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My Little Monkey Recap

The Past

Officer John Decker goes to a diner to get Hawaiian bread from the cook, Petey. Before he goes, Decker gives A robber in a hoodie comes in and immediately shoots John dead, and then demands the cash.


At the station, Chloe is on the phone receiving word that her father's killer is going to be released. She insists that her father's killer can be released and hangs up, just a Lucifer comes in. He tells Chloe that Linda canceled his session and figures that he scared her off, and blames Chloe for advising him to open up to her. Chloe says that she's dealing with her own issues and tells Lucifer that there's no way he can help her. Lucifer figures that everyone around him gets hurt and he has to be someone more helpful... and boring. Dan comes in with coffee for Chloe, and she quickly leaves. Her ex realizes that something is bothering Chloe, and Lucifer is impressed that Dan noticed.

Chloe goes to the penitentiary and complains to Deputy Warden Perry Smith that letting her father's killer Joe Field out on family leave. Smith says that Joe has been a model prisoner for over ten years, and he's going to his granddaughter's christening. The guards bring Joe out, and he looks briefly at Chloe and smiles. Back in her car, she gets a call from Lucifer. He says that he's decided to see the world from another man's perspective: Dan. The guards take Joe away and Chloe abruptly tells Lucifer to do what he wants and then drives after her father's killer.

As Chloe drives down the street, she sees the prison transport parked in an alleyway. She goes to investigate and finds the driver dead, shot. She moves around and tells Joe to come out, and finds him dead in the back of the van, shot just like the driver.

The police soon secure the crime scene and Lucifer and Dan arrive. Lucifer says that Dan's approach to life intrigues him, and Dan tells him to stay out of the way and let him call the shots. Ella says that they have three victims, all shot execution-style, and Dan recognizes Joe's name. Chloe confirms that she was first on the scene.

Back at the station, Dan questions Chloe with Lucifer looking on. She admits that it looks bad and agrees to excuse herself from the case due to the conflict of interest. Dan assures her that he'll find the killer and Lucifer, mimicking him, agrees. When Dan starts complaining, Chloe says that it would mean a lot to her if they work together. Ella comes in and reports that all of the prints on the van cleared as prison personnel except for an ex-con, Rodney Lam... who served time with Joe.

Back at home, Chloe discovers that Maze is going to an interview wearing a leather dress. Maze explains that the job is for a preschool aide, and Trixie suggests that she find a job doing something she likes. The demons admits that she doesn't know what she likes, and Trixie tells her to be herself. Once she leaves, Chloe makes Trixie Hawaiian bread and explains that her grandfather used to bring it to her after acting class. She assures Chloe that her grandfather would have loved her.

A woman arrives at Chloe's door, draws a gun, and says that she's going to pay for what she's done. She says that she's Tina Fields, Joe's daughter, and he didn't deserve to get gunned down. Tina comes in and says that all Joe wanted to do was meet his granddaughter, and insists that Chloe murdered an innocent man. Trixie calls out and Chloe grabs the gun from the distracted Tina. Once Trixie goes back to her room, Tina says that Joe's lawyers sent a video on the occasion of Joe's death, and gives it to Chloe.

Dan and Lucifer hit the streets and Lucifer stops for a costume change... to wear clothes like Dan's. They go to a diner where Rodney hangs out, and Dan warns Lucifer that Rodney has a history of violent. Lucifer points out Rodney sitting on a car eating a taco, and Dan draws his gun and goes over. Rodney finally raises his hands and says that he wanted one last meal.

Chloe and Tina play Joe's video. He tells Tina that he didn't kill Chloe's father, and that he loves her. Chloe warns that the video doesn't prove anything, and Tina says that the lawyers had it for 16 years. The detective realizes that Joe recorded it three minutes before her father was killed. It was recorded across the city from where Chloe's father died, and she figures the person responsible for her father's death is still out there.

In interrogation, Rodney admits that he killed Joe because Joe disrespected him in the yard. However, his story doesn't add up and Dan realizes it. When Rodney doesn't explain why, Lucifer unleashes his power on Rodney, and Rodney says that he wants to take care of his family. Dan realizes that Rodney confessed because he's no one in prison. If he "confesses" then he gets paid, and they agree to throw him back in prison for a false confession. Rodney says that he put word out that he needed money and some people came to him with an offer.

Maze visits Linda's office to get a character witness. When Linda doesn't answer the door, Maze crawls in through the open window and assures Linda that she can't teleport. Linda backs away from her, and Maze realizes that Lucifer showed her his true face. the therapist says that she's afraid of Maze as well because she's a demon, and Maze admits that she is. She wonders if that's so bad, and Linda asks her to leave. Hurt, Maze walks out without a word.

Chloe returns to the station and tells Lucifer and Dan that Tina received regular payments in return for Joe confessing to a murder he didn't commit. They explain that Rodney got paid to make a false confession from the same account that paid off Tina.

The Past

Chloe arrives for her first day at work and the duty sergeant harasses her. Dan comes over and tells the duty sergeant, McMillian, to back off. Chloe and Dan introduce themselves and Dan shows her around. As they walk around, Chloe looks at the memorial plaque with her father's name on it. When he realizes who she is, Dan offers his condolences.


