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The Good Samaritan Recap

Back in the Day

Eli drives up to Momentum Energy Lab and goes inside. Joseph and his team are working on the chamber, and Lucy tells Eli that her husband had a breakthrough. Eli wonders what they're using, but Joseph avoids giving him any details and plugs in the cube. They start up the generator and a wave of energy shoots through the room. Joseph removes a piece of carbon from the chamber and tells Eli that nothing is impossible anymore.

As the team share a toast to their success, Joseph explains that they can now convert matter into energy and store it, or convert it back to matter. He figures that eventually they'll be able to recreate other forms of matter and other starvation. Eli goes over the schematics and notes that there was more energy at the end of the experiment then at the beginning. Lucy says that they had a book that showed them what to do. Joseph interrupts her and tells Eli that the book is his. He says that Eli should just do what he tells him to do and everything will work out way.

Present Day

Melinda takes a team into the generator chamber and reports that they have agents done. Coulson and Fitz are watching via camera, and Melinda tells them that Lucy was there but is long gone. Fitz has her aim the camera at the chambers, and says that there are pieces missing. Coulson figures that Lucy is trying to reverse the process and un-ghost herself, and she needs Eli to do something that she can't.

At home, Gabe calls the garage and asks if Robbie showed up there. As they confirm that Robbie isn't there, Daisy knocks at the door. Gabe hangs up and lets her in, and she says that she's there to take him to Robbie. The Quinjet lands outside as they talk.

Jeffrey meets with Jemma and says that he has a secret assignment for her. He says that it's a favor for the U.S. government, and they need her expertise in Inhumans. Jeffrey asks her to help him help the U.S.A. help them, and she agrees. He tells her that she has to leave immediately, and Jeffrey says that he has his own mission. Before the soldiers take her away, Jeffrey gives Jemma a black hood to put on.

Daisy takes Gabe aboard the Quinjet where Robbie is waiting. Gabe wonders why Robbie has been hiding such a big secret, and figures that something has been going on with his older brother. He assumes that Robbie is a secret agent, and Daisy plays along and says that Robbie took an oath. Gabe admits that he was afraid that Robbie was involved in something bad, and Daisy says that they had to bring him in for his protection. They figure that Lucy will take Gabe for leverage, and Daisy promises to find Eli.

At the new chamber, Eli reads the Darkhold and says that there wasn't enough power. Lucy says that the facility could generate 20,000 megawatts, and doesn't care that thousands could die if something goes wrong.

Jeffrey approaches Coulson's Quinjet and says that he's there to take custody of Daisy and Robbie. When he docks with their Quinjet with a squad of soldiers, Coulson wonders why he flew there on a wild goose chase. Jeffrey has his men search the Quinjet.

Mack tells Daisy and Robbie that they've been boarded and that they should get into the containment module. They do so with Gabe, and Gabe sends it down.

As he searches the Quinjet, Jeffrey says that a real hero is a team player. Coulson says that he gave his life for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jeffrey says that Robbie sis a brutal killer. He shows him a video of Ghost Rider killing Santino and warns that they can't be in business with a murderer.

As they hang outside of the Quinjet, daisy assures Gabe that they're safe. Gabe wonders what Robbie isn't telling him, and Daisy says that she used to be an agent and they're looking for her. Robbie finally tells her to stop and says that he can't lie to his brother.

Back in the Day

Robbie leaves the house and puts Eli's charge into neutral. As he starts to wheel it out, Gabe comes over and asks if Eli know that Robbie is stealing his car, and says that he doesn't want to go to college. Robbie says that he's going racing against one of the Fifth Streets, and invites Gabe to come. Gabe says that he has to finish a science report, and Robbie asks if it going to college will make him happy. Eli has degrees but all he does is work, and tells Gabe to live a little. After a moment, Gabe gets in the Charger with him and they drive off.


Fitz tries to work out what Luci is doing, and goes over the inventory of the lab that Melinda set. The soldiers barge into the lab and search the place. Once they leave, Fitz complains to Melinda via the webcam that he doesn't trust the new director. Melinda wonders if he's concerned about Jemma or they're going through something, and Fitz realizes that Lucy needs a place with more power.

In the containment module, Gabe tells Daisy that Robbie blames him for being in the chair. Robbie admits that he made a lot of mistakes that night, including taking Gabe with him.

Back in the Day

As they drive to the race, Robbie talks about torque and Gabe wonders why he doesn't go back to school. He figures that they've got enough money so his brother can come back, and Gabe points out that Elli has been acting differently recently. Robbie says that Eli mentioned that his boss was out of control. A van stops in front of them and two men toss Molotov cocktails onto the hood. Robbie pulls around them and the van and another car chase them. The car pulls up even and the passenger shoots, hitting Gabe. The Charger spins out of control and flips.

Gabe wakes up and sees Robbie on the street nearby, dead.


Gabe says that he thought Robbie was dead, and Robbie says that he was.

Fitz tells Mack that he needs accesses to some redacted SSR files, and Jemma isn't available to give him access. Melinda has found some equipment that was manufactured by a company named Isodyne, and figures Lucy is heading there. When Fitz asks if Jeffrey has found the fugitives, Mack says that he has no idea what he's talking about.

Gabe remembers a motorcyclist arriving. He saved them and moved on, and Gabe remembers the man going over to check on Robbie. Robbie moved and that's when Gabe figured he was alive. Robbie tells him that wasn't what happened. He explains that he knew they were both going to die before him. when Gabe says that they survived, Robbie tells him what he tried to hide.

