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Rogue Wall Enthusiasts Recap

15 Years Ago

Lux Dujour enters a suburban horse and joins his bald brothers. A woman, Jake Rainey, gets up to greet him and Lux notices one dead man and another man tied up and wearing a welding mask men on the floor. Lux reminds her that he was one of the original souls and that at least he tries to create something. He asks Rainey how many bodies that she's been in, and asks what it's all about. Jake says that the energy is being redesignated and they've found a body for the temple. She removes the mask from the tied-up man, revealing that it's Gordon Rimmer, and tells Lux to say hello to his new vessel. Lux says that she can't do it, but Jake insists that it's best for their cause. He says that if she cared about their cause then she would have found Edgar Spring's machine decades ago, and Jake accuses her of being addicted to his current body. When Lux insists that she can't move him out of his body, Jake has the two bald men drag Lux away.

3 Days Ago

Lydia arrives at Gordon's doorstep, and asks if he wrote the letter. Gordon says that he did and that he has answers, and Lydia asks what happened to her grandfather and who killed her mother. He says that he knows why Patrick's soul freed and what happened to her mother, and invites Lydia in. He asks if she likes Lux, and she has no idea who the rock star is but goes in anyway.


Farah looks at the hole in the floor and remembers how the bullet came up and killed the bald man holding her. She then tells Dirk and Todd to take her to the house. They arrive at Gordon's house and find the fire department cleaning up the debris. Todd and Dirk hide behind a bush, and Todd admits that they're the ones who burned the house down. When Farah points out that the fire department doesn't know that, Todd steps out and says that his clothes look good on her. Farah hesitantly thanks Todd for saving her, and then asks why he burned down the house. Dirk comes over and explains that he talked to the police, and they told him to go away. He admits that he gave the bad guys his phone number, and Farah takes his phone and calls the number they called Dirk from.

Gordon is parked outside of a natural food store when the calls comes in. Farah asks where Lydia is, and Gordon asks if she has the other machine. The bodyguard has no idea what he's talking about, and Gordon says that's the wrong answer. He promises that they'll find her and get what Patrick was going to hand over. When Farah tells him to hand over Lydia, Gordon just chuckles and says that they'll see her soon. Farah then tells Dirk and Todd that she needs to go back to the apartment and get her things, and Todd says that he's done. Dirk wonders if Todd is mad at him, and Todd admits that he doesn't know. Satisfied, Dirk says that he'll see him soon and runs off after Farah. She points out that the man who shot her captor was military, and wonders how they're involved.

Hugo returns to the SUV where Riggins is waiting, and Riggins says that they're prepping for contact with a former Black Wing subject. The sergeant has no idea what he's talking about, even though he claims that he read the file. Riggins explains that in 1988, the CIA assigned him as operations chief of a division of his own creation. The division's mission was to seek out people with ESP. Hugo still doesn't get it, and Riggins tells him to put on his seatbelt as they drive off.

Bart continues driving and Ken sits silently. She finally punches him in the shoulder to get his attention and tells him to cheer up. She turns on the radio and Ken says that he's heard the song, and she asks if he knows the words. Bart is surprised that they play the same song on the radio more than once, and Ken explains the concept of recordings. She tells Ken to sing to prove that he knows the words, and he does so. As he does, a group of bikers come up behind them and open fire. The car skids off the road and the bikers pull up.

Amanda is walking down the street to the grocery store and leaves a message for Todd saying that she's outside. She admits that Dirk was right and she should get out occasionally. The Rowdy 3 are following her in their van, and come to a stop when she does. After a moment, Amanda braces herself and goes on.

At the station, Estevez shows Zimmerfield Rapunzel, the dog from the tape from the hotel. It was outside the station when Estevez came in, and the address on the tag burned down the day before. Todd arrives to talk to them, and they figure that it's no coincidence that he showed up. Zimmerfield tells Estevez to hide the dog.

Farah takes Dirk to the Spring manor and explains that her father was the old head of security. The house was built for an inventor, Zachariah Webb, but he disappeared. Patrick bought it back from the government right before his wife died. John Dollow, Patrick's lawyer, comes up. He tells Farah that he has something for him and she should come in when she can.

Todd tells Estevez and Zimmerfield that he saw Lydia and she was acting odd, and the bald men are dangerous. He admits that he doesn't have the details but figures that it's all connected. The detectives point out that four years ago Todd's band The Mexican Funeral files a police report that their equipment had been stolen... by Todd. Todd says that he was going through a rough time, and they know about his medical condition because they called his parents. He wonders if they're accusing him of something, and the detectives point out that he was at the house that burned down, and he's now turned up at three crime scenes. They also know about Todd's dead landlord.

Amanda goes to the grocery store and nervously shops for food. She makes it through the store without suffering an attack. As she reaches the counter, Amanda hallucinates her hand on fire. She tries to take her pills but spills them, and screams in agony.

Zimmerfield tells Todd that he's almost as interesting as Dark. Todd's phone rings and the detectives wait for him to answer it. It's Amanda, who begs him for help. The line goes dead and Todd says that his sister needs him to pick him up. The detectives agree that he can go and Todd quickly runs out. They figure that Todd is guilty but wonder of what.