Chloe looks at the file on John's shooting. Lucifer and Dan come in and say that the account is a dummy front for a Russian syndicate in LA. The man who runs the place is Boris Sokolov, and nobody has been able to connect him to the crimes he pays for. Lucifer promises that they'll get to the bottom of it.

Lucifer and Dan go to the bathhouse and strip down to towels, and Dan points out Boris. He tells Lucifer to approach him and make a deal, and Lucifer yells to Boris. He goes over and says that his name is Dan.

Perry arrives at the station with Joe's personal effects and tells her to let him know if there's anything he can do to help. Ella watches from the door and offers to look through the box so that Chloe doesn't go against orders and look into Joe's death. The coroner has officers bring in all of the cases John was working on before he died, and Chloe hugs her. She then wonders what kind of robber would be so well connected, and Joe even had the murder weapon. There were some unidentified prints at John's murder scene, and Chloe offers to dig a little deeper.

At the bathhouse, Lucifer insists that he and Dan are just normal guys. Boris isn't convinced and Lucifer tells him that he wants someone dead: Lucifer Morningstar. He describes how Lucifer hurts people close to him, and Dan agrees. Boris realizes that they both have true hatred for "Lucifer," and says that he'll find a patsy.

Once Dan and Lucifer bring Boris in, Chloe questions him and says that they have evidence linking his bank account to two murders. She says that one of the murders was her father and she's not a copy right now, and she's not going to let it go. Chloe tells him to point her in the right direction or she'll make his life a living hell, and Boris believes her. He says that he once heard of a John decker who was snigging at something he shouldn't have.

Out in the squad room, Dan congratulates Lucifer on lying to Boris. Lucifer says that he didn't lie, and admits that he has some serious issues. He figures that Dan has a secret, and Dan says that he doesn't have one. Chloe comes in and says that Johns tumbled on something huge and someone ordered a hit on him. She walks off and Dan goes after her.

At home, Chloe is going over John's files when Maze comes in from her new job as a topless maid. The demon complains that she can't find the right job and her only friend stopped talking to her. Chloe tells her what she's doing, and Maze wonders how Chloe knew it felt right for her to become a police detective.

Lucifer follows Dan to a building on the beach and finds him teaching improve. Dan is impersonating Lucifer, and Lucifer finally speaks up and says that it isn't him. After the show, Dan says that Lucifer has been making fun of him since they met, and Lucifer says that he did it because Dan is everything that he's not. Dan points out that Lucifer has no responsibilities, and Lucifer says that the last person he opened up to was hurt a lot, and he hurt his own flesh and blood. The detective says that Chloe divorced him because he's not a perfect guy, and he's just trying to walk through his issues. He started the improve class because he needed perspective and a way to step out of his own skin. When Lucifer realizes that Dan was trying to figure out how now to be himself, they both share a chuckle. Dan makes Lucifer promise not to tell Chloe.

Later, Lucifer gets a message from Chloe and goes to her house. Maze complains that she lost her friend because of Lucifer, and he didn't think of anyone but himself. Chloe says that she's close to something and tells Lucifer to help. He says that Joe smiled at Chloe when he was released, and Chloe realizes that he wouldn't have. She checks the prints on the prison van again and confirms that one of them was Perry's. He's a bureaucrat whose prints wouldn't be on a transport van, and Chloe figures that Joe was smiling at Perry, not her. They figure that Joe finally backed out of the deal he had with Perry for the sake of his daughter and granddaughter, and Perry let him out as a ploy to kill Joe. Chloe checks Perry's record and confirms that he started as a guard. When Lucifer wonders if Dan would be more helpful, Chloe says that she needs her partner and that's Lucifer. Chloe and Lucifer call ahead and drive to the penitentiary. Dan is there and says that Perry gave them the slip.

That night, Chloe heads home and tells Lucifer that she feels like a failure. He tells her that for the first time in 16 years, she knows who the real killer is and justice is in her sights. Chloe agrees and says that they've put out a BOLO on Perry, and she'll get him. As they arrive at the apartment, they hear someone grunting inside. Chloe draws her gun and they go in, and discover that Maze is holding a tied and gagged Perry. She says that she was bored so she tracked down Perry herself because it felt right. Lucifer and Maze tell Chloe that she has the chance for some punishment and they won't judge, and Chloe tells Perry that he tore about her family. She rips off the gag, and Perry chuckles. He says that he tried to get Jack to drop it but he wouldn’t take the hint, and Chloe draws her gun. Perry offers her all the players in his operation, and after a moment Chloe lowers the gun and says that they'll see how he'll do in his own prison. Perry begs her to let him go, and Chloe says that all she wants is for him to know that John's son got her.

The next day, Maze goes to Linda's office and slips her first paycheck under the door. She got paid as a bounty hunter, and is thrilled that now she gets to hunt humans for money. Maze says through the door that the first thing she wanted to do was celebrate with her friend... Linda. After a moment, Linda pushes the check back out into the hallway. Maze picks it up and says that she just wanted Linda to know. As she starts to walk away, Linda opens the door and wonders how they can be friends. Maze says that nothing has changed, and offers to buy her a drink. After a moment, Linda goes with her.

Chloe makes Hawaiian Bread for Trixie, and Lucifer grabs it to eat. Trixie high-fives him and goes to get dressed, and Lucifer says that he doesn't care much for his dad but figures that Chloe does. He finally says that John would be proud of her. She breaks into tears and hugs Lucifer.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2016

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