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The Alamo Recap

March 5, 1836

William Travis writes a letter vowing that he will never surrender, and asks the citizens of Texas to come to their aid. He vows to sustain himself as long as possible and looks out from the walls of the Alamo on the Mexican forces.


Rufus meets privately with Connor and asks if Rittenhouse is monitoring them. He explains that he's late because the Rittenhouse agents hacked his car earlier. Connor says that they shouldn't be contacting him directly, and insists that he never sent anyone to threaten Rufus. He insists that Rufus is like a son to him, and tells him that they both have to cooperate.

Denise calls Wyatt in to meet with her boss, Deputy Director Patrick Ramsey. Wyatt realizes that they're replacing him, and Ramsey points out that he's failed to kill Flynn. They're bring in Dave Baumgardner, and Wyatt says that he'll do a good job. Ramsey says that Denise fought to keep Wyatt there, but Wyatt admits that he hasn't delivered results. Jiya announces that Flynn has gone to 1836 around San Antonio, and Wyatt recognize the date. Denise says that Baumgardner won't arrive in time so they're sending Wyatt.

Denise calls Lucy, who says that she's going to work. Carol wonders what's so important that they need her at Connor Industries. She wonders why Lucy is ignoring his fiancé and bailing on her teaching, but Lucy says that she wouldn't understand. Carol warns that Lucy is throwing away everything that she ever worked for, and Lucy points out that Carol won't even tell her her father's name. When her mother doesn't respond, Lucy walks out.

At Connor Industries, the team prepares for departure. Wyatt tells them that he's been fired and they'll like Baumgardner better than him. He loads grenades in his pack and says that if he gets one last shot at Flynn then he's going to take it. The pod departs for 1836.

In 1836, Flynn meets with General Santa Anna in the Mexican camp. Santa Anna wonders how he's still alive, and Flynn gives him a bag full of gold bullion and claims that it's from Queen Isabella II along with a letter of verification. Flynn says that he was only sent to offer assistance, and explains that he'll help him crush the rebellion once and for all.

The trio leaves the pod and heads for the Alamo, and Lucy says that the massacre won't occur for four days. The deaths fired up the Texan people and they fought to have an independent state. Lucy figures that they can walk in through the front door, and admits that she doesn't know what Flynn has planned. Once inside, they discover that the Alamo is mostly filled with local ranchers and their families. Black freemen are there and Lucy explains that Mexico didn't keep slaves.

The team spots Colonel Jim Bowie and go over to introduce themselves. They claim that they're from San Felipe, and Lucy stumbles through their cover story. Wyatt finally says that they're looking for Flynn, claiming that he's a Mexican sympathizer. Bowie says that he'll ask around and leaves. Wyatt tells Lucy that they don’t have time to waste and walks off.

Davy Crockett is telling tales about shooting a bear and Rufus and Lucy come over. Wyatt joins them and reminds them that they're not tourists, and tells them to search the place for Flynn.

Wyatt enters an abandoned chapel and removes his hat, He remembers a similar church where he worked out of in Syria, with his squad and Lucy comes in and says that he and Rufus haven't found anything. She notices that he looks distracted, but Wyatt insists that he's okay.

That night, Flynn enters Travis' office and says that he wanted to meet him. He explains that he's there because he's also a patriot, and he knows that things aren't easy for him. Travis draws a gun and says he already heard about Flynn from his men. When Travis tries to shoot Flynn, his flintlock fizzles out. Flynn holds up the bullet that he removed, tells Travis that he deserved a better fate, and shoots him.

Wyatt hears the gunshot and runs in. Bowie and Crockett are there, and Lucy arrives. Wyatt tells him that the gunshot was a semi-automatic, and tells Bowie that they'll find Flynn. Rufus arrives and asks what happened, and Lucy says that Travis was supposed to die in battle in four days. They wonder why Flynn did it, and Lucy sees Travis' unfinished letter on his desk.

Flynn checks the ramparts but finds no sign of Flynn. However, he sees the Mexican troops massing outside three days early.

As Santa Anna rallies his troops, Lucy watches them and sees a red flag. She tells the others that it means that there will be no quarter given, and explains that in the original timeline Santa Anna let the women and children go. Lucy says that it must be about Travis' famous "Victory or Death" letter, which inspired the uprising. Without the letter, there's no Texas. Wyatt says that Flynn has managed to trap them in the Alamo, and looks over at Bowie. He tells Rufus to find a way out for the women, the children, and the letter. Wyatt then tells Lucy to finish the letter why he busy some time.

Wyatt talks to Bowie privately and says that he needs command of some of his men. He explains that he needs to buy some time so they can get the women and children out, and warns that no one will get out of the Alamo alive. When Santa Anna's reinforcements the next day, he'll kill everyone in 20 minutes. Lucy tries to stop Wyatt, but he insists that they need to get the women and children out. Bowie orders him to stop demoralizing the men no matter how scared he is.

Flynn goes to Santa Anna's tent and asks why he raised the red flag. He suggests letting the women and children go, but Santa Anna reminds him that he told him to attack early and keep the letter from going out. The general says that Flynn's strategy, but Flynn says that they're both fathers. Unimpressed, Santa Anna says that it is his war and if Flynn tries to interfere then he'll have his soldiers kill him.

