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Crossfire Recap

Kara barges into Mon-El's quarters and tells him that it's his first day for work. She takes him to his apartment, cuts his hair with his heat vision, and serves him pancakes. She tries to find some clothing for him and gives him a pair of glasses to conceal his identity. Kara then gives him the fake papers showing that he is Mike Mathews and says that he has a job at CatCo. Mon-el thanks her for helping to be more human.

At CatCo, Kara suggests that he bring coffee to the other assistants to make friends. She explains how phone works and talks to James' assistant Eve. He gives her coffee and Eve starts flirting with him James comes out and Kara introduces him to Mon-El. Mon-El is unimpressed, and apologizes for Supergirl attacks the man not getting him "bribery coffee." Once James leaves, Kara warns Mon-El not to reveal his powers to anyone. He's surprised that she's never used her powers to do menial tasks, and when she claims that she hasn't then he points out her tell. The first call comes in and Kara shows him how to answer it.

At the bar, Alex and Maggie are playing pool. Maggie says that her girlfriend dumped her, and heads home to drown her sorrows.

On the street, Kara and James are walking and she thanks James for taking Mon-El in. A SVU pulls up and robbers run toward a nearby children's hospital. Kara turns into Supergirl and flies down on them, and one man shoots her with an energy rifle. The blast knocks her back, and James attacks another robber. The robber manages to kick him unconscious and gets in SUV, while the other robber shoots Supergirl down. The men drive off and Supergirl realizes that they broke his father's camera.

At the DEO, Winn identifies the weapon as an Andranian Photon Cannon. He confirms that it hit her before it was really charged, and Hank says that they have to find a way to track the weapon. Cadmus releases a new video saying that the population will pay for not heeding their warning against the aliens. They figure that Cadmus gave the robbers the guns.

Later at CatCo, one staffer is saying that it's time that they had alien weapons to defend themselves. Kara objects, figuring that Cadmus is spreading fear, and James sends everyone to their jobs. As the others leave, Kara wonders how she's going to deal with weapons more powerful than what was on Krypton. James admits that there's not much he can do. Eve stumbles by with a pile of work and Kara goes over to help her. They're the quarterly reports that Mon-El was supposed to do, and Eve offered to do them.

Kara goes over to Mon-El and tells him that he needs to do his job instead of dumping it off on Eve. Lena comes in and says that L-Corp is hosting a gala for the children's hospital and wants Kara to come. She admits that Kara is her only friend in National City and it would mean a lot to her if she was there. Kara agrees, and Mon-El overhearing, asks if he can come. Lena agrees and tells him to find a nice suit.

At the DEO, Winn tries to tell Alex about the radiation signature from the weapon. He realizes that she's distracted, and Alex talks about Maggie and how she's going through a breakup. As they discuss how he was into Kara and Alex isn't into Maggie, a report of an attack comes in. Alex calls Kara and Supergirl soon arrives at the scene. Miner, the man from before tries to shoot her, but Supergirl disarms him at superspeed. However, another criminal uses an anti-gravity gun on an approaching police, sending it up into the atmosphere. Supergirl flies up and brings the officer down,

Later, Miner and his men meet with the Cadmus leader, who warns that he's being too reckless. She warns that he has to think smaller and sow fear among the populace, making them ready for Cadmus' leadership. Miner suggests that she provide him with a bigger gun, and the scientists gives him a high-powered weapon and tells him to use it wisely.

Alex arrives at the crime scene and meets with Maggie, and suggests that they go out for drink or dinner. Maggie doesn't want to celebrate getting dumped, and Alex insists that she just wanted to keep her company. Surprised, Maggie says that she didn't think she was into girls. Alex says that she isn't and quickly leaves.

At CatCo, James tells Kara that 63% of the population now support repealing the Alien Amnesty Act. She asks if he's seen Mon-El, and he says that he sent Mon-El on an errand. Using her superhearing, Kara finds Mon-El and Eve having sex in a storage closet. She tells them to stop and Eve quickly leaves. Kara wonders what Mon-El is thinking, and complains that he keeps messing up blending in with humans. She tells him that he can't do his own thing at Catco, and tells him to find another mentor if he doesn't want to do that.

Winn is going over the Cadmus video when James comes in. He asks Winn if they've found anything on the gang, and asks how they are tracking them. After he confirms that the Federal Reserve is a dead end, James quickly leaves.

That night, Miner and his men break into the Federal Reserve. A hooded figure attacks them, and then runs when one of the men opens fire on him. The figure deflects the blat with a shield, and gets knocked back through a wall. The criminal brings the wall down on top of his attacker and takes off with the others, and the figure runs in to get everybody out. Everyone evacuates the building just in time,and James removes his hood and runs off.

