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Weaponizer Recap

A man goes to a suburban home and adjust a skateboard on the lawn. When the mother in the house comes home, she trips over the skateboard, goes in, and blames her teenage son. The dog runs out and a SUV swerves to avoid it... and slams into Chloe's car.

Later, Lucifer visits Chloe and wonders if the crash was an accident. Chloe insists that it was, and Lucifer admits that the crash may have been his father sending him a message. Apparently satisfied, Lucifer warns her that she and Maze don't mix. Chloe insists that they've become friends--sort of--and insists that it will be fine. As Chloe takes a call, Trixie comes in and asks Chloe to read to her. Chloe says that she has a new case and Trixie has to go to school, and Trixie angrily yells at her mother to read the book to her now. Her mother wonders what the matter is, and Trixie says that she doesn't want her to get hurt. Chloe insists that her job is dangerous but she won't get hurt, and they hug.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the crime scene where Ella is checking the body at a dojo. Lucifer recognizes the dead man as Wesley Cabot, and explains that he's the star of the Body Bags movies. He insists that it's an escape from reality and explains that Wayne was let go because of his drug problems. He ended up teaching karate, and was apparently living at the dojo. Ella reports that the time of death was 7 am, and he was hit with a nunchuck statue: an award for Best Fight sequence. Lucifer lies down and takes a selfie with the corpse, and sees a poster of one of the Body Bags movies. He figures that the villain in that movie, Ozaki, killed Cabot. A witness, a kid, saw a hummer driving away.

While Chloe talks to the kid, Ella asks Lucifer why he likes Cabot so much. Lucifer says that Cabot's character could do whatever he wants and was applauded for it, and Ella assumes that he's a method actor. The man from the lawn walks by the window and Lucifer sees him. When he goes after the man, he sees him on the roof of a nearby building. Lucifer goes up and the man hails his "brother," and Lucifer realizes that it's the angel Uriel. He wonders what Uriel wants, and Uriel tells him that he has 24 hours to bring Charlotte there or he'll kill Chloe and take back what God gave Lucifer.

Later, Lucifer meets with Amenadiel and Maze and tells them about Uriel. Maze tells Lucifer that it's try to pay up on his deal, and Amenadiel insists that Uriel can't kill humans. Lucifer reminds him that Uriel plays with patterns and can kill a human without direct involvement. However, he figures that since Uriel doesn't know about Amenadiel, they can have him convince Uriel to go back to Heaven or attack him.

At the station, Lucifer tells Chloe that she is being targeted by cosmic forces but he's dealing with it. Chloe tells her to be unpredictable, and says that he won't leave her side until the threat is over. Dan comes over and says that Cabot is dead, and Chloe realizes that he's a fan. Lucifer is impressed with Dan's taste, and Dan says that the witness remembered the first three plate numbers of the gateway car. There are 13 matches, and one of them is of Playmate Jamie Lee Adrienne. She's Cabot's ex-wife and Lucifer suggests that she went to "renegotiate" their wedding arrangement.

Chloe brings Jamie in and she admits that she was at the dojo. She plays a phone call message of Cabot saying that his life was destroyed after Body Bags 4, and when she got there he was already dead. Jamie insists that she wouldn't have hurt him, and she was with her Pilates instructor her when Cabot was killed. Lucifer asks her about her current husband, Kimo Van Zandt, who was Cabot's former co-star. He explains that Cabot and Kimo was at ActionCon in Reno, signing autographs.

Back at Chloe's desk, Lucifer and Dan explain that in Body Bags 4, Kimo appeared for the first time and got spun off into his own more personal franchise, The Weaponizer. Chloe suggests that Kimo killed Cabot and points out that ActionCon doesn't occur until later. They figure that either Jamie is lying or Kimo lied to her.

Charlotte is at her human host's office dealing with lawyer business when Amenadiel comes in. He suggests that her being there is postponing the inevitable, and warns that other siblings will come looking for her. Charlotte figures that she can convince them like she convinced Lucifer and Amenadiel, but Amenadiel warns that she was gone for a long time and might not know her children as well as she thinks. His mother concedes the point but figures that she'll take every moment she can get with her sons.

That night, Chloe gets a tip about Kimo's location. As she and Chloe stake out the place, Lucifer insists on throwing away her sandwich. Chloe wonders why he's so concerned about her, but Lucifer sees Kimo come out putting on a mask. He jumps a hipster, and Chloe goes over and orders Kimo on the ground.

At the station, Chloe and Lucifer question Kimo. He says that the hipster has gambling debts and now he's breaking legs for the Mob to pay his bills. Lucifer asks what he truly desires, and Kimo says that he wants his wife to be happy so he takes any job to keep his wife happy. He insists that he and Cabot were friends, and their rivalry was just for publicity. The actor says that he and Cabot kept their friendship secret from Jamie so it wouldn't be weird. At 7 a.m. he was signing stuff at a small comic book store. Kimo lied to Jamie so she wouldn't learn how bad it was. A uni brings in a report confirming that Kimo's prints were on the murder weapon and Chloe puts him under arrest.

Later back at Chloe's desk, Lucifer figures that Kimo is too whiny to be a killer. He pays Kimo's bail and Kimo's business manager Ryan Goldberg comes over and thanks Lucifer. Ryan explains that Kimo ran through his money and blew it all. Chloe sees Dan taking selfies with Kimo's photo, and Lucifer sees Amenadiel on the mezzanine. He goes up and Amenadiel suggests that they hide Charlotte and Chloe, and wait Uriel out. Lucifer figures that Amenadiel has spent too much time on Earth restraining himself, and tells him to unleash his power and smite Uriel. He explains that they all looked up to Amenadiel, and he'll intimidate Uriel. Amenadiel figures that once Uriel sees him in his angelic glory, he'll back down.

