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Compromised Recap

In Miami in 1987, Damien collects a ceremonial axe in return for his services. It was carried by the bodyguard of Emperor Nero. The DEA arrive and order everyone to surrender. As the two sides exchange fire, Eobard speeds through and takes out all of the DEA agents. Damien points out that it's been 45 years since Eobard hired him to hire New York. Eobard says that he needs a partner and knows how Eobard's plan will work out in the future. Damien wonders what's in it for him, and Eobard says that he can give him actual power.

On Waverider, Jax argues with Martin about making changes to the timestream and help people. He asks Sara what her opinion is, and she says that Rip entrusted them protect history. Jax, disgusted, walks off.

In the cargo hold, Mick has Ray train with Len's cold gun. Ray suggests that he could improve the power source, and Mick tells him that he has to be cool like Len. After slouching against the wall, Ray says that he was considered cold when he started his own tech company. Unimpressed, Mick tells him that he has to find the pain and darkness, and ray threatens to shoot him. Impressed, Mick walks off.

In the study, Nate is working on a side project when Amaya comes in. He explains that he's making a device to locate the epicenter of timequakes and fix them before they happen. Amaya tells Nate that the JSA would be impressed, and Nate asks what his grandfather was like. She says that Henry as a great man, and explains that her team didn't fraternize.

The sensor goes off and Nate tells the team that the reading is coming from Washington, DC, December 7, 1987--the White House. The date is the day before Reagan and Gorbachev signed the INF Treaty, and Martin was there for the summit as a consulting nuclear physicist. Nate points out that it's a volatile moment in history, and Amaya tells the team that the JSA has a training academy in DC and she can check with the 1987 membership and see if they have any intel or resources that they can use. Nae volunteers to go with her, and Sara agrees while the rest of them break into the White House.

He team joins a tour group in the white Hosue, and Sara tells the others to fan out and look for anyone out of place.

Nate and Amaya go to the training academy hidden inside a warehouse. They go inside and discover that the place is long-abandoned. Amaya explains that she trained there and wonders what happened to the JSA, and Nate says that he doesn't know what happened to the JSA post-World War 2 because it was all classified top secret. They find a dusty photo of the 1942 team, while a shadowy figure watches them from the rafters.

At the White House, Martin and Jax see Martin's younger self and hide. Once young Martin goes by, Martin figure that the temporal ripples altered his younger self's schedule.

Mick and Ray see Reagan's jelly beans, and Mick reminds Ray that they don’t' follow the rules. Once Ray takes some, they move on just as Damien comes out with a team of Reagan's advisors. The two men hide, and once Damien and the others move on, they figure that they've found their aberration. They notify the others via the comms, and Martin advises Sara not to do anything rash. She ignores him and moves out.

Nate and Amaya are going through the JSA records when the lights go out. Amaya takes on the night vision of an owl and spots her former teammate Obsidian as he emerges from the shadows. He reverts to his human form of Todd Rice and asks Amaya why she abandoned them, and Nick knocks him out from behind.

Sara finds Damien and spots Damien, but a Secret Service agent finds her and holds her at gunpoint. Mick knocks him out and Ray tells Sara that it's not as simple as vengeance. More agents arrive and Ray and Mick open fire. They accidentally cross the streams of their weapons and the resulting explosion knocks them back. Firestorm arrives and opens fire on the agents, and Mick and Ray dive out the window and after a moment Firestorm flies out after them.

The news is soon running a report about the chaos in the White House. On Waverider, Martin points out that Sara's desire for vengeance almost got them in prison, and Jax points out that she tried to alter history for her personal benefit. Mick tells them that Ray screwed up as well, and the problem is him rather than the cold gun. Ray focuses on Damien, and Martin figures that Damien is working with the time traveler who killed Rex. He warns Sara that killing Damien 30 years before his death would alter their own history, and Sara points out that Laurel risked everything to bring her back from the dead. She says that Martin has apparently never cared about anyone and walks off.

At the warehouse, Todd wakes up and complains that Amaya never told him that she went off to find Rex's killer. Todd explains that after the War, they continued fighting the Russians. In 1956, Eisenhower sent a team on a mission to Leipzig and they never made it back. The government didn't trust Todd, and Amaya tells Nate not to probe further. Sara calls them back to Waverider, and Amaya says that she'll fix it using a time machine.

When they return to the timeship, Nate discovers that in the new timeline, Damien was credited with reviving the disarmament talks. Gabriel accesses Damien's schedule on his secretary's computer and confirms that he has a meeting in the park at 8 that night. Sara tells Ray and Mick to find out who Damien is meeting with, and says that it's not a good idea for her to be near Damien.

That night in the park, Ray and Mick set up in a van and ray says that he's now Colonel Cold. Mick tells him that he's not giving himself a promotion, and says that he doesn't want Ray to be more like Len. He admits that he was wrong because Ray keeps reminding him of his dead friend, and tells Ray to just be himself. They report that a man just entered the part, and Ray trains a parabolic mike on them.

The man, Boris, is a KGB agent with the Soviet delegation. He tells Damien that the package is procured, and Damien tells him to deliver the package during the state dinner. Damien will then uphold his half of the bargain. Meanwhile, Ray spots young Martin entering the park. Martin says that he and Clarissa celebrated her birthday that night. Young Martin walks up to Damien and introduces himself, and admits that he followed Damien. He explains that he's working on a transmutation project and hoped that Damien would pass it on to Reagan. Young Martin notices that Boris is wearing a Russian military watch, and Damien says something to Boris in Russia, and Boris leaves.

