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A Strange Vessel Recap


Mike is drawing with Jessica, and they discuss what happened to the missing kids. She suggests that they might have run away, and Mike shows her a Pirate Percy doll that Eddie made the other night. As he asks Jessica not to tell his brother, the TV comes by itself. Percy and Jawbone are there, and Jawbone says that a strange vessel is coming to Candle Cove.


Mike asks Lily how she got to Iron Hill, and Lily simply says that it's different. She says that she's home, and Marla says that there's still no answer from Mike's sister-in-law Carol. Lily doesn't respond to Mike's questions, and Marla suggests that they let her sleep.

The next morning, Jessica is at the hospital with Dane. They look at the children's drawings and he focuses on the one of the pirate ship. Jessica takes Dane to see Katie in her room, and Dane says that he's not mad at her. Their mother assures Katie that Gary isn't mad at her either, and brother and sister hug. Jessica notices that Dane is missing a tooth, but he doesn't respond. The nurse tells her that it's time to go, and Jessica tells Katie that she'll be back soon. Once they leave, Katie looks at the tooth in her hand and smiles.

Mike finally reaches Erica, who says that she's in Seattle and she hasn't heard from Carol. He explains that Lily showed up in Iron Hill and he doesn't know who brought her there, and she won't say anything. Mike tells his ex-wife that Lily is sleeping, and Erica says that she'll be there on the next flight.

At the sheriff's station, Jessica visits Gary, who sits in his cell. She says that she hasn't told their children what really happened to him, and admits that she's scared. Gary takes her hand and tells her to go home and get his gun, and keep it with her just in case. If he's wrong about Jessica then she won't need it. as Jessica leaves the station, she gets a call from Mike. He says that he needs to ask her for a favor.

Amy is going over a file on Eddie's disappearance in 1988 when Simon comes in and hopes that he likes the mushrooms. He says that mycology is his hobby and there are different varieties, and offers to make dinner for her. Amy refuses and Simon passes it off and then quickly leaves.


Eddie finds Mike and Jessica outside, and asks if Jessica is Mike's girlfriend. She kisses Mike on the cheek and leaves.


Jessica goes to Marla's house and rings the bell. Mike lets her in and introduces her to Jessica. She has some clothes for Lily, and Mike says that they were friends when they were kids. Lily says that she likes pirates and then walks over to a cupboard and takes out the Pirate Percy doll that Eddie made before he disappeared. She says that it's hard to be in Lily's body, and insists that she's not Lily. The girl wonders why Mike doesn't know her, and says that she would know Mike no matter what. Mike asks where Lily is, and the girl says that Lily is dreaming.


Mike finds Eddie reading beneath his sheets and suggests that they watch. Eddie says that Candle Cove is changing him, and makes Mike promise that he'll never love Jessica more than he does her.

The four children, dressed as the pirates from Candle Cove, sense that a strange vessel is coming.

Later, Mike and Eddie play cards.


As Lily and Mike play cards, Lily sees a figure enter the room behind Mike. Mike asks her what she sees, and then turns to see a masked pirate there. He picks up Lily and takes her out of the room.

Amy talks to the school principal, Mr. Williams, and says that she needed to talk to the four kids that she saw stabbing the dummy. He says that they're all in Frances' class and he'll have her hold them after the last bell.

Marla and Jessica watch Mike and Lily out in the field, and Jessica tells her that it's not really Eddie in Lily's body. Outside, Mike asks to talk to Lily. Eddie says that she's sleeping, and Mike asks him if he's back because of the show. He asks who made it and how it does what it does, and Eddie says that he remembers what Mike did as a child. Mike apologizes and Eddie says that he had to. He explains that he's trapped, and if Mike helps him then he'll be free and Lily can come back. Mike wonders how, and Eddie leans over and whispers in his ear.

Back in the house, Mike tells Marla and Jessica that they have to put Eddie into another body. Marla offers to make some tea, and Jessica wonders what happen if it doesn't work. She points out that Mike will end up in jail with Gary, and Mike says that he'll be careful and go on his own.

Amy goes to Frances' class.

The four children vow to hack and slash, and fight to the very last man.

