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Abominations Recap

A time pirate pilots his escape pod through the timestream. He contacts his superior, Dentar, and says that they got the TX-90 out of 2232, but his teammate was infected and he killed the others. The ship crashes and when the time pirate wakes up, he discovers that his pod has crashed in the middle of a field. He activates his temporal beacon and tells Dentar to get the Dauntless and rescue him. Confederate soldiers surround him and order him not to move, and the time pirate convulses in pain as his features darken.

Jax and Martin listen to the beginning of Barry's message, where he says that a war is coming. Martin wonders if Jax has told anyone about the message, and he insists that he hasn't. Sara calls and tells them to come to the library because they have something.

In the library, Sara plays back the survivor's message. Sara and Ray figure that he's a time pirate, and warn that if he ends up where he shouldn't be then he'll cause an aberration. They track him to Mississippi 1863 in the center of the Civil War, and Sara tells Ray that he'll stay on the timeship as backup. As Martin and Jax leave, Martin figures that Sara is trying to keep Ray safe and suggests that Jax also stay behind. Jax figure that Martin is making the suggestion because he's black, and Martin says that there's no reason for him to subject him to the horrors of 1863. His comrade says that he'd face racism anywhere they go and he can handle it.

Ray prepares costumes and packs sack lunches for the team, and wishes them luck as they leave. He keeps in contact with them over the earbuds and Sara finally shuts him off when he keeps talking. They reach the escape pod and Mick destroys it. They hear someone calling for help and go to investigate. Amaya goes over to investigate despite their orders not to interfere, and Martin and Jax become Firestorm and fly off after her.

Two Confederates are chasing a black man. Firestorm blasts them, and the others reach the man. He wonders what's going on, and Amaya refuses to abandon him. Nate realizes that the man, Henry Scott, is a dispatch for the Union army. A group of undead soldiers charge toward them, and one of them knocks Jax away before he can merge with Martin. Amaya uses her Totem to take on gorilla strength and knock one way, and Mick smashes in another's head with a rock. Once they've dispatched of the zombies, Jax checks on the mortally wounded Henry. He says that he's supposed to deliver Confederate troop movements to a Union post at Collins Plantation, and then dies.

The team returns to Waverider and Mick explains that they were attacked by zombies. Martin checks the records and says that the TX-90 is a futuristic bio-weapon and the infected victims resemble zombies. As the team agrees that they have to deal with the problem, Mick collapses. They take him to the medbay and Martin tells him that the infected wounded him. Mick tells Ray to fix him.

In the library, Nate and Sara check the records and discover that the Union surrendered because of the zombie hordes. Jax reads Henry's mission orders, signed by General Grant, and discovers that he was supposed to infiltrate the Collins Plantation and steal Confederate troop movement orders. In the original timeline, the plans Henry stole helped Grant win the battle of Champion Hill. Since Henry died, history was altered. Jax says that he has to fix it because he's a black man and invisible. Sara says that he's her responsibility, and Jax says that he'll take Amaya with him. She agrees and says that she and Nate will go to tell the Union about the infected soldiers.

As Nate and Sara head to the Union camp, Nate suggests that he should break the news because he's a man. Union soldiers capture them as they argue.

Jax and Amaya go to the plantation and Jax figures that they can sneak in while everyone is asleep. They see a man choking a slave, and Jax tells Amaya that they can't blow their cover and interfere. The man whips her, and the two heroes can only watch.

On Waverider, Ray creates a vaccine and Mick says that he's counting on him. When Ray injects it, Mick goes into convulsions. He transforms and Ray fires a stun beam at Mick, and then runs out with Martin as Gideon puts the ship into lockdown mode.

The Union soldiers take Ray and Sara to the camp, and escort them to Grant. Nate claims that he's Colonel, but Grant figures that he's a spy. Sara speaks up and says that they're not on either side, but they're there to warn him of a horde of zombies. Grant has no idea what a zombie is, and Sara offers to show him. She leaves Nate as a hostage and goes to get proof.

Once night falls, Jax and Amaya hear a party going on inside. Amaya complains that they didn't help the slave, and Jax says that he knows from experience that there's no way to predict what will alter history. He tells Amaya that it makes him angry but if they don't do their job then it could make things worse.

On Waverider, Martin panics at the thought of dealing with a zombie. Ray figures that he may need to administer more than one dose, and is sure that he stunned Mick. He wants to go in, but Martin refuses until Ray points out that if he's bitten then the professor will have to deal with two zombies.

Jax enters the manor house and goes to the study, and starts going through the desk drawers. As he leaves, he bumps into a woman and takes her hand. The plantation owner, Collins, demands to know what he's doing. Jax tries to apologize and walks away, and Collins takes offense at his actions. He tells his foreman to teach Jax a lesson.

