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Monster Recap

Barry superspeeds around Cisco's kitchen, making breakfast for his host. Cisco finally admits that he's not that fond of H.R., but doesn't know what it is about him that upsets him. Barry says that they have to give people chances, and Cisco takes the breakfast with him.

Caitlin goes to a lab and tells the guard Jackie that she wants to see Dr. Carla Tannhauser. Jackie says that Carla is a busy person, but Carla comes out and says that her daughter is always welcome there. In Carla's office, Caitlin says that she believes Carla's paper on applications in cyro-medicine might be able to help her with a patient. Carla says that she'll take a look when she has a chance, and Caitlin slams her hand down on the table... freezing it. She tells her mother that she's the patient, and Carla cancels her appointments and tells Nigel to meet her in the biolab.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, H.R. prepares breakfast for everyone and offers them coffee prepared to their preferences. He says that on his earth coffee was wiped out by blight, and proposes a series of team-building exercises. Cisco finally interrupts him and says that he's not feeling it, and explains that they've forged their trust over three years. He suggests that H.R. step back and see how they operate, and H.R. says that Caitlin was there and they talked, but then she left Barry a message. H.R. plays it back and Caitlin says that she'll be gone for a few days, and the others head for work.

Barry arrives at the station and Singh calls him into his office. Julian is there and Singh says that he's learned that Barry has been giving him unauthorized access to Julian's case files. Julian complains about Barry's violations, and Singh warns that Barry should remember the rules. Julian is disappointed that's all that Singh is doing, and Singh says that they're done there. Out in the hallway, Julian complains that Barry is the golden boy walks off. Joe arrives and wishes that they could get along. Barry gets a text from Cisco, who says that they got an app on the metahuman app.

Flash speeds downtown to investigate and finds people running. A gigantic monster strides around the corner and Cisco spots it on the overhead satellite while H.R. observers.

A bus crashes when a transformer explodes near the monster, and the door jams. When Flash runs over, he finds Iris there trying to get the door open. She says that she's checking a story as they get the door open. Flash runs back over but the monster has left. Cisco tracks the monster by the car alarms, but then loses him entirely.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, H.R. suggests that the monster has a cloaking device. He finally says that they have ropes onhis earth made out of carbon fiber, and Cisco agrees that it's worth a try. Barry describes the transformer and Barry says that Julian is in charge of the crime scene. H.R. convinces Barry to try and let him see it anyway.

At the laboratory, Nigel applies electrodes to Caitlin and assures her that they're going to figure out what is happening with her. He takes her to the lab and Carla says that they need her to use her powers on a shaft of solid tungsten heated to 2,000 centigrade. Caitlin begins and freezes the tungsten.

At the police lab, Barry visits Julian, who asks where he's been for the last hour. Barry can't explain, and tries to settle things between them. Julian reminds him that he said the same thing before he stole a case from him, and Barry tries to flatter him into letting him help. He suggests that Julian let him shadow him to bring his skills up to snuff, but Julian refuses. Barry offers to give up the lab, and Julian agrees.

At the Tannhauser ability, Caitlin says that she got her abilities from the particle explosion. Carla reminds her that she told her not to take the job at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Caitlin didn't want to have her work overshadowed by Carla's reputation. She reminds Caitlin that she disappeared until she got into trouble, and Caitlin S.T.A.R.ts to object. Nigel calls Carla over to show her that Caitlin absorbed all of the energy... and if they figure it out, it could change everything that they're doing.

As Cisco works on the carbon fiber, H.R. goes on about how he worked with his Flash. And Cisco finally has enough and steps out to take a break. Once he leaves, H.R. records a personal journal that no one suspects why he's there.

Iris stops by the lab to see Barry. As they have lunch, Barry says that Julian dislikes metahumans almost as much as he dislikes him, and Iris suggests that there's a reason for it. She says that Joe blew off a date with Cecile and it hasn't been the first time. Barry gets a text from Julian to meet him and heads out.

Carla tests Caitlin to determine how she can absorb energy. Caitlin says that she's already run the tests, and points out that her mother hasn't asked her how she's feeling. Carla says that she's trying to keep emotion out of it, and Caitlin says that her specialty is being cold after her husband died. Her mother insists that she did everything that she could to save him, and Caitlin explains that she left after he got sick because she barely looked at her. Carla says that she couldn't handle the pain and her work got it through it, and Caitlin reminds her that her husband died over a year ago.

Barry meets Julian at the crime scene and says that a power surge blew out the transformer. He insists that someone has to do something to stop the metas, and points out that the police have gotten lethargic because Flash does their job for them. Barry says that Flash provides hope for the city, and as they talk Julian realizes that the monster stayed in one area. Barry points out that the traffic cameras are down and suggests that someone was controlling the monster and needed to keep it in line of sight. As Julian compliments Barry on his observation, the monster appears and their car alarm goes off. Julian calls for backup and draws a gun, just as a sign blows out overhead and falls. Barry gets Julian out of the way at superspeed and by the time he looks back, the monster has disappeared.