Amenadiel meets Uriel on the rooftop and tells him that he must go home because he has things under control. Uriel isn't convinced and says that he's there to help, and Amenadiel dismisses him as pathetic and small, lost in the crowd of his better. He says that if God wants something done, he sends him, not Uriel. Uriel backs up nervously as Amenadiel advances on him and says that he's standing in his way. The lesser angel apologizes and says that he's going home. However, then he punches Amenadiel, who goes down. He figured that Amenadiel was talking too much and kicks him, and unfurls his wings before beating Amenadiel.

At the station, Dan tells Chloe that Kimo's alibi checks out. He "confiscated" all of Cabot's action figures and points out that that Cabot should have been getting 10% but was only getting 1%. Kimo had the same deal and was getting ripped off the same way, and both men had Ryan as a manager. Chloe figures that Cabot confronted Ryan, and the manager killed him. Lucifer says that he's not coming because the threat to Chloe should have passed. Once he leaves, Chloe goes to talk to Ryan. Ella jokingly says that they should get a room, and Dan wonders what she means. She quickly dismisses what she said, and Dan remembers that there were two awards. He goes after Chloe and says that someone must have switched Kimo's award with his fingerprints for Cabot's. Chloe suggests that Jamie might have switched them and tells Dan to talk to her while she finds Ryan at a business meeting.

Lucifer returns to his penthouse and finds Maze tending to a battered Amenadiel. She complains that they didn't listen to him and walks out, and Amenadiel admits that he lost his powers because of his sins. He figures that he's fallen, and Lucifer says that it's probably the best thing that's happened to him. However, first he has to clear up his mess and save Chloe from Uriel.

Uriel goes to the beach and knocks a newspaper out of a father's hand. He bumps into his son, who drops his beach ball and rolls in front of Kimo's car as he drives by. When Kimo gets out, he sees Ryan going into the nearby hotel for his lunch meeting. Chloe arrives and goes in, as Uriel watches and smiles.

Maze goes to the soccer field where Charlotte is trying to deal with her host body's son. Her son is barking, and Maze glares at him until he stops and apologizes. The demon then tells Charlotte that they need to talk.

At the hotel, Jamie and Ryan are having lunch and kissing when Chloe comes over. They claim that they're having a business meeting, but Chloe figures that they're celebrating Ryan stealing from his clients. Jamie has no idea what's going on, but Chloe says that Cabot investigated and discovered that Ryan was ripping him off. He told Jamie, who told Ryan, and Jamie insists that Ryan killed Cabot. Ryan says that it was Jamie's idea, just as Kimo arrives with a shotgun and hears the entire thing. Chloe steps forward and tells him not to ruin his life.

Lucifer arrives and says that the entire thing was enraged to get her killed. Chloe says that Kimo is just a man in a lot of pain, and tells Kimo that she was in a car accident and she's terrified of how it can all just end. She wants to go home and read a bedtime story to Trixie, but they can't affect what happens to them: only the choices they make. Chloe asks Kimo to make the right choice and put down the gun, and after a moment he does so. The unis take him away, and Lucifer congratulates Chloe. He offers to escort her back to the station, but Chloe says that she's leaving alone and facing whatever happens to her. Lucifer says that there's something he needs to deal with and goes.

That night, Charlotte goes to Lucifer's penthouse and says that she's letting Uriel take her back to Hell. Maze is with her and says that it's what's best for everyone. Lucifer insists that he's keeping his word, and says that God won't tell any of them what He wants. When he refuses to let it continue, Charlotte says that he's her son. She points out that they all excluded Uriel as children, but he always came back when he's stubborn. Charlotte warns that Uriel won't give up until he has Chloe or her, but Lucifer says that there's always another way. His mother figures that if anyone can find it, it's him.

Lucifer drives to church and prays to God. Uriel comes in and hoped that Lucifer would bring Charlotte but figured that he wouldn't. Lucifer turns around and says that it's just him now and he's done hiding behind Amenadiel. Uriel says that he's already predicted everything Lucifer will do, and Chloe will die. Lucifer points out that he's tried twice and failed, and says that none of them know what God wants. Uriel agrees but says that he knows what God needs. Eventually He'll forgive Charlotte just like Lucifer did, and then God will let his guard down and Charlotte will destroy him.

Uriel draws the Angel of Death's blade and Lucifer realizes that he plans to obliterate Charlotte. He figures that Lucifer cares about Chloe more than Charlotte. Uriel says that if he hits one key on the church's organ then Chloe will die, and tells Lucifer to choose. Lucifer grabs his hand and punches him, and Uriel attacks him. The two angels fight and Uriel soon anticipates Lucifer's every move. Once he knocks him out, Maze drops down and they fight. She knocks the blade away but manages to predict her moves and beat her.

Irritated, Uriel says that he's going to take out Charlotte and Chloe. Lucifer sabs him with the blade and as he dies, Uriel whispers in his ear. Maze asks what he said, and Lucifer says that he couldn't understand. He says that Uriel was his brother and looks at the blood on his hands.

Chloe reads Trixie her bedtime story and Trixie asks her to read it again.

Lucifer returns home and she realizes that he killed Uriel. He wonders what he has done, and Charlotte hugs him.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2016

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