Sara tells Ray and Mick to move in, while Damien takes out a knife and stabs young Martin. On Waverider, Martin collapses. Mick and Ray run over to young Martin and take him back to the timeship.

The team gets both Martins to the medbay and Gabriel cauterizes young Martin's wound. Young Martin realizes that it's about time travel, and says that Clarissa ordered room service. Jax offers to go to the hotel and tell Clarissa that her husband is working late,.

In the study, Nate finds Amaya accessing Gideon's files on Clarissa. He asks the AI if it knows where Damien is. It doesn't, and they figure that Damien's deal is going down at the state dinner. Amaya sys that they can have Todd use his government contacts.

At the warehouse, Todd refuses to cooperate with Nate and Amaya. He warns that Amaya can't stay professional, and Nate realizes that Amaya and Rex were involved in 1942. Amaya denies it, and says that they were going to try and start a life for themselves after the war. That's why she left the team and wouldn't tell Todd, and Todd warns that her emotions are clouding her judgment. Amaya begs Todd not to abandon her the way that she abandoned him.

In the medbay, Martin watches his sleeping younger self and tells Ray that he can't imagine he was ever that person. Ray says that he doesn't recognize himself, and doesn't know what being himself is. Martin assures him that everyone struggles with their place in the world, and he figures all that they can do is live and discover who they truly are. Sara comes in and says that Amaya obtained invites to the State dinner, and Martin asks if Sara is feeling up to it. He says that she knows that he's cares about her, and is concerned about her conscience. Martin points out that Sara is their captain now, not an assassin, and she hopes she'll remember that when the time comes.

Later, the team arrives at the White House and Todd greets them. They spread out and look for Damien, and Martin sees Clarissa. She comes over to talk to Jax, and figures that it would just be like young Martin to lose track of time. Martin claims that he's young Martin's colleague and his name is also Martin, and invites her to dance. Clarissa agrees and they go out to the dance floor.

Sara asks Amaya what she's going to do when she finds Rex's killer. She suggests that Amaya could kill him, but Amaya says that she's not a vigilante.

Martin points out that Clarissa isn't happy to be there, and she explains that she's spent most of the trip alone. She admits that sometimes her husband has tunnel vision, and Martin assure her that young Martin loves her. Clarissa has the feeling that they've danced before.

Nate spots Damien in the hallway, and Sara tells the team to move in.

In a secret room, Damien and his men meet with Boris and his agents. He hands over a CD Rom with the codes, and Boris gives him a small case. They make the exchange, just as Sara, Amaya, Nate, Firestorm, and Obsidan arrive. Damien says that they can fight or the Legends can deal with the explosives his people have hidden in the state dining room. Ray says that he's on it, and Damien shoots Boris dead. Both teams of agents open fire on the Legends, who move forward to attack while Damien strolls out. Obsidian goes after him and Amaya goes after her former teammate. Firestorm flies to the dining room to save Clarissa, and Nate tells Sara to go after Damien while he takes care of the remaining agents.

In the dining room, Mick and Ray tell everyone to get out. They panic and run, knocking over a table with the bomb hidden underneath. Clarissa is knocked out in the rush, and Firestorm flies in and says tht he's a friend of young Martin's, and flies her out.

A Russian agent attacks Sara.

Ray tries to disarm the bomb and has no idea how to defuse it. Sara tells him to figure it out and renews her attack. Meanwhile, Mick tells Ray that he was wrong to try to turn him into Len, and that Ray can science his way out of anything. Ray concentrates and says that he needs an electrical pulse from an outside source. He'll have to dismantle the cold gun to do it, and Mick agrees.

Damien tries to shoot Obsidian without effect. When Amaya arrives, Damien shoots her and Obsidian leaps in the way, solidifying to take the bullet. Sara comes up and tosses a throwing star into Damien's hand, and Ray manage to disarm the bomb just in time while Mick has an éclair.

Amaya holds the dying Todd in her arms. Meanwhile, Damien recognizes Sara from 1942, and she says that she's sparing his life to prolong his suffering. She tells him that she knows how his plan ends and his wife is murdered, and an entire city rises up against him and he dies... defeated and alone. Eobard speeds Damien away, just as Nate arrives. She realizes that the time traveler is a speedster like Flash, and that Damien has whatever it was the KGB gave Damien. Sara reveals that she swiped the case off of Damien.

Wounded but still alive, Todd tells Amaya that he took a bullet for a fellow member of the JSA, and it was nothing.

Later on Waverider, Martin escorts his younger self through the timeship. He reminds him not to tell anyone what he's seen, and points out that young Martin almost died because of his blind devotion to his work. Young Martin insists that their research is important, but Martin tells him that the only thing that brings meaning to his life is Clarissa. His younger self insists that he loves Clarissa, and Martin tells him to cherish her. Young Martin says that he'll make sure that Clarissa will know that he loves her, and heads back to the hotel.

In the medbay, Todd says that his fighting days are over and he won't be going with her. He explains that he finally met someone and he's waiting for him at home. Gideon finishes healing Todd's wound, and Todd tells Amaya that if she' lucky enough to find love again, she should embrace it. Nate comes in and Todd says that he has to be going. Amaya hugs her friend and he leaves. Once they're alone, Amaya tells Nate that Henry loved to sing and would serenade the team. She says that when everything seemed lost, they could always count on Henry to lift their spirits.

Eobard tells Damien that the Legends have left 1987 and the item is beyond Damien's reach. Damien demands that Eobard take him with him to change his destiny, and Eobard reveals time sphere and invites Damien inside. Once Damien seats himself at the controls, Eobard speeds around the sphere and it departs into the timestream.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2016

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