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Human Target Recap

Church continues beating Rene, waking him up when he passes out. He says that when he tortured another guy who wouldn't give him what he needed, Tobias realized that it's fear of pain that breaks people. As Church walks off, he says that he got what he wanted from the man and tells Rene to think about it the next he asks him a question.

On the streets, Green Arrow beats up a man for information on Church. Artemis strings another one up and Arrow arrives to demand information. A criminal opens fire on him and Ragman brings him down. The skel says that Church is somewhere on the water.

Back at the bunker, Felicity and Curtis search the city via the CCTVs. Billy texts and Felicity claims that it's a telemarketer. The team returns and Felicity checks the area. Diggle comes in and they realize that he's Spartan. He says that Lyla called in ARGUS for the search for Rene but turned up nothing. Oliver leaves to get some sleep before an early meeting, and the others are surprised that he seems so optimistic.

The next morning, Oliver briefs Thea and Quentin on the search. Quentin suggests that they bring more men into the ACU, and offers to vet them. Once he leaves, Thea reminds Oliver that one man, Councilman Kullens, is holding out a vote to expand the residential expansion, and Oliver says that it's time to get into it.

Five Years Ago

Anatoly takes Oliver to a bar where two men are waiting. One of them, Viktor, asks what Bratva means to Oliver. He says "brotherhood," and Viktor asks who his father is. When Oliver mentions his mother and sister, Anatoly says that they're dead. After a moment, Oliver says that he has no family, no home, and no name: he is Bratva. The three men nod and Anatoly welcomes Oliver to the organization.


Rory and Evelyn check out an address and find blood on the floor. They tell Felicity that was Rene there and has been moved, and Felicity tracks a panel van moving from the location 40 minutes ago. She tracks it to a location but tells the team that Oliver made her promise not to tell anyone but him.

In the woods, church has Rene dig his grave. Rene wonders why Church came to Star City, and Church says that he needs their water access. He can move thousands of tons of drugs through the docks, and just needs Arrow to get out of the picture. Rene tells Church to dig himself, and church shoots at his feet. One of Church's thugs stabs Rene in the side, and Arrow arrives and opens fire on the thugs. Church drives off while Rene attacks one of his captors. The man pins Rene, and Arrow shoots him and lets Church go. When Arrow wonders why Church ran, Rene admits that he told Church that Arrow is Oliver Queen.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity what happened. They figure that Church will go at Oliver rather than Arrow, and Oliver insists that he'll be fine with his security detail. Once they're alone, Oliver wants Diggle to debrief Rene and find out what Church's plan is. Diggle says that there's a way they can turn their things to their advantage, and he knows a guy with a specific skill-set that can be there in 24 hours.

The next morning, Oliver arrives at City Hall and Thea tells him that Susan Williams is with Kullens and insisted that the newswoman stay with him. Oliver goes in and says that he thinks Susan is off the mark about him, and then talks to Kullens about opening up the residential zoning. Kullens points out that Oliver's family did the same rezoning 25 years ago and they ended up with skyscrapers like Queen Consolidated. The councilman figures that Oliver has good intentions but insists that he won't change his vote before leaving.

Later, Felicity and Billy have sex over his lunch break. He says that he signed on with the ACU, and Felicity assures him that it won't be weird. Billy asks if Oliver knows that they're seeing each other, and Felicity claims that he knows.

Diggle meets with Rene, who figures that he deserves a beat-down for screwing up. Despite that, Diggle says that he might have heard or seen something that could lead them to church. Rene insists that he can take a beating, and Diggle tells he's been through the same thing. The young vigilante stays put on Oliver's orders, but refuses to discuss what happened.

Church arrives at one of his warehouses and finds Prometheus waiting for him. Prometheus reminds him that he was ordered to leave Arrow alone and shoots Church. An armored figure, Scimitar, steps out and takes the arrow, and Prometheus says that Church won't get another warning. Once he leaves, church tells Scimitar that he's going to kill Oliver.

The next day at City Hall, Oliver tells Thea that he agreed to an off-camera interview with Susan. She objects, and Oliver says that they have to make Susan an ally rather than enemy. He then goes to his office where Susan is waiting, and asks her if her attacks on him are personal or good rating. Susan warns him that he's not a politician, and Oliver admits that he's underqualified. She says that her home is suffering because of his inexperience, and Oliver asks for the chance to earn her trust for the sake of the citizens. He suggests that Susan give him one month with no attacks, and if he doesn't deliver then it's open season. Susan agrees and gives him her personal cell number.

Five Years Ago

At the bar, Oliver and Anatoly share a toast to the Amazo. Once Anatoly leaves, Viktor comes over and tells Oliver that he may have passed the tests and said the right things, but he doesn't believe that Oliver is Bratva. He says that the Bratva is a means to bring justice to the government that has betrayed them, and doesn't believe that Oliver will never understand... and never be one of them. Anatoly comes over and Viktor congratulations Oliver before walking away. Oliver dismisses it as nothing and he and Anatoly share another toast.


Rene suggests that they talk about the time Diggle was tortured, and Diggle describes how Andy did it a year ago. He wonders why Rene was dishonorably discharged, and Rene says that he tried to get information out of a prisoner by beating him. He admits that he doesn't want to relive his failure, and Diggle says that he's going to have to if they want to help them bring down church. After a moment, Rene agrees.

