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Episode 3 Recap

Eshu fires a fire blast at Vixen, who dodges it and slashes at him. He quickly recovers and blasts her out the window, and she uses her animal powers to land safely. Eshu drops down nearby and boasts that he now has two of the totems. he continues blasting Vixen, who dodges the fire and drops to the restaurant below. She orders the guests out, and he drops down and tells her that if she hands over the Totem, she can leave peacefully.

Vixen leaps on him and crushes him with the strength of a boa constructor, but Eshu blasts her away into the poll below. She stays underwater using the powers of a fish until Eshu leaves. Once he's gone, Vixen climbs out of the water.

The next day, Mari meets with Macalester and tells him what happened. he explains that each Totem harnesses a different but equal force as a balance, and Mari demands information that will let her beat him. Macalester says that she needs someone who knows the magic and Mari knows her as well.

Mari and Macalester travel to Africa and go to a hospital. Kuasa is there, badly weakened, and asks why Mari came there. She points out that Mari abandoned her ancestors, and Mari insists that she merely left a sister who attacked her. Without the power of the Totem, Kuasa is empty inside. They ask her about Eshu and how he said Mari looks like their mother. Kuasa says that he's a murderer who led the raid that destroyed their village... and killed everyone, including their father.

General Eshu confronts their mother and she sets a baby Mari down. He lunges forward and she manages to knock Eshu out using the Totem, but is badly wounded in the process. As Eshu's men recovers, she runs off to save Mari, rather than die fighting and leave her daughter unprotected.

Kuasa says that Detroit will burn until Eshu has both Totems. Mari asks if there is a spell to break Eshu's link to the Totem, like the one Kuasa used against her. Kuasa admits that much of their ancestors' information has been lost. Macalester points out that there's an archive of indigenous lore in the archives, but Kuasa says that there are three more Totems and the water Totem will best fight fire. She knows where to find it, and says that she'll only give them the information if they let her join them.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2016

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