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The Fall Recap

In Manhattan, Eldritch meets with Abraham and says that he has broken with the Master once and for all, and riddled Eichhorst with silver bullets. He insists that Eichhorst is no longer of consequence, and he took a second nuclear weapon from the Aurora Cutlass. Eldritch figures that the Master will do anything to get it back, and will have to retrieve it himself. He tells Abraham to get his team together and attack the Master when he comes to Stoneheart to get the weapon, and warns that it is the endgame for both of them.

Eichhorst limps down the street, moaning in agony. He calls to the master and collapses, and two looters approach him. They realize that Eichhorst is a strigoi trying to pass as human, and prepare to take its head. Armed strigoi arrive and gun the two lotters down, and then carry Eichhorst off.

On the street in Tribeca, Zach is playing fetch with his feeler. He tells the feeler to get him a flag atop a nearby building and it leaps to obey him. A car pulls up and the driver asks if Zach is okay. The boy tells him to leave him alone, and says that they're leaving the city. As he invites Zach to come with him, the feeler drops down and starts to attack the man. Zach tells it to stop, but the driver fires at it and it strings him.

At the lab, Eph is packing up and finds a photo of his family. He folds it up and puts it in his pocket, and then leaves with the scrambler. Eph goes to the where Abraham is meeting with Vasiliy, Quinlan, and Dutch. Vasiliy says that they don't need Eph's help, but Abraham insists that they have to work together or they will all die. The exterminator concedes the point and Abraham says that Dutch will take the device and set it up in the Stoneheart security center. Abraham and Eph will go up to Eldritch's penthouse, and Dutch will activate the scrambler and incapacitate him. Then Vasiliy will bring in the box and they will force the Master inside of it. Then they'll put the box on a tugboat, sail out to the North Atlantic, and sink him.

Eldritch and his security team return to Stoneheart via the parking garage. As they head in, the Master's mercenaries open fire. Duncan gets Eldritch to cover but then he and the remaining security guards go down as the Master's shriek echoes in their heads. The strigoi soldiers finish off the security guards and the screeching stops. The Master is in Kroft's body and demands the weapon back. Eldritch says that it's in his safe and the Master needs him, and the Master suggests that it's in his best interests not to destroy Eldritch. He agrees to abide by the terms of their original terms and Kroft takes out a handful of worms and forces them down Eldritch's throat. The Master says that eternal life is now his and vomits the white down his throat before the Kroft body collapses. After a moment, the Master awakens in Eldritch's body.

Zach goes inside and burns the drivers' belongings. Kelly comes in and says that she heard about the driver. She tells Zach that he did the right thing and insists that being turned is an act of great beauty. Zach wonders why he hasn't been turned, and Kelly says that she wants to but the Master has other plans. She wants Eph to join them, but accepts that he's following his own path. Kelly assures Zach and the feeler that she and the Master are proud of both of them, and they are going to join him.

Eph goes to the van where Vasiliy is loading material. Vasiliy says that he figures that Abraham wants to keep Eph close to him as the weakest link. As Dutch comes out, Vasiliy says that once it's done they won't have to see each other again. Eph agrees and leaves, and Vasiliy says that she made it clear that she didn't want him. He points out that she slept with every other person she meet, and Dutch calls him a sanctimonious hypocrite as she walks off.

The Master goes to Eldritch's penthouse office and has Eichhorst brought in on a wheelchair. Eichhorst looks up and the Master confirms who he is. He says that he will be at full strength soon enough, and the Eichhorst wonders why he has taken Eldritch's form. The Master says that he now possesses all of Eldritch's knowledge and memories, and has located the other nuclear device in the penthouse. Eichhorst says that his time is at an end and asks him to release him, and the Master says that he is too valuable to lose. He rips open Eichhorst's shirt and dribbles some of the White on the wounds. The Master then tells Eichhorst to rise and behold mankind's final day. His wounds healed, Eichhorst rises and stares at his lord.

Kelly makes Eichhorst's face up and he says that no one can stop the Master now. He invites Zach to see what is inside the case, and shows him the second nuclear weapon. He explains how to arm the detonator, does so, and tells Kelly to keep it for the Master. The Master is the only one to press the button. Eichhorst says that the Master has an important meeting upstairs, and once it is finished the final phase will commence. He tells Zach to keep an eye on Kelly, says that he will be back for both of them shortly, and leaves.

The next day, Eichhorst meets with Desai aboard a ferry in the harbor. He tells Desai that they have a need for a helpful human confederate, and that soon an event akin to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs will commence. Eichhorst gives Desai the suitcase with the nuclear weapon and tells him to place it precisely where he instructed. The German looks out at the sunlight streaming down on the city and says that he won't miss it as the ferry continues to Staten Island.