Back in the Day

Robbie is thrown from the car and begs God or anyone else that Gabe would be saved. He hit the street and died, and a voice asked him if he wanted a chance to avenge his own death and Gabe. Robbie answered yes, and came back to life. Standing over him was the Devil, with a flaming skull.


Robbie says that the Devil passed on his flaming power to him. Gabe realizes that he killed all of the locos, and Robbie insists that it was Ghost Rider, not him. It craves vengeance, and the gangster got what they deserved. Gabe insists that he's fine with being in a wheelchair, and tells Robbie not to put their blood on him.

Coulson and Jeffrey arrive in the cargo hold and Jeffrey admires Lola. Jeffrey admits that there's no one there, and then has one of his men bring up the module. Fitz arrives and says that he needs Coulson to authorize the SSR files. He says that they will lead them to Luci, but Jeffrey isn't interested. Robbie hears them and asks if they know where Eli is. Jeffrey says that they'll take appropriate steps when they get back to base, and Robbie tries to pry the door open. Meanwhile, Fitz says that what Luci is doing could kill thousands, but Jeffrey isn't interested in hearing it.

Robbie pounds on the door and says that it's Ghost Rider that they need to be afraid of. He pounds on the module door, and bursts into flames. Coulson tells Jeffrey that Robbie claims he made a deal with the Devil, and Fitz insists that the module will hold… just as Ghost Rider breaks out. Jeffrey's men open fire but the bullets have no effect, and Jeffrey tosses Ghost Rider into the crates. The Inhuman fights Ghost Rider while Gabe insists that he has to see what's going on.

Ghost Rider beats Jeffrey and knocks Coulson away when he tries to stop him. Gabe calls to his brother, telling him to stop, and after a moment Ghost Rider lets Jeffrey go and turns back into Robbie. As he stares at his young brother, Gabe tells Daisy to get him out of there.

Later, Fitz goes through the SSR files and complains to Mack that no one knows where Jemma is. He then explains that Peggy Carter and her team encountered Isodyne back in the 40s, and they were experimenting with Dark Matter. They were acquired by Roxxon, which owns Momentum Labs. One Roxxon power plant closed down due to safety issues, but Fitz figures that it has enough power for Lucy to use.

Coulson is talking to Jeffrey, who insists that they don't negotiate with terrorists. Despite that, Coulson says that Robbie is the only one who can take out Lucy and they need him. Once he does, he'll pay for what he did.

At the power station, Eli tells Luci that the plant could blow at any time. She tells him to work faster and they go to the generator room. Eli insists that Joe got what he deserved after he hired the thugs to attack Robbie and Gabe. He warns Lucy that the Darkhold is evil.

Back in the Day

Eli goes to the lab where Joseph is working and says that he needs help. paranoid, Joseph yells at him to get out and Eli runs out. He tells Lucy that they have to get the Darkhold away from Joseph, warning that the energy could kill all of them if something goes wrong. Lucy says that the project goal has changed slightly, and explains that the Darkhold revealed that they no longer need a machine to generate matter. Eli figures that Joseph wants to be a god, and Lucy says that the Darkhold came from him. He figures that the Darkhold came from the Devil and he wants to destroy it before it destroys them.


The Quinjet lands at the station and Melinda and her team arrive. She wonders how they're going to stop Ghost Rider. Daisy reports that she can't hack into the power station network because it's isolated, and Coulson says that they'll have to do it from the inside. Fitz and Mack will shut down the power station while the rest of them rescue Eli.

As Daisy directs them in, she warns that the power surges are stronger and more frequent. Their comms go out and Lucy comes up behind them. Robbie tells the others to find Eli and he'll deal with Lucy. Once they're alone, Robbie eyes flare red. Lucy says that Joseph hired the gangers to kill Eli, not them.

The others reach the main control room and realize that Lucy is recreating the Momentum experiment. Coulson picks up the Darkhold and tells Melinda to get out it out because she's the only one he trusts. Melinda agrees and leaves.

Fitz and Mack try to power down the generator without success. Mack suggests that they use one of the perpetual EMPs from Miami. He can't reach Daisy on the comms and goes to get it.

As Coulson finds the chamber, Eli comes in and realizes that the Darkhold is gone. He tells Coulson to stay away from the equipment, and then locks himself in the chamber.

Lucy tells Robbie that she had a husband she loved, but then she was turned into a ghost. She plans to make it all right and walks through Robbie. He grabs her, much to her surprise, and says that he's there to make her pay for her actions. Lucy says that Eli is the one who started the nightmare.

Back in the Day

Eli demands to see the Darkhold, and Lucy says that Joseph has it. she realizes that Eli has sealed the others in the cubes, and Eli knocks her out and shoves her into the chamber. She realizes that Eli wanted the Darkhold for himself, and he seals the door and activates the generator.


Robbie says that his fire is worse than Eli's and burns Lucy to nothing.

Mack reaches the Quinjet and finds Melinda there.

Eli says that he planned it all so that he could get the Darkhold. He tells Coulson to leave and activates the generator. Coulson starts yanking out the cables to the cubes.

In the power room, Fitz watches as the generator activates.

The generator activates and an energy wave sweeps through the station. Melinda and Mack go in with their team.

The control room stands empty.

In the generator room, there's no sign of Coulson. Eli steps out and creates a piece of dark matter in his hands.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2016

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