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Survivors Recap

The Past

Meteors slam into Daxam on the day Krypton dies. Prince Dax-Em and his palace guard Mon-El run to a Kryptonian ship and Dax-Em asks Mon-El to program it. Once Mon-El gets in, Dax-Em seals it and says that he will die with his people. Mon-El reluctantly agrees and the ship launches off as the population is wiped out.


Mon-El is exercising and tells Supergirl and the others what happened. They confirm that there was no response to his signal, and he asks what they do for fun. Supergirl and Hank tell him that he has to stay at the DEO until they can assess his powers, and Mon-El agrees. Hank walks off and says that he has somewhere personal he has to be. Maggie calls and asks if she wants to see a dead body.

When Alex gets there, Maggie shows him an alien in a trunk. Supergirl arrives and Maggie points out that it has months of scar tissue built up on its knuckles. The alien is from a peaceful race, and Alex finds an alien thorn in the corpse's chest. Maggie and Alex plan their investigation, leaving Supergirl feeling left out.

Later at CatCo, Kara arrives and Snapper complains that she's not at her assignment at the trash dump. Kara tells him about the alien death and Snapper wonders where the story is. He points out that she has no verified information yet, and tells her to come back when she has a full story.

Hank goes to the bar and greets Megan in Martian. He explains that he thought he was alone, and Megan says that she thought the same. She says that the White Martians took her to an internment camp, and three hundred years ago a white Martian refused to kill the prisoners and smuggled Megan off-world. Hank suggests that they might take the bond and share minds, and Megan asks to talk about it some other time.

In the DEO gym, Mon-El is testing the limits of his super-strength with Winn. Alex comes in and Winn says that the thorn came from a Brevakk. One Brevakk registered under the Amnesty Act and Alex calls Maggie.

That night, Maggie and Alex meet with the Brevakk and he attacks them when they say that they're investigating a homicide. He tries to run but they bring him down and put him under arrest. Several mercenaries knock the women out, grab the Brevakk, and drive off in a van.

Alex returns to the DEO and she and Supergirl notice that Hank is out of sorts. He explains that there's another Green Martian and he offered to bond with her, but Megan refused to do so. Hank hope that with Megan he can live the way he was meant to live, and they suggest that they apologize to her.

Megan talks to the hologram of her mother about her effort to report. Mon-El comes in and Supergirl says that it's private, and he realizes that it's a hologram AI. Supergirl explains that she talks to it so that she feels less alone, and Mon-El says that the hologram is a babe. When Supergirl takes offense, he explains that Winn taught him the term. Mon-El suggests that he go out with her, but Supergirl says that it isn't a good idea and leaves.

Maggie calls Alex and tells her to meet her and dress up. Once Alex gets there, they complement each other and then put on masks. Maggie then leads Alex into a high-end arena and spot several ranking rich citizens there. A woman, Roulette, comes out and says that the aliens came to entertain and there are no rules in her cage. As everyone cheers, roulette has the Brevakk quill tossed out into the cage. Roulette says that he will face M'Gann, the still undefeated last daughter of Mars: Miss Martian. Megan comes out and transforms into her Green Martian form, and the two fight.

As they watch, Alex and Maggie spot one of the mercenaries from earlier. Alex calls for backup and Supergirl flies in. Roulette says that they have an unexpected main event: Supergirl. Her opponent, Draaga, attacks her and throws her back. While they fight, Alex and Maggie grab a gun from a mercenary and shoot open the door on the cage. As the crowd runs off, panicked, Draaga leaves the cage and Alex confirms that her foster sister is okay.

Back at the DEO, Alex checks Supergirl in the medbay and they tell Hank what happened. They finally explain that M'Gann was fighting in the cage, and Hank walks out without a word.

Winn confirms that Mon-El has superstrength and invulnerability but none of Supergirl's other powers. He suggests that Mon-El become a superhero, but Mon-El clearly isn't enthused. Mon-El does want to go outside, but Winn refuses to let him break the rules. He explains that he designed Supergirl's costume, and Mon-El asks him to make him a costume and come up with a superhero ID for him. Winn figures that Mon-El is trying to flatter him into letting him out, and Mon-El says that they can just be two friends running field tests. After a moment, Winn gives in.

Kara tells Snapper about the underground fight club but admits that she doesn't have a source. He warns that it's not a real story until she has a source.

Winn and Mon-El hit a bar and Winn is disappointed to see Mon-El buying drinks instead of testing his powers. Mon-El convinces him to have a drink, and soon they're partying. Winn is soon passed out drunk but wakes up when Mon-El breaks a man's arm arm-wrestling. The technician quickly gets Mon-El out.

