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Party at Castle Varlar Recap

At a Nazi party in December 7, 1944 German officer addressing the assembly says that their victory is close and everyone turns to watch as a rocket launches into the sky.

In the present, Jiya tells Denise and Connor that she's accessed the city's power grid and discovered a massive power drain sufficient to recharge the mothership. She's narrowed the mothership's location to a one-block radius.

At his secret base, Flynn watches as Anthony removes the plutonium core. Outside, Wyatt leads a squad of soldiers in. Inside, Flynn's men report that they have company. As his men go to power up the mothership, Anthony warns that he needs 30 more seconds if they want to get the core on-board without it exploding. He terrorists collect their equipment and Anthony successfully stores the core. They then load it aboard the mothership just as the soldiers break in. They open fire but the mothership disappears.

Wyatt calls techs in to comb over the place, and tells Denise that there's no sign of the nuke. Rufus confirms that they've traced the mothership to December 9, 1944, in Germany. He warns that if Flynn gives a nuclear bomb to the Germans before the Americans develop it a year later, it will change the course of the war.

Back at Mason industries, Rufus shows them the 50 mile radius that he's tracked the mothership to. Lucy says that there's a tavern called Die Stein Haus in the area that was rumored to be a center of Allied resistance. She suggests that someone there might be able to point them in the right direction, and Wyatt admits that he speaks German. Mason takes them to a wardrobe dock containing clothing suitable for any era that they've prepared. As Lucy gets dressed, she stares off into space until Wyatt interrupts her and asks if she's okay.

In the pod, Rufus listens to the recording he made of the others talking. He quickly puts it away as Lucy and Wyatt come aboard, and Lucy says that the password is ordering a particular drink at the bar. They travel back to 1944 and arrive in the forest, startling a nearby soldier. Rufus opens the hatch and they see the soldier, and Wyatt shoots him before he can shoot them.

Wyatt figures that there are other soldiers nearby, and kills another one when they find him. Lucy objects to Wyatt killing people, insisting that they have to protect history. As they argue, Rufus hears a convoy coming and they get off the road just in time. A V2 rocket is aboard the truck that the soldiers are escorting.

The trio continues to the tavern and Wyatt tells Rufus to steal a nearby car so they can escape if things go south. Lucy and Wyatt go in and everyone stares at them. Wyatt orders the appropriate drink and the bartender says that they don't have it. The soldier has no choice but to order two whiskeys.

Rufus tries to hotwire one of the cars.

As Wyatt and Lucy drinks, he notices that her hand is trembling. A German captain comes over and greets them, and asks if they're around there. Wyatt claims that they're heading for Antwerp, and the captain tells them to leave via the rear door.

Rufus starts the car and sees the captain taking Wyatt and Lucy out. Once they're out of sight, Wyatt goes for his gun and the captain draws his gun as well and tells them in English to put it away. The captain explains that he's with Allied Resistance, just as Rufus comes in and puts a gun to his head. Wyatt claims that they're with the OSS. The agent complains that they're cocking up his operation, and Rufus points out that he has a car. As they go, Lucy asks what the agent's name is, and he says that he's Ian Fleming with MI6. They realize that he's the famous author and insist that they've never met.

The team drives to a villa and Lucy confirms that Ian was a spy in World War II. They tell Ian that they're chasing a nuclear weapon and figure that the Germans are going to load it on the V2. Ian shows them Castle Varlar on a map and explains that the German have built a launching pad next to it. They're holding a demonstration of the V2 that night as they launch it into Belgium. Rufus warns that the bomb will wipe out everything in a three-mile radius, and figures that he can probably disarm it. Ian agrees to help them but pours some wine first. Lucy doesn't drink, and Ian insists that she does.

As the team heads out, Ian points out that Rufus doesn't blend in. Rufus says that he's a pilot and asks him how he gets used to keeping secrets and lying to everyone all the time. Ian says that he plays a role to get information and warns that there is only the mission.

When they get to the launch pad, Ian approaches the guards and discovers that they're drinking. He orders them to report to their commander, and then the others come through the gate. They find the V2 and Rufus checks it for radiation. There isn't any, and they wonder what Flynn is planning. Two cars pull up, and the team hides as the cars park by the V2. Flynn gets out with the German commander, Albert Speer, who thanks him for his generous financial donation, and Wyatt prepares to shoot him. However, rocket scientist Werner Von Braun steps in the way. Lucy recognizes him and stops Wyatt, warning that they can't change history.

Back at the villa, Lucy explains that they can't kill Von Braun. The Allies want him for themselves and have orders to apprehend him if they can. Ian points out that Von Braun's rockets landed on England, but agrees to follow orders and abduct Von Braun. He says that he'll attend the demonstration that night with Lucy as his secretary, and Wyatt and Rufus will provide backup outside the perimeter. Wyatt objects, but Lucy agrees with Ian. Once he leaves, Lucy tells Wyatt that Von Braun is too important to risk. Wyatt points out that Von Braun never gets punished for his crimes, and asks Lucy why Flynn doesn't just kill the rocket scientist if he's so important. Lucy has no answer for him.

Up in her room, Lucy puts on the Nazi pin that Ian has provided her. Her hand is still trembling, and she wavers briefly. Wyatt comes in and says that he knocked twice but got no answer. He figures that she's freaking out in the field, and says that she either has to get over the hump or crack up. Wyatt says that she should talk about what's bothering her to help her cope, and Lucy tells him that she shouldn't be there. When she was a sophomore in college she was going to abandon history to join a band. She spun out into a river and Lucy thought that she'd died. Someone came by and pulled her out, and ever since then she's always put herself in situations that she can control. What they're doing, Lucy feels like she's back in the car driving and doesn't think she can keep doing it.

