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Want to See Something Cool? Recap


Mike and Eddie sit at the table with their father, and a young Marla gives them birthday cake for their 11th birthday. Their father suggests that they trade and make each other's wish, and Eddie says that they share everything. The twin brothers blow out the cake together, and Marla tells them not to say what they wished for.


Marla is scrubbing the kitchen table when she sees a robed figure outside.

In Iron Hill, children are watching Candle Cove on the TV. Mr. Cloud warns Percy that the box he's found might be locked for a reason, and once bad things are let out they can't be put back. Jawbone jumps out of the chest, laughing hysterically.

At the sheriff's station, Amy turns and finds Marla in the office. Marla asks to talk to Mike, and explains that Gary brought him in earlier. Amy says that she hasn't seen Gary all night, and Marla wonders where Gary took her son.

Gary drives Mike out of town, and Mike insists that he's trying to help Katie and the others. Gary ignores him and says that they grabbed the old Iverson place for themselves. However, some rich guy bought it out from under them and gutted the place are. He never finished renovating it, and the house is on the market with Jess as the listing agent. Gary says that the house is too expensive for him to buy it.

At the hospital, Marla and Amy visit Jessica and ask her to call Gary. She gets no answer, and wonders what's going on.

Gary drives to the house and tells Mike that once the truth is out, they have to face it. He takes Mike inside and sits him down in a chair.

At school, Mr. Booth watches the children comes in.


Mrs. Booth makes fried bologna for her son Jacob, and they sit down for breakfast. She has Jacob say grace, and his mother collapses to the floor. Jacob puts a pillow under head as she goes into convulsions, and finishes saying grace.


Mrs. Booth teaches the class about the human systems and sees one boy playing a video game. Candle Cove starts playing on it, and he watches as Jawbone captures Percy and promises to have his hide. Mrs. Booth tells the boy to hand it over, and the video reverts to the game as she takes it.

Gary ties Mike to the chair, and Mike asks what's going on. A car pulls up outside and Daphne and Tim come in. Tim says that Gary called him and said that Mike confessed to one of the murders. The man says that he always thought his family had something to do with the murders, and Daphne insists that they just want to talk. Tim refuses to untie Mike, and Gary tells Mike to tell the truth. Mike talks about Candle Cove and it influenced the kids who saw it, and five of the kids were murdered. Gary says that Mike killed Eddie and after Mike left Iron Hill, the murders and disappearances stopped. When he came back, they started up again.

Daphne shows Mike photos of the children who disappeared in 1988. Among them was Gary's brother Gene, the bully who broke Eddie's fingers. Gary says that right now he and Tim are just people who lost people, and they want to know what Mike did and why he did it.


Mike goes to Gene's house and asks if he wants to see something cool. Gene isn't interested until Mike says that it's worth money and he's going to the Crow's Nest.


Jessica, Amy, and Marla go to Jessica's house and confirm that Gary isn't there.

Tim and Daphne described how they suffered after they lost their siblings. The deputy says that he found out what happened to Gene even when they wouldn't tell him, and he didn't deserve to die with his neck broken and his teeth gone. Daphne says that she still dreams about Candle Cove, and Mike says that it's still with them and he's been dreaming about it for 30 years. Tim insists that there's no connection and Mike killed Gene and the others, and he grabs Mike. Gary pulls him away and Mike says that he didn't have a choice.


Mike takes Gary to a cliff where Eddie is kneeling. Eddie asks Gene if he likes Candle Cove, and knows that he watches it. He warns Gene that he can't like to the Skin-Taker. Gene starts to walk away and Eddie tells him to stop. The bully stops and laughs hysterically, and Eddie tells Mike that he's showing Gene things in his head. Mike goes over to the bully and spits in his face, and then laughs when Gene doesn't respond. Eddie calls Gene over and makes him lick his hand, and then tells him to pay the toll. Gene pulls out two of his teeth and puts them in Eddie's hand, and Eddie tells him to walk the plank. The bully walks off the cliff and falls to his death before Mike can stop him.


Mike tells the others that Candle Cove got into Eddie because Tim and Gene made him vulnerable when they hurt him. The psychologist says that he had to stop Eddie.

As she drives through town, Amy hears a woman yelling for help. The woman says that the kids are hurting someone, and Amy goes over to where four girls are kneeling on the road, stabbing something with knives. When she gets closer, Amy realizes that they're stabbing a dummy. The children run off and Amy checks the dummy.