Lucy works on the letter, trying to write it from memory. Meanwhile, Rufus goes up to where Crockett is waiting. The Mexicans are playing music, trying to demoralize the defenders, and Crockett offers Rufus some whiskey. He mentions that there's an aqueduct, and Rufus has him show it to him.

Later, Rufus meet with his teammates and says that the aqueduct goes from the fort to the river. However, it connects under the chapel through three feet of stone. Lucy admits that she can't remember what the letter says. Wyatt says that it's just a letter and tells her to write from her heart and quit pretending. He wonders how he can kill Flynn with his hands tied behind his back, and wonders if he is the guy for the job. Wyatt apologizes and starts to go, just as an explosion rocks the fort.

As the team runs out, cannon fire shakes the Alamo and brings a wall down on one young volunteer, John. Wyatt runs over and briefly imagines him as one of his squadmates from Syria. Shaking it off, Wyatt hands off the volunteer to Bowie. Later, Wyatt checks on John as he gets medical attention. John says that the Mexicans killed his father and brothers a year ago.

Rufus is hacking at the chapel floor as Crockett comes in. He wonders what Rufus is doing, and Rufus explains about the aqueduct. He wonders how Crockett isn't screaming in terror, and Crockett admits that all of his stories are made up. His story of wrestling a bear was just his accidentally shooting a bear. Then he went back and told his men that he wrestled a bear because that's what his men needed. Crockett winks at Rufus, tells him not to tell anyone, and walks off.

Wyatt is making a wooden spear when Bowie comes over and thanks him for saving John's life. The colonel admits that they're not going to make it, and Wyatt says that he'd give anything to get his men out but he doesn't know how. Bowie knows about the plan to get the women and children out through the aqueduct, and asks how they can buy the time to get them out. Wyatt sketches the fort in the dirt and suggests that Bowie leave the north wall undefended. Once they bottleneck the Mexican soldiers, it will slow them down long enough to get the civilians out. Bowie wonders where Wyatt served, and Wyatt simply says it was nowhere near the Alamo. They were pinned down, outgunned, and outmanned, and he was the only one who made it out. He doesn't know how long his men lasted because they had to get some vital intel out. They flipped a coin to see who would go, and Wyatt "won." His friend Zach figured that Wyatt was meant to survive, so six men died to guarantee his escape, and they gave him a medal for it. Bowie tells Crockett to follow Wyatt's plan so they can get the civilians out.

Lucy goes back to the letter and writes it from the heart. She talks about heroes are far from perfect but they're recklessly brave.

Wyatt directs the men in readying the defenses.

Rufus keeps digging through the stone. He finally runs out and asks Wyatt if he still has the grenades. Outside, the Mexicans get ready to move in. The defenders wait to fire and they see the Mexicans, and Bowie finally gives the order. The Mexicans charge in over the walls.

Rufus lowers the bag of grenades into the hole that he's made, sets one off, and takes cover. The grenades blast the hole open. And Rufus tells the civilians that they have their way out. Lucy gets them moving to the aqueduct.

Wyatt instinctively shoots one Mexican with his pistol. He hallucinates his friend Zach, just as Lucy arrives and tells him that there's a way out and they have to go. Wyatt sees Crockett and Bowie, surrounded, and tells Lucy that he's not going. He refuses to leave good men alive, and tells Lucy to let him die to buy her time to get out. She says that she trusts him and they need him, and after a moment Wyatt tells her to get ready to run.

Rufus lowers the civilians into the hole, and Wyatt and Lucy arrive. Meanwhile, Lucy realizes that John is John Smith, Travis' messenger. She says that he has to come with them and get the letter to Sam Houston. However, he refuses. Bowie and Crockett enter the chapel and bar the door, and Rufus says that they have to come with him. Crockett tells Rufus to tell people that he fought off a thousand of them one-handed.

Lucy tells Wyatt that John Smith will be the first mayor of San Antonio and he has to take the letter. Wyatt tells John that he knows what it means to be the person who has to leave, but his orders are to complete the mission. Bowie nods in agreement, and John gets into the aqueduct with Rufus and Lucy. The Mexicans beat at the door, ad Bowie tells Wyatt that he won't leave his people. Wyatt says that he can't leave his, and Bowie gives him his prized knife. Touched, Wyatt promises Bowie that he won't die for nothing and leaves as the Mexicans charge in and Bowie opens fire.

Back in the present, Rufus confirms that history proceeded as in the original timeline. Wyatt figures that Lucy wrote one hell of a letter, and Rufus agrees. Ramsey comes over and relieves Wyatt of duty, and Denise says that Baumgardner is in the waiting room. Lucy tells Ramsey that she won't do it without Wyatt, and Rufus agrees over Connor's objections. Denise warns that Rufus is their only pilot, and Ramsey gives in.

Lucy returns home and tells Carol that she doesn't want to fight any more because life is too short. Carol says that she was a junior and Lucy's father was a professor. When she became pregnant, she told him that she didn't need his help because he wasn't ready, and she hasn't heard from him since. Carol shows Lucy a piece of paper with her father's name.

Wyatt finds Baumgardner in the locker room and they hug. Baumgardner figures that things are in serious trouble if they called Wyatt, and says that they're prepping for a mission Wyatt says that he'll be there for a while because he has a new team.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2016

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