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Monster Recap

At a cemetery outside of LA, a group of people dressed as zombies hold a wedding. Someone shoots the groom and the bride, Peggy Russo, calls for an ambulance… and then someone shoots her as well.

At Lux, Lucifer is drinking and dancing with women. He takes one woman to the bar, and Linda comes up. She points out that he didn't show up for their session, and Lucifer says that he canceled. The therapist points out that he never cancels and wonders if everything is okay, and Lucifer tells her that his brother Uriel died. She offers her condolences, and suggests that he's avoiding their session when he need it the most. Lucifer tries to kiss her but Linda reminds him that they're not doing that anymore and offers to be there for him if he wants to talk. He says that she doesn't understand him and makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk about it.

Chloe is hanging up Halloween decorations and hears Maze and Trixie laughing. She goes inside and finds Trixie swinging on Maze's sex swing. Once Chloe sends Trixie out of the room, she tells Maze that if they're living together then there's no sex swings. Maze objects, saying that the swing is furniture, and complains about Chloe's cheesy decorations. Chloe insists that it's Halloween and tells Maze that she's going to have to rethink things now that she's living with a child.

The police get the call to the cemetery, and Dan tells Chloe that Peggy was a makeup artist and died from a single shot to the chest. No one saw the shooter, and the shot was dead center. Chloe talks to the groom, Edgar Romero, who is being treated for his shoulder wound. A drunken Lucifer arrives and helps himself to the reception food as Edgar insists that no one would have wanted Peggy dead. Chloe comes over and Lucifer says that he can't get drunk because of his supernatural metabolism but he keeps trying. He pours himself a glass of champagne but insists that every killer must be punished. Chloe tells him to stay there, find some water, and calm down.

Once he's alone, Lucifer asks the bridesmaids if they wanted Peggy dead. One bridesmaid breaks into tear, and Lucifer uses her power to admit that she wanted to ruin Peggy's wedding. She hated Peggy because she was so disgustingly perfect, and she told Peggy's ex-boyfriend Jason Myers where the wedding was so he'd break it up. They start making out, and Chloe comes over and pulls Lucifer away.

At the station, Chloe puts Dan onto Jason and warns Lucifer that he's acting inappropriately. She asks what happened, and Lucifer refuses to answer her. Dan talks to Chloe privately and wonders if Lucifer is going to be a problem. She says that she can handle it, and Dan confirms that Peggy was shot with a large-caliber bullet. Meanwhile, Lucifer sees Jason in the interrogation room and goes in, breaking off the door handles behind him as his eyes glow red.

A few minutes later, Chloe goes to the gallery and asks Lucifer what he's doing. Jason is on the floor, sobbing, and Lucifer reluctantly leaves. He tells Chloe that Jason is innocent and says that Jason is crying because of Peggy. Jason claimed that he was so upset at seeing Peggy getting married that he ran off before the shooting, and he has an alibi because he bumped into a guitarist with a buzz cut. Chloe notes that the wedding had a DJ, not a live band, and suggests that there wasn't a guitar in the man's guitar case. When Dan comes over, Chloe tells him about her theory and Dan goes to find the guitarist. She wonders if Lucifer is trying to get in trouble, and Lucifer insists that he's doing what he has to. Chloe warns him that she will bench him if he does anything similar again.

At Lux, Amenadiel is sitting at the piano alone when Charlotte comes over. She says that Lucifer has never been one to face his emotions, and asks Amenadiel how he's doing. The angel admits that he wanted to blame Lucifer, but realized he was more to blame. Charlotte knows that Amenadiel has lost his powers, and says that it's possible for both of them to regain their strength. His mother says that there's something he needs to see.

Dan comes back to the station and shows Chloe and Lucifer some discarded shells at an overlook near the cemetery. There's a pastry napkin there and is still wet, and Chloe figures that they need to talk to the food truck's owner. Lucifer gets the truck's location from its app and he and Chloe go there. Chloe tells him to stay behind and talks to the owner, Freddy Loomis. Lucifer interrupts to call out an order, and Freddy says that he wasn't there during the morning shift. A teenage employee says that a man with a buzz cut was there when they opened and asked if Freddy was around.

A gunshot rings out, killing Freddy, and everyone ducks except for Lucifer. Chloe calls for backup and runs for the rooftop where the shot came from. Lucifer follows her and they discover that the killer has fled. There's a single casing on the roof and Chloe figures that the shooting was premediated. He came back when he knew Freddy would be there and Chloe figures that he has a list.

Back at the station, Lucifer is trying to snacks from a vending machine. Chloe receives the ballistic report confirming the same rifle was using in both shootings. He paid cash at the food truck, covering his tracks. Chloe figures that the two victims are connected, and realizes that Lucifer has broken in the vending machine to get some snacks. Trixie calls and Chloe tells her that she's tied up with a case and the babysitter Sheila might have to take her. Her daughter says that after Sheila saw Maze's room, she ran out screaming. She asks if Maze can take her trick-or-treating, and Chloe finally talks to Maze. She asks what Maze did to Sheila, and Maze says that she didn't have enough time to hide her toys. Chloe asks Maze to take Trixie trick-or-treating and to not take her to any parties. Maze agrees and hangs up, and Trixie comes in wearing her princess costume. The girl complains that she doesn't want to be a princess anymore, and Maze asks her what she wants to be.