Jessica asks Marla why Gary arrests Mike, and Marla says that Mike did something unforgiveable. As she sips her coffee, Jessica says that she and Mike started emailing each other the last couple of years. It became a daily thing and important to her. She didn't think that Gary knew, and then Mike went quiet on her. Jessica deleted everything, and since then things have been tough since Gary lost the house in the countryside. As she talks, Jessica realizes what Gary did and confirms that the house keys aren't there. She tells Marla that she knows where Gary took Mike.

Mike tells Gary that Katie saw the show and then tried to kill Dane. Gary doesn't believe her, and Mike tells Daphne to tell the others what she dreams about. Daphne admits that they knew it was connected somehow, and Mike says that he saw Candle Cove at the Crow's Nest. He describes the face of Jawbone, but in the dreams it hasn't a different name. Mike says that he saw someone dressed as Jawbone at the Crow's Nest when he found Katie.

Gary starts to consider what Mike is saying, but Tim insists that it's just a puppet show and Mike killed the kids and Marla helped cover it up. Gary figures that they need to search the woods, but Tim grabs a plastic sheet and puts it around Mike, and then takes out his gun. Mike works at his bonds while Daphne calls 911 until Tim tells her to hang up. Gary orders Tim to put down the gun but Tim refuses and they struggle… and the gun goes off, hitting Mike in the arm. Tim and Gary struggle and Gary manages to knock Tim to the floor. Daphne sees Jessica pull up and tell Gary that his wife is there.

Jessica and Marla approach the house and Gary goes out to greet them while Tim holds his hand over Mike's mouth. He sees a box-cutter nearby and tries to grab it, and tells Daphne to hand it to him.

Marla climbs up to a window and looks in, and sees Daphne picking up the box cutters. She and Jessica barge in and Gary says that Mike killed Eddie and they need to find out what happened. As Marla tries to staunch Mike's wound, Gary draws on Tim. Amy arrives and comes in, and then draws her gun on Gary. Gary hands over his gun and Amy stares at him in shock.

Later, Mike drives out of town. He parks by the road and dozes off, and the Tooth Child approaches the car, takes his fingers, and starts nibbling on them.

In the hospital, Mike sleeps and dreams. Marla is sitting with him, and Amy comes in and wakes Mike up. She asks what happened at the house, and Marla insists on staying.


Marla sees a report about one of the children, Carl Cutter, going missing. Mike is there and hears the report as well, and goes outside to ask Eddie what happened to Carl. Eddie says that he's in Candle Cove.


Mike tells Amy about Candle Cove and how it influenced Eddie. He admits that he has no idea who the adult accomplice was, but insists that kids will watch Candle Cove just like they did and then they'll start behaving the same way that Eddie did. He figures that something happened, and Amy says that all she knows is that Mike confessed to killing Eddie. Marla says that Gary misunderstood what she said, and Mike claims that Eddie disappeared after killing the other four kids. Mike warns Amy that it's just the beginning.

That night, Tim walks through the forest and hears someone ahead. He hears children laughing and tries to make out who it is.

Jessica visits Mike and takes his hand. He sits up and says that he can't sleep there.

Daphne reaches the road and goes to Mrs. Booth's house. She tells her what happened, and the teacher advises her to turn herself in. Daphne agrees and Mrs. Booth comes back with four mugs of cocoa. She then stabs Daphne in the throat, killing her, and says that she shouldn't have fucked with Mike.

The four children from earlier are in Mrs. Booth's living room, watching Candle Cove. She comes in and asks where they left the body. Once they tell her, Mrs. Booth goes out into the woods and buries Tim's body.

The next morning at the sheriff's station, acting Sheriff Amy looks at Gary's desk. There's a present there, and Amy opens it. Inside is a large white plant.

In Westchester, NY, Lily is sleeping when sea-chanty music plays nearby. The girl wakes up and follows the noise to an upstairs room.

Mike is sleeping at home and the Tooth Child enters the house and approaches Mike. Upstairs, Marla wakes up and goes to check on her son. She hears the Tooth Child and goes on, unaware that Mrs. Booth is in the shadows. She sees the Tooth Child feeding on Mike's hand...

... and wakes up from her nightmare. Mike hears her screams and runs in. he hears someone outside calls his name, and looks outside to see Lily there. He runs out and asks her what she's doing there, but Lily doesn't respond.

In the upstairs windows of the Westchester house, the Tooth Child looks out at the night.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 26, 2016

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