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So It Begins Recap

At a warehouse, Arrow and Spartan after Church's cell phone following the coordinates Felicity is giving them. Arrow figures that Prometheus is luring him in and the two vigilantes move in. The phone rings and Arrow finds it on the ground. When he answers it, the lights go out and a word is spelled out in flames: "So it begins."

Back at the bunker, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity try to work out the connection between Church and Conahan. They figure that it's Arrow, and Felicity advises Oliver to tell his team. Diggle points out that Wild Dog gave up Oliver's identity, and Oliver figures that it's best to keep them out of harm's way until they know who they're dealing with.

Five Years Ago

At the Bratva bar, Anatoly talks Oliver through making a bomb. He explains that Oliver must learn how to learn many trades if he's Bratva. The bomb goes off, releasing a small charge, just as a car pulls up and opens fire through the window. Everyone takes cover and once the car drives off, Anatoly tells Oliver that it was Kovar declaring war on the Bratva.


The next day later, Oliver meets with Susan in her office. Quentin arrives and tells Thea that he overslept, and she points out that it isn't the first time that week. She wonders if he's drinking, and Quentin says that he hasn't. Thea then says that it was Oliver's idea to talk to Susan. Susan finishes the interview and reminds Oliver that she gave him a month to change her mind... and to call her back. Once she leaves, Quentin and Thea both realize that Oliver was flirting with the reporter. They then show him a poster for a music & arts festival that Star City can host to bring in tourists. Quentin warns that they need revenue to fund it, and Thea says that she still has people who owe her favors. Oliver congratulates her and Quentin says that he might have a contact at the Rockets arena.

A woman is cleaning up her apartment when Prometheus slips in and kills her with a throwing star.

Later, Adrian and a CSI team are examining the crime scene. Arrow comes in and talks to Adrian privately, and Adrian says that the victim was Gay Eked, a divorced mother of two with an ex-husband who has an alibi. Arrow says that the killer is named Prometheus, and Adrian gets a call that another victim was killed with a throwing star.

At the bunker, Felicity tells Diggle that the victim was a cab driver, Peter Meld. Diggle suggests that Felicity get a throwing star from Billy, but she's reluctant to use her relationship that way. She insists that they should loop in the recruits and Diggle says that they will when there's a reason to.

At the station, Billy gets a throwing star back from forensics. Felicity comes in and claims that she was acquainted with one of the victims. Billy figures that something is going on and suggests that she tell him the truth. Felicity insists that she was, and Billy gets called to Pike's office. Once he leaves, Felicity takes the throwing star from his desk.

At city hall, Thea shows Oliver Susan's newscast about the throwing star murders. She reports that the SCPD hasn't issued a statement and there are four deaths so far.

Five Years Ago

As they clean up, Pakhan Gregor, the Bratva godfather, arrives. He and Anatoly drink and Anatoly introduces Oliver. Oliver demands to know what's going on with Kovar, and Gregor says that Kovar is expanding his territory with a casino. He wants Oliver to arrange a meeting with a Kovar pretending to be an investor, and then blow the casino up.


Oliver returns to the bunker and tells Felicity that he's not dating Susan. She admits that she stole the throwing star from Billy but hasn't found anything on it. Felicity is running an algorithm on the victims to find a connection, and a news alert comes in of someone spotting Prometheus at an outside shopping mall. Oliver has Felicity call the team in and heads out.

At the mall, the people panic and some of them have guns and shoot into the shadows. Looters take advantage of the confusion, and Arrow says that he, Spartan, and Ragman will handle the shooters while the others get the people to safety. Arrow shoots into one man's gun and tells him to go home, and the man runs off. The police arrive and the team quickly departs.

Back at the bunker, Oliver says that they need to canvass the city and help the SCPD maintain order. The recruits wonder why they're hearing about it for the first time, and wonder why Oliver didn't tell them about Prometheus. Felicity admits that she agrees with the recruits but they need to focus on finding Prometheus. Curtis checks her algorithm as they try to find the connection.

At city hall, Thea tries to call Oliver and goes into his office to text. She then checks Quentin's desk and finds a bottle of whiskey in a drawer.

