim says that Alice hated Jervis, and Jervis says that if Jim hangs up again then she dies. When Jim wonders who he's talking about, Jervis makes it clear that he's talking about Valerie and invites Jim to look down the street. The Tweeds drag her into a van and drive away by the time Jim gets down to the street.

Barbara and Jessica are at Sirens discussing the fact that Jessica has hidden Butch at a safehouse. Jim comes in and asks where Jervis is. When Barbara says that she doesn't know, Jim breaks the bottle that she's drinking from and says that Jervis said things that only Barbara could have told him. When Barbara starts rambling, Jim draws a gun and shoots a bottle. Jessica draws her gun and Barbara stops her, and then says that Jervis came in and asked her about everything about Jim. She told Jervis that they're still in love, and about Lee as well. Jim leaves and calls Lee, but Jervis answers and tells him to meet at the water & power company in ten minutes. Once Jervis hangs up, he introduces Lee to Valerie and says that they're two halves of Jim's heart.

At the police station, White Rabbit continues repeating his message to Jim. Barnes is interrogating him and loses his temper, his eyes turning green. Harvey comes in and says that they've spotted Jim at the water & power plant. Barnes leaves, leaving a chair behind with hand imprints on it.

Jim enters the plant and finds a gun mounted on a stand and TV screens showing Jervis. He points to the catwalk above where a pediatrician and a news anchor are strapped to chair. Jim has to kill one or the other with a gun. If he doesn't then Jervis will electrocute both. Jim says that he's not killing anyone, Harvey and the others run in, and Jervis says that they're in time to see Jim kill two men. He hits a switch and the two men die, and Jim vows to find Jervis. Jervis tells him to ask an old friend how to get to the end and stops the broadcast.

At the school, Oswald tours a third-grade class and notices one boy sitting by himself. The teacher explains that the boy, Luke, is new there. Oswald goes over and Luke worries that the other children might not like him. The mayor says that he'll never know unless he tries, and he should push them down the stairs if they don't like him. Edward comes over and admits that he's impressed, and Oswald says that he wants to discuss something at dinner that night.

Jim tells Harvey and Barnes that Jervis has Lee and Valerie and is trying to drive Jim insane. Barnes assures him that he did what he could, and Jim figures that Jervis is preparing him to choose between Lee or Valerie. The captain assures Jim that he'll find them.

Lee tries to convince the Tweeds to turn against their employer, but they ignore her and chain her up in the bathroom of her apartment. Once they're alone, Valerie points out that she had just asked Jim to get her an interview with Lee. Lee refuses to discuss it, and Valerie figures that Jim was trying to protect Lee.

At the station, Barnes confirms that Mario has been in surgery all morning. Jim says that last thing that Jervis said, and Barnes tells the officers what is going on. Meanwhile, Jim sees White Rabbit in a holding cell and asks him how he gets to the end. White Rabbit gestures for a pen, and when Jim gives it to him he writes down Jervis' message that Lee is at her apartment. As Jim leaves, Mario comes in and demands to know where Lee is. Jim tells Mario to trust him, and figures that Jim knows where. Jim says that Mario might be the only person who can help him and takes him out.

As Lee tries to pick the lock on the manacle, Valerie asks her why she moved back to Gotham when she could have gotten a job in ay city. Lee insists that she didn't come there for Jim and gets the manacle open. Valerie tries to pick her manacle but the pick breaks. Jervis comes in and says that the guests of honor will be there shortly.

Jim enters the brownstone and finds Jervis, Lee, and Valerie seated at the dining table. Jervis welcomes him to his tea party, and orders him to hand over his gun and take a seat. Jim finally does so and Jervis serves tea. He then talks about him and his sister.

Outside, Mario goes in through the basement door and gets out a hidden gun.

Jervis talks about how he hired Jim to find Alice, and Jim turned his sister against her. He says that Jim has run from his true self every day, and warns that the woman he loves is going to die once he figures out which one it is.

Mario goes upstairs, gun ready.

Jervis talks about Lee, saying that she got pain and sadness trying to "save" Jim and she still loves him. He then turns to Valerie, saying that she still has hope for Jim but will eventually learn what he really is. Jervis then picks up a gun and tells Jim to choose which one he kills. Jim tells him to have Jervis and the Dunfreys lower their guns. Mario comes in and says that he'll shoot Jervis, and Jervis says that he went down to the basement and switched the gun's magazine for an empty one. The Dunfreys aim their guns at Mario, and Jervis has one of them escort Mario to the bathroom.

Once Mario is escorted out, Jim says that Alice knew that Jervis was crazy. She told him what Jervis did to her when they were kids, and Jervis insists that Alice loved him. Jim says that Alice killed herself rather than let Jervis touch her again, and she smiled when she died because she was happy to be free of Jervis. Furious, Jervis comes over and puts his gun to Jim's head. Jim says that he's the one Jervis wants, and tells him to let Lee and Valerie go. After a moment, Jervis gets control of himself and says that he won't let Jim confuse him. He plans to let Jim live on and suffer without his love, and tells him to choose.

Jim refuses and Jervis tells Jim to tell him which one he kills or he'll shoot both women. He counts to three, and Jim tells him to kill Lee. Jervis figures that he chose Lee because he loves Valerie, and shoots Valerie in the stomach. He says that Jim always knew the truth that he's a villain, and walks out with the Dunfreys. Jim goes to Valerie while Lee calls for an ambulance. The medics arrive and take Valerie to the hospital. Mario tells Jim that he's got it from there and goes into the operating room.

At the Cobblepot mansion, Oswald rehearses telling Edward that he loves him.

Edward is at a shop buying wine. A woman, Isabella, comes in and talks about wine. He looks over and realizes that Isabella is the splitting image of Kris. Isabella apologizes for being so forward, and Edward says that she reminds him of someone he knew a long time ago. She recites a riddle and Edward solves it, and introduces himself.

Harvey arrives at the hospital and tells Jim that the whole force is canvassing the city for Jervis. He wonders why Jim didn't come to him, and Jim says that he thought he could save them both. Harvey says that he did what he thought he was right, but Jim figures that Jervis won. Jim then goes to where Lee is sitting and starts to talk about what he said, but Lee tells they'll discuss it later.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2016

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