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Lost & Found Recap

Two Days Ago

Lydia calls Farah and says that she needs help. Farah answers, , unaware that Gordon is holding a gun to Lydia's head. The girl says that she snuck out and is in trouble, and then hangs up when Farah asks her what is going on. Farah pulls up to the Ridgely building and catches a glimpse of someone watching her from the shadows. She draws her gun and goes inside, and two bald men with tattoos attack her. She knocks them out and goes to the apartment, and discovers that the door is locked. Todd is looking out the peephole of his apartment, and Farah realizes that someone is there and tells him to open the door.

Todd walks away and two more bald men attack Farah. She takes one down but the other one tasers her unconscious.


Farah wakes up and tries to grab a nearby blade. Five bald men stop her and look down on the bodyguard.

Estevez and Zimmerfield check out Patrick's body, and the young coroner offers to let them see the decapitated head. He wonders why they're there when they're Missing Persons and it's a Major Crimes case, and Estevez points out that Patrick's daughter Lydia is missing. He asks where the other two bodies are, and the coroner says that they were transferred to a FBI language to determine the we4apon used to cut them in half. They were apparently bitten in half by a great hammerhead shark.

Dirk, hiding in a bush watching the house that Todd took the dog back to, tells Todd that a great hammerhead shark killed Patrick. Todd insists that he's not Dirk's assistant, and that the girl he saw when he returned the dog was Lydia. Dirk suggests that he admit that there's a connection between the two of them and Patrick's murder, but Todd insists that he just returned a dog and starts walking off. The private investigator asks where he has to go since he's unemployed, and Todd reluctantly shows him the lottery ticket. The$10,000 he won will let him rebuild his life and pay for Amanda's medications, and Dirk insists that it's no coincidence and the universe is thanking Todd for helping Dirk.

As they talk, Gordon drives up to the house. Todd ducks into the bushes with Dirk to hide, Dirk takes the lottery ticket and runs over to the house, and gets inside the garage just as the door closes. Todd reluctantly follows him.

Bart's car stops in the middle of a forest, and she pulls over. She tells Ken that it will start up again once it's meant to, and that they're getting out. Bart asks why no one has tried to call him in the day since she abducted him, and he rather unconvincingly says that his girlfriend will call. The holistic assassin asks who Red was and why Ken was there, and he finally explains that he's the electrician for organizations that hire him to do illegal stuff. They wanted him to build a power converted to leech off of a larger network, and he was halfway through programming it when Bart showed up. Bart thanks him for the assassin and admits that it's the most anyone has said to her in five years because they're usually busy screaming and begging. She tells him that no one is coming that isn't supposed to drive, just as a biker drives down the road.

Dirk searches the garage and finds a photo of Gordon and his wife. Todd finds the door remote in the car, but Dirk warns that it's too loud. He sees posters of rock star Lux Du'Jour hanging up and wonders if Gordon is holding him as well. Todd refuses to investigate anything, but Dirk tosses his lottery ticket inside the house to get Todd to go in.

Amanda is at home taking medicine and tires to put on her makeup. She then goes outside to have a cigarette and sees the Rowdy 3's van drive down the street. It follows her down the street and a street light explodes above it. Frightened, Amanda runs back into her house.

Gordon is drawing tattoos on his arm and Lydia comes up to him, crawling on the floor and acting like a dog. As he gets a call, Todd and Dirk sneak in. They hear him saying that the guys at the hotel are in on. As Todd crawls over to the ticket, Lydia crawls up to him and licks him on the face. They duck into the bathroom as Gordon comes over. Dirk says that Lydia is Lydia and it's a huge breakthrough, but they're probably going to die.

In the next room, Gordon insists that he's the Supreme Soul and he's running things. Todd looks out and listens as Gordon sticks a gun and sticks it in his waistband, and insists that they're going to take control of the situation.

Farah tries to fight but the bald men taser her and put her on the bed, and strap electrodes to her head. The leader says that they're Ed, Zed, and Fred, and explains that they're not they're real names. Farah says that their associate, Ned, threatened to cut her face off with a bone saw. Ed admits that Ned liked to do that, and Farah demands to know where Lydia is. They admit that they killed Patrick, and that his being dead is an oversight on her part. They ask where the kitten is and how Patrick was in two places at once, and wonders who killed Ned. Zed turns on the battery that they've hooked up to Farah.

FBI agents Weedle and Nathan leave Dorian's house, just as Estevez and Zimmerfield pull up. The agents figure that Todd is a person of interest in their case as well as the detectives, and the detectives admit that someone higher up got Dirk released. Zimmerfield says that they're about the bodies, and Estevez realizes that the FBI didn't transfer the bodies. He says that they have to go and leave with Zimmerfield.

Bart hides in the woods and lets the bi8ker assume that the car belongs to Ken. He checks the engine and calls Ken over, and says that it's the carburetor. As the biker points out that lots of people die along the road, Bart steps out and hears Ken ask the biker to call him a cab. The man says that he'll fix it, and Ken goes back over to Bart. She offers him some raisins and says that when she was a kid, she heard about other kids like her. Ken asks who Dirk is, and Bart says that he came to her in a dream she had. She insists that the world takes her where she needs to go, and when she finds him she'll kill him. Bart figures that she should kill the biker, and Ken points out that he's helping them. After a moment, she accepts that.