Hank phases through Megan's apartment door and figures that she refused to take the bond because then he'd know what she was doing. He says that he'll shut down the fights, and Megan warns that Roulette has powerful friends. Hank wonders why she's fighting for them, and Megan says that she fights for herself. He asks her what's in it for her, and Megan says that she doesn't want to relive what happened on Mars the way that Hank does. Hank tells her that she's lost and starts to go, and Megan says that Roulette's real name is Veronica Sinclair. She tells him not to come back, and Hank leaves.

Later, Supergirl uses her heat-vision on the road in front of Roulette's limo. Roulette gets out and says that aliens have no rights so she isn't breaking the law. She has given the aliens a place to feel special and earn some cash, and asks Supergirl what she's given them. Some of them owe her money and they pay their debts by fighting, and there's always more to replace the ones who die. Roulette warns Supergirl that she won't change the hearts of the aliens or the rich, and she can't stop aliens from doing what they have to do to survive. She figures that Supergirl is safe and walks off.

The next day at the DEO, Supergirl tells Alex what happened. Alex suggests that they offer the aliens something more powerful than fear. Winn is recovering from his hangover, and Hank comes in and sys that they received DEO reports of an alien in a bar. He had a sidekick matching Winn's description, and Hank tells Alex and Supergirl that Winn took Mon-El out. He blames Supergirl, warning her that they're under a microscope and it only takes one alien to ruin it for all of them. Hank admits that he's really talking about M'Gann, and Supergirl reminds him that she's the last of her kind and Hank can't treat her like a criminal. She realizes that she's not talking about M'Gann anymore and leaves.

Supergirl finds Mon-El in the medbay and tells him that Winn and the others will be fine. She says that when she went to her junior prom, she stepped on his foot and broke three of his toes. Supergirl warns Mon-El that it will take him time to get used to living in the world, and he figures it isn't easy for her to be nice to him. She admits that she's been standoffish because her parents were strong Kryptonians and she wants to remember them that way. But they couldn't save Krypton. Mon-El says that his parents weren't role models, and it's not anyone's fault that Krypton was destroyed. He promises that he'll do what he's and says that he once saw Draaga fight on Warworld. The Daxamite points out Draaga's weak leg and Supergirl thanks him for the information.

Hank finds Megan and apologizes, and she says that she's not worth his kindness. Roulette and three of her mercenaries taser Hank, knocking him out.

When Supergirl returns to the DEO, Alex tells her that Hank is missing and they found his phone outside the alien bar. Megan didn't show up for her shift, and Supergirl figures that Roulette has him. She flies to the fight club but discovers that it's been cleaned out. Kara goes to Lena's office and brushes past her assistant Jess, and Lena says that from now on Kara can be shown in immediately. When Kara asks if Lena knows about Roulette, Lena says that she went to boarding school with her. She has an invitation to the fight club and gives Kara its new address. When Kara thanks her, Lena says that she knows Kara will be there for her when the time comes.

At the fight club's new location, roulette introduces Megan and Frank and says that they'll fight to the death. When Megan balks, Roulette tells her that she will and begins the fight. As they circle each other, Hank says that he won't fight her. Megan punches him and he reverts to his Martian form. She transforms as well and they fight. J'onn finally fights back but M'Gann slams him to the ground and says that she'll do whatever she can to survivor. They transform back to their human forms and Hank says that she fights to punish herself for surviving. He says that they're both forgiven, and Megan helps him up.

Megan tells roulette that she won't kill Hank, and Draaga comes out. He attacks both of them just as Alex and a DEO team arrives and arrest the spectators. Supergirl flies into the cage and Draaga knocks her back. She spots his weak leg and kicks it, and then knocks him out. The other alien gladiators prepare to fight Alex and her team, and Supergirl says that they can't fight among each other because that's what Roulette wants. She tells the aliens not to let Roulette be right about them, and they step back as Maggie arrests Victoria.

Later when Alex arrives at the station, Maggie is releasing Roulette. The detective explains that orders came down from on high to release her, and Roulette says that she has the right friends. She leaves in her limo, and Alex assures Maggie that she's a great cop. When she suggests that they get a drink, Maggie's girlfriend comes up and Maggie takes a raincheck.

The next day, Kara shows Snapper a star with the official NCPD report, the crime report, and an on-the-record first-person account. She says that her sources is Supergirl, and claims that heroine is a close personal friend. Snapper congratulates her on using sources and then puts down her article and tells her to write it again... but adds it to the story board.

Later at the DEO, Supergirl visits Mon-El and thanks him for the tip on Draaga. She says that she asked the DEO to release Mon-El into her custody so she can train him. When he wonders why, Supergirl says that she was sent to Earth to protect her cousin but she never got the chance. By helping Mon-El, she can do it. Mon-El jokingly insults Krypton and then says that he's in her hands.

Hank pays Megan a visit and she lets him in. He tells her that what matters is what happens in the present, and says that he's fine with it if she doesn't want to take the bond. Hank's phone rings and he says that he's around before leaving. Once he leaves, Megan goes to the mirror and transforms into her true form: a White Martian.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2016

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