As Chloe tries to find Lucifer, Dan says that he's been talking to Freddy's wife Sidney in the next room. Chloe asks her if she recognizes the groom, and Sidney says that she works with him. She's a doctor and he's a lawyer who handled many of her hospital's malpractice cases. Chloe asks for a list of all the cases that Edgar litigated.

Once Chloe finds Lucifer, they go to the hospital. She offers to listen to what Lucifer is going through but he says that she'd never understand. Dan comes up and confirms that the hospital won't release the case files. He tells Dan and Chloe to talk about their problems and walks over, and comes back with the files. Lucifer explains that he stole Dan's badge and gun and flashed them at the clerk. Dan tells him that he only does what he wants to do, and Lucifer says that if he did what he wanted to do then he'd punch Dan. Lucifer punches Dan in the face, and Chloe tells him that he's off the case and sends him home.

Once Lucifer leaves, Dan suggests that they hold off on returning the files so that they can find the killer.

Charlotte takes Amenadiel out into the forest, and tells him that Uriel's death wasn't his fault. She reminds him of how Amenadiel always took the blame for Uriel's pranks on Lucifer, and suggests that he needs a break from his burdens. Charlotte points out that Uriel is gone because of her, and Amenadiel says that she stepped up and did the right thing. His mother says that he did the same thing and he should be rewarded, not punished. Charlotte assures him that if God was on Earth, he would see it. They arrive at the spot where Lucifer buried Uriel.

At Lux, Lucifer drinks and sees Uriel across the bar. He goes over and when the man turns around, he realizes that it's someone else.

Chloe goes over the cases that involved both Sidney and Edgar. One case was a wrongful death that was recently dismissed for lack of evidence. The plaintiff is Wes Williams, who sued after his wife Cassandra died of lung disease. Dan hesitates and then says that he wouldn't know what he'd do if his wife died. Chloe assures him that he wouldn't start killing people, and they check the system for Wes. He's an ATF agent who specialized in long-range marksmanship.

The police soon break into Wes' house and confirm that he's not there. There is a collection of counterfeit badges for Stroud Pharmaceuticals.

Wes arrives at strode Pharmaceutical wearing a fake badge and carrying a guitar case.

Trixie goes trick-or-treating dressed as the president of Mars. Maze intimidates the man at the house they stop at into handing over more candy and then money. As they go to the next house, Maze admits that she expected worst. Trixie wishes that she wore a costume, and Maze says that she did bring something. She has Trixie turn around and when the girl turns back, she sees Maze wearing half her demon face. The girl figures that they'll get a lot of candy.

At Lux, Lucifer plays The Unforgiven.

Charlotte tells Amenadiel that he hasn't let himself grieve. Amenadiel wonders why God let it happen, and Charlotte tells him to let it out. Furious, the angel says that God could have prevented it all, and he's done trying to please someone who isn't there. Charlotte takes his hand and smiles.

Lucifer finally tails off playing piano and closes the case. He then yells at all of the customers to get out.

As they drive to Strode Pharmaceuticals. Dan confirms that Wes' wife took place in one of their drug trials. She was in the placebo group, and no one put her there. Dr. Jack Peterson and his wife Sally ran the trails and Chloe figures that either one could be the target. They get to Jack's office and he says that Sally went to get coffee from the cart in the lobby. Chloe goes to find Sally while Dan watches Jack.

Chloe gets to the lobby just as Lucifer comes in and calls to the sniper. Wes fires and misses, and Lucifer yells at him to shoot him as sally cowers behind him. The sniper fires again and misses, and Chloe spots Wes. As she goes up, Wes keeps shooting and missing, and Lucifer yells at him to shoot him, not sally. Chloe comes up behind Wes, gun drawn, and tells him to drop his weapon.

As Chloe brings Wes down, Lucifer asks why he didn't shoot him. Wes says that he only wanted the people who killed Cassandra to suffer like he did. Furious, Lucifer realizes that Wes blames himself. Wes says that he was away on missions so long and could have detected her lung disease sooner if he had been there. Lucifer figures that he wants punishment, and tells him that now he has it. Dan takes Wes away, and Lucifer tells Chloe that she got her location from the station chief. Chloe says that what he did was stupid and reckless, but he saved Sally's life. Lucifer admits that he could care less about Sally's life, but Chloe doesn't believe that he was trying to get himself killed. She realizes that he wants to be punished for something, and asks Lucifer to tell her what's going on so she can understand. Lucifer tells her that she can't understand and never will. Chloe tells him to find someone to talk to her before it eats him alive and walks off.

When Chloe returns home, she finds candy wrappers all over the floor. Maze and Trixie have dozed off on the couch watching horror movies, and Chloe covers them over.

Lucifer visits Linda and says that his brother's name was Uriel, and he's been feeling guilt ever since he killed him. He admits that he's never killed anyone before, but Uriel gave him no choice. Lucifer tries to explain the whole thing, and Linda says that she can't keep track of his metaphor anymore. He begs her to take him seriously, and says that he's a monster who deserves to be punished. The therapist says that she wants to understand, but she needs him to be completely honest about who he is. Lucifer asks if she's sure that's what she wants, and reveals his demonic face. Linda stares at him, shocked speechless, and Lucifer walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2016

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