The next morning, James is in his office bandaging his wounds when Winn comes in. He says that he hacked into the Reserve's security cameras and is well aware that James was the figure. Winn wonders what's going on, and James says that his entire life he's been a sidekick. Now he wants to do something good for the world, and feels that he's waited too long already. James figures that the work is what his life has been leading to, and insists that he can do it even though he doesn't have superpowers. He asks Winn to build him a suit and a weapon, and says that when his father's camera was destroyed it reminded him that his father died protecting the country. Winn starts to leave, and James says that he's going to do it with or without his help. Unconvinced, Winn says that they fight with knowledge and warns that James will get himself killed.

Kara arrives at her apartment and finds Alex eating sugar in the middle of the day. As they go inside, Kara complains about how Mon-El doesn't take his job seriously. Alex points out that when Kara first arrived at her house, she wanted Kara to be just like her. She finally let it go and let Kara do her own thing, and warns that Mon-El isn't Kara. Alex tells her foster sister that people have to work out for themselves what they're meant to be, and Kara wonders what she came there for. Before Alex can answer, Lena knocks at the door. Kara lets her in and Lena asks Kara to help her get in touch with Supergirl.

The Cadmus scientist meets Miner and his men in a subway station, and he wants to rob Lena'a gala. The scientist warns him not underestimate Lena and starts to walk off. When Miner draws a gun on her, the scientist says that she's fighting for her children and their lives depend on her ending alien influence over Earth. She glares at him and after a moment Miner lowers his gun but insists that they're taking down the party.

Supergirl flies to Lena's office and Lena invites her to her party. When the heroine warns that the gala will be a target for the gang, Lena explains that's why she wants Supergirl there. Supergirl wonders why she's taking risks, and Lena says that she can't live in fear. She asks Supergirl to judge her on her own merits, not as a Luthor, and Supergirl agrees.

The next night at the gala, Winn arrives with Kara and explains that he'll be scanning the area for the weapon's electromagnetic signature. Kara goes over to Lena and Winn spills a drink on Lena. Taking advantage of the distraction, Kara slips away, becomes Supergirl, and checks in with Lena before flying off to the perimeter. She then comes back as Kara and joins her friend.

Winn spots James and asks if he's there to fight crime. Meanwhile, Mon-El spots Kara eating hors d'oeuvers and asks if she's going to yell at her again. Kara assures him that she isn't and Mon-El invites her to dance. Winn and James watch, and Winn picks up the electromagnetic signature just as the gang comes in shooting. Kara tells Mon-El not to do anything and slips away, and Miner tells everyone to hand over their things. Winn tells James to not even think about attacking.

Supergirl flies down and Miner fires her new weapon at her. She tries to block it with her heat vision btu is knocked down. When Mon-El goes after Miner, Miner blasts him back. Meanwhile, Supergirl takes to the skies and heat-visions the gang from a distance. Winn takes refuge under a table and finds Lena working on a field generator. He realizes that she set a trip for the gang and helps her get it working.

James attacks one of the criminals, who knocks him down and opens fire. Supergirl takes the blast and they're both knocked back, and Miner and his men open fire. Lena activates the generator and their weapons fly into the air and explode. Winn and Lena emerge from under the table and Winn explains that they were just stopping the weapons.

The next day Maggie and her men are leading Miner and his gang off. Miner offers to ID his weapons supplier but he wants a deal. Before he can talk, the Cadmus scientist talks to him via a subsonic transmission. She reminds him that she told him not to talk, and Miner and his men collapse, dead.

Winn visits James in his office and agrees to help him since he won't stop on his own. He explains that now he's doing important work with the DEO, and he understands why James wants to be a hero. Winn asks if he has a superhero name, and James says that everyone will know it when they're ready.

At the DEO, Kara tells Mon-El that he was fired. She admits that she'll always be a little mad at him, and explains that when she arrived on Earth she ultimately had to make her own choices. Kara apologizes for making Mon-El's choices for him, and says that his own life is going to be different from hers. However, she says that he still needs to get a job but it has to be something he wants to do. Kara then gives him a guide to National City and makes sure to rip out the page about strip clubs.

Maggie is at the bar drinking when Alex comes in. When Maggie wonders why she's there, Alex apologizes for being too forward the other day. She tells Maggie that her whole life has been about being perfect, except for dating. Alex says that she never really liked being intimate with guys, and she never thought it was because she was into women. Now she can't stop thinking that maybe there's some truth to what Maggie said earlier. Alex then says that she has to go and walks out.

Supergirl meets with Lena and Lena explains that she wasn't sure if Supergirl could believe that a Luthor wanted to see Luthor done. The Cadmus scientist comes in and Lena says that she has to handle something. Supergirl leaves and Lena asks what she can do for her mother.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2016

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