Lucy wonders how Wyatt can do it, and he explains that he grew up in Texas. His grandfather was in the 101st fighting Nazis, and he's the reason Wyatt fights... to make him proud. Wyatt tells her to figure out what she's fighting for and then she'll be okay.

That night at Castle Varlar, Ian gets himself and Lucy in. Meanwhile, Wyatt talks Rufus into infiltrating the launching pad with him. The soldiers takes out the guards and says that he's doing it for someone in the 101st.

Ian assures Lucy that they'll find Von Braun. Wyatt is watching them via binoculars and sees Ian put his hand on Lucy's, and hands the binoculars to Rufus.

Ian tells Lucy that during the Blitz, he and his brother Michael went to a pub. When he went back to the car to retrieve his wallet, a bomb hit and they pulled Ian out of the rubble. The pub and much of London had been obliterated. Lucy sees a symbol on a stained glass window and recognizes it from college as a symbol from the Catholic Church. Ian spots Von Braun and tells Lucy to lure him away and he'll meet them.

Lucy approaches Von Braun and hesitates, and then steels herself and calmly walks over. However, Flynn grabs her arm and escorts her away. She says that Wyatt is nearby and wonders why Flynn doesn't kill Von Braun. She realizes that Flynn plans to give Von Braun to the Russians to damage Rittenhouse. Flynn insists that Rittenhouse is real and there's a greater good. He tells her that he doesn't like helping Nazis and shooting Lincoln, and says that one day she'll understand that he's a patriot. Lucy says that he won't get Von Braun, just as Ian comes up behind him and puts a gun to his back. Undeterred, Flynn says that he was counting on them coming after him. Speer and his men comes over, and Flynn says that Lucy and Ian are spies there to abduct Von Braun. When Ian threatens Flynn, Speer puts a gun to Lucy's head. Ian hands over his gun and the Nazis lead him and Lucy away. Speer then sends out a patrol to find the others.

Wyatt sees the entire encounter through the binoculars, and says that he's going in. Rufus objects and says that he has a better idea... and they're not going to disarm the rocket.

Flynn asks Von Braun to talk with him privately. When the rocket scientist refuses, Flynn grabs him and reaches for his gun. Meanwhile, the Nazi soldiers find a bomb at the V2 and it goes off, killing them and destroying the rocket. As everyone in the castle panics, Flynn and Von Braun are separated.

Ian shoots their guard with a holdout derringer but more Nazis arrive... and Wyatt and Rufus arrive to shoot them dead. The team finds Von Braun in the crowd and see Flynn across the hall. They get to an office and bar the door, and realize that they're trapped. Ian prepares to shoot Von Braun dead, insisting that he destroyed London. Von Braun says that he was just following orders, and Lucy appeals to Wyatt. He hesitates and then says that he agrees with Ian but trusts Lucy.

The soldiers break down the door, and Lucy sees the same Catholic symbol over the mantle. When Flynn and the soldiers break in, there's no sign of the group

Lucy leads the others out through the secret passage and explains that in the 15th century, Catholicism was outlawed there so the Catholics built a network of secret tunnels.

The next day at the villa, Von Braun calmly makes his notes while the others wait for the Allies to pick him up. Wyatt figures that Von Braun is happy because he knows how valuable he is. Rufus goes over to Von Braun and writes a series of equations in Von Braun's notebook. He says that tens of thousands of people have died because of what he's created, and Von Braun says that it isn't his concern. The rocket scientist says that all that matters is getting to the moon and he doesn't care who provides him with the means. Rufus says that he's invented something far greater than what Von Braun created, and he can't stop thinking of the destruction it's gone. Von Braun says that he wasn't thinking about it when he was creating it, or he never would have gone through with it.

The Allies arrive and take Von Braun with them. Lucy assures Ian that they made the right call, and he suggests that they look each other up if he gets to the States. He asks if Lucy will wait, and leans over to kiss her. She says that she won't, and he leaves with Von Braun and the Allied agents.

The trio returns to the present ad tell Mason and Denise what happened. He says that they're describing the plot of a Bond movie, and they realize that Ian turned their mission into an adventure. Denise wonders why Flynn didn't use the nuke, and Mason and Rufus remember that Anthony once described a theoretical process.

In the castle, Anthony says that the battery he created from the plutonium core will power the mothership for 300 years.

Rufus meets with Mason and says that he's been risking his life for Wyatt and Lucy. He knew they'd do the same for him and spies don't trust, and gives Mason the recorder. Mason says that he understands and warns him that he's in deep with the Rittenhouse people. He needs Rufus to be on his side, but Rufus says that he can't and apologizes before walking away.

Lucy tells Denise that she needs the government to create a cover story for her so she can leave her job at any time. She demands that Mason's people work on fixing history and restoring her sister to the timeline, and says that she's fighting for Amy.

Rufus drives home when the electronics on his car goes out. The car coasts to a halt, and Rufus gets out as a car pulls up. An older man gets out and addresses Rufus by name. Rufus figures that he's with Rittenhouse, and the man says that they want to protect everyone... including Rufus' family. Rufus agree that he wants them safe and Rufus' car turns back on. The man wishes Rufus safe travels and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2016

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