Todd peers out the bathroom door and then ducks back as Gordon looks over briefly. Dirk apologizes for tossing the lottery ticket in the house, and Todd tries to reach the window latch. Lydia crawls in and offers Dirk a dog toy, and he and Todd both duck back as Gordon walks by. Dirk tosses the dog toy out, knocking a candle over onto some papers, and Lydia brings it back. The Corgi, Rapunzel, grabs Lydia's pant leg in her teeth, and Todd's cell phone rings. Gordon hears it and Todd knocks the window open and dives out. As he runs, smoke pours out of the window.

Gordon comes into the bathroom with a gun, and Dirk throws his business cards at him and slams the door shut. He grabs Rapunzel and runs out, while Gordon sees the fire and goes to put it out.

Amanda leaves a message for Todd and asks if Dirk mentioned anything about having him some people follow her. The Rowdy 3 van is still parked outside, and Amanda finally hangs up and then goes outside and throws a brick at the van. She hallucinates her body freezing and goes back inside to take her meds. The Rowdy3 throw the brick back through the window with a note attached: "Hi."

Estevez and Zimmerfield go back to the morgue and discover that the young coroner they talked to earlier is gone. The coroner on duty has no idea who they're talking about, and confirms that he wasn't there when they were earlier. Zimmerfield figures that someone is screwing with them and Estevez figures that something real is going on.

Ed and his associates leave the Ridgely building with an unconscious Farah. Nathan and Weedle are watching the place and see them, and figure that it looks suspicious. However, they don't want to be the bitch and call the detectives.

Todd finally stops running and checks his voicemails. Dirk arrives with Rapunzel and insists that the dog is important, and Todd asks him how he heard that Patrick was killed by a shark. He doesn't want to hear the explanation, and complains that Dirk tricked him into breaking into a house. Dirk asks Rapunzel if the dog is Lydia, and it barks at him. He speculates that they're dealing with a group that hypnotized dogs into thinking that their they're and humans into thinking they're dogs. Todd says that Lydia clearly wanted to be there and tells Dirk to call the police, and then walks off. Dirk calls after him, saying that he's trying to do the right thing. He gets dragged into horrible things when the world leads him where it wants him to go. Once he finds out who killed Patrick, the world will move him on. Dirk figures that if he doesn't solve the cases he's on, no one does.

A message comes in with a photo of Farah, and Todd remembers her from the apartment building. The kidnappers demand the return of the dog or they'll kill Farah, and tell Dirk to meet them at Eastgate Bridge at midnight.

That night, Dirk and Todd drive to the bridge with Rapunzel. A van pulls up at the other end and Dirk gets out. Todd follows him, and Gordon gets out of the van. Nathan and Weedle are watching from a distance, and recognize Todd and Dirk. The agents figure that they'll take them in once it's done.

Gordon brings Farah over and tells them to hand over the dog. Dirk threatens to tear the dog off the bridge, and asks how Gordon knows who they are. He says that they don't know who she is, and asks where the kitten is. Gordon wonders why they killed Patrick, and they have no idea what he's talking about. Neither do the FBI agents listening in with a parabolic mike.

Todd walks forward with Rapunzel, and threatens to toss it over the bridge if Gordon doesn't let the woman go. Gordon promises to burn the soul out of his body if he doesn't cooperate, and Todd briefly sees a ghostly spirit emerge from Todd. He panics and throws the dog over the side, and the FBI agents move in. Farah knocks Gordon over, and one of the bald men opens fire with his electric crossbow and just misses Todd. Nathan fires, hitting the bald man in the shoulder, and another bald man shoots Nathan in the back. More bald men jump Weedle.

Farah runs for Dirk and Todd and they all get in their car. They drive past the van and Gordon jumps out of the way. The bald men come over and ask what happened, and say that they killed Nathan but Weedle is still alive. Gordon confirms that the two men are FBI agents, and Gordon asks the wounded bald man how he'd like to be a secret agent. Rapunzel, watching from the woods, runs off.

The biker finishes the repairs and Ken tells him that he should go. Amused, the biker says that he's going to shoot him dead and cut the car up for pieces. Ken tells him that he's the one in danger, and Bart asks if she can kill him now. When Ken agrees, Bart comes over, casually dodging the bullets as the biker shoots at her. His revolver misfires, and Bart takes it and beats him to death. She tells Ken that the universe won't let her die, puts the gun to her head, and pulls the trigger repeatedly. Nothing happens except when she fires it into the air. Ken wonders why she hasn't killed him, and Bart figures that he's special, too. She then starts the car up and tells Ken to get in, and he does.

Riggins is waiting to meet with General Kinsey. He's finally called into a conference room and a new officer, Wilson, informs him that now Riggins reports to her. The committee has been reviewing Project Blackwing, and Wilson says that his research was inconclusive and mistakes were made. Riggins has failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them from the original breach, and now they have over 30 dangerous individuals at large. Riggins points out that they only have enough budget to surveil one: Dirk. He warns that the subjects can't be detained, and Wilson gives him one last chance to bring them in himself. She warns that if he fails then the former Blackwing subjects will be eliminated... starting with Dirk.

Amanda sits down at her drums and opens the garage door. The van is still out front, and Amanda starts playing.

Dirk and Todd carry Farah to Dirk's place, and Dirk thanks Todd for his help. Todd is intrigued by what's going on, and realizes that the dead men at the penthouse had the same tattoos as the men who attacked them at the bridge. As he says that he aw something crazy, Todd notices that the kitten is drinking from a saucer of milk. Dirk explains that it's the kitten that everyone has been looking for, and then greets Farah by name. Furious, Todd realizes that Dark has been lying and tries to strangle him.

Amanda continues playing the drums and then gives the Rowdy 3 the finger.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2016

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