Sara returns to Grant's tent with the severed head of a zombie. It's still "alive," and Sara says that it was part of a horde near the camp and they're running out of time.

Ray and martin go into the medbay and discover that Mick is gone.

The zombies attack the Union camp and threaten to overrun the sharpshooters. Grant says that he can't spare the man from his attack on Vicksburg. Sara figures that they need backup and leaves.

Martin and Ray search for Mick, and Mick attacks Ray. Ray manages to throw him off, and he and Martin take refuge in the galley.

Collis chains Jax to a post in an outer building, punches him, and leaves. Jax realizes that the blow knocked his comm out and he can't contact Amaya.

Martin feels Jax's fear through their link, and Sara contacts them. Ray tells them what happened and that they can't provide backup.

Two other captive slaves, Abraham and Mary, ask Jax who he is. Jax asks for their help, explaining that he's a spy, and Abraham warns him that there's no way off the plantation. Their friends got caught and Collins castrated and hobbled them. Jax wonders how they don’t go mad, and Mary says that they won't give Collins the satisfaction. The slaves sign a hymn to bolster their spirits.

When Amaya can't reach Jax on the comm, she goes in and the foreman asks who invited her. He says that he'll have to teach her a lesson on how to talk to her betters.

As Mick claws at the door, Ray suggests that if they use a fire extinguisher to deliver the serum as a spray, then it will work. He says that he's been terrified ever since his suit was destroyed, but he needs Martin to overcome his fear the same way he has.

Nate suggests that they pick off the zombies in a nearby valley where they've gathered, but Grant warns that his men are running out of ammunition. Sara sees a crate of explosives and talks to Nate privately.

The foreman takes Amaya to the outer building and she knocks him unconscious. She then frees Jax and he says that they should free the others. When Amaya reminds him of what he said earlier, Jax admits that it's a risk but slavery is the aberration. He tells Abraham that they'll protect him and the others, and that things will get better and it starts with them not giving up. Mary recognizes Amaya's totem as Zambezi, and says that her mother was born there. She tells Abraham that she believe sin them, and Abraham agrees.

Jax opens the door and sees the zombies outside. He closes it and Abraham says that he knows where the Confederate plans are. The two of them go out, fighting their way past the zombies. Amaya takes the other slaves to safety.

In the manor house, the zombies are attacking the guests. Abraham takes Jax to the painting where the plans are hidden behind. As they leave, they run into Collins fighting the zombies. Jax says that he has to give them weapons, but Collins refuses... and the zombies take him down.

Grant warns Nate and Sara that they're almost out of ammo. She hands him a torch, and Nate runs off.

Ray climbs through the vent shaft to the medbay, and Mick is waiting for him and attacks.

Jax and Abraham run upstairs and Jax tosses a lamp into the lobby below. It explodes, destroying the zombies.

The zombies reach the camp, and Sara tells the soldiers to douse all the fires. The first wave of zombies strikes, but Nate lights the torch and calls the zombies after him.

Martin leaves the galley and is unable to reach Ray on the comms. He finds Ray unconscious in the medbay, and picks up the nearby fire extinguisher.

Nate runs to the crate of explosives and the zombies leap on top of him. Nate turns to steel and jams the torch into the crate, setting off the explosives.

Martin finds Mick and sprays him in the face with the vaccine. Mick tackles him but after a moment, the cure works and he reverts to normal.

Jax and Abraham run out of the burning manor house and meet the others. Amaya says that they have to go, but Jax watches and savors the moment before they leave.

As the sun rises, Sara and the soldiers search for Nate. He crawls out of the pile of dead zombies and throws up from the stench.

Later, Jax delivers the plans to Grant. Jax claims that he's Henry, and Grant tells the slaves that they will take care of them. Sara tells Grant that they've spread the vaccine, and Grant says that Nate mentioned that she has regrets about putting people in harm's way. She says that she can't get used to doing it, and Grant says that his predecessors had given up. He believed in his men and the good that they're doing, and asks if Sara believe sin her mission. Sara says that she does, and Grant tells her not to regret making the tough decisions.

Back on Waverider, Ray checks on Mick. Mick thanks him for his help, and Ray offers him a hamburger. Ray finally wonders if he has a place on the team. Mick tells him that being an outsider is a good thing, and takes out Len's cold gun and says that he's looking for a partner. He then gives it to Ray.

On the bridge, Martin finds Jax doing some scrimshaw that his mother taught him. The professor wonders if he's homesick, and points out that Jax just witnessed the very worst of humanity. Jax admits that his hear tis broken, but he saw hope and dignity in the slaves. Martin believes that there are more people that cling to hope despite the darkness... including Jax.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2016

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