The team pulls up to Stoneheart and unloads the scrambler. Quinlan tells the others to go ahead while he has a last look around. They go to the elevator and Abraham wishes Dutch and Vasiliy luck before taking the elevator up to the penthouse. The others take the elevator to the security center, and Vasiliy insists that he isn't sanctimonious. He points out that Dutch slept with him, and she doesn't see the point. As they go up, Vasiliy wishes that things had ended up better between them. Dutch agrees as they reach the floor beneath the penthouse. She goes to the security center and sets up the scrambler, while Vasiliy takes the box to the service kitchen.

Quinlan finds the dead security guards and Kroft's body.

Abraham and Eph arrive at the penthouse and "Eldritch" says that there's no sign of the Master. He says that the bomb is near and safe, and Abraham suspects that something is going on.

Dutch monitors the penthouse from the security center monitors.

Abraham glances over at the jar containing Miriam's heart, and the Master invites him to take it. He asks how many years has it been, and then tells Eph that the situation between him and Kelly is sad. When the Master says that Zach has great potential and a dark heart, Abraham realizes that it's the Master and swings at him. The Master easily dodges his blow and knocks him to the floor.

Dutch warns Vasiliy and he tells her to turn on the scrambler. She discovers that it isn't working.

A strigoi mercenary open fire on Quinlan as he comes up through the lobby, and he takes cover. He then speeds over and kills it, and continues up the stairs.

Abraham warns Eph that the Master has jumped into Eldritch's body and is playing with them. Eph shoots at the Master, who easily dodges the bullets, while Eph tries to get the scrambler working and Eph wheels the box to the penthouse.

Eph opens the shades on the window, while Eldritch avoids Abraham's sword blows. Vasiliy arrives with the box and opens it, and the three men attack him. When the Master tries to sting Abraham, Vasiliy cuts at it with his machete.

Dutch finishes the repairs and activates the scrambler.

As the Master tries to sting Abraham, he hesitates and moans in pain. Eph closes in but the Master disarms him and slashes him in the side. Vasiliy pushes the attack and the Master runs for the elevator... only to find Quinlan waiting. The half-breed and the dazed Master fight, and Quinlan finally throws him into the box. He and Vasiliy close it, and the team realizes that they've succeeded.

Dutch comes down and goes to the wounded Eph. Abraham says that they need to get the box to the bottom of the ocean, but Dutch says that she's staying with Eph. Eph tells her to go with the others and take the scrambler with her in case they run into strigoi. Dutch agrees but says that they'll be back soon.

Desai drives Eichhorst through the city, and Eichhorst realizes that he's lost touch with the Master. He tells Desai to drive to Stoneheart.

Kelly realizes that she no longer hears the Master's voice. She moves toward Zach, who backs away as his mother growls. After a moment, Kelly gets control of herself and she heads upstairs. Zach grabs the detonator and goes after her.

Eph is stitching up his wound with Eldritch's medical supplies. Kelly and Zach come in and Kelly knocks him to the ground before he can shoot. She tries to sting him as Zach yells at her to stop, and Eph throws off his former wife. As she lunges at him, Eph stabs her in the throat. Dying, she looks over at Zach and then collapses to the floor.

At the docks, Abraham, Vasiliy, Dutch, and Quinlan unload the box and take it to the waiting tugboat.

Eph asks if Zach is okay, and then says that it's over. He tells Zach that he's safe, but Zach holds up the detonator. He yells that he hates Eph and presses the trigger.

On Staten Island, the nuke blows up. The team on the docks take cover except for Quinlan, who stares at the blast as it sweeps over them.

The blast wave hits the SUV with Desai and Eichhorst, knocking it over.

Eph stares out the window at the explosion. The blast wave hits the windows, knocking Eph back as Zach takes cover.

Quinlan gets up as the others join him. They go to the box and discover that it was blasted open... and the Master is gone. The explosion from the nuke blots out the sun.

Eph wakes up and calls to Zach, but gets no answer.

Desai lies bleeding in the overturned SUV. Eichhorst crawls out and Desai begs him for help. The German walks away into the gathering dust clouds.

Zach exits via the street entrance and sees the surviving residents walking through the dust storms. Eichhorst finds him and Zach tells him that Eph killed Kelly. The German offers his condolences, and Zach hands him the detonator. Smiling, Eichhorst tells him that they are well again thanks to him, and they leave together.

Vasiliy says that they have to get underground before the fallout reaches them. Quinlan insists that they have to find the Master, and Abraham realizes that they're seeing the prophesied occultation.

Eph reaches the street and calls to Zach. Above him, the fallout convers up the sun, shrouding the city in darkness. The strigoi emerge onto the streets in their thousands as Abraham and the others get into the subway tunnels.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2016

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