Amanda runs out, hallucinating her whole body burning. As two teenagers video her, the Rowdy 3 pull up and attack the teenagers, smashing their car and their camera. Michael finally tells them to come over and they all suck Amanda's soul. She has a series of visions and wakes up in her garage as the Rowdy 3 leave, having left her bag of groceries next to her.

Ken wakes up and finds himself tied to a totem in the middle of a field. Bart is tied on the other side, and Ken says that he knew he'd die in some weird way eventually. She tells him that when the bikers return, Ken will probably die and she'll kill them. Bart wants Ken to know that's the way it's supposed to be because she doesn't get hurt... but she figures that she'll miss Ken. Ken isn't consoled.

Dollow tells Farah and Dirk that Patrick left an envelope for Farah with "3?1!" on it. He explains that Patrick's instructions were to give it to her only if Dirk was with her. Farah takes the envelope and realizes that Patrick knew he was going to die. Dirk figures that Patrick hired him to solve his murder, not save him. Dollow suggests that they give Farah a moment and leads Dirk out. Dirk comes back anyway and wonders if Farah and Patrick were close. Farah says that when Patrick's wife Catherine died, Patrick gave her a lot of purpose. She blames herself for screwing everything up and breaks into tears, and Dirk hesitantly touches on the shoulder to comfort her. After a moment, Farah gets hold of herself and starts to leave. Dirk says that they can't leave yet and suggests that she open the envelope first. Farah does so and they find a map of the house.

Amanda is sitting at her drums in the garage when Todd arrives. He's relieved that she's okay, and Amanda assures him that everything is okay. She asks where Dirk is, and figures that Todd isn't telling her something. Todd suggests that Amanda stay at his house, and Amanda asks if he remembers what the attacks are like. Despite that, Todd leads her out.

Farah follows the map through the house, trying to follow the map. Dirk takes it but doesn't have any better luck, and Farah takes it back and they continue. They arrive in the laundry room and Farah examines a wall. She breaks through it with an iron, revealing a hidden door with a clock mounted on it. Dirk sets the clock to the time indicated on the map, and the door opens. The duo enter the vault and discover a room in the foundation that has been there since Webb built the house. The lights come on, revealing some kind of generator. When Dirk touches a light bulb attached to it, it lights up. There's a scroll with a note from Patrick asking them to save Lydia. There's a wooden handle attached to a cable, and Dirk figures that Patrick planned the entire thing. He wonders why Patrick didn't save himself, and Farah admits that she thinks Dirk is actually a pretty good detective.

The bikers return to the totem and Ken begs Bart to do something. She warns him that it doesn't work that way, as the bikers surround them. They ask who sent them to kill Jake, and Ken says that Bart killed Jake and he had nothing to do with it. Bart whispers to Ken that the leader is the one they were waiting for. The leader throws a rock at Ken, which bounces off his head, hits the top of the totem, and knocks it over. The falling pole tears through the tape on Bart's hands, and she grabs his gun and shoots all of the bikers except the leader. He throws a knife at her but it hits handle first and bounces off of her. Bart picks it up and throws it into the man's chest, killing him.

As night falls, Ken realizes that Bart knew it was going to happen and that what she's talking about is real. He figures that he's with her for a reason. He figures that they need to find Dirk, and Bart says that they need to kill Dirk. Once she finds the bike keys, they drive off together.

Todd takes Amanda to his apartment and find Dirk and Farah in the kitchen. Dirk and Amanda express their admiration for each other, and Todd wonders why Dirk is there. they're examining a map and Amanda says that it's a government utility map of the electrical lines. She points out that it shows the Ridgely Building, and an exasperated Todd goes out in the hallway. Dirk goes after him and insists that they're meant to know each other. He says that he wants Todd's help, and Todd points out that they're in Springsboro... like Edgar Springs. Todd realizes that it's no coincidence, and that everything Dirk has been saying is the truth. Dirk asks if he'll help him.

Once Todd agrees, Dirk heads downstairs and Riggins steps out of the shadows. He calls Dirk "Mr. Blood" and says that they need to talk, and Dirk insists that isn't his name anymore. Hugo tackles Dirk and Riggins orders him to release Dirk. Once Hugo does, Riggins says that Dirk needs to come back in for a briefing because Black Wing is under review. They bailed Dirk out when he was arrested, and Riggins insists that he's not the enemy. He warns that Dirk will get himself killed, and Dirk insists that he's on a case and has friends. Riggins says that he doesn't know what they'll do, but Dirk tells him to go back to hide in the shadows because it was the only thing Riggins was ever good at.

Dirk walks out and Hugo asks Riggins if he wants him to go get Dirk. Riggins says that they'll try another angle, and Hugo assures him that they'll get all of them... because they have to.

Arnold goes to a building and finds the bald men, all dead. He calls someone and says that everything all works. Lydia is in his car, barking, and Gordon gets in the car and hears a radio report that they've found Lux's body. Furious, Gordon pounds the dashboard then tells Lydia that it's not her fault as he strokes her gently.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2016

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