Caitlin prepares to leave, and tells Nigel that things between her and Carla are complicated. She explains that she came to get something from Carla that she'd never get. Nigel seals the lab and says that he's not going anywhere. He tells her that he's sick of having his work benefit Carla, and with the information from Caitlin he can finally make his own career. When he grabs Caitlin, she freezes his hand and says that he's not going to test her. Carla comes in and says that Caitlin isn't herself. She says that she hasn't raised a killer, and apologizes. After a moment, Caitlin gets control of herself and they hug. Carla tells her to go and no one will learn about it.

At the station, Barry maps out the streets where the monster was spotted. It never leaves a 10-block radius. Julian figures that some meta is responsible and using his power to terrorize the city, and says that he's tired of watching metas squandering their abilities. He says that if he had powers then he'dbe helping people, but he isn't one of the chosen few. Barry tells Julian that it can't be easy being a metahuman, and Julian says that Barry's internship is over.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells H.R. and Cisco what he's discovered. Cisco suggests that someone is pulling power out of the transformers. When H.R. immediately agrees, Cisco says that if that had happened then they would have detected a surge in the power grid. Barry figures that it's a portable Tesla tower and H.R. goes to get coffee. Once he leaves, Barry points out that H.R. didn't actually do anything. Cisco says that he finally realized that H.R. is just restating everything that they're saying. Barry suggests that Cisco vibe him, and Cisco agrees.

Iris visits Joe at the station and tells him that she and Wally are okay. They want him to find someone and not worry about them, and insists that Cecile is into him. She says that she wants Joe to have someone in his life now that she does. Singh and Julian come in, and Julian says that he figures that the monster will appear at the 2nd Street Promenade.

In the workshop, Cisco goes through H.R.'s stuff and finds the recorder. He plays the journal back and they listen to H.R. talking about how he's won the team's trust. H.R. comes in and they ask what he's hiding. He says that they've been burned twice by someone looking like him, and tells them to pay the rest of the journal. On the recording, H.R. says that he hopes to rebuild Cisco's friendship with Harrison for a C-story in the narrative. When they wonder what he means, H.R. says that he writes science romances. He didn't tell them because he didn't think it was relevant, and asks if they can trust him. Caitlin comes in behind H.R. and wonders what they're talking about. The metahuman app goes off and they go up... and Cisco tells H.R. to come with them because they need him.

Flash arrives at the Promenade with the carbon fiber ad finds the monster on the rampage. Cisco tells Barry to take it down like an AT-AT in The Empire Strikes Back. When he tries to tie it up, Flash realizes that it's a hologram. Iris warns that if the sniper opens fire on it then they'll hit whoever is on the other side. Cisco tells H.R. to triangulate the power, and H.R. claims that the computer is different. Much to everyone's surprise, Cisco says that H.R. is a fake. He takes over and finds the hologram.

Joe and the officers are on the street as a sniper fires at the "monster" from above. The bullet goes through the hologram and Flash catches it before it can hit a pedestrian. He yells that it's a hologram and everyone should stop firing. The hologram disappears and Flash notices that Julian is gone. He tells Cisco to track the power surge, and Cisco locates power in a nearby building. Flash realizes that it has line-of-sight to all of the attacks and speeds there.

Julian orders the controller to surrender. The man tries to return and Julian fires, and Flash arrives and gets the controller out of the way. Julian realizes that the controller is a teenager, and Flash says that he'll pay for the damage he did to the city. He gives the meta to Julian, who thanks Flash for stopping him from killing someone.

When Joe arrives, he asks the teenager why he endangered so many lives. The teenager says that he just wanted to feel powerful for a change, and the kids at his school tease him every day. He just wanted someone else to feel scared and humiliated, and Joe tells him that eventually things get better. Joe warns that he has to pay for the consequences of what he did, but he can still turn around what he did and takes him away.

The team meets with H.R., and he says that on his Earth he's an idea man. His partner solved the cryptogram that they sent out, after he was found out and his life was ruined. H.R. thought that he could travel to their Earth and come up with a novel, and admits that he wasn't honest with them. He asks them if they've ever shaded the truth for the greater good. Wally figures that he's a con man, and H.R. insists that he inspired Cisco. He offers to be their muse, and asks them to let him prove their wealth. If he fails then he'll go back to his Earth, but if he succeeds then he'll have redeemed himself. Barry agrees and Caitlin walks off.

Cisco finds Caitlin and asks where she's been, and she explains that she visited her mother to see if they could resolve their issues. He tells her that when it comes to family, she should do what it takes because one day she might not have the chance. Caitlin says that she's home.

Barry goes to the lab to pack his things, and Julian says that he almost killed a teenager. He admits that Flash saved him from killing someone, and he knows what the teenager was like. Julian explains that he comes from a wealthy family dating back centuries, and he was the heir. He was more interested in science than social graces, and came to Central City to become a great scientist. Then metahumans appeared and he knows nothing about them so he feels useless. Barry says that he feels the same way somedays and talks about how he lost his parents. He tells Julian that despite that, change can sometimes be good thing and they have to trust that everything's going to be okay. Julian concedes that Barry might be right and tells him that he can stay. He admits that he was wrong about Flash and could be wrong about Barry as well. Barry invites him for a drink and Julian agrees.

Carla contacts Caitlin and says that her chemistry is changing and the more she uses her powers the more difficult they'll be to reverse. She tells her not to use her powers under any circumstances. Caitlin loses control and freezes the computer.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2016

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