Oliver and Thea call Kullens in and explain that they did some research. They found out that Kullens was one of the crony capitalists who pushed people out of the rezoned neighborhoods while hiding behind a shell company. The same company owns controlling interests in a real estate developer who filed for permits to redevelop the bay for commercial uses. Oliver figures that Kullens is protecting his investments and threatens to tell Susan what is going on. He slams the file on Kullens' desk and walks out.

Outside, Scimitar opens fire on Oliver's security detail and then shoots Oliver repeatedly in the chest. Oliver goes down and Scimitar walks away, and Thea goes to her brother.

Later, Quentin and Thea hold a press conference to announce that Oliver was pronounced dead. At the bunker, Oliver watches the press conference with the team. "Oliver" comes in and removes his mask, revealing Christopher Chance: the Human Target. He introduces himself and says that he only told Thea what happened right before Scimitar attacked. Oliver tells his team that he'll stay dead until Church makes his big move, and now they need to figure out what he has planned.

Five Years Ago

Anatoly tells Oliver that his brothers are here to help him share his burden. Oliver says that Tatiana had a family and he hasn't spoken to them, and Anatoly gestures him over to an attractive woman. Two men drag her out, and Oliver goes after them. One Bratva man says that Anatoly is looking for Oliver, and Oliver says that he'll be fine.


Oliver thanks Christopher for strong-arming Kullens and getting Susan's phone number. Christopher says that he becomes his target, mentally and physically, and figures that Oliver would rather be the hood than the mayor. He tells him that nobody moves forward when they're wearing a mask, and why he's struggling as mayor is why he won't call Susan. Christopher points out that Felicity moved on and Oliver should to. Then he realizes that Oliver didn't know, and that Billy told him earlier that he was seeing Felicity.

Diggle takes Rene back in his memories, and Rene finally remembers Church saying, "The trust goes to the brace, 0-4 in '72." He then tells Diggle that he knows what's happening.

Oliver arranges a meeting with Felicity at her apartment, and asks why she didn't tell him about Billy. He assures her that she's fine that she's seeing someone, but hurt that she wasn't honest with him. Felicity admits that she chickened out and didn't want to make it a thing because they work together. Oliver asks if it was real, and Felicity says that she doesn't know. Diggle and Rene text, and Oliver and Felicity head to the bunker. Rene says that a brace is street slang for Halpin Brace Airfield, and the "trust" are the heads of the crime families that Church controls. Oliver tells the team to get ready.

Diggle gears up in his Spartan outfit and asks Rene if he's ready. Rene says that they don't need him screwing things up again, and Diggle tells him that he went through the same thing but he's wearing his costume because it's a path to redemption... and could be for Rene as well.

At the airfield, Church meets with the drug kingpins. He explains his plan to turn Star City into a major distribution center. Scimitar reports movement on the parameter, and Church says that it's Arrow's JV squad. Diggle opens fire and Church sends Scimitar to attack him. Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific and Artemis engage Church's men.

When Church runs, he finds Wild Dog waiting for him and the two men charge at each other.

As the kingpins try to run, Ragman brings them down.

A thug fires a bazooka, separating Wild Dog and Church. Felicity checks the monitors and spots him.

Scimitar brings down Artemis and Mr. Terrific. A thug runs up and shoots Scimitar, and then Christopher removes his mask. Spartan arrives and says that the target is secure.

Church reaches the hangar and finds Arrow waiting for him. He shoots Church in the arm, and Church pulls it out and presses his attack. Arrow finally takes him down, and Church says that Arrow has worse coming: Prometheus. Unimpressed, Arrow punches him unconscious.

The next day, Oliver holds a press conference explaining that the ACU had information that Church would only move forward if he believed Oliver was dead. He tells the reporters that Church and the kingpins have all been captured, and that the city council has passed an ordinance rezoning for low-income housing.

Back in his office, Oliver thanks Christopher for his help. Felicity comes in and Christopher leaves. She tells Oliver that things are complicated between them. Oliver says that he wants her to be happy, and that she owes it to herself to find out if what she has with Billy is real. Meanwhile, he has to embrace his own future as Oliver as well as Arrow. Felicity thanks him and Oliver assures her that he will always care about her: it's a mortal lock.

Five Years ago

Oliver goes outside and the two Bratva men jump him and say that Viktor wanted to give him a gift. The woman who helped them calmly walks away. A man steps out of the shadows and casually kills the two men, and then tells Oliver that his boss needs to wire him the other half of his fee. As he walks away, Christopher removes his mask. Anatoly comes out and Oliver asks what's going on.


Adrian meets with Ian, a man on Oliver's security detail. Ian says that Christopher took the bullets and he went through Christopher's past ops. He found a photo in the database of Oliver in a Russian bar during the period when he was stranded on the island.

That night, the DOC transfers Church. He looks nervously out the window and the guard wonders what has him spooked. An explosion goes off on the street and Church and the guard listen as someone kills the other officers. The guard goes out and Prometheus immediately kills him. Church says that Prometheus wants Arrow and church can give him his name. He tells him that it's Oliver, and Prometheus kills him and says that they're cool.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2016

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