Felicity and Curtis find something, and the recruits insist that they're a team and want to know what it is. Oliver agrees and Curtis explains that the names of third and fourth victim spell out four other names. He realizes that the names were on the list, and shows it to the recruits. Oliver says that he hasn't looked at the list in four years since he was the Hood, and that it belonged to his father Robert. Rory says that Prometheus is saying that Oliver is the serial killer, and Evelyn points out that Oliver is a hypocrite. Oliver ignores him and has Felicity anagram the names to find out who Prometheus' new target is.

Five Years Ago

Oliver and Gregor go to Kovar's casino and Oliver plays the role of American playboy. Kovar's man takes him on a tour, and asks to see the money. Oliver has Gregor show it, and Oliver takes Kovar's man out and removes the explosives from the briefcase. As they plant the explosives, another man knocks Oliver out from behind.


Thea goes to Quentin's apartment and he comes up behind her. He says that he's been feeling sick and Thea asks when he relapsed. She realizes that he's been drinking the entire time and says that she's taking him to a meeting. Quentin tells her that she can't help a man who doesn't want to be helped, and Thea refuses to give up on him or let him give up on himself.

At the docks, the recruits meet and Rory hands out drinks. They discuss Oliver and his kill list, and Rory points out that Oliver isn't sharing information with them. Evelyn wonders how they're supposed to follow Oliver when he's hiding the truth from them, and walks off.

At the bunker, Oliver is practicing shooting when Diggle comes in. He says that the recruits are taking some time off, and Oliver says that he hasn't changed. He killed Damien and hasn't stopped since, and Diggle says that he knows the difference between a good kill and one made out of rage. Oliver wants to move forward, and Diggle tells him that he is because the guy with the list wouldn't have questioned himself.

Felicity calls everyone in and Oliver thanks them for showing up. Felicity says that she has six potential targets, and Oliver says that they'll have to split up and take individual surveillance, and they'll converge when Prometheus shows up. The others leave and Evelyn tells Oliver that she blamed him for her parents dying. He wonders if she should be out on the streets, and Evelyn says that she's protecting people for herself, not for Oliver.

Soon, Artemis is on a subway train watching the pilot. Felicity asks if she has anything to talk about, but Artemis refuses to discuss it and turns off her comm. The lights go out for a moment and then Prometheus appears inside the train. Artemis fires but her arrows bounce off of her opponent's armor. The driver comes out and when Prometheus moves in on him, Artemis tells him to get away and the killer goes after her.

Felicity tells Arrow that Artemis may be in trouble and sends him the tracking information on Artemis' suit. They realize that she's on a subway train and Arrow goes to check on her and orders Felicity to have everyone else hold their opinion.

Prometheus soon knocks Artemis down, but she shoots him in the back as he advances on the driver. There's a flash of fire and when Arrow arrives, he discovers that Prometheus is gone. Artemis tells him what happened, and the driver says that Prometheus left a bomb in the control cabin. He hooks a line on Artemis and the driver and fires a parachute arrow. They soar free and watch as the bomb explodes, destroying the train.

Back at the bunker, Oliver bandages Evelyn's wounds and explains that as the mayor, he's going to put the six targets into witness protection. He promises Evelyn that he'll keep her apprised of his plans, and Evelyn apologizes for what she said earlier. Oliver apologizes as well for not being the man she thought he was, but says that Diggle reminded him he might be that man eventually. Evelyn agrees to wait and they shake.

Five Years Ago

Oliver and Gregor wake up in Kovar's office. He drinks and tells a story about how his grandmother moved a heavy turnip by calling everyone in the village to help. Working together, they managed to pull it out of the ground. He learned that scum will never become anything without help, and the Bratva will never take set anything free. Kovar then knocks Gregor out and greets Oliver by name.


At the station, Felicity visits Billy and talks to him privately. She tells him that she has a friend who didn't tell his team what was going on with him, and she doesn't want to be like that. Billy wonders what she means, and Felicity says that she works for Arrow. He points out that she's a criminal for stealing evidence, but figures that it's for a good cause. Felicity is surprised that he's taking the news so well, and Billy says that she's saving the city. When he starts asking questions about arrow, Felicity kisses him.

At the arena, Oliver wonders where Quentin is. She says that Quentin is home with the flu. The team comes over and greets Oliver, and then go inside. Felicity stays behind to talk to Oliver privately, and says that the throwing stars are made out of the arrows that Oliver uses.

Quentin is at home and gets a call from Thea. He ignores it.

Oliver realizes that Prometheus has access to the SCPD evidence lockup.

Quentin finds a cut on his arm, and a throwing star on the table next to him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2016

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