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Mad City: Blood Rush Recap

A man, Paulie Pennies, opens a van and loads in some carpets... next to a corpse. He covers over the corpse and shuts the doors, just as Barnes walks down the street. Barnes spots the man with blood on his face, and watches as the van drives off. The captain drives off after him and pulls up behind the van where it's parked. A nearby sidewalk trapdoor is open, and Barnes goes down and orders Paulie at gunpoint to stand down. Barnes moves forward and discovers that he was cutting up a corpse and destroying it with acid, and Paulie insists that he's just the cleaner. Furious, Barnes advances on Paulie and figures he wants him to read his rights and arrest him, and he'll be out in a couple of years. The captain says that's not happening tonight, and Paulie says that the Toad gave him the job. Barnes says that he's been able to control the rage until now but it's getting stronger, screams, and grabs Paulie.

The next morning, Lee greets Mario and he wonders who all the people are on the engagement party list that Carmine has prepared for the. Lee says that she's proud and they kiss, and Mario realizes that she's worried about something. She tells her fiancé that Jim is returning to the GCPD and starts that day, and apologizes for not telling Mario soon. Mario reminds her that they agreed that Jim wouldn't be a part of his life. Lee says that if Mario trusts her then nothing else matters, and Mario assures her that he does.

At the station house, Jim arrives for his first day back and Harvey greets him and says that they have a case. He tosses Jim his badge and they head out.

Edward meets with Isabella for breakfast and they kiss. She assures him that she'll only be at her librarians' conference for two days, and she puts on some glasses to read her schedule. Edward realizes how much more she looks like Kristen and his hand shakes. He goes to the bathroom and tries to get hold of himself, but hallucinates Kristen in the mirror. "Kristen" taunts him, asking how long it will be until Edward kills Isabella. Edward insists that he would never hurt Isabella, and Kristen tells him that he's a killer and it's only a matter of time.

Jim and Harvey arrive at the basement where Paulie was killed. Harvey said that it's good to have Jim back, and they arrive in the room where Paulie was torn apart. They figure that they should call Barnes.

Barnes goes to Arkham and meets with Jervis. Jervis figures that Alice is inside of Barnes, and Barnes asks him how he beats the virus. The inmate demands something in return for what he gives him. When Barnes threatens him, Jervis says that Alice's virus brings out the dark side of a person. He offers to tell Barnes everything he knows if Barnes tells him what the virus has brought out in him. After a moment, Barnes says that his anger is at the guilty. Jervis figures that it's violent rage, not just anger, and Barnes demands answers. The prisoner says that there is a cure: Barnes giving in to the virus. He asks if Barnes has heard the voices yet, and says that the dark voices inside of him will start whispering to Barnes until he sees the world as it really is. Then there'll be nothing left but the virus. Jervis figures that Barnes has already killed and is trying to make it right, and Barnes insists that he can and walks out.

Jim goes to Lee's office and she comes up behind him. They go in and Jim says that Valerie is out of the hospital and they're not together. Jim assures her that he's not trying to make things awkward, and Lee agrees. When Jim asks her if Mario agrees, Lee says that he will eventually. She mentions her engagement party and then reviews the two bodies at the crime scene. The John Doe in the acid had his face removed with a blade, and as Jim goes lee tells him that he made the right decision coming back.

Harvey shows Barnes the files on the case and Jim arrives. Jim shows Barnes Lee's report, and Barnes says that he's running point on it. Harvey agrees and Jim hesitates, and Barnes reminds him that he's the one who gives the orders. He tells Harvey to follow the physical evidence and report back to him, and then apologizes to Jim for snapping at him. Alvarez brings Barnes a file on the Toad, and Barnes gets his gun and heads out.

Edward talks to Oswald about what he saw, and wonders what happens if he hurts Isabella. Oswald smiles and Edward notices, and Oswald claims that he was thinking how lovely it is that Edward wants to protect up with her to protect her. Edward hadn't said that, and asks Oswald to break up with Isabella for him. Oswald is glad to agree.

Barnes goes to the bar that the Toad frequents and demands answers. The Toad asks who's asking, and his lieutenant attacks Barnes. Barnes slams throws him across the room, and the toad hits him over the head with a bottle. The captain shrugs it off, slams the man on a pool table, and demands to know where the man Paulie cleaned up came from. The Toad admits that he hired Paulie but he's just the middleman, and plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Symon hired him. Symon has a side business giving criminals who need to disappear a new face. Barnes' features warp as his heart races, but after a moment he gains control of himself and tells Toad to take him to Symon.

Oswald goes to Isabella's apartment and tells her that she isn't going to see Edward again. As she sits down in shock, and Oswald says that Edward needs someone on his own level to appreciate him. Isabella agrees that she doesn't deserve him but says that she's not going to let Edward go. She realizes that Oswald loves him as well, and Oswald tells her to let Edward go. Isabella says that she will write to Edward and make him understand, and Oswald smiles and leaves.