Amy enters the classroom and discovers that no one is there. She sees a shape carved into one desk, just as Frances comes in. She says that she thought Williams wanted to see the kids and she sent them to his office, and assures Amy that she's never had trouble with them. Amy remembers that Frances was teaching in 1988 and asks if she remembers the Painter twins. Frances says that they knew her son Jacob, and Amy asks what Eddie was like. The teacher says that he was shy but very special, and he was kind to Jacob. She admits that Jacob was a bit simple, and figures that now he's in a better place.


Eddie comes over to see Jacob, and Frances shows him in. She hugs her son and the TV changes to Candle Cove. She tells them to look at the show, and the ship approaches Bravery Cave.


Jessica and Mike go out on the porch, and she says that somethings they think that they have to do things that they really don't. She figures that if Mike could go back and choose a different path, he would. Mike tells her that there was no other path.


Mike goes to the ice cream shop and finds Jessica there. She says that Mike called her and said to meet at the Crow's Nest, and Mike says that he has to go. As he leaves, Mike says that Eddie has an extra tooth and that's the only way to tell the difference, and Jessica says that she'd only notice if she kissed him.

Mike arrives at the Crow's Nest, and says that Eddie is killing the kids. Eddie says that he was going to take Jessica to Candle Cove with the others, and wonders when Mike isn't on his side. He says that his he should be with him, and Mike asks for the hook that he's holding. Eddie pokes him in the chest, and Mike tackles him and twists his recently broken finger. He then grabs the hook and runs off.


As Amy walks down the hall, she sees one of the children, Alex. She goes after him and enters a darkened library. The monitors come on behind her, revealing Jawbone's face. Amy walks out and leaves.

In the gymnasium, the children draw their swords and vow to protect the ship. Amy comes in and tells them to take off their masks, and they claim they were rehearsing a play. Alex says that they were playing surgeons with the dummy, and that they just came there. Amy wonders if there's a teacher that is supposed to be with them. When Alex says that there isn't, she orders them to go home.

At the hospital, Jessica sits with a sleeping Katie. She remembers Katie playing on their lawn, and then Lily talking to Mike. After a moment, Jessica walks out and drives to Marla's house. She tells Mike that she's going with him.

In town, Amy gets take out from the dinner. As she goes to her car, she sends a text and then drives off. The children walk down the street after her.

Mike and Jessica go to the morgue and open the drawer containing Eddie's body from the factory.

Marla watches as Lily/Eddie draws.

Mike and Jessica go to a field and Mike lays out the body. They set it on fire and watch it, waiting.

Marla asks to see Lily/Eddie's drawing. Impressed, she says that her son has always been very good. She then tucks Lily into bed and offers to read Eddie's favorite book. She then tucks Lily into bed and offers to read Eddie's favorite book, Treasure Island.

Once the body has burned up, Mike and Jessica return to the house. They hug and Jessica says that she barely recognizes herself. Mike says that he recognizes her, and she asks if he still thinks about what his life would be if things happened a different way. they both chuckle and Jessica leaves.

The four children walk along the road.

Amy and Simon end up in bed. Afterward, Amy says that it's been a strange couple of days, and asks if he believes in intuition. When Simon agrees, Amy gets up and says that something felt wrong. She thinks that she should have asked more questions, and says that she won't be long. Amy says that she'd like it if Simon was there when she got back, and he readily agrees.

When Amy arrives at the Booth house, she rings the bell but gets no answer. She finds the key under the doormat and lets herself in, and claims that she smells marijuana to establish probable cause. Amy hears something moving in the cellar and goes down to investigate. Looking around, she finds a jar full of human teeth. Amy turns on the light and finds pirate dolls on a shelf. When Amy turns, she sees Daphne's corpse on the floor, its throat cut.

Jessica returns home, and turns to see one of the children standing there wearing a Percy mask. The child doesn't respond and another masked children move in, drawing knives. The first one slashes Jessica's hand, and Jessica draws Gary's gun. They figure that they won't shoot her, and a third child stabs her in the shoulder. Jessica runs out to the backyard, and Alex stabs her. She falls into the wading pool and he keeps stabbing her as the other three children come out and join in. Frances watches them from the house.

Lily wakes up and calls to her mother. Mike comes in and his daughter says that she had a nightmare. He tells her that everything is okay and Lily wonders how she got there. Mike tells her that she just had a nightmare and hugs her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2016

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