Barnes drives to Symon's office and leaves the Toad in the trunk of his car. Inside, Symon has a woman tied up and gagged on his operating table. After he makes arrangements with his new customer, he thanks his "patient" for taking care of her skin and prepares to cut off her face. Barnes bursts in, draws his gun, and tells Symon to go for it. Symon surrenders and Barnes sees a face in a nearby jar. He asks Symon how many he's killed, and Symon demands an attorney. Barnes spins around as he hears voices whispering that Symon is guilty, then knocks Symon to the floor and prepares to shoot him. Symon demands that Barnes arrest him, and Barnes stares down at him.

Lucius shows Jim and Harvey Lee's report and points out that enormous strength was required to rip Paulie apart. There was a puncture mark on the first victim's arm, and Lucius plans to run it down. Jim wonders why he brought the report instead of Lee, and Lucius says that Lee has already left for her engagement party. Once Lucius leaves, Barnes brings Simon in and has Harvey lock him up. He tells Jim what he found, and Barnes wonders if he's going to win the battle but lose the war. Jim wonders how killed Paulie, and Barnes says that he'll get that killer the next day.

In his office, Barnes takes his gun out of his pocket and looks at his badge. He then sets both down on Paulie's photo.

At the engagement party, Mario gets everyone's attention and says that he and Carmine haven't always seen eye to eye. They both agree that marrying Lee was the best decision Mario has ever made. He then declares his love for Lee and they kiss. Afterward, Barbara approaches Lee and congratulates her. She just wanted to ask if Lee misses the hate of being close to Jim, his darkness and light. Lee says that she loves Mario and won't miss Jim. Barbara figures that Lee believes it and walks out. Barnes approaches and tells Lee that he can't stay but he wanted to congratulate her. She convinces him to stay for one drink.

Lucius tells Jim that he came across an anesthetic cocktail in Symon's lab. Harvey comes in and says that the girl he had tied up refused to press charges, and the judge ordered them to release Symon. Lucius insists that the anesthetic ties Symon to the John Doe murder, and Jim and Harvey go after Symon.

Carmine approaches Barnes and introduces himself. Barnes says that he belongs behind bars even though he's retired, and Carmine insists that people have jobs because of his work. The captain says that no one is above the law, and Carmine figures that Barnes is trying to convince himself. He wishes Barnes a pleasant evening and walks off, and Barnes calls Alvarez and says that he's bringing in the man who killed Paulie. As Alvarez says that the judge released Symon, Barnes sees the plastic surgeon arrive at the party. Barnes hears the voices instead whispering "Guilty," and goes after Symon.

Edward goes to Isabella's apartment in response to her note, and finds the door open. Isabella is in the next room and calls to him, saying that meeting with him is more important. Edwards says that they're breaking up is for the best, but Isabella insists that he would never hurt her. She comes out, made up to look like Kristen, and says that she found old photos in newspapers. Isabella grabs Edward and says that she's forcing him to face his fear. She knows that he won't hurt her, and puts his hand on her throat. He starts to choke her, and then kisses her.

Jim and Harvey arrive at the party and tell the officers with them to seal off the place without making a scene. Lee asks what they're doing there, and Jim explains that Paulie's killer is there. Mario comes over and asks what's going on. Jim explains that Symon is a murderer, and Mario insists that Carmine's relationship with him is completely above board. Harvey goes off to find Symon, and Mario asks Lee to leave so he can talk to Jim privately.

The two men go to the study and Mario says that Jim sacrificed Valerie for Lee. He tells Jim that he'll do whatever he has to do to keep Lee, and Jim tells him to lose the jealousy. Mario punches him and Jim says that he'll let him get away with it for Lee's sake.

Barnes approaches Symon in the bathroom, who invites him to his office for a free evaluation. The captain slams Symon's head onto the sink and then throws him into a stall. As Symon crawls out, Barnes says that he's seeing things clearly for the first time. He's spend years holding him back from doing what he really wanted to do, and now he's seen that the whole city is guilty. As Barnes chokes Symon, he insists that he's judge, jury, and executioner. He then slams Symon through the wall and the plastic surgeon falls several stories to his death.

Back at the Cobblepot mansion, Edward tells Oswald that Isabella showed him that he was worried over nothing. Oswald hugs him and says that he's happy for him, and advises Edward to get some sleep. Once Edward leaves, Gabe comes in and Oswald says that Isabella fought for Edward... and underestimated her opponent. Gabe says that it's done but he feels kind of bad because he always liked librarians. Oswald figures that Edward will be heartbroken but has a shoulder to cry on.

Isabella pulls up to a railroad crossing and the barrier comes down. The brakes fail and she crashes through the barrier... and the oncoming train hits her car.

Harvey finds Jim and says that Symon has apparently left. As Harvey heads back to the bar, Barnes comes down and Jim said that they'll find Simon. The captain says that the man he thought had killed Paulie was a dead-end, and informs Jim that things are going to change. The two of them are going to clean up the city, and Jim agrees. Barnes then rejoins the party and takes a sip of champagne, and looks at the crowd... and sees their faces as demons.

Jim is going to his car when he sees Symon's body. The dying Symon whispers that